41 weeks gestation

Surely you have already exhausted from excitement: the fortieth week has passed, and there are no births at all! It happens, wrong in the calculations. But even if the reason is not the case, up to 42 weeks is still within the normal range.

Baby for his birth is quite ready. Its organs and systems are ready for independent work. By this time, its weight is about 3500 g, and its height is 52-54 cm. Subcutaneous fat accumulated all this time, so the baby noticeably rounded, in the area of ​​the folds it is still covered with original lubricant. Meconium has accumulated in the baby’s intestines, which ideally should come out a few hours after its birth. Otherwise - if its particles fell into the amniotic fluid, complications may occur.

The placenta continues to grow old and thinner. She no longer so tightly separates the body of the child and mother. On the one hand, the barrier that protected the baby from the external environment no longer performs its tasks. On the other hand, antibodies from the mother’s body are transmitted through the blood to the child, and this is similar to a natural vaccine to strengthen the baby’s immunity.

41 week of pregnancy: sensations of the woman

If until the fortieth week you were counting the days when childbirth comes, now you have fallen into anguish. What happened? You listen carefully to your feelings, but so far you don’t notice anything special.
You continue to listen to the movements of the baby. You are worried about his condition. The placenta dries out every day, and its ability to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the child decreases markedly. The rate of movement during the hour remains the same: at least once every ten minutes.

No need to get depressed and draw horrible pictures in your imagination. In principle, the birth of a child at week 41 is also considered normal. Perhaps they simply made a mistake in the calculations. The main thing is to keep calm and, if possible, a benevolent attitude towards life. In the end, just trust nature. It is possible that your baby still needs to spend these days in the womb.

41 week of pregnancy: discharge from the genital tract

Light, with a slight sourish odor of discharge, is still considered the norm. Perhaps, now or very soon mucus plug may come off. This suggests that everything goes according to plan and to natural childbirth is not very long. All this time you are in the maternity ward, so any changes in your condition and condition of the baby are monitored by experts.

41 week of pregnancy: nutrition of the pregnant

In principle, this week’s nutrition recommendations remain the same. Now you need protein foods, and these are dairy products, fish. And more of the right carbs. Right - means complex carbohydrates. All kinds of cereals. Since it is recommended to clean the intestines before delivery, it is desirable that the products you use contain fiber and also help in this. Fiber is in vegetables and fruits.
Perhaps, in this period it is not superfluous to replace the usual tea with herbal teas. So, it is believed that the reception in the last month of pregnancy decoction of raspberry leaves stimulates the uterus, and therefore, brings birth.

There are methods of stimulating the contractions of the uterus and in acupressure. Although, if there is no threat to the child’s condition, it is considered that interventions are not required. Need to wait. However, in case of delayed labor, it is possible to act on some points and thereby stimulate them: the point LI 4 is in the palm at the base of the thumb.

To find it, you need to mentally draw a line through the middle of the index finger and the middle of the thumb; there is a pain point at the intersection of these lines. This is LI 4. The second point GB 21 is located on the outer sides of the clavicle. And the point BL67 is on the foot, in the region of the nail plate on the little finger.

A similar effect - stimulation of the uterus - gives a massage around the lips and wings of the nose. This method of facial reflexology refers to contraceptive methods, since massage of this area causes contractions of the uterus. But if such a massage is contraindicated during pregnancy, as it can cause a miscarriage, it can stimulate uterine contractions during a late pregnancy. At this time, doctors may suggest that you encourage labor. Much depends on the state of the child and the desire of the mother.

At this time ultrasound may be necessary to track the condition of the child. His organs and systems were examined in detail earlier, the baby is completely formed. The bones of his skull protect the brain, and the connective tissue between them must remain supple so that the child can easily pass the birth canal.

This is what your baby looks like at week 41

Through the placenta, the mother's antibodies actively flow to the baby, which will protect the baby immediately after birth from most infections.

The lungs are ready to be involved in the work, their surface is lined with a sufficient amount of surfactant, it will help the lungs deal with the first breath, and will be responsible for the breathing process all their life.

The fuzz on the body disappears, the cartilages of the auricles become denser, the vocal cords become stronger, which the kid will tell you with his first loud cry.

The lower intestine of the fetus is filled with meconium, which normally is pushed immediately after birth. Meconium staining of amniotic fluid suggests that the baby is experiencing hypoxia.

Ultrasound at 41 weeks gestation

An ultrasound scan at week 41 can be scheduled to clarify the following questions:

  • assess the condition of the baby, heartbeat, its size,
  • determine the compliance of the fetal head pelvic size,
  • determine the amount of amniotic fluid, the state of the placenta, blood flow in it,
  • also assess the readiness of the cervix for childbirth.

If all indicators are within the normal range, the mother will be allowed another week to wait for the onset of labor. Identification of changes that threaten the life of the fetus, will certainly entail hospitalization and delivery.

What happens in your body at week 41?

The placenta is aging and the baby gets less oxygen and nutrients.

The production of amniotic fluid decreases, which is also not very good for a baby. Thus, your body is now working to induce the fetus to give birth.

The cervix is ​​impregnated with hormones, becomes loose, shortens, the cervical canal opens.

The following signs indicate that your baby will be born soon:

  • detached mucus plug,
  • increasing in strength and frequency of contractions,
  • poured amniotic fluid.

The last two signs serve as a reason for a trip to the maternity hospital.

