The benefits and harms prunes

Prunes are called dried plum fruits. They are incredibly beneficial to health and immunity in general. They are widely used in medicine and cooking, prunes give an unusual taste to any dish. After a series of experiments, scientists have agreed that prunes have a positive effect on human health, as well as on physical fitness.

This dried fruit is widely used in dentistry. Its main advantage is that absolutely nothing needs to be done with it: how to cook or cook. It is delicious in different forms: both fresh and dried. We will understand what is useful prunes for women.

What is in the composition?

Prunes and dried apricots themselves are very tasty and healthy, they contain a large number of essential trace elements. These products saturate the body with vitamins that a person needs for normal functioning and activity.

What is useful prunes for the body of a woman? This question worries many.

Dried fruit is widely used in case of stomach problems. When constipation occurs, it performs a peculiar laxative effect. It contains such a substance as pectin, it acts as a balm and scrub on the stomach, removes all harmful elements from the body, various heavy metals and hazardous elements. The composition of prunes also has several acids, among which are:

  • salicylic,
  • lemon,
  • apple.

What is the use?

With these acids prune becomes even more valuable. Consider in detail what is useful prunes for women:

  • for the gastrointestinal tract, it helps fight constipation and facilitates the process of losing weight,
  • has antibacterial properties, stopping the reproduction of various harmful bacteria and viral infections, among which it is possible to distinguish even E. coli,
  • not bad increases the appetite, increasing the secretion of gastric juice,
  • in the case of slow metabolism, prunes tend to activate the hepatic function.

Those who suffer from high blood pressure, you need to eat it every day. In the case of systematic use of the pressure is normalized. For the daily rate enough five berries. If you have problems with your teeth, the gums often become inflamed, then you need to dissolve and keep dried prunes in the mouth for a while longer. Those people who have problems with the cardiovascular system, as well as in the presence of a disease such as dystonia, it is very useful to eat prunes.

What other beneficial properties of prunes for women?

It has a positive effect on the walls of blood vessels, thereby increasing their elasticity. This berry improves not only health, but also the general state of health. Improves performance and increases immunity, so we can conclude that it strengthens our entire body as a whole.

It has a lot of calcium, so those people who play sports, it is especially useful that he was in the diet. The substances contained in the berry, activates the work of choleretic organs. Due to the huge amounts of antioxidants, the immune system is greatly enhanced. The body in this case is a little easier to deal with various viral infections.

The chemical composition of prunes

It is not in vain that it is called medicinal berries. He deserves it, because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, E, K, PP.

Macro elements: potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine.

Trace elements: iron, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc.

In addition, it contains phenols, protein, fats, carbohydrates (57 g per 100 g), sorbitol, pectin, nitrogenous substances and fiber. Probably, it is possible not to mention glucose - the berry is known to be very sweet. This whole storehouse of valuable substances, if used correctly, will bring a lot of health benefits to the body.

Calorie prunes - 264 kcal per 100 g

Daily rate of prunes - 6 pieces

Glycemic Prune Indexpitted 25-29.

Useful properties and benefits of prunes for the body

  • has antibacterial and antiseptic properties,
  • cancer prevention
  • boosts the immune system
  • supports the cardiovascular system
  • helps with hypertension,
  • prevention of anemia,
  • improves metabolism
  • eliminates constipation
  • possesses choleretic and diuretic action,
  • prevention and treatment of eye diseases,
  • improves eyesight
  • strengthens the musculoskeletal system,
  • activates the brain,
  • improves performance and memory
  • helps rejuvenate
  • energizing, toning,
  • struggling with stress
  • has a rejuvenating effect,
  • improves skin condition.

It has long been noted that prunes prevent the development of such a disease of the cardiovascular system, like hypertension, if used in the initial stages of the disease. And he copes with it better than many other fruits, berries and medicinal herbs. Therefore, to eliminate this disease, it is necessary to include dried fruits in your daily diet.

It is proved that the product has antibacterial properties. Moreover, it kills pathogenic bacteria that are present in the mouth - staphylococci and streptococci. This type of dried fruit protects teeth from caries.

But that's not all. Various studies have shown that plums strengthen bone tissue. Thus, it was recommended to use prunes to people exposed to radiation, for example, cosmonauts and cancer patients.

