Reviews of patients and recommendations of doctors about hydrocolonotherapy

Useless procedure, pumping out money. Not a person, not losing weight - nothing happens.

I will insert my 5 kopecks))))) I did it more than once. Cool, then it seems easier, but. total uselessness + throwing out money + khan's intestines))))) All unnecessary and necessary is washed out. Then it gets worse. I had terrible problems. Could not go to the toilet for 4-5 days. Chronic colitis. The pain was terrible.

Saved by acepole. Bred in the instructions. Constantly FRESH kefir. Not less than 2 liters of water per day (simple pure water - even raw). Be careful with fiber - should be a lot, but not annoying. Sausages, a lot of bread, a lot of sweet - we exclude.

Eat every 3 hours.

To be honest, nothing will help you like you. Pass your stool tests - maybe you have enough bacteria (dysbacteriosis). I am now treating a child Normoflarin L, B, D. It helps great!

And try to find a good homeopath. It helps very well in almost all ailments.

In short))))) I recovered and now I eat everything, a lot of sweet, sausage, wilderness coffee - no problem))))))

I stumbled upon a branch and remembered that I myself had once undergone a course of hydrocolonotherapy procedures. It was a long time ago, then I still believed and followed all the advice of doctors and cosmetologists, who are happy to prescribe procedures in packs and courses, just to pay money. ...

My feeling was normal, as if relieved after a severe bowel disorder, in general, a high. only I didn’t see this cleansing, as the problems with the intestines remained%) no + not - didn’t see



dysbacteriosis, weight gain, negative consequences for the whole body

For the 2nd year I am trying to restore the killed microflora.
Due to dysbiosis kidneys went.
+ 20 kg, which are not driven by anything.
This is not a medical procedure, and pumping money from naive through the ass



Kick to health at the system level

Made hydrocolonotherapy almost a year ago. Fell off almost 10 m. P. - for ditching your health. Because it has already fallen off as much for the restoration of microflora, and the problem is in full swing. I gained 15 kg after colonotherapy. And how to get rid - I do not know, nothing helps. It seems that until I restore the microflora, it will only get worse.

I stumbled upon a branch and remembered that I myself had once undergone a course of colon hydrotherapy procedures.

It was a long time ago, at that time I still believed and followed all the advice of doctors and cosmetologists, who are happy to prescribe procedures with packs and courses, so long as they pay money. They let me in a circle, it all started with hemoscanning, and it ended with hydrocolonotherapy.

And I just expressed a modest desire for my cheeks to become flatter and more perfect)

Now I understand what nonsense I have done by agreeing to take the course, because she has so many contraindications, and they assigned me “from shit” and without examination.

Fairly sustained 5 procedures, of which the course consists in the hope that it will affect my skin in a positive way.

After completing the course, I waited for more than a month with hope, but alas, it didn’t affect my face, I didn’t see my complexion and didn’t see any noticeable changes, it’s good that at least there was no dysbacteriosis! Immediately after the procedure, you must drink Bifidumbacterin, as well as drink it according to the prescribed scheme.

I didn’t have to lose weight, the goal was to have a healthy complexion and clear skin.

The procedure is not pleasant, two tubes are introduced, water is supplied through one until the patient can tolerate, and through the second this water is discharged with all the intestinal contents.

During the procedure, the doctor suggested that I watch through the glass part of the apparatus, what comes out of me, but to be honest, I was not eager to consider what I was getting rid of)

If there are old deposits or constipation, it can be painful, but fortunately, I did not suffer from this. The doctor regulates the pressure of the water supply and, if necessary, helps with a special massage of the abdomen (outside, of course).

Yes, I’d better have just drunk a course of bifidumbacterin, the effect would be the same

I read about a flat stomach after the procedure, but with this I had no problems.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND this procedure, especially if you are also offered to undergo it without a preliminary examination by a proctologist!

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Yesterday I was sitting here and looking for the answer for myself in the reviews about this procedure. I was interested in the question of the thickness of the injected hose. (By the way, DISPOSABLE, pay attention.) I will not describe hydrocolonotherapy myself (it came to me — the hose was inserted / taken out — left).

In general, a couple of hours ago I returned from the procedure. The hose is about 3 cm in diameter; the sensations are not from

enjoyable. They pumped 30l of solution into me, pumped out some of them, told to sit on the toilet ..

I thought otmuchilas, dressed, went from there, everything seems fine. and in 10 minutes it was done. So quickly, I have never run, since it was a shopping center nearby, I found a closet there. It took me a half a hour to earn a word!

I did not risk becoming a taxi and called home. (I did not get to the bus)

And now I sit with a thermometer, temperature, weakness and a state of neochen.

Neither a centimeter nor a kilogram was not removed.

P / S Why I do not recommend it to friends, because I will not send friends there, because I doubt the disposable use of the hose.

And I decided to add: the procedure is imposed, and 5 times a week - no less! (foolishly left the phone number there then, they called me periodically, I gently explained that apparently the procedure "did not go" to me - so in response, I should have done at least 5 times! Yours)

Neutral reviews


Colon cleansing, skin condition improvement, slimming assistance.


Dysbacteriosis, moral discomfort, cleaning effect is very temporary. I do not recommend frequent use.

At one time, the procedure of hydrocolonotherapy was widely popular. such as the offer to clean the walls of the colon from the accumulated toxins, which in turn will lead to a lot of benefits for the whole organism. even promise a "massage" of internal organs. ))) In general, there is one benefit and a minimum of unpleasant sensations. The essence of the procedure as an enema, only repeated, with a large volume of water and a certain pressure. A tube is inserted into the rectum and the intestines are filled and the polluted waters are removed. During the session takes about 20-30 liters of water. so "enlightenment" is guaranteed.
I did this procedure in one salon. everything is clean, neat. in the office is an interesting form of apparatus and honey. sister present in the entire session for control. Stripped to the goal below the belt and on the couch. Further, in the course of 30 minutes, the “washing” itself takes place. feeling of filling and emptying the intestines. good old enema.
Thinking about the benefits of the procedure. the skin has become much better, softer, cleaner (it is understandably cleared of accumulated "toxins"), and even the pounds of excess weight have declined (very happy), but for the rest. in the human body between the small and large intestines there is a “flap” and not at all it works correctly, therefore the “polluted” wash water can get from the large intestine to the small intestine. and the microflora (which many hardly restore) along with the waters is carried away. For the best result of such sessions, several are needed. and the intestines (with frequent use) can "get used" and refuse to empty themselves.
And the main problem is that if you do not lead a correct lifestyle, then the "slagging" of the large intestine will return very quickly.
In general, you need to weigh the pros and cons. And go to the procedure if the benefits for your body "in your opinion" will be more.