Your feelings on week 41

The fear of premature birth has long ago receded, now the question of "when?" The feeling of fatigue is increasing, the desire to give birth grows in proportion to the term.

Pregnant women still feel the discomfort of the gastrointestinal tract caused by the compression of his large uterus. Constipation and heartburn can accompany you to the very birth.

Not very frequent, but strong movements of the baby also cause painful sensations. Periodic kicks in the liver and stomach are often accompanied by insomnia.

Discharge from the genital tract

Do not allow purulent, frothy or cheesy discharge from the genital tract. The birth is very close and increases the risk of infection of the child during the passage through the birth canal, as well as postpartum complications in the mother. Any discharge of an inflammatory nature should be promptly eliminated.

In late pregnancy, moderate light discharge with an admixture of mucus is considered normal. Discharge becomes a little more, which indicates the approach of childbirth - a mucus plug comes out, which throughout the pregnancy served as a barrier between the vaginal environment and the uterine cavity.

There should not be bloody discharge even in the later periods - this is a sign of placental abruption. The condition is extremely dangerous for both the baby and the mother.

Amniotic fluid is liquid, yellowish or greenish. Normally, they depart at regular contractions, after the cervical dilatation. If you suspect that the water has withdrawn - quickly go to the hospital, a long anhydrous period is dangerous for the baby infection.

Important at week 41

Follow the doctor's advice and follow all directions. It is possible to bring the beginning of labor, but without fanaticism. To do this, increase physical activity, you can please your husband with intimate intimacy (only in a condom, so that his flora does not cause inflammation before giving birth).

In the hospital for the stimulation of labor activity resorted to emptying the intestine and the opening of the membran of the membranes.

Meals at week 41

Do not overeat, eat mainly vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese, kefir, lean meat, porridge on the water. Limit salt intake. Drinking regimen remains the same - up to 1.5 liters of fluid, including fruit, first courses.

Do not lie in anticipation of childbirth, move, fresh air, in conditions of reduced function of the placenta, the baby needs even more. Do not try to redo all the work before the birth, it still will not work, and you will need a lot of strength, so do not forget to rest and get enough sleep.

Useful tips for future fathers

If your wife has already gone to the hospital for replenishment, do not sit with folded arms, begin to actively prepare for her return.

First, examine the list of necessary things left by your wife and go shopping. It is better if you take one of your grandmothers, your wife’s friend or sister as your assistant, it’s easier for them not to get lost in a supermarket for children, and you will spend much less time on purchases. The main thing is not to take everyone at once, their opinions may not coincide, then the campaign may, on the contrary, be delayed and end with an argument.

Before unpacking purchases - put things in order in the house. For a long time, your baby was in the sterile environment of my mother's tummy, and now he needs cleanliness. Of course, sterility in the house cannot be achieved, and it is not needed - the baby should receive his portion of the microflora for adaptation and the formation of immunity. However, it is necessary to do a wet general cleaning in the apartment.

If the bed is still not assembled, you can proceed. After assembling the structure, wipe it immediately with soapy water, then with clean water. Bed linen must first be washed using the “extra rinse” mode (it is better not to use rinses), dry and iron.

Prepare a sufficient amount of diapers. Even if you decide that you will not swaddle the child, they will be useful to you. For example, it is convenient to lay a diaper on a bed or a sofa, before putting the baby.

If you have culinary skills, prepare a meal for yourself and your wife. Of course, gastronomic abundance allows you not to worry about tomorrow, but a nursing mother should receive only healthy food. You can cook and freeze pancakes with various fillings (cottage cheese, liver, any vegetables), make homemade ravioli. Do not buy vegetables and fruits in large quantities - they should be fresh.

Consider how and with whom you will meet your wife, whether you need a photo shoot. And be sure to buy a bouquet of flowers.

What happens to the baby?

The child at this time is fully ready to be born. All its organs and systems will function fully outside of my mother's abdomen. And the place in it is quite a bit. However, the child continues to move, although its activity has decreased markedly. Fetal growth does not stop. By this date it reaches 51- 52 cm. Also increases the body weight of the child, which can reach up to 3.5-3.7 kg.

The kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, and other organs function well. The baby’s lungs contain surfactant. He was gathered in sufficient quantity so that the crumb could independently take the first breath and begin to breathe.

In the intestines of the child is the original feces (meconium). Most often, it leaves the intestines on the first day after birth. Although it is possible that meconium can get into the amniotic fluid. The baby’s intestines are cleared in the mother’s womb most often when the fetus suffers from oxygen starvation. The child begins to move more actively, muscle spasms increase and the original feces come out. After he gets into the amniotic fluid, the baby can swallow it. Therefore, after birth, the crumbs are often required to be connected to a ventilator.

There is a strengthening of the vocal cords of the child, soon with their help he will give signals to parents. Also continue to strengthen the bones of the skull. Therefore, the longer the baby is in the womb, the higher the risk that she will get a break during labor. Ear cartilage also compacted.

Immunity crumbs improved, it is enhanced by the antibodies that it receives from the mother.

The body of the fetus is cleared of the original lubricant, it remains only in the armpits and in the area of ​​the inguinal folds. From the body has completely gone down. Growth of hair and nails of the child continues. Very often the crumb is born with an impressive head of hair, and the nails on the fingers of the arms and legs are very long and sometimes even cut into the skin.