And rheumatism and atherosclerosis are simply indications for the use of the product.

Dried plum is an indispensable component of the diet of modern man, as it helps to quickly recover and gain strength. Daily consumption of only 5 berries energizes the whole day. In addition, it has a very positive effect on the work of the brain: improves memory, performance and concentration.

How to take prunes for constipation

This berry is simply indispensable in combating constipation, as it has a laxative effect. And, given the safety of its reception for the body, makes it an effective "drug" for the adherents of traditional remedies.

To cope with constipation, you can use prunes in pure form, 5-6 pieces per day or prepare an infusion from it.

What is useful prunes for the woman's body

This product is very useful for the female body. As you know, women are prone to anemia, so it is necessary for the diet due to its rich iron content.

And from 5 to 12 berries per day save those who have a tendency to osteoporosis - in this group can be attributed to women in the period of menopause.

Prune will be useful for those who want to lose weight, watching the appearance and condition of the skin. He, having a high calorie, through the suppression of appetite just save from an extra trip to the refrigerator. And the presence of antioxidants will help to significantly slow down the process of aging and aging of the skin.

Prunes refers to approved products for pregnant women. Often, future mummies start having problems with digestion, the musculoskeletal system, and the condition of the teeth, skin and hair worsens. In the dried berry there is a “full vitamin set”, which will help to avoid all the listed troubles, the main thing is not to exceed the daily rate - 5-6 pieces In addition, the product protects the body from viruses due to increased protective functions.

Contraindications and harm prunes

  • individual intolerance,
  • diabetes,
  • lactation,
  • obesity.

It should be noted that the product should not be eaten in pounds, otherwise it may lead to unpleasant consequences, such as indigestion. And since it has a laxative effect, it is not recommended to use nursing mothers, as the child may experience colic and diarrhea.

How to choose high-quality prunes

Of course, the benefit to the human body will bring exclusively high-quality product. Unfortunately, a lot of harmful dried fruits are sold in stores and even in the markets. In the process of their production, fruits and berries are treated with chemicals in order to speed up the process, increase the shelf life and make them more salable. This is stated in the article "Where to buy and how to choose dried fruits and nuts."

In order not to harm yourself, you must responsibly choose a prune. We offer you some tips that should be used at the time of purchase.

A good prune is elastic, and at the same time soft. It has a black color, while the brown tint indicates that it was treated with boiling water, and blue - with chemical elements. Heat treatment destroys large amounts of vitamins, and chemicals make it toxic.

The ideal glossy surface of the fruit suggests that it was treated with glycerin or something else. Sometimes treated with sulfur to increase shelf life. Choose a product with a matte finish.

The taste of the product should be rich, sweet and slightly sour. The presence of bitterness is an indicator of corruption. Aroma - pleasant, without smoky shades.

Always give preference to prunes with a bone, as the fruits remain intact. Damaged are more susceptible to the rapid rotting and reproduction of bacteria in them.

Prunes in cooking

As mentioned above, it is widely used in cooking. Due to its taste, it is combined with many products and gives a certain flavor to dishes.

We offer you recipes that do not use heat treatment, and therefore all the useful vitamins and minerals of products are saved.

What is useful prunes for the body?

The exceptionally rich composition of the fruit allows you to saturate the body with vitamins, trace elements. It is useful in that it exhibits the properties of a strong antioxidant, eliminating free radicals from cells, positively affecting well-being.

Prevention of constipation - fiber plum is a mild laxative, improves the passage of the food lump in the gastrointestinal tract,

Antiseptic properties in infectious diseases, the suppression of the growth of Salmonella, Escherichia coli, sanitization of the oral cavity, prevention of caries,

The high content of B vitamins and glucose helps to improve memory and stimulate the work of brain cells,

Vitamins of groups A, C, E help to improve eyesight, carry out prevention of ophthalmologic pathologies,

B vitamins help strengthen the nervous system, fight depression,

The increase in gastric juice secretion and the associated increase in appetite helps to gain weight when it is deficient,

Antioxidants prunes prevent the occurrence of malignant transformation of body cells,

Calcium contained in the dried fruit, is used to prevent osteoporosis.

In addition to the valuable healing properties, prunes brings a pleasant taste sensation when it is used. Despite its caloric content and high sugar content, prunes in small quantities can be used in diets for the correction of excess weight for short-term "snacks" when you want sweets.