there can be an aggravation of a peptic ulcer, there can be a consequence - dysbacteriosis,

Hydrocolonotherapy has become so fashionable that it is made in many institutions, even in many sanatoriums "not in profile."
The essence of the procedure is reduced to washing the intestines with as much as 20 liters of a special solution.
Some individuals try to replace it, sorry, with an ordinary enema at home, but it will bring nothing but harm.
Moreover, even performed in a medical institution and under the supervision of a doctor, it can cause significant harm. Personally, I carried out the procedure 4 years ago; I will not consider it comfortable. Excess weight did not go away, but there were problems with dysbacteriosis. A few years have passed - but I still feel discomfort after eating bread and other baked yeast.
My aunt was even less fortunate. After a visit to the sanatorium of the colonotherapy room, her temperature rose sharply towards evening. She was shot down. After the second procedure, the picture was repeated. And only after that one of the experienced doctors of the sanatorium (not her doctor) explained that, apparently, there is a bacterium of Helicobacter in the body, which provokes ulcers. This condition is one of the contraindications to colon therapy, as it causes exacerbation.
As you can see, even the implementation of colonotherapy under the supervision of a doctor and in a medical institution does not guarantee against serious problems, therefore it is better not to joke with the procedure.

Passed this procedure about 3 years ago in the clinic "miramed". Very intimate procedure.
Then weighed about 56 kg (height 170), I wanted to lose another 4 kg. I don’t remember from whence, I heard about this procedure, they say, you can reset the course up to 10 kg. I do not doubt that. I immediately paid for 2 procedures (well, that is not immediately for everything!) And I went satisfied.
It all looks like this - in a separate room there is a couch, an apparatus hangs on the wall next to the couch, 2 tubes stretch from it, which the doctor puts in your ass and flushes the large intestine - water does not suck out of one tube from the other tube. Cleans from slags and fecal stones and all kinds of nastiness. It seems so far everything is harmless - not very pleasant sensations, but for the sake of 4 kg you can suffer. I do not remember how long it lasted but not very long. Then the doctor takes out these tubes, leaves, well, he says that if something is left of it, then you can go to the toilet, in the same room there is a toilet. and then it began, maybe, of course, in my 27 years, I had accumulated so much slag and fecal stones, but so, excuse me, it went through - I couldn’t get off the toilet for half an hour and of course it was all accompanied by the appropriate musical accompaniment !! What a horror it was when the doctor began to hurry me, saying that it was already time, other clients were waiting at the door (and they probably hear everything). horror. I barely took my legs from there, all in a cloud of a corresponding aroma. When I was wearing jeans, I noticed that I had a stomach that was LOW, I was impressed of course. But the second paid procedure did not go. And if I ever get together again, then just not in the Miramed.

I learned about AIOC from a friend who is 20 years older than me. She was so amazed at the effect and praised so much that I could not resist and decided that I also had to do it) The effect was that she lost weight and became feel very easy. The skin has improved, the complexion too and the overall tone is also at altitude. I, in turn, needed to take off a kilogram of 5, well, I would not refuse a beautiful skin either (although by nature I have everything with me normul ttt)
I signed up, I came in, without really knowing how everything happens .. The cabinet is not big, the couch, the device itself with tubules, the toilet. I lay down with my bare booty, stuck two pipes, did not cover anything, and so I didn’t remember how long, but not less than 15 minutes exactly, the master follows the whole process. Feeling awkward terrible. Everything is not thought out as the fact that the client was not so clever. Do not relax did you know.
Water comes with a special solution, fills everything from the inside out. At the end of the procedure, the master quickly leaves, leaving you alone with the toilet) I was lucky, nobody rushed and the cabinet itself was amok away from other treatment rooms. But all the same, the feeling of awkwardness was present.
I am such a noodle that I went on the AIOC 5 sessions, thinking at the time that I needed a course for the good of the cause. In general, I have the effect of ZERO, I did not throw off at all and did not notice any changes at all. Probably I did not have any slags that already pleases.
P.S. More recently, a relative told about her sister that she was a specialist for a week in the hospital, on a special diet, where she was given AIOC. She liked it. And she took off the excess and cleaned up and prettier.
All purely individual.
I will close my eyes to the fact that the whole procedure did not impress me because of the zero effect, but for the tried and true dexterity I won’t give more than three points)
It helps others, which means I recommend, I don’t see anything bad)))

Positive reviews

Advantages: normalizes metabolism, cleans the intestines from toxins, eliminates fatigue, excess weight and other problems

Colonotherapy is simply cleansing the colon from the “global” deposits accumulated in it over the years of our, usually irresponsible diet. For those who have always consumed a lot and with pleasure vegetables and fruits, such a procedure may have nothing. But lovers of meat, any tasty mayonnaise food, sweet, carbohydrate, it is worth thinking about such a “global enema”.

My sister is just a lover of tasty food. And it is clear that more and more often she began to have problems with the normal functioning of the intestine. Began, her pardon, constipation, skin problems (acne began to pour) well, and excess weight. The doctor recommended this procedure to her.

The procedure is not entirely pleasant. More precisely, some tolerate it calmly, but the sister had some spasms, but not strong. The doctor said that this is a variant of the norm-the main thing that is not pain.

In general, you lie down on a couch on your side, insert a tube into your seat and gently rinse out of the intestines, all that rubbish that you have accumulated over previous years. Rinsing occurs in approximately 40 liters of water — or rather, distilled water mixed with some other necessary substances. The procedure takes a little less than an hour. And as I said, it can be accompanied by small cramps in the abdomen. After it, I do not advise you to go home immediately. An intestine stimulated in this way may suddenly ask for release. Therefore, it is better to spend another 20 minutes somewhere near the toilet room, or right in it.