The child begins to gradually "round off": he already has puffy cheeks, a fat appears under the skin. Every day, the baby accumulates another 25-30 g of fat. The skin itself became pink and smooth.

The child has adopted the position in the uterus, in which he will remain until the birth. He lies head down, pressed to the pelvic floor. Sometimes the fetus takes a transverse or buttock presentation. In this case, the woman should be placed in the maternity hospital several days before the onset of labor, this is done so that doctors can quickly decide on the mode of delivery, since it is possible that a caesarean section may be required. Although if the fetus does not reach a large size, then a natural childbirth is possible with a breech presentation.

How should a woman behave at 41 weeks of pregnancy?

The woman, as before, continues to feel the movements of the fetus, although they have become less intense. If suddenly there is no movement for a long time, then you should definitely go to see a doctor. The average number of movements per day is 10.

A woman needs to learn to occupy herself in order to stop constantly thinking about the upcoming births. You should enjoy peace and quiet. No need to abandon intimate relationships with your beloved man. At this time, such natural stimulation of labor no longer hurts. You can also treat yourself to some sweets, as during breastfeeding many products will have to be abandoned. Compliance with the dietary regimen during lactation is a must.

It is equally important to get enough sleep. This will allow you to gain strength and improve your mood.

If contractions begin, you should calm down and walk around the room. It is possible that these contractions are false. Real contractions happen at intervals of 7-10 minutes. Moreover, their intensity gradually increases, and the interval of rest decreases. Especially not to hesitate with a trip to the hospital, when the waste water.

At this time, you should remove all thoughts from your head and concentrate as much as possible on the process of childbirth. You need to think only about the child and try with all his strength to help him be born. It is important to follow all the instructions of the doctor, to breathe correctly, to be able to relax in time, etc.

Immediately after the baby comes out of the birth canal, he will remove the mucus from his mouth, which will facilitate the first breath. The child will take a breath of air and make his first cry. After circumcision of the umbilical cord, it is completely separated from the mother at the physiological level, but the emotional dependence, of course, remains.

Well, if there is an opportunity immediately after birth to attach the baby to his chest. Colostrum is a very valuable product for the baby. Thanks to him, the colon is colonized with the first beneficial bacteria, and immunity is enhanced.

Harbingers of early delivery in the 41st week of pregnancy

A woman who is waiting for a child is surely interested in what signs may indicate an upcoming birth.

Forerunners of early childbirth are:

Exit mucus plug. As a rule, after its discharge, childbirth begins after 7-14 days.

Training fights. They begin most often a few weeks before the upcoming delivery, and sometimes happen a couple of days before they start. The pains during training fights resemble pains during menstruation. If contractions are strong and happen with the same time period, which gradually becomes shorter, then these are real contractions and it’s time to go to the hospital.

Omission of the abdomen. This happens a few weeks before the baby is born. At the same time, such unpleasant symptoms as belching and heartburn go away, and breathing becomes easier.

Weight loss Before giving birth, the body gets rid of excess fluid, so a woman can lose 1-2 kg.

Increased urination. When childbirth approaches, the child is increasingly beginning to put pressure on the lower abdomen, which makes the woman go to the toilet more often.

The appearance of colostrum. It can be found on the bra in the form of spots smelling of milk.

Rupture of amniotic fluid. Water, along with contractions, is the most obvious sign that labor will begin very soon. Therefore, with their discharge, you must go to the hospital.

Sometimes a woman does not notice at all any harbingers of childbirth and they begin with contractions, which is also quite normal.

How to understand that childbirth began:

How to distinguish false contractions from the real? How do contractions begin and how long do they last? Feelings already giving birth to women:

Stomach ache

Abdominal pain can bother a woman during the last few weeks of pregnancy. If the pain is nagging and unobtrusive, then most likely it is a sign that labor will begin soon. At this time, the child is increasingly pressed to the pelvic floor, which provokes painful sensations in the abdomen. They can extend to the lumbar region, to the groin and the hip, and also to the lower limbs. After giving birth, these pains disappear without a trace.

Sometimes the stomach hurts because of eating disorder. Some pregnant women suffer from gas and constipation, and some from diarrhea.

The most dangerous cause of abdominal pain is placental abruption. Most often, this pathology of pregnancy is accompanied by the development of bleeding, although sometimes it is internal. Therefore, if a woman feels anxiety, it is best to dispel it in the doctor’s office.

Other reasons that can lead to abdominal pain at 41 weeks gestation:

Training fights. In addition to pain, they can cause an increase in the tone of the uterus to such an extent that the stomach appears to be “stony”.

Sometimes during a stir the baby kicks the mother in the liver or in the stomach. Since the child is already quite large, these blows can be very tangible.

During pregnancy, chronic diseases can worsen, leading to corresponding pain.

At this time, the woman feels very clumsy and clumsy. It is difficult for her to find a comfortable position for sleeping. In addition to pain at the 41st week of pregnancy, swelling may appear. If they are not strong and pass quickly, then you should not worry about it.

What could be the selection?

Allocations can say a lot about women's health. If they have a yellow or green tint, a cheesy or frothy consistency, this clearly indicates the accession of the infection. Such secretions almost always have an unpleasant smell. A disease developing in the 41st week of pregnancy requires surgical treatment. If you immediately contact the doctor, you can have time to get rid of it before the onset of labor. Otherwise, there is a high risk that the child will be infected.