The benefits of prunes for women

It is extremely useful, according to American scientists, to use prunes for women during menopause to prevent osteoporosis. This disease overtakes women when a sharp decrease in the hormone estrogen in their bodies becomes a provoking factor for the accelerated leaching of calcium from the bones.

Only 100 grams consumed daily, become a means of preventing osteoporosis. The combination of boron, calcium and vitamin D in this fruit makes up for their lack in the female body.

During pregnancy, prunes are not contraindicated in women who are expecting a child. It is a source of valuable vitamins and trace elements and an excellent tool for the prevention of constipation. Normalization of the chair, so often constipating a pregnant woman with constipation, occurs gently, without side effects for fetal development.

Chemical composition

100 g of prunes contain 240 calories, which is the energy value of 1006 kJ.

The chemical composition of 100 g of prunes

Saturated fatty acids

Fatty monounsaturated acids,

Fatty Polyunsaturated Acids

Inorganic substances: calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, selenium, fluorine, copper

Amino acids: tryptophan, leucine, methionine, threonine, isoleucine, cystine, glycine, serine, arginine, valine, tyrosine.

Vitamins: C, B, A, E, K, α-carotene, β-carotene, thiamine, nicotinic acid, riboflavin, folates, folic acid, choline, betaine, lutein, tocopherol

The use of prunes in nutrition

When drying prunes retains all the beneficial properties of the original product - black plum. This is one of the most useful dried fruit for the human body, known today.

Prunes are used on the recommendation of nutritionists for weight correction, treatment and preservation of health. Removing toxins from the body, optimizing metabolism - only part of the beneficial properties of prunes. In addition to the use in dietary nutrition, prunes are a great alternative to sweets, due to which they can be replaced in the diet.

To prunes become a full-fledged component of various dishes, it needs to be soaked for 1.5-2.5 hours. If you try 1-2 pieces of prunes, most likely, appetite will develop, and there will be a craving for delicious dishes. If you eat 5-7 pieces, the feeling of hunger will not be so bright, and it is quite possible that you will not want to have dinner or supper at all.

If you use prunes in the diet for weight correction, the best combination is to use it with raw grated carrot, boiled beets. In the salad of these ingredients, you can add lemon juice or kefir, enhancing the beneficial properties of prunes for our body.

Those who have a history of diabetes or plum allergy, it is better to refrain from eating this dried fruit, as it contains a lot of glucose.

The use of prunes in cooking

The beneficial properties of prunes and its harmonious taste are most fully revealed when used in the composition of various dishes and drinks. It is part of the healing broths and infusions, is an indispensable component of meat dishes made from beef, duck, goose, pork. In salads with mushrooms, the use of prunes gives the snack a sweetish hue.

Rich pastry will decorate the filling of prunes, both from a single ingredient, and in combination with different fruits and berries. The food industry uses prunes as a component of cakes, buns and pastries. Cut into small pieces, it perfectly complements, and in some cases replaces raisins.

Connoisseurs of cooking and ordinary people are sure that in addition to taste and nutrition, dishes should also be beneficial to the body. Such a useful dish that compensates for the lack of vitamins in winter, as well as enhances immunity, is a vitamin salad of grated walnut, chopped prunes and honey as a dressing.

Harm prunes and contraindications to use

It is hard to believe that such a useful product may have contraindications or harm the body.

High carbohydrate content is dangerous for diabetics.

Those who suffer from obesity should limit the use of this dried fruit.

Restrictedly should use prunes women who are breastfeeding a child. Its laxative properties can cause diarrhea in a baby, cause bowel cramps or allergies.

In case of kidney stones, prunes are also contraindicated, as it provokes renal colic.

Allergy and individual intolerance in adults are absolute contraindications to the use of dried fruit.

How to choose prunes?

In everyday life when buying prunes, the consumer pays attention to his appearance.

Properties of high-quality prunes:

The fruits are dark blue, almost black,

It feels good prunes elastic and soft, not overdried,

The lack of shine suggests that the berries are not treated with fat or glycerin to give the presentation.

The taste of quality dried fruit is sweet and sour, without bitterness.

Bought prunes should not be stored in a plastic bag or plastic container. It is placed in paper bags or in glass containers with a lid, stored in a dry and dark place. Before use, the dried fruit is thoroughly washed with hot water.