My sister lost about 3.5 kg of her weight (this is how much rubbish she got from her). But such procedures are prescribed in the course of up to 10 pieces. Sister cost 5 procedures. I did them every few days (this is done so that I apologize for naturalism - the patient did not forget how to go to the toilet himself). I lost 7 kg in weight. And this loss of exactly what lay quietly, peacefully, rotten in her intestines, helped to pour out acne on her face, and slowed down her normal metabolism.

After kurasse, the doctor prescribed her sister to lean more on lactic acid products and take special medicine with bacteria. All the same, although the procedure and useful microflora is washed away.

Her sister's condition has even improved. There was energy, skin problems were gone, she pulled herself together and began to control her weight.

So the procedure is excellent, but it must be understood, that the doctor should prescribe it, because it has contraindications.Nevertheless, the initiative in this matter is not appropriate ...

I had extra weight, and every year I gained a few kilograms. The condition of the body also did not suit - skin problems, abdominal discomfort, etc. I found a good clinic in my town with competent doctors where hydrocolonotherapy was done. Two days preparing for the procedure - drank a lot of water, tried not to overeat, ate boiled beets. The reception was conducted by a gastroenterologist, who explained everything to me before the start: how, what for, what would happen as a result. It was enough for me once. For 45 minutes, cleaned the intestines, then another 5 minutes lay down with herbal decoction. Since the intestine does not have to be sterile, the positive flora is “colonized”. Then two days sat on a diet №1. The doctor gave recommendations on how to eat in my case. The effect was felt in a week - the body became light, the stool was normal, but most importantly, 15 kilos took a month. Thanks to one procedure (plus proper nutrition after it), I returned from the 52nd to my 46th size in 3 months. That was 3 years ago. Weight still held, but now I feel that it is time to repeat. I want to advise anyone who is going to undergo cleansing - carefully choose a clinic and a specialist directly, this is very important. But it is equally important to prepare before the course and follow the recommendations of the doctor after it, otherwise there will be no long-term result.

After my diets, I started to eat terribly! Really! As a result, I had pain every night and tormented constipation. Could only once every 3 days go normally to the toilet. In short, I was just bursting. Well, I typed decently. I can’t put on enemas and I’m afraid, and that’s not enough of them to change, I tried microlax, which’s utterly garbage. And I decided that somehow I need to solve the problem more ultimately. I read what can be done, well, I found the appropriate clinic. I signed up for hydrocolonotherapy at the Rekövega biocenter on a pottery drive 6. Of course it was terrible, but I probably would have suffered so much. The first procedure was a little painful and unpleasant, but after the procedure it was so easy. And I was told that before you go on diets, you had to clean the intestines first. Very grateful to the doctors.

Pros: Slim stomach

Minuses: Slightly unpleasant procedure

I went to this procedure to clean the intestines. Syt began to appear on the skin, immunity fell, the stomach looked like the 3rd month of pregnancy and I went to the toilet every 3 days. I wish I could kill all the hares with one blow but failed.

The procedure takes about an hour. You dress in disposable shorts with a hole in the back. you insert a tube that splits into inflow and outflow. Water enters through a narrow one, and feces are excreted through a wide one. Everything is sterile, these tubes are disposable. At will and purpose, they can add to the procedure washing with salt, herbs or specials. additives.

I did this procedure 5 times (per share) at the Transform clinic in Oktyabrskaya metro station (Moscow). There is a modern device there and it all goes quite quietly and painlessly.

Also, to solve my problems, I was advised to drink a Biovestin course. They cost 1.5 times as much as the Internet.

At the end of 5 procedures, unfortunately, the chair did not return to normal, the rash did not go away, but my stomach was tightened and my immunity seemed to be improved. For me, this is not a bad result, but I will struggle with the remaining symptoms in other ways. Perhaps I will repeat the procedure in six months.

I want to say sincere thanks to Ekaterina Olegovna Kuznetsova. She underwent hydrocolonotherapy procedures. The clinic as a whole made the most pleasant impression. By the way, I noticed that not only women but also men attend it. It was convenient for me, because it was close. And they advised not even the clinic itself, but the doctor. And for good reason. Ekaterina Olegovna is a very good specialist. Of course, modern equipment, technology, it's all clear. But ultimately, it’s all about the human factor, I’m sure of it. And the way the procedures were performed, and what effect they gave to me proves it. Therefore, thanks again to Ekaterina Olegovna!

A tip is inserted into the rectum through which fluid is supplied under a defined pressure. The computer program adjusts the intensity and speed of the water supply, which allows you to completely eliminate the painful and unpleasant feelings for the patient. In general, up to twenty liters of fluid is passed through the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

After going through the entire path, the liquid comes out, the procedure for carrying out the procedure is such that there are no unpleasant smells.

For many years doing this procedure. It is easier to tolerate an ambrosia allergy in a season. Allergic reactions have disappeared on the skin of the face. And as a result, in my 50 I look at 35 without being overweight.

The doctor prescribed me hydrocolonotherapy, as constipation tortured often and even laxatives did not always help. At first I was afraid, I thought it was such a kind of enema, after which diarrhea all day. But no, everything turned out to be much easier. In an hour I managed everything and already left the hospital. So far there is no problem with the chair, and many of the adverse symptoms of constipation are gone, as will be the next - we'll see.


Replacing the traditional enema, novelty sensations


Pain, high cost of the procedure, a sense of bashfulness during the procedure.

The procedure of colon hydrotherapy, or more simply, intestinal lavage, is not sufficiently tried for many people. In the last session, you will plant bacteria that will improve the intestinal flora. Your intestines for several years will be guaranteed to work efficiently and without problems. I recommend this procedure to pass to all older people.



Not comfortable and the tube is thick.

Came at 15.00. The nurse invited to the office. It was not in itself, not much shy. Says undress. I asked and take off my underwear too. She says - yes it is like an enema. I stayed in a t-shirt and socks. She asked to lie down on the couch previously covered with oilcloth. I lay back. She prepared the hose and began to insert the tube into the anus. It was painful. Said relax. This tube did not enter, then I breathed a little air. The tube entered the ass. The girl asked to lie on his back.