Normally considered to be clear or milky-colored discharge, which contain mucous inclusions. They may be slightly pinkish or cream colored. Mucus appears in the secretions due to the discharge of the mucous plug, which covered the cervix and protected the child from various infections. Cork sometimes goes completely, and sometimes in parts. Her discharge is a precursor of imminent labor. After a mucus plug, a woman should stop bathing and sex to minimize all possible risks of infection of the fetus.

If blood is flowing from the genital tract, an ambulance team must be called in immediately. Most often this indicates detachment of the placenta. Such a state is a direct threat to the health and life of the mother and child.

The appearance of abundant liquid discharge indicates rupture of amniotic fluid. If they go by the flow, then you need to go to the maternity hospital, since birth will soon begin. But even if the water is just leaking, you should not hesitate to visit a doctor. Water leakage is a sign of thinning of the placenta, which is also dangerous for the baby.

Normally, water may contain white flakes, which are particles of primordial lubricant. When water is colored green, this indicates meconium in it. This must be reported to the doctor.

Why did the birth do not come in the 41st week of pregnancy and what to do?

Most often, childbirth at 41 weeks of pregnancy does not occur, because the date of conception was incorrectly set. To worry about this is not worth it, you just need to go for a consultation with a doctor so that he would assess the condition of the pregnant woman and the fetus.

Sometimes a pregnancy can last 42 weeks, which is quite normal. This often happens with women who give birth for the first time after the age of 30. Or maybe the baby is just comfortable with her mother in the stomach, and he does not want to leave him. Therefore, there is no cause for concern, but the doctor must examine the woman and eliminate any threat.

If the doctor identifies any risks to the child, and the woman’s uterus is ready for childbirth, then medical stimulation is possible. It is also carried out during the discharge of amniotic fluid, but if there are no contractions. Other causes of artificial stimulation of childbirth can be kidney disease, preeclampsia, multiple pregnancies, high water and the presence of chronic diseases.

If there is no risk to the health and life of the mother and child, then you can continue to calmly continue the pregnancy. Intimacy and nipple massage are often used as soft and natural stimulation of labor.

Movement helps to bring up the movement. For example, you can go down and climb stairs, walk more, but in no case should a woman lift weights.

It is considered that the use of pineapple, spicy dishes, or drinking tea on the basis of raspberry leaves can provoke childbirth. You can also put on a piece of black bread a few drops of castor oil and eat it. This will enhance intestinal motility and cause uterine contractions. However, when large amounts of oil are ingested, diarrhea and nausea can develop, which is quite dangerous.

Other ways to stimulate labor are:

Setting an enema that will increase the production of prostaglandins.

Acupuncture massage of the inside of the ankle joint.

In any case, it is impossible to resort to any methods of natural stimulation of childbirth without prior medical consultation. Moreover, if the doctor does not see threats to the fetus and the woman herself, then it is best to reach the deadline and wait until the child decides to be born. Moreover, a few days do not affect anything.

Stimulation of labor, how the procedure goes, and what you need to know:

Analyzes and surveys

If childbirth has not occurred, the woman should undergo the following complex of examinations:

Donate blood for general analysis.

To hand over urine for the general analysis.

Learn your weight.

Measure blood pressure.

Have a gynecological examination.

Complete cardiotocography (registration of fetal heart rate).

According to the testimony of the doctor may send a woman to the ultrasound.

During the examination, the doctor necessarily listens to the heartbeat of the fetus, feels and measures the stomach.

Important tips for a woman

Bag for a trip to the hospital should be collected. It is important that all documents are complete.

At 41 weeks of pregnancy, you must visit a doctor. It is also possible to undergo ultrasound.

Feeding women must be correct. It should be somewhat limited calorie meals and reduce the amount of fluid consumed.

It is important to observe the regime of the day and enough rest.

Do not forget about moderate exercise.

The skin of the abdomen, thighs and chest should be further moisturized. To do this, use special creams.

Be sure to every day to be in the fresh air.

Houses need to try to bring perfect order. To this work it is necessary to involve all family members.

While there is time, you should continue to improve the technique of proper breathing, which is very useful during childbirth.

It is necessary to take care of in advance about who will be engaged in household chores while the woman is in the hospital.

You must continue to communicate with your child, as well as try to maintain a positive emotional attitude.

Fees to the hospital that you need to take with you:

Education: The diploma “Obstetrics and Gynecology” was obtained at the Russian State Medical University of the Federal Agency for Healthcare and Social Development (2010). In 2013, graduate school in NIMU named after. N.I. Pirogov.

Baby at 41 weeks gestation

In fact, the duration of pregnancy depends on many different factors: the duration of the menstrual cycle, the exact date of release of the egg from the ovary and its fertilization, heredity, endocrine disorders, the age of the woman. And if you fall into this group, you can even give birth not even in the 41st week of pregnancy.

Although the baby is already absolutely ready for this: all the necessary processes are completed, the internal organs work, the systems are functioning.

There is absolutely no place left in the tummy. But despite this, the baby moves (albeit not as actively as before) and continues to grow: at week 41, its growth reaches an average of 51.7 cm, and its weight exceeds 3500 g.

Future mom

Listen to the movements: if the crumb is frozen, the birth is on the nose. If you have not felt his movements for a long time, but do not smell like childbirth, notify your doctor. On average, you must have at least 10 perturbations within 30 minutes.