Making beet salad with prunes:

Education: Diploma RSMU them. N. I. Pirogov, specialty "General Medicine" (2004). Residency at the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in "Endocrinology" (2006).

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How to lose weight at home without diets?

Plums are good in any form. For many centuries, people consume tasty, juicy, fresh fruit, prepare jam, make prunes. It is considered that plum is more useful than many fruits: there are compounds of useful substances in its fruits. The chemical composition of many varieties of plants on the content of antioxidants and phytonutrients is equal to.

A variety of varieties with fruits of different colors and ripening periods, unpretentious care, make plum one of the most common crops in amateur and industrial gardens. For the middle band, it is preferable to choose plum varieties with early and mid-early ripening, so that the peak of fruiting is over before the first frost.

Tarragon contains a large amount of vitamin C and carotene. In addition, it contains carbohydrates and proteins. Tarragon is used as an antiscorbutic, tonic and diuretic. This plant can give a person a sense of cheerfulness. Used in the treatment of tuberculosis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Breeders of Russia and Belarus have created many popular varieties of plum, suitable for cultivation in the middle lane, in Ukraine, in the Baltic States. Unpretentious and fruitful cherry plum is traditionally grown in many gardens near Moscow.

The benefits of prunes for the human body

The properties of fresh prunes are useful mainly for human digestion. But dried fruit has value for some other systems. Prunes:

  • regulates intestinal motility and metabolism, therefore it is a good laxative and helps to get rid of constipation,
  • benefits in hypertension and atherosclerosis, the product contains a lot of potassium,
  • serves as a natural diuretic and helps with edema, the properties of the dried fruit are good for the kidneys,
  • comprehensively cleanses the body of toxins, slags and other harmful substances,
  • strengthens the visual system due to the increased amount of vitamin A,
  • protects against the occurrence of frequent colds, improves the condition with loss of strength and depression,
  • has a tonic effect.

Also a useful product is a prophylactic anticancer drug, antioxidants in its structure prevent the spread of malignant cells.

For women

The main advantage of prunes for a woman’s body is that dried fruit helps to level the condition during menopause and also protects the joints from osteoporosis. Demand and diuretic properties of the product, if there is dried fruit, you can forget about edema. Often the dried fruit is part of the diets for weight loss - the excess weight when it is consumed is easier and faster.

For men

Benefits prunes for the body of a man, it lowers blood pressure and protects against heart attacks, and also increases the potency. Potassium in the composition of the dried fruit protects against disease vessels, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, this is the use of prunes for the liver and for the brain.

The benefits of prunes for children is large enough - the properties of the product help to normalize the chair and adjust the bowel. Enter it into the diet can be already 6-8 months - will benefit from mashed prunes. Also, babies can be given a decoction of the dried product, and from 12 months it is allowed to add dried fruit to casseroles and porridges.


Prune is useful for weight loss, although its caloric content is quite high, it has a pronounced laxative and diuretic effect. Therefore, the use of the product helps to excrete toxins, excess fluids and toxic substances. This is the advantage of prunes in the diet, it does not burn fats by itself, but prevents their accumulation.

In order for the benefits of dried plums to manifest themselves in full force, and there was no harm, it is necessary to follow certain rules. There is a dried fruit, preferably in the morning, the daily rate should not exceed 100 g. It is also not recommended to combine dried fruit with other laxative products - this can lead to diarrhea, which will cause harm to the body.

Is it possible to prune during pregnancy

The benefits of prunes during pregnancy depends on the well-being of the woman. If the expectant mother is prone to constipation, then it is definitely necessary to introduce dried fruit into the diet, it will help improve digestion and release the intestines. In addition, potassium in the product will contribute to the elimination of edema, often accompanying pregnancy.

Is it possible to eat prunes for diabetes?

The glycemic index of the dried fruit is only 29 units. This is a very low figure, therefore, prunes do not cause changes in blood glucose levels. At the same time, the use of dried prunes consists in the increased content of fiber in the product, the fruits help to cleanse the body, improve digestion, and prevent constipation.

Thus, in diabetes, dried fruit does not bring harm, but only benefit. But, of course, the amount of the product must be controlled - 3-4 fruits per day will be enough for diabetics in pure form or as part of other dishes.