She came to colonotherapy in order to cleanse the body (everything is normal with weight). I wanted freshness, vigor, lightness in the body. Improve skin condition.

The procedure for colon hydrotherapy is carried out in order to cleanse all parts of the colon. All accumulated mucus, dead cells, slags, bacteria and stones are removed from the intestinal walls.

How is hydrocolon therapy:

  1. First, the examination by a doctor. Examination of the large intestine with the help of a special apparatus - an endoscope. This is necessary if the doctor does not look at the intestines, but prescribes the procedure immediately, then run away from this center, as there are serious contraindications to the procedure. Main contraindications: Malignant intestinal tumors, anemia, colitis, diarrhea, and other intestinal diseases (need to be checked with the doctor).
  2. The doctor leaves the office, then you need to change into disposable clothes, I have these shorts and a T-shirt. The doctor comes back, puts the patient on the couch (you need to lie on your back), covers the body with a disposable diaper. Through a small hole in the couch stretches 2 tubes of the hydrocolonotherapy apparatus. In this case, the patient simply needs to lie on his back, listen to music, report unpleasant sensations, if such suddenly arise. The doctor periodically stroked his stomach in a circular motion. No pain, only slight discomfort during the procedure. The device is entered only 1 time (at the beginning of the procedure).
  3. About 30-40 minutes stretches the procedure. During the washing of the large intestine the doctor is in the office, monitors the apparatus, adjusts. About 20 liters of water mixed with medications are injected and removed from the intestines; this happens continuously, and 2 tubes are provided for this.
  4. The doctor turns off the device, out of the office. The patient remains for 30 minutes alone, alone with the toilet. Do not rush to escape, as the urge may arise abruptly, and it is necessary that the toilet be next to it. The toilet area was separated by a screen from the cabinet, behind the screen there is a toilet, a shower for an understandable area, a sink and other necessary items.

Results and results:

  • After 3 treatments, weight reduction by 1 kilogram.
  • On the skin no significant changes. Although promised blush, freshness of the skin, improved skin condition.
  • Lightness in the body, a sense of purity, vigor.

Went to a hydrocolonotherapy coupon in a specialized medical center. I tried on myself 3 procedures.

So far, there is no desire to repeat, since I have not noticed any significant results. Did more to cleanse the body.

I think that it is possible to carry out a complex of procedures for cleansing the intestines 1 time (2-3 procedures) in 1-2 years.

If you have a lot of weight, there are problems in the form of constipation, then I advise hydrocolonotherapy, I think that this procedure will help to clean the body of toxins and deposits of waste products. At the same time be sure to follow a diet. Do hydrocolonotherapy only on an empty stomach.

I wish you health and beauty!

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Well, so I decided to write a review on this topic, at first I decided to do a monitor bowel cleansing, and now I found the strength and words to describe this procedure, as I like, in all details. After all, if you don’t write such reviews, then people who have to go through this kind of “uncomfortable” procedures will not know that in reality it doesn’t hurt at all, just a little unpleasant. When I was preparing myself, I also studied reviews on this topic, it became a little easier ...

I know that often a similar procedure is carried out and one-time, but the doctor assured me that this procedure will bring the greatest benefit only when conducting a 5-day course of daily procedures. Since fecal stones and other filth that has accumulated over the years on the intestinal walls, during the course they gradually soften and wash out, which is practically impossible to achieve with just one procedure. In general, they convinced me.

Also, before carrying out this procedure, it is necessary to undergo an examination by a proctologist, since the cleaning has contraindications. Specially found for you in the internet contraindications, although information from different sources is different, something is added, something is vice versa excluded, in any case, in each particular case, inspection and consultation of a specialist is necessary. And so, contraindications, the most complete list:

- Acute diseases with high fever, feverish conditions,

- Acute circulatory failure,

- Acute myocardial infarction,

- When conducting a course of basic drug therapy - antibiotics, hormones, chemotherapy,

- Hemorrhoids in the acute phase,

- Infiltrates in the abdominal cavity,

- postoperative rectum, which led to its deformation,

- Absolute sphincter insufficiency,

- Rectal prolapse,

- Oncological diseases of the rectum.

- Severe Anemia

- Inguinal and abdominal hernia,

- Menstruation, especially the first 2 days.

I will say right away that the examination of the proctologist is not the most pleasant pastime. I will not describe in detail, let these words be enough for you, but you will change your mind. Since we need a continuous course of 5 procedures, then it is, of course, better to start on Monday. After filling in all questions about past diseases, allergies and entering this information into the card, you are sent to the treatment room.

There, stripping to the waist, naturally from the bottom, you get medical disposable shorts with a hole in the area (*) and dress in them. Come and go to the chair, very similar to the gynecological, and enjoy, if of course you can But with this tight, especially at first, when the "fifth point" torn apart by the proctologist begins to torment again, trying to insert the hose. And when it suddenly happens, and I want to relax, it seems, but again it does not work, because the foreign object in a not very suitable place gives a lot of inconvenience.

Then the solution begins to flow, if there are no problems with digestion, constipation, gas formation, then the procedure is painless and minimally unpleasant. If you have ever done an enema, and you probably did it at least once, but did, then the sensations that will be next will most likely be familiar to you. There is still a chance to clog the backward hole with your fecal masses, then you have to interrupt the procedure, clean it and continue the “torture” further. To avoid this on the days of the procedure, you must eat regularly, in small portions. In the diet should be dominated by foods rich in fiber, cereals. Exclude heavy and promoting gas formation, poorly digestible foods, such as peeled vegetables, black bread, legumes, cabbage, and so on.

In this case, the doctor constantly regulates the flow of water, occasionally massaging the abdomen in order to excite the muck that adheres to the intestinal walls as much as possible. Sometimes it turns off the process of draining the wash water and only fills the intestines, while gently but persistently massaging the stomach, and when there is no strength to endure, inform her and she again turns on the discharge pump and here comes relief. In general, the time procedure is not long, but it is so unpleasant that you count seconds to its completion, and you hope that the hose will not be blocked, otherwise you will have to start all over again.