When the real contractions begin, do not panic. In the hospital should go, if the frequency between contractions is 7-10 minutes. But if even before this, you have lost the water, there is nothing to wait for: go to the hospital.

From this point on, focus on the generic process, think only of the baby and try to help him with his adequate actions: breathe correctly, relax in time, keep calm.

Immediately after the child passes through the vulvar ring, he is sucked away by mucus from the mouth to facilitate the first breath. He will announce his birth with a scream and will begin to breathe on his own. After the umbilical cord is cut, it will be an absolutely independent organism. But the connection with the mother, of course, remains: he is very dependent on you. Attach the newborn to the breast immediately after birth. Colostrum is of great value to the infant, and the process of sucking the breast at this moment is extremely important and beneficial for the mother and the baby.

Talk to your doctor before birth. In the meantime, they have not come yet, enjoy the peace. Let it be given to you is not easy, you are tired and maybe a little nervous, but now you do not need to fear the accidental stimulation of the birth process. You can calmly have sex (if it is possible and you have a desire), as well as treat yourself to some harmful delicacy: during the breastfeeding period you will be forced to follow a dietary diet.

Try to sleep well before childbirth, rest, gain strength and recharge yourself with positive. Tomorrow-the day after tomorrow the fights will start - let everything go smoothly and easily! Very soon you will move to another status and open the first page of the new period of your life.

Stomach in the 41st week of pregnancy: pulls, hurts

In the meantime - listen to yourself and every minute be ready for childbirth, which can now occur at any time. Especially since for sure you are not the first day, and even, perhaps, not the first week you suffer from unobtrusive, but still noticeable abdominal pains.

Pulling pain in the lower abdomen - one of the obvious and "bezpelpelnyh" harbingers of childbirth. The baby has already managed to descend in the uterus, having pressed its head to the pelvic floor, hence the pulling aching pains in the abdomen. Such pains, as a rule, also extend to the lumbar region, can give up to the groin and thighs, and shoot to the legs. All this - the "side effects" of the last days of pregnancy, be patient, just a little bit, giving birth safely and, therefore, with abdominal pains you will say goodbye.

By the way, keep in mind that a stomach ache may be due to a banal digestive upset. Although by the end of pregnancy, when the abdomen fell, and the pressure on the internal organs decreased, the digestive function is usually restored. But you never know what - analyze, maybe the pain may be associated with constipation, increased gas formation?

In principle, abdominal pain also occurs when there is a placental abruption. But, in most cases, this pathology is also manifested by the appearance of bleeding, although, of course, bleeding during placental abruption may be internal. Therefore, and now do not cease to pay attention to the selection: in some cases, their nature may in time to notify about any trouble.

Discharge at 41 weeks gestation

For example - about activating the infection, if the discharge suddenly becomes an unhealthy green-yellow color, a cheesy or frothy texture and an unpleasant smell. The development of infection in such late pregnancy is a very bad sign, because childbirth can start from day to day, and you may not have time to eliminate the disease. In this case, the risk of infection of the fetus during its passage through the birth canal is very high, therefore, if the nature of the discharge changes, do not hesitate to visit the doctor.

If the pregnancy continues safely, in the 41st week of pregnancy you will probably notice a certain increase in secretions and their transformation into mucus secretions. At the same time, mucus can be either transparent or colored pinkish, yellowish or creamy. This leaves the mucus plug, which for the entire period of carrying the baby covered the cervix, protecting the fetus from pathogens. The cork can go away all at once - you will recognize it by the loss of a thick, tight lump of mucus in a volume of about 2 tablespoons, possibly pink or cream-colored or interspersed with blood. The passage of mucus plug is a sure sign that childbirth is just around the corner. Consider that after the discharge of the stopper sex with the spouse, as well as the usual bathing in the bathroom should be excluded, otherwise it is possible intrauterine infection of the fetus.

Immediately go to the hospital, noticing a bloody discharge. Blood, in most cases, indicates a phenomenon that is dangerous to the life and health of the baby and the mother - the detachment of the placenta.

Again, do not hesitate to be sent to the maternity hospital if you notice the appearance of liquid watery discharge.Noticing the watery discharge, you can be almost certain: it is nothing like the amniotic fluid. Remember that not necessarily the amniotic fluid is poured out at once and the flow - by the way, the discharge of amniotic fluid in this “form” signals the very early onset of labor activity. But water can leak out even in portions, in small quantities, which indicates deterioration and violation of the integrity of the fetal membranes. Normally, the amniotic fluid is clear; particles of the original lubricant can also be observed in the form of flakes.

But the amniotic fluid, painted in greenish or brown, should be the reason for an immediate trip to the hospital: the "colored" amniotic fluid is the result of the ingestion of the baby's original feces - meconium. And the ingestion of such amniotic fluid for the baby can be unsafe.

Childbirth: what to do if there is no birth

What if there is no birth at 41 weeks gestation? Relax and in no case panic. Yes, it’s okay that you are still walking with a huge belly, no. Unless, of course, on examination by a doctor, the opposite is found - some threats to the baby and the need to stimulate labor will be taken exclusively by a specialist after a proper examination.

In fact, perfectly safely, pregnancy can last not only this, but the next week. This can happen if, at the very beginning, the estimated date of birth was set incorrectly - and it happens. And it happens that the baby himself personally is not particularly in a hurry to appear in this world: in the tummy of his mother he is now quite comfortable, comfortable and calm. The probability that the pregnancy will last longer than 40 weeks is also available if the expectant mother gives birth for the first time, if the woman has crossed the age of 30 years.