Constipation treatment

It has exceptional intestinal benefits of prunes for constipation. Usually for the normalization of the chair using two popular tools on the basis of dried fruit.

  1. Infusion. About 100 g of fruit should be poured into a thermos, pour boiling water and leave under the lid for 5 hours or all night. Ready to drink the infusion you need three times the day before you eat, with it you can eat the usual fruits of dried fruit.
  2. Decoction. Such a drink is prepared faster - the fruits of dried plums are simply washed and boiled over medium heat for half an hour, and then they use the remaining liquid in a similar pattern.

The beneficial properties of prunes for constipation appear on the same day - the dried fruit acts very quickly.

Intestinal cleansers

The properties of the useful dried fruit are used not only to eliminate constipation, but also for global excretion of toxins. From time to time there will be no harm from the unloading day on prunes. They do it this way - only water, tea without sugar and herbal decoctions, as well as 30 dried fruit, are left in the daily ration. Dried berries are consumed every 2-3 hours for several pieces and washed down with liquid.

When unloading, kefir and prunes are beneficial for the liver; in this case, towards the evening, you can drink the last portion of prunes with low-fat kefir. In just a day on such a diet, you can lose up to 2 kg due to getting rid of toxins.

With polyavitaminosis

The benefits of prunes with walnuts will help relieve the symptoms of seasonal vitamin deficiencies. To improve well-being, you can do the following useful tool:

  • mix in 100 g of dried apricots, prunes and raisins,
  • add 100 g of walnuts and natural honey,
  • mix components thoroughly.

Use a healthy mixture should be on a large spoon twice a day, morning and evening.

The benefits of prunes for the human body is manifested, including, for colds ailments. For example, when sore throat is recommended:

  • mix rosehips and currants 1 big spoon,
  • add 5 large spoons of ground plum,
  • pour boiling water for 3 hours
  • in a ready infusion add a spoonful of honey.

You need to drink the drug for 2 weeks twice a day for half a glass. The components of the medicine will quickly relieve inflammation and swelling in the throat.

With arthritis

Dried prunes are beneficial for joints - 100 g of fruit is boiled on low heat for a quarter of an hour. Then, in a warm broth, moisten gauze or a piece of cloth and apply a compress to the sore joint twice a day. Keep the compress you need at least 2 hours.

Another treatment option is ingestion of a mixed medicinal collection. Frayed prunes in the volume of a large spoon must be mixed with the same amount of burdock root, and then boil for a quarter of an hour and filtered. It is necessary to drink means in intervals between food on a large spoon, the whole therapy takes 2 weeks.

Tea with prunes for hypertension

The beneficial properties of dried plums help with increased pressure - tea with prunes is especially useful. About 5 fruits should be poured boiling water, and after 5 minutes, remove the berries and chop finely. Soaked prunes are added to ordinary tea and infused for a quarter of an hour.

Mixture to raise hemoglobin

Iron and vitamins, contained in a large amount of useful dried fruit, help to improve the composition of the blood. With a lack of hemoglobin, it is recommended to make this remedy:

  • mix a large spoonful of pounded prunes with the same amount of chopped cabbage leaves,
  • just pour boiling water for 3 hours,
  • ready infusion filter.

Drink the drug three times a day in a large spoon for a reception, and all you need to continue the course of treatment is a couple of weeks so that there is no harm.

Prunes for sensitive skin

If the epidermis is hypersensitive, then you can prepare this mask:

  • the dried fruit in the amount of 1 fruit is washed and soaked in boiling water for 15 minutes,
  • after that, the fruits are crushed and mixed with a teaspoon of ordinary flour,
  • Add half a teaspoon of honey to the mixture.

The mask is distributed over the washed face for a quarter of an hour. The properties of dried fruit and honey gently nourish the skin, relieve irritation and smooth relief.

Cellulite Remedy

Dried fruit is able to eliminate ugly fat deposits under the skin in problem areas. It is recommended to mix the mummy in the amount of 300 g with the same amount of milk, then add 200 g of the ground fruit and then slightly warm the mixture on the plate.

The warm agent is carefully distributed to problem areas and for 40 minutes wrapped with plastic wrap and a towel.

How prunes affect women's health?

What is useful prunes for women during menopause?