And in the end, you are filled with a solution to the “stop” and when there is no strength to endure, take out a hose from (*) and the main thing is not to relax, otherwise you will “lose” the entire solution. Now the main idea and desire to convey yourself and what is in you to the toilet, which to great joy is located right there in the treatment room. And now, another moment of bliss ... I will not describe all the charms of this moment, so as not to disturb the mystery and sacredness

What are the advantages of this procedure happened to me: the natural and undeniable effect of ease inside, improving digestion due to the fact that trying to eat right. And most importantly, after a while, the condition of the skin improves, it becomes cleaner, rashes disappear. But what are the indications for this procedure:

- Chronic inflammatory diseases of the colon outside the acute stage,

- Anatomical defects in the form of an elongated sigmoid colon, diverticula of the colon,

- Dysbacteriosis of any severity,

- Alcohol, narcotic, medicinal, food intoxication,

- After antibiotic therapy, possibly chemotherapy,

- Acute and chronic allergic diseases of various origins,

- recurrent chronic aphthous stomatitis,

- Diseases of the pelvic organs, accompanied by stagnation (prostatitis, adnexitis),

- Varicose veins,

- Skin diseases - acne, oily seborrhea, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, etc.

- diseases of the urinary system,

- Diseases of the hepatobiliary system,

- The period of rehabilitation after serious illness,

- Preoperative preparation, including before operations on a large intestine and even oncological,

- In the postoperative period in order to prevent intestinal paresis and other complications,

- As a means of preventing exacerbation in various chronic diseases,

- As a “hygienic” procedure in healthy people in order to maintain the relative purity of the whole organism.

Conclusion, the procedure is unpleasant, sometimes painful, but quite portable, there is a benefit. And by the way, I was advised to repeat it in this mode, six months after the first course, then a year after the second course, then 3 years after the last course and then 5 years later. I hope that helped if you have any questions, write.

Reviews of patients about colon hydrotherapy

Alexandra: “I had extra weight, and every year I gained a few kilograms. The condition of the body also did not suit - skin problems, abdominal discomfort, etc. I found a good clinic in my town with competent doctors where hydrocolonotherapy was done. Two days preparing for the procedure - drank a lot of water, tried not to overeat, ate boiled beets. The reception was conducted by a gastroenterologist, who explained everything to me before the start: how, what for, what would happen as a result. It was enough for me once. For 45 minutes, cleaned the intestines, then another 5 minutes lay down with herbal decoction. Since the intestine does not have to be sterile, the positive flora is “colonized”. Then two days sat on a diet №1. The doctor gave recommendations on how to eat in my case. The effect was felt in a week - the body became light, the stool was normal, but most importantly, 15 kilos took a month. Thanks to one procedure (plus proper nutrition after it), I returned from the 52nd to my 46th size in 3 months. That was 3 years ago. Weight still held, but now I feel that it is time to repeat. I want to advise anyone who is going to undergo cleansing - carefully choose a clinic and a specialist directly, this is very important. But it is equally important to prepare before the course and follow the doctor’s recommendations after it, otherwise there will be no long-term result. ”

Victoria: “I did hydrocolon therapy about a year ago. The effect was very good - a lot of stones came out, after the first session the tummy left, the skin became better. Many opponents say that there is no slag in the intestines, but in fact, its intestinal walls are contaminated. Diet and medicine can not get rid of it. In general, I am for this method. The body must be cleaned! "

Svetlana: “I was sent to a course of colonotherapy. Naturally, I went to the Internet to study reviews. I read everyone, after which it was very scary to go to the first appointment. My knees tremble, my heart jumps out, and even the doctor turned out to be a man. But he deftly did everything so that I did not experience any discomfort. And during the session (about 30 minutes) the doctor gave me a “lecture” about this technique, and I understood where the negative legs grow from in relation to such procedures. It turns out that a lot depends on the apparatus. If the apparatus is a single pumping unit (this is practically the same as the Esmarch circle), it usually works directly from the water supply system, that is, it is impossible to add any medical preparations to the water. In addition, water is poured under pressure, it causes discomfort and pain.
A device with two pumps is another matter. Two parallel tubes are connected to it (one injects fluid, the other removes the contents of the intestine). Such two pumping apparatus does not create excessive pressure inside. I did just that. I even doubted at first whether something was happening - everything was so neat and careful. According to the result, after two tricks, I will say that I began to feel much better. ”

Alla: “This is an ordinary enema! I am overweight, so after reading the reviews, where they write about weight loss, I decided to go to the procedure myself. I did it in a sanatorium in Altai. It may be useful for cleansing, but I did not feel any serious changes in my body. Yes, in the stomach you feel the emptiness almost immediately, with the chair it became a little better, the stomach decreased by about 2 cm. Now, even after eating, there is no swelling, the stomach is soft and inside I feel comfort. The weight remained the same. It seems to me that it is better to cleanse those who have real problems with the intestines, and healthy people for weight loss should not interfere once more into the body. ”

Elena: “I didn’t really like how I felt lately - the heaviness in my stomach, constipation, my skin became dull, my hair was unhealthy. In general, I stopped liking myself and decided to do something about it. A colleague said that she had similar problems, and she solved them with the help of hydrocolonotherapy - a method similar to an enema, but more effective. I studied information about hydrocolonotherapy - reviews, prices (by the way, they seemed to be quite acceptable - from 1000 rubles), chose a clinic and made an appointment. The doctor assigned me a course of 3 sessions. After the first time there was mild weakness and nausea, but the doctor said that this was normal due to the large amount of toxins. There were no other particularly unpleasant feelings. I went through all three steps, I feel quite normal, my skin has become better. But I expected more. The next time I try lavacol - they say, the effect is even more than from colonotherapy, but it costs several times less. But if someone decided on the procedure, it is better to do it on the recommendation of a good specialist and in a decent clinic. ”