Remember: the absence of labor activity at week 41 is no cause for excitement. However, go to the doctor anyway: he must exclude the aging of the placenta and the loss of its functions, which can lead to fetal distress.

If the doctor during the examination finds any risks for the baby, but at the same time ascertains the maturity of the cervix, a decision can be made about the use of drug stimulation of labor. Stimulation of childbirth may be necessary if, for example, a woman's water has diverted, but contractions have not begun - an infection if the membranes are damaged can penetrate to the baby within 24 hours. Also, the cause for the stimulation of labor can be: chronic diseases, preeclampsia or kidney disease.

If there are no threats to the baby, and he feels fine, you can easily prolong the pregnancy without fear of any consequences. True, many women by this time, to put it mildly, are simply tired both physically and morally of this exhausting state. In this case, you can independently try to bring birth closer by applying the methods of natural stimulation. Of course, having consulted before this with a doctor and being confident in the maturity of the cervix. Perhaps one of the most pleasant methods of stimulating childbirth is sex, and, the more sex, the better. Not less pleasant way - massage the nipples, which, by the way, can be practiced during sex. In order for childbirth to begin sooner, move more: get down and climb stairs, walk down the street, but! Do not try to carry heavy loads! It is believed that the uterus is stimulated to reduce and childbirth eating pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, spicy foods. And also - castor oil, in the amount of a few drops dripped on a slice of black bread. Castor oil - a very strong laxative, intestinal cleansing causes the uterus to contract. But at the same time, remember: the abuse of castor oil can cause nausea and diarrhea, which can be unsafe.

In general, if you feel good, the doctor does not see any cause for concern and the child is not in any danger, walk around while pregnant.

A few days do not significantly change the situation, and who knows - how soon then you will still be happy to experience all the stages of the development of a new life within you.

Determination of gestational age

There are several concepts of pregnancy countdown:

  1. Obstetric week of pregnancy, which depends on the woman's menstrual cycle. Its countdown begins on the first day of the last menstrual period in the conception cycle. From the first day of the last menstruation, 40 weeks are counted and an approximate date of birth of the baby is received.
  2. Week from conception. As a rule, this is the third obstetric week and depends on the timing of ovulation, i.e. early or late was a woman's ovulation.
  3. Week of delayed menstruation. This is the fifth obstetric week. During this period, the woman is already showing the first signs of pregnancy.

In addition to the obstetric week, the gestational age is determined by calendar weeks, by months and trimesters. In the normal course of pregnancy, its duration is 40 weeks, or 9 months, or 3 trimesters.

Table: the ratio of weeks of pregnancy, months and trimesters

TrimesterMonthA week

Internal examination of the cervix

On the eve of labor, a woman is undergoing an internal examination of the cervix. This study allows to determine the degree of maturity of the cervix and the readiness of the body of a pregnant woman for childbirth.

Internal examination of the cervix of a pregnant woman is carried out according to the following rules:

  1. Strict observance of the rules of asepsis and antisepsis.
  2. The bladder and intestines are emptied.
  3. A woman lies on her back, bends and spreads her legs.
  4. Raises the pelvis.

Feelings of a woman and changes in her body at the 41st week of pregnancy

At 41 weeks of pregnancy, future moms do not worry about preterm birth, rather, on the contrary, are in a constant sense of waiting for a meeting with the future baby. However, do not panic because for doctors, 41 weeks is not considered postponed. The baby at the end of pregnancy is located along the uterus head down

Nature of discharge

Very often, in the 41st week of pregnancy, there are bleeding in women, which may indicate the approach of childbirth and the pushing out of the mucus plug that covers the cervix. During discharge of the mucous membrane, the secretions may also have a yellowish-whitish color.

At 41 weeks, odorless discharge is possible, which may indicate a leakage of amniotic fluid. In this case, an urgent need to consult a doctor.

If the discharge has a brownish or greenish color - immediately rush to the doctor. It is possible that meconium (cal) of the baby was added to the amniotic fluid - this is very dangerous for the baby.

Yellowish cheesy discharge may indicate the presence or occurrence of infection, which is also extremely dangerous for the baby. After moving through the birth canal, he risks getting infected, and the time for treatment of a pregnant woman is gone.

If any discharge occurs at week 41, it is necessary to consult a doctor, because childbirth can begin at any time and only a specialist can assess the risk to the health of the mother and baby.

Fetal movements and test D. Pearson

Especially carefully a pregnant woman should be treated with fetal movements. On this date, the baby is already quite developed, his mother does not have enough space in the tummy, and this prevents him from fully moving. To control perturbations, there is a D. Pearson test, it is also called “Count to 10”, when a woman observes and observes fetal movements for 12 hours. This helps to identify abnormalities or dysfunctional development of the baby.

During the test, a pregnant woman on a special card notes the number of movements. For example, starting at 9 am, a woman makes a mark on the table when the fetus moves. And so on until 21 o'clock. It makes the tenth mark different from the other nine, which will allow the doctor to assess the condition of the fetus and determine if there is enough amount of movement during the study period.