Prunes protect the skeletal system from osteoporosis. To do this, you need to eat every day 100 grams of these berries. It is also useful to eat prunes during pregnancy, since many girls suffer swelling due to excessive accumulation of fluid. Prune removes puffiness in the face and body, due to the large amount of potassium it contains.

Now let's take a closer look at how useful dried apricots and prunes are for women:

  1. During pregnancy, the future mom needs to be especially careful about the selection of the diet, since proper nutrition is a guarantee of health for both the mother and the child. During this period, there is a strong hormonal adjustment, the body requires a large amount of vitamins. And since prunes are rich in various vitamins and useful trace elements, it must be included in the diet. This is due to the fact that it significantly improves the health of the pregnant woman, maintains physical fitness.
  2. Elimination of constipation. In 70% of pregnant women, due to pregnancy and hormonal surge, constipation is often found. The laxative effect also consists of the beneficial properties of dried prunes for women.
  3. This product has a positive effect on metabolic processes. Due to the high content of potassium in the berries, eliminated edema. In addition, the trace element prevents their formation.
  4. Prune normalizes blood pressure. Especially often, future mothers in the last trimester of pregnancy suffer from high or low blood pressure, so it is important to eat prunes every day.
  5. Due to the fact that during pregnancy, all hormones behave in a completely different way, the condition of the skin and hair may deteriorate: the skin becomes dry and the hair is brittle, various rashes in the form of acne may also appear.

And this is not the whole list of what prunes are useful for women.

Weight loss with prunes

Dried fruits are very useful for people who want to lose their weight and for those whose body mass index is much higher than normal. Prunes can perfectly replace sweets and various sweets, but you need to respect the measure in everything and not overeat.

This product is able to remove absolutely all harmful elements from the body, including slags and toxins. In frequent cases, the main cause of great weight, and a slow decline, is precisely the intoxication of the body.

We offer an excellent recipe for cooking dishes from these ingredients. This recipe is not only delicious, but also incredibly useful for your health. Strengthen your immune system, and help reduce weight.

How to dry the plum at home

Prunes do not have to be bought on the market or in the store; they can be made at home. The process takes a lot of time, but it looks pretty simple.

  1. Fresh plums must be thoroughly washed, rinsed with boiling water, and then put on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.
  2. The baking tray should be placed in the oven, heated to 100 ° C, and left for 4 hours, then turn off the stove and wait another 8 hours until the prunes cool completely.
  3. After that, the fruit is placed in the oven again, but at a temperature of 80 ° C, and dried for about 6 hours, and then cooled for 3 hours at room temperature.
  4. At the last stage, the oven is reheated to 100 ° C and the plums are kept in it for another half hour.

After that, prunes can be considered completely ready.

How to choose prunes when buying

If there is no free time for cooking prunes, you can buy it, but you have to follow a few rules when choosing.

  • Good dried fruits should have a rich and uniform black color, without reddish and rusty inclusions.
  • The skin of prunes should be smooth, firm and shiny.
  • If you slightly squeeze the prunes in your fingers, there should be no hole for pressing, the pulp inside the dried fruit should still be resilient.

How to store prunes

Dried fruits can be stored both in room heat and in the refrigerator. But in both cases it is important to keep the product in dry sealed containers to avoid mold, which will cause harm. On average, at room temperature, the fruits retain their beneficial properties for six months, and in the refrigerator - up to a year.

What is prunes

Plum is an amazing plant. It can be found almost anywhere in the world. It equally endures both the scorching heat of Asia and the harsh Siberian frosts. The only thing that plum does not tolerate is marshy soil. Thanks to such unpretentiousness, plum trees are widespread. Surprisingly, in Russia they appeared only in 1654, under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Tishayshim.

Prunes are dried plum fruit using a special technology. However, not all varieties are suitable for drying.To make the dried fruit tasty and high-quality, the plum must meet several requirements: contain a lot of sugar, have small dark-blue fruits with dense skin and a small bone.

The drying process also has its secrets:

  • The raw material used plums, fallen from the tree itself.
  • Harvest harvested, washed and blanched.
  • For 10-20 seconds, the fruit is immersed in a 1% soda solution (this is necessary to remove the wax) and again washed. If the procedure was performed correctly, cracks should appear on the fruit.
  • The first 3-5 hours, the raw materials are dried at 40-50 ° C, then the temperature is increased.