Hydrocolonotherapy: reviews of doctors

Zoya Vladimirovna: “The experience of my work as a doctor of hydrocolonotherapy for more than ten years. Every day I spend about ten bowels cleansing, including hydrocolonotherapy (GCT). This is a course procedure, and its result depends on the number of receptions, and not on the number of liters that are pumped at a time. From one time it is difficult to expect any effect. Usually, 5–10 procedures are prescribed, and they are carried out daily or in 1–5 days - this depends on the technique, which may differ in different clinics. The number of appointments prescribed by the doctor, as a rule, they must be at least five. Ten are rarely prescribed only when there are sufficient indications - chronic atonic constipation, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid diseases, unloading diet therapy. In my practice, I evaluate the patient's intestines after three times. Then it is already possible to say for sure about the state of the intestines, whether the patient responds well to the procedure, how much is still needed.
I would advise patients to choose not the apparatus, but the doctor who will conduct the GST. Only quality depends on it, and not on the apparatus, as many think. Our task as doctors is to make the most comfortable and cure the intestines. And let's end with the superstitions that GCT violates the microflora. Just before and after the course, take a stool test for dysbacteriosis, and show the results to your doctor. ”

Anatoly: “I am a doctor coloproctologist and I have enough knowledge to objectively evaluate what GCT is. I do not do hydrocolonotherapy directly, but I performed the procedure several times. However, on duty, I advise patients after these procedures and I know firsthand about the results.
I want to say a few words in defense of the GCT. The method is not bad, quite effective, but the curative effect of it has completely different mechanisms than is commonly believed:

  • This is a complex effect on the receptors of the intestinal wall, which are responsible for the act of defecation and indirectly regulate intestinal peristalsis.
  • The indisputable advantage of GCT over ordinary enemas is more convenient drug delivery to the intestine.
  • And finally, a more comfortable and high-quality cleansing of the intestine from the stool.
Based on this, the main indication for this method is various intestinal dyskinesias (motility disorders). This, in the first place, is the slowing down of intestinal transit. That is, about functional constipation and constipation, which are symptoms of some gastroenterological diseases (for example, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.). After GCT, many patients report normalization or improvement in stool frequency.
Inflammatory diseases of the intestinal wall (proctosigmoiditis, proctitis, etc.) - another group of diseases in which the procedure brings good results.
The use of GCT in the fight against overweight is also justified. However, do not hope for a significant weight loss - the procedure can be effective only in combination with diet and exercise.
I, as a doctor, treat the use of GST for the purpose of general health improvement in healthy people without understanding and sympathy, but this is my opinion. As for the various imbalances of the intestinal flora, which are so often intimidated by opponents of this type of purification, it is extremely rare and only in the case of illiterate use of the method. ”

Sergey: “As a hydrocolon therapist, I can say that GCT has an immunomodulatory and detoxification effect. For weight loss it is better to use in combination with special diets and anti-cellulite procedures. As a preventive measure, and even less treatment, you should not give yourself a hydrocolonotherapy yourself, since there are several contraindications to its use:

  • pregnancy,
  • colon tumors,
  • complicated hemorrhoids
  • hernia
  • fistulae, etc.
The procedure involves a mandatory consultation of the proctologist and examination (digital examination of the rectum, anoscopy, stool analysis, and constipation - irrigoscopy). "

Julia: “Many conduct hydrocolonotherapy at home. Patient reviews suggest that this is a more benign method and causes less discomfort. This is a very good method, but, as a medical worker, I would advise you to carry out “homemade” cleansing no more than 2 times a year and only after consulting a doctor. And when choosing between laxatives and hydrocolonotherapy, I would choose the first one, since slags from the intestine are eliminated no less effectively, but the microflora is preserved, that is, no additional colonization of the intestine with positive microflora is needed. ”

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Olga: “I have been working as a hydrocolonotherapist for 5 years. There were good results and, accordingly, grateful patients. The procedure helped my patients to get rid of allergies, to improve the condition of the skin in case of acne, lumbar pains. Many of them came to me after a long and unsuccessful drug therapy. After GCT, an improvement in intestinal motility resulted in something that could not be given therapy — patients began to be less likely to be disturbed by constipation and abdominal distention, unpleasant smells from the mouth and body, 9 patients who had not been able to get pregnant before, had already given birth to healthy babies. Therefore, I am very surprised by outraged exclamations of opponents of hydrocolonotherapy (and, in most cases, people far from medicine and not even undergoing recovery). ”

As you can see, reviews of hydrocolonotherapy are very diverse - someone is happy with the results, someone is not very. Like any other treatment method, it can bring both benefit and harm, depending on where, by whom and to whom it is carried out. But the majority of patients agree on one thing, and doctors agree with them - cleaning should be carried out only according to indications, in a medical institution and under the supervision of a qualified specialist. Only in this case, we can assume that hydrocolonotherapy is safe and will not harm the body. When properly carried out, the procedure is very effective and will help to normalize the functioning of the intestines, improve immunity, complexion, skin condition, as well as improve overall tone and performance.

What is hydrocolonotherapy?

Today, many institutions offer their clients to undergo hydrocolonotherapy, although even specialists working there do not always understand what it is.

There are also different opinions of physicians about this method of cleansing the body.

According to Wikipedia and other competent sources, colon hydrotherapy is a hardware cleansing of the intestines with plenty of water.

Such a procedure differs from an ordinary enema only by the method of conducting, for which the specialized apparatus is used, for which the recreational facilities take a fixed fee.

Institutions for

Now numerous beauty salons and health centers offer their clients a hydrocolonotherapy.

However, physicians strongly recommend that this purification be carried out only in medical institutions, which in itself implies the presence of a qualified physician.

Before applying this method of cleaning the intestine it is worth carefully studying all indications and contraindications.

This approach helps to protect the patient from negligence, rectal injuries and ensures that there are no side effects.

In addition, the price in the hospital is usually significantly lower.

Diet before and after hydrocolonotherapy

If the procedure is scheduled as scheduled, then it must be prepared in advance.

It is also necessary to remember that after the end of all sessions of colon hydrotherapy, the body will need some time to resume functioning in normal mode.

So many food habits will have to be abandoned.

This should be remembered by anyone who decided that the procedure would make them slim beauties with photos - alas, this method is not suitable for rapid weight loss.