Table: special card of fetal perturbations according to D. Pearson “Count to 10”

Time41 weeks
The number of movements less than 10

Possible trouble

At 41 weeks, the discomfort of mummies is very similar:

  1. The enlarged size of the uterus displaces the intestine upward, leading to constipation and flatulence.
  2. Offset uterus gallbladder leads to a feeling of heaviness in the right hypochondrium.
  3. The movements of the grown-up baby are painful for all the internal organs of a woman.
  4. Changes in the joints of the symphysis joint entail a heaviness in the lower abdomen.
  5. The skin of the abdomen of a woman is dry and stretched. Possible risk of inflammatory processes.

If at 41 weeks a woman is experiencing a shingles pain around the abdomen or it seems to her that she has a “stone belly”, then you should not panic. All this is the harbinger of childbirth, which is quite normal at this time.

However, in the event of the occurrence of one of all these symptoms, it will not be superfluous to visit a doctor.

Also, most women at week 41 experience a feeling of fear and anxiety about the effects of a post-term pregnancy.

My forty first week has already gone. The kid is active, but he is not in a hurry. Tired to the impossibility both morally and physically, it hurts everything that is possible. Friends tortured, loved ones, too, everyone is trying to get me out of the hospital quickly. I just turn off the phone.



This expectation is driving us crazy! That belly pulls, then grabs his back, and the cork, it seems, is moving away ... I’m waiting and waiting, and the baby is not in a hurry to come to us ... And now, for 41 weeks!



Belly shape at week 41

The abdomen on this period is as large as possible. And no wonder, the baby continues to grow and develop inside mommy. But now he is already lowered down, as the head of the baby continues to move to the lower part of the pelvis for an emergency long-awaited meeting. Belly of a pregnant woman at 41 weeks as large as possible

Belly shape of a pregnant girl expecting

It is believed that a woman pregnant with a girl becomes not so pretty, pigment spots may appear, the woman seems to blur. On this occasion, people say: "A woman gives all her beauty to her daughter." The belly of a woman, a pregnant girl grows wider.

Belly shape of a pregnant woman expecting a boy

A woman pregnant with a boy, on the contrary, blossoms and prettier. Her stomach is small, neat, as they say "cucumber". The belly of a woman pregnant with a boy has a small and neat shape.

Although all these signs are relative. When I met with my neighbors in the 40th week, whom I had never seen during the pregnancy, they immediately told me: "100% boy." I could not argue, because the ultrasound could not see the floor of the child. I already had two sons growing up, of course I wanted a girl. We are not grieved. I think that the main thing is that a born child be healthy. Soon our family was replenished with a wonderful little daughter. That's how you and the stomach "cucumber".

Possible late complications

There are several problems in late pregnancy:

  1. The placenta is at the third stage of its development, it becomes obsolete and does not transport oxygen and nutrients to the fetus poorly. This adversely affects the development and health of the unborn child.
  2. The bone system of the baby is strengthened daily. This increases the risk of complications of childbirth, and may cause tearing of the genitals.
  3. An excessive amount of accumulated meconium can be released in utero, which threatens to infect the fetus.

Harbinger delivery and stimulation at week 41

Waiting for a meeting with the baby at week 41, the woman is already at the limit. Starting with the 37th week, the future mommy is ready for things for the maternity hospital, and now the 40th week has passed, and there is still no birth. Do not despair. Most doctors are of the opinion that the baby born at week 41 is not postponed. After all, when setting the date of birth it was possible to make a mistake. Therefore, childbirth at week 39 and week 41 is considered normal or in time.

Harbingers of imminent labor:

  1. Omission of the abdomen. The baby sinks into the small pelvis, it becomes easier for the woman to breathe and heartburn disappears.
  2. Due to the detachment of the fetal bladder from the walls of the uterus, vaginal secretions increase.
  3. Due to a decrease in edema, a woman’s weight decreases by several kilograms, usually by 1–1.5 kg.
  4. Spotting, which indicate the discharge of mucus plug and are the most dangerous harbingers, requiring urgent medical advice.
  5. Due to the fact that the child is down in the pelvic region, the woman’s bladder is squeezed and her urination becomes more frequent.
  6. Appear training bouts. They are painless and irregular. This muscle is prepared for the main work.

If, after 40 weeks, labor does not occur, it is possible to stimulate labor. However, the stimulation is carried out after 10 days of retreat, or even after 14. Therefore, at week 41, stimulation is usually not performed. The exception is the presence of a threat to the life of the fetus: lack of oxygen or slower development.

Many women categorically do not want to carry out stimulation fearing for the life of the child.

“I went to the forty-first week of pregnancy, I already began to worry that the baby is not particularly in a hurry with the release. But I don’t want to do the stimulation, because I consider that it is harmful. Mom told me that she passed with me for a month, and I was born absolutely healthy. ”

Inna Savostina


Only a specialist can correctly assess the condition of the mother and baby, as well as make the right and necessary decision.

Do not worry, experts remember that any intervention in the natural process of the birth of a baby is a double-edged sword. Rodostimulation is, of course, a risk to the child, but it is still not as traumatic for him as the process of prolonged labor and other possible complications. Besides, I would not recommend relying on the experience of mothers, girlfriends and other well-wishers. Their pseudo-advices have already played a cruel joke not with one future mother: the fact is that each pregnancy is individual and it is preferable to listen to doctors watching you and aware of your problems. ”

Obstetrician-gynecologist Irina Litvinova


What should mom do during childbirth

In order for childbirth to succeed and the baby is safely born, a woman needs to follow simple rules:

  1. Maximum relax.
  2. Do not be afraid of anything.
  3. Try to talk to the baby between contractions, reassuring him and yourself that everything is working out well.
  4. In the intervals between contractions breathe calmly and measuredly.
  5. Keep the forces that will be needed in the effort.