Nutritional value and composition of prunes

Due to the high concentration of dry matter prunes has a considerable caloric content, like all dried fruits. 100 g contains 256 kcal. Because of the sugars, carbohydrates make up the bulk of the fruit — about 45%. There are very few proteins and fats - only 3 and 1%, respectively. But as much as 45% of dietary fiber, which provides the beneficial properties of prunes for digestion.

In addition, the dried fruit has a rich vitamin composition. He contains:

  • 0.6 mg of vitamin C,
  • 0.4 mg of vitamin E,
  • 1.9 mg of vitamin PP (niacin),
  • 59.5 mcg of vitamin K,
  • 781 IU of vitamin A,
  • 0.2 mg of vitamin B2,
  • 0.2 mg of vitamin B6.

A high content of easily digestible mineral substances is considered even more valuable:

  • potassium - 732 mg,
  • magnesium - 41 mg,
  • phosphorus - 69 mg,
  • Calcium - 43 mg,
  • sodium - 2 mg,
  • manganese - 0.3 mg,
  • iron - 0.9 mg.

Normalizes the bowels

The main use of prunes for the human body is to improve the functioning of the digestive tract. This is due to the large amount of dietary fiber. However, until now, the mechanism of action of prunes has not been studied thoroughly, therefore, medical studies on this topic are continuing.

For example, the effect of prunes on stool frequency and volume was studied. The experiment involved 120 healthy adults. The first group was offered to consume 80 g of dried fruit per day, the second - 120 g each, the third group was the control group. As a result, it was possible to establish that in the first and second group the volume and frequency of stools increased significantly compared with the control group. In addition, bacterial microflora in the same groups was enriched with bifidobacteria (Lever E. et al. The randomized controlled trial. Clin Nutr. 2018 Feb 2. pii: S0261-5614 (18) 30003-7).

In another study, scientists concluded that the use of prunes for constipation clearly makes sense. Dried fruit acts as a mild natural laxative. Quickly and effectively cleanses the intestines and normalizes the microflora. Nevertheless, the use of dried plums in a normal stool has not yet been scientifically proven and requires further study (Lever E. et al. Systematic review of the effect of gastrointestinal function. Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2014 Oct, 40 (7): 750-758).

Improves bone health

These medical statistics indicate the widespread spread of diseases of the joints and bones, especially among people of retirement age. More than half of them experience osteoporosis and other bone disorders. American National Osteoporosis Foundation In the published nutritional guidelines for 2015–2020, it reports on the established relationship between diet and bone health, and also recommends replacing the energy-intensive products in its menu with nutritious ones.

Doctors managed to find out that prunes have a beneficial effect on bone health due to the presence of a number of phenols. Studies have proven to strengthen and increase bone density with regular use of dried fruit. It is also worth noting that during large-scale clinical experiments, no side effects were identified (Wallace T.C. Dried Plums, Prunes and Bone Health: A Comprehensive Review. Nutrients. 2017, Apr 19, 9 (4)).

Lowers cholesterol and strengthens the heart

Cholesterol is vital to the body. However, its increased content can lead to the most serious consequences: the blood circulation is disturbed, cardiac pathologies develop, vessels become clogged, etc.

Insoluble dietary fibers contained in prunes bind harmful substances and safely remove them from the body. At the same time, beneficial intestinal bacteria actively produce propionic acid. This substance inhibits the production of cholesterol. Thus, the level of the harmful substance is rapidly reduced to acceptable values, the pressure is normalized, and the immunity is strengthened.

It is an indispensable assistant for the body of a woman

Dried plums due to their valuable properties and year-round availability can support the female body at any time. Their help is especially palpable during such difficult periods as pregnancy and menopause.

Many problems faced by women when carrying a baby can be alleviated or completely avoided if you add prunes to your diet - a natural product that does not have harmful artificial additives. This dried fruit will help:

  • supply the body with vitamins and minerals
  • minimize the risk of tooth decay,
  • eliminate gingivitis,
  • prevent or eliminate constipation
  • relieve tension
  • improve digestion
  • improve kidney function by restoring perfect water-salt balance,
  • to increase hemoglobin due to the gland present in the composition,
  • make your skin healthier
  • protect the body from external adverse effects,
  • remove excess fluid.