What is hydrocolonotherapy?

Hydrocolonotherapy or intestinal lavage is a procedure aimed at cleansing and washing the intestines with a large amount of fluid. It is performed with the use of special equipment.

It is possible to undergo hydrocolonotherapy in almost any modern SPA center, in a clinic, in a sanatorium, and even in a beauty salon. According to the experts who are carrying it out, this technique improves immunity, eliminates allergies, normalizes the digestive system, clears the skin, gets rid of chronic fatigue, etc. In general, it can cope with any chronic diseases.

There are many reviews of hydrocolonotherapy, some of which are radically different. There are people who consider the procedure beneficial for health, while others are convinced that it does not bear any benefit.

Opponents of colon hydrotherapy indicate that intestinal toxins do not exist at all. No doctor saw them personally. Specialists with higher medical education, are just skeptical smile when they hear the word "slags" from their patients.

In addition, opponents of the procedure indicate that it is unnatural for the human body and can disrupt the natural intestinal microflora.

Preparation and carrying out hydrocolonotherapy

3 days before the procedure, you need to follow a special diet. Fat, vegetable protein, fruits and vegetables, baking and baking are removed from the menu. It is forbidden to drink carbonated drinks, drink alcohol. If necessary, the doctor may prescribe caring for the patient, as well as enterosorbents. 4 hours before the start of the hydrocolonotherapy, refuse to eat at all.

The procedure is carried out in the office where there is appropriate equipment. A person should lie on his side, or on his back. Perhaps a relaxing massage of the abdomen.

Then a plastic tip is inserted into the anus, through which water flows into the intestine. It fills the organ, and then is brought out naturally. With it, the intestines leave all its contents. Instead of ordinary water, special solutions can be used to cleanse the organ.

Experts say that the effect will be noticeable after the first procedure, but in order to achieve maximum recovery, you will need to undergo a course of 4-6 procedures.

During the first two procedures it is recommended to use a special solution for washing the intestines, which will help create an acidic environment in it. It is essential for the recovery of intestinal microflora.

In the future, special absorbents will be supplied through the tube to the organ. In the course of the last procedure, it is recommended to use herbal extracts, such as calendula or chamomile, to cleanse the intestines.

Pros and cons of hydrocolonotherapy

Hydrocolonotherapy is most often carried out in order to prepare the intestine for diagnostic measures or for surgery. It can also be practiced in the complex treatment of various diseases of the colon: constipation, diarrhea, CAC, chronic colitis. Carry out the procedure after the happened alcohol, drug or drug intoxication. It should be performed by a specialist who practices in the clinic. You should not decide on hydrocolonotherapy, which is proposed to perform in a beauty salon.

The procedure has several positive points. First, the waist size is reduced. Secondly, the abdominal wall becomes stronger, and the person himself feels a feeling of lightness throughout his body. Many people are so accustomed to this pleasant feeling that they completely revise their diet and begin to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition.

However, it must be remembered that the procedure has several disadvantages, which include:

During the procedure, not only harmful, but also useful substances will be washed from the intestines.

Cleaning the intestines leads to the fact that its walls are irritated. If the body is weakened, then there is the likelihood of an inflammatory process.

When there is no certainty that the organ is healthy, the procedure cannot be performed, otherwise you can harm your own body. This is especially true for people with polyps, diverticulums and intestinal tumors.

If the intestine is sick and weak, then its walls can not withstand the pressure of water supplied from the outside.

The intestine may suffer not only because it is sick, but also because the procedure will be carried out by an inexperienced person.

During the procedure, the intestines will leave large volumes of fluid. For an unprepared person, this can cause vomiting and even emotional shock.

Indications for hydrocolonotherapy

The indications for hydrocolonotherapy are the following:

Hemorrhoids at an early stage of development.

Liver, kidney and gall bladder diseases, biliary duct dyskinesia, chronic course hepatitis.

Skin diseases: psoriasis, acne, eczema, dermatitis.

Cold infections that often affect a person.

Intoxication of the body, which is manifested by chronic fatigue syndrome, deterioration of performance, insomnia, dizziness, depression and headaches.

Urological and gynecological diseases.

Some experts argue that hydrocolon therapy is a procedure that helps prevent the development of bowel cancer and other lesions of its thick section.


Contraindications for hydrocolonotherapy:

Bleeding in the intestines.

Hemorrhoids in the acute stage, as well as hemorrhoids, which are complicated by bleeding.

Insufficiency of the kidneys, heart, liver.

UCR and Crohn's disease.

Diarrhea, developing on the background of acute infection.

Heart disease, aortic aneurysm.

The period of carrying a child.

Surgery on the abdominal organs.

Possible complications

Complications after hydrocolonotherapy are rare, but they are possible. If you perform a bowel cleansing too often, it threatens the development of anemia. In addition, the useful microflora will be flushed out of the organ, which can lead to dysbacteriosis.

After the first procedure, the patient may complain of an exacerbation of chronic infections, as well as a general deterioration of health. Therefore, it is important that hydrocolonotherapy is performed by a specialist. Otherwise, there is the likelihood of damage to the intestines, or the addition of infection.

About licensing procedure

Such a profession as an intestinal hygienist, or a hydrocolon therapist simply does not exist, so the procedure is not licensed and is not a medical service.

Drugs that are used to cleanse the intestines, are dietary supplements. Call them safe and effective is impossible. The device itself for hydrocolonotherapy is used to prepare a person for surgery, or for a diagnostic study. There is no license to use such devices for other purposes.

In the responses of patients who underwent hydrocolon therapy there are references to such complications as:

Infection in the blood,

Impaired blood circulation in the organ.

Blood vessel embolism by air.

The development of diseases that are caused by a violation of the intestinal microflora.

Therefore, before deciding to conduct hydrocolonotherapy, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of the procedure.

At home

Perform the procedure at home will not succeed, as for its implementation, you need medical equipment. Its price is very high.

Moreover, in order for hydrocolonotherapy to be carried out correctly, medical education will be required, since the procedure is associated with the risk of developing complications. One of them is a violation of the integrity of the intestinal mucosa and the development of bleeding. If the patient has diverticula in the intestine, then this can lead to massive bleeding that is life-threatening.