What not to do mom during childbirth

There are also some rules that the mother does not need to do during childbirth:

  1. The main thing is not to be nervous.
  2. During fights, you can not sit or lie down.
  3. In order to avoid ruptures of the perineum, it is only necessary to make one push by the obstetrician.
  4. It is undesirable to shout loudly and cry, because so much needed force is expended during attempts.

Physician advice

At the 41st week of pregnancy, you can go to the maternity hospital with hospitalization for proffacing and waiting for the onset of labor. Or wait for her at home and at the beginning of regular contractions or discharge of waters, go to the hospital. If contractions do not begin within 5 days, hospitalize in the hospital.

Victoria Vladimirovna, obstetrician-gynecologist


Changes in the lifestyle of women in the 41st week

The last weeks of pregnancy is a difficult test for a woman, not only physically, but also psychologically. The baby has already grown significantly and gives mom a lot of inconvenience. It is difficult for her to find a comfortable position to sleep and sit. And the mommy's nerves are already at the limit.Fear of the upcoming birth is complemented by concern for the health of the baby, which is increasing with each passing day.

A pregnant woman should not worry too much, she should adhere to the recommendations of the doctor and then everything will be all right.

Intimate life (the benefits and harms of sex before childbirth)

In the days of our mothers and grandmothers, sex in the third trimester was considered extremely dangerous and undesirable, especially before childbirth. Today, doctors are not so categorical, but rather the opposite. After all, the composition of the male sperm includes a hormone-like substance - prostaglandin, which, getting on the cervix accelerates its opening and acts as a mild stimulant of childbirth.

During the third pregnancy at 40 weeks and 3 days, my husband and I went to the perinatal center for a consultation. I thought that I was immediately hospitalized and took with me all the necessary things. What was my surprise when the doctor let me go home and at the same time directly hinted at the desired intimate intimacy with her spouse. Last week we tried to avoid intimacy, believing that it could harm the baby. However, the doctor assured that sex on the contrary will help speed up the process of delivery and bring us closer to our spouse. Of course, everything should be neat, gentle and sterile.

Nutrition and Vitamins

The nutrition of the pregnant woman continues to be complete and balanced, rich in vitamins and minerals. After all, Mommy continues to be a source of nutrients for her future baby.

For soothing, relieving stress, fatigue and pain, a pregnant woman can be given a massage. It should be carried out only by a specialist to prevent the occurrence of complications.

Norms of size, weight, activity of the child at week 41

At the 41st week of pregnancy, the baby is already fully formed and ready for a meeting with the mother. All internal organs are ready for independent work, and lungs are ready for the first breath. It remains only to wait for the meeting.

The weight of the child, as a rule, is 3–3.5 kg, height is 50–52 cm.

Space inside the mother is becoming less and less due to which the activity of the child is reduced. He is already hard to turn and move actively.

My second son was born weighing 4.3 kg at 38 weeks. Starting from week 36, I constantly felt my stomach and was very worried about the not very active behavior of my son. The doctor at the examination mistakenly suggested that the weight of the child is not very large. As I said: "If only 3 kg weighed." I was very nervous. When my son was born with a weight of 4.3 kg, with my weight of 65 kg and a height of 1 m 67 cm, I realized that there was not much room for stirring.

Table: types of presentations and their characteristics

View previaSigns and characteristics
HeadacheThe most common previa, about 95% of pregnant women. The most optimal is the occipital previa, when the head of the fetus is bent (chin pressed to the chest), and at the birth of the baby, the back of the head goes.
Cross and obliqueThe transverse and oblique position of the fetus are an absolute indication for cesarean section, delivery through the natural birth canal is impossible. Present part is not defined. Such provisions are determined in 0.2–0.4% of cases.
PelvicfootDeliveries in pelvic presentation are considered pathological due to the large number of complications in the mother and fetus, since the less voluminous pelvic end is born first and difficulties arise when removing the head. It is found in 3–5% of pregnant women, but pelvic presentation is not an absolute indication for cesarean section.

Features of eco-pregnancy

Differences between IVF and conventional pregnancies are mainly manifested only until week 12, when the rate of abortion is very high. In the future, the process of pregnancy proceeds in a manner similar to the natural one. However, doctors and moms are more attentive to women after IVF fertilization. After all, if a woman could not get pregnant on her own, and resorted to IVF fertilization, then she has a high percentage of various diseases. It can be infectious-inflammatory, and hormonal, and immunogenetic diseases.

You should also note that women after IVF are more likely to have preterm labor. Therefore, at the slightest deviations a woman should immediately consult a doctor to control the further course of pregnancy.

The rest of the eco-pregnancy is a pleasant expectation of the birth of the baby.

Photos of children born on the 41st week of pregnancy

Babies born at week 41 are completely healthy and fit for life. They grow and develop to the joy of their parents. The development and growth of a girl born at week 41

41 weeks of pregnancy is not postponed, because the estimated date of delivery is only an approximate number, which is calculated from the last menstrual cycle of a woman. The future mom needs to walk more, breathe fresh air and relax. Do not be nervous at all. And your long-awaited meeting will take place very soon.

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