During menopause prunes brings no less good. The product is an antioxidant, therefore, it reliably protects the body, increases its resistance to harmful factors, strengthens the immune system, and most importantly, prevents the development of osteoporosis. Women balzakovskogo age fall into the risk group. During menopause, they become especially susceptible to the destruction of bone tissue. Therefore, for the prevention of diseases of the joints and the protection of bones, it is necessary to introduce regular use of prunes before the onset of menopause.

In addition, clinical studies are currently underway to study the ability of dried plum fruits to prevent breast cancer. According to some reports, the fruit reduces the likelihood of pathology by 30%.

Helps in the care of appearance

Masks using dried plums will be useful for any skin type. Depending on personal needs and characteristics of the skin, you can add or remove additional ingredients, thus achieving the desired effect. For example:

  • Sensitive skin. Steamed crushed prunes + 1 tsp. flour + 0.5 tsp. honey
  • Nutrition. 1 tbsp. l mashed prunes + 1 tbsp. l bran + 2 tbsp. l yogurt
  • Acne. 4 crushed prunes + 2 tbsp. l starch.
  • Dry skin. Pounded prunes + 1 tbsp. l butter + yolk + 1 tsp. honey
  • Normal skin. Dried plums are mixed with cottage cheese in equal proportions.
  • Oily skin. Soaked dried fruit + egg white.

Harm prunes for the human body

The greatest harm of all dried fruits lies in their pre-sale chemical processing. To better preserve and prevent insect damage, dried fruits are fumigated with sulfur dioxide, which adversely affects the digestive tract, worsening the condition of the mucous membranes.

In addition, prunes contain a carcinogenic and neurotoxic substance - acrylamide. This discovery was made by scientists from Swiss Institute of Technology. Previously it was believed that such a dangerous carcinogen is released only with prolonged exposure to high temperatures. However, the fallacy of these assumptions has now become apparent. So far, further study of the possible harm to prunes for the body.

How to eat prunes

There are many possible options for the use of prunes. It perfectly complements the taste of meat, gives piquancy to mushrooms, and in desserts and drinks it has no equal at all. Plum goes well with many products, so you can add it to many dishes.

For therapeutic purposes, dried fruit is also used in different ways:

  • Tea: finely chop the soaked fruits, mix them with black tea and brew with boiling water.
  • Candies: mix prunes with figs in equal proportions, add coriander to taste, form balls from a mixture.
  • Infusion: pour 50 g of dried fruit with 250 ml of boiling water.

You can choose any option of cooking prunes. The main thing to remember is that the daily rate of dried fruits should in no case exceed 100 g. This applies to healthy adults. In other cases, the portion will have to be reduced.

Dried fruits - a source of valuable substances, available at any time of the year. However, it should be borne in mind that the benefits and harms of prunes for the body have not yet been studied. Doctors continue research. In the meantime, agree that eating dried plums is possible and necessary, but only after consulting a doctor and in reasonable quantities.


  • 300 grams of prunes,
  • raisins 200 grams,
  • dried apricots 150 grams,
  • rosehips 100 grams.

All must be thoroughly rinsed with cool water several times, put into a blender and whipped until a homogeneous mass. After that, for the taste you need to add a little honey. This mixture should be consumed 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening 1-2 tablespoons. Always keep in a cool place. To improve the effect, doctors advise to drink plenty of fluids, namely purified water, and not soda. This recipe is useful for both children and adults. What is useful dried prunes for women - it is clear, but are there any contraindications?

Harm and contraindications

In addition, prunes are incredibly useful for human health, there is still harm. In order to prevent this phenomenon, you need to be well acquainted with this berry. It is wise to use prunes for people suffering from obesity or diabetes. He, of course, can be eaten, but in small quantities, and only after consulting a doctor. During breastfeeding, it is also not advised to get involved in prunes, as it can worsen the taste of milk, and the baby can refuse to breast.

Since it has diuretic properties, it can adversely affect the digestive organs of the child. It is important to buy high-quality prunes, because during long-term storage or processing it may contain chemicals. That is why, when you buy prunes, you need to be especially careful and cautious. If a person is allergic or has problems with the kidneys, or rather the presence of stones, it is forbidden to include prunes in your diet.

Useful properties and contraindications for women of this fruit are described.

Watch the video: Prunes for Osteoporosis (December 2019).