Replace hydrocolon therapy at home can be enema.

Reviews of colon hydrotherapy

Elena: “I have undergone hydrocolonotherapy 7 times. I liked this procedure, because with its help I completely cleaned the intestines. I did not feel pain. After the first session, a lightness appeared in the body, a saggy belly tightened, and still managed to lose 8 kg. I continue to support this weight.

I also managed to bring my chair back to normal, constipation was gone. My appearance changed, my complexion became better, bruises under my eyes disappeared, in general, I was rejuvenated. Next year I will pass another course. ”

Anna: “In essence, this procedure is an ordinary enema. After reading the reviews, I also decided to go through it in order to lose weight. Performed hydrocolonotherapy in a sanatorium in Altai. Maybe the organism has become cleaner, but I have not felt any changes.

Of course, the stomach was empty, it took about 2 cm of the total waist, the chair returned to normal. Now I do not pursue bloating after eating, it is soft. However, it was not possible to lose weight. I think that it is better to undergo such treatment for people who have any problems with the intestines. For the sake of losing weight, you should not go to the hydrocolonotherapy, especially if the person is completely healthy. ”

Katia: “The doctor prescribed this procedure for me, because I suffered from constipation. Even laxatives did not always help. At first I was very afraid to go on a hydrocolonotherapy, I thought that later I did not get rid of diarrhea, but I nevertheless decided. By the time it took no more than an hour. Passed cleaning in the hospital. I managed to get rid of constipation, there were no problems with the chair. What will happen next, only time will tell. ”

Education: Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry (1996). In 2003, he received a diploma from an educational and scientific medical center for managing the affairs of the President of the Russian Federation.

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Water treatment

Being a powerful health remedy, this technique is based on cleansing the large intestine from the impurities accumulated in it. The cleaning results are not long in coming: after a few procedures, not only is the well-being, but also the appearance. Acne disappears, the skin becomes healthy and radiant.

That is why hydrocolonotherapy in our country is increasingly used in cosmetology. In other countries, such as the United States, it has long established itself as a quick method of gaining energy and getting rid of various health problems. By the way, hydrocolonotherapy appeared in the USA. It happened back in the twenties of the last century. Since then, the procedure has gained many supporters and opponents.

It is obvious that due to hydrocolonotherapy, the weight is reduced, the condition is improved in cases of such diseases as bronchial asthma, dysbacteriosis, metabolic disorders, allergies, constipation, skin rashes, and some cardiovascular diseases. However, there are diseases in which this procedure can cause significant harm. Among them are ulcerative colitis, intestinal tumors, acute hemorrhoids, renal and heart failure, inguinal hernia, cirrhosis of the liver. Although there are not so many contraindications, the use of colon hydrotherapy for purely cosmetological purposes without the doctor’s “supervision” can be dangerous.

All problems from food

According to the head of the endoscopy department of the Medical Center of the Semey State Medical University, Kubdyslyam Karibazhanovich, the misfortune of modern man has become overeating. Like it or not, and our gastrointestinal tract is designed to handle a certain amount of food. The process of digestion occurs in the stomach and small intestine. With excess food undigested by these organs, leftover food is simply thrown into the large intestine. This leads to the fact that unprocessed food begins to rot.

Of course, what a person eats is of great importance. For example, vegetable food helps to improve the work of the digestive system. It contains fiber, ie, coarse fibers. They are like a brush sweep the "dirt" from our body. But the process of digesting heavy foods, such as meat, is more durable and complex, because for this our digestive tract needs to break down proteins.

Modern man often leads a sedentary lifestyle, which means that he needs less energy than, say, his ancestors. Regularly eating and eating unbalanced, we condemn ourselves to the disease. After all, when food rot in the intestines, toxins are formed, which, when absorbed, poison the body. It is they who are to blame for the multitude of diseases and conditions, the roots of which a person is inclined to look for in anything but a way of life. Fatigue, weakness, poor sleep, rashes on the skin - the most harmless consequences of such poisoning.

How it works

It is for cleansing the intestine from stagnant fecal masses and applied the method of hydrocolonotherapy. In essence, it is not new. Enema therapy was known in antiquity. There are many other ways to clean the body, from taking laxatives to special physical exercises used by yogis. However, in contrast to these, milder methods, hydrocolonotherapy is aimed at accelerated bowel cleansing.

The principle of action of hydrocolonotherapy is extremely simple: a liquid enters the intestine through the anus under pressure, in which the sorbent is dissolved. The contents of the intestine several times during the procedure is displayed through a special tube. Thus, unlike a simple enema, hydrocolonotherapy makes it possible to more thoroughly flush the intestinal walls, while the patient experiences less discomfort. The sorbent added to water helps to get rid of slags, which increases the efficiency of the method. It is also believed that the very fact of supplying water under pressure contributes to intestinal massage, which activates the body's defenses.

After four or five sessions of hydrocolonotherapy, the efficiency increases, the person becomes more active, his metabolism improves, and appetite appears. Not only pimples and pustules on the face disappear, sometimes the unpleasant smell from the body disappears and there is a desire to get rid of bad habits.

Eat right!

“Of course, it is desirable to conduct hydrocolonotherapy under the supervision of a doctor,” says Kabdislyam Karibazhanovich. - The doctor will conduct an examination, look at whether there are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, prescribe treatment, determine if there are any contraindications. He will give recommendations on further nutrition. ”

Indeed, despite the fact that hydrocolonotherapy is an effective method in the fight against obesity, it does not exclude the need for a food culture. On the contrary, the principle of the procedure once again emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet. After all, if a person monitors their health, the quality and quantity of food consumed, then the need for any additional methods of cleaning the body he probably will not arise.

It is generally accepted as one of the most slender nations considered the French. And this is despite the fact that the French are considered to be gourmets. But due to established traditions, they absorb food slowly, thereby helping digestion, which means better digestion of foods, and are able to combine these or other foods without harm to their bodies. In contrast to the French, you can bring obese Americans with their endless snacks and fast food. As they say, the result is on the face, or more correctly, on the face ...

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