Treatment of heart disease folk remedies

Lily of the valley. For heart defects, they drink lily of the valley drops, which are prepared as follows: fresh flowers of lily of the valley are poured into a jar with a narrow neck and poured almost to the top with 96% alcohol. Insist 14 days, then filtered and drink 15-20 drops 3-4 times a day.

You can use and paste lily of the valley flowers. A tablespoon of flowers pour 300 ml of boiling water and infuse for 1 hour. Filter and take 2 tbsp. spoons every 2 hours.

Aurea-lily of the valley drops have a good effect on patients with heart defects. For their preparation, mix 100 ml of infusion or decoction of motherwort grass with 40 drops of lily of the valley tincture. Take 30 drops 3-4 times a day.

For rheumatic defects, a cardiovascular pharmacy drug is used, which includes yellow juice, tincture of valerian root, hawthorn extract, camphor, sodium chloride, and chlorobutanol hydrate. Cardiovalen take 20-25 drops 3-4 times a day.

100 g dry rosemary leaves pour 2 liters of dry red wine, insist 1 month in a dark cool place (occasionally shaking). Strain, squeeze out the residue. Take 50 ml 3-4 times a day for heart defects and heart failure. The course of treatment is 1.5 months. During the year, it is desirable to conduct 4 courses.

For defects associated with dyspnea, mix a slurry of fresh nettle leaves with honey in a 1: 1 ratio. Insist in a dark place for 14 days, periodically stirring the contents, then heat the mixture in a boiling water bath to a liquid state, strain through multi-layer gauze, squeeze out the residue. Keep refrigerated. Infusion honey lick during the day 4-5 times.

Mix the garlic pulp with honey in equal parts and infuse in a sealed container in a dark place for 7 days, stirring occasionally. Take 3 times a day in a tablespoon 30 minutes before meals for coronary heart disease, obliterating endarteriig, varicose veins, heart defects and weakness of the heart muscle.

Stir motherwort grass juice and vodka in a 1: 1 ratio. Take 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals for heart defects, myocarditis, incipient angina and heart weakness.

Prepare the composition: 10 g. Fresh, devoid of the leaves of the stems of parsley pour 1 liter of dry red or white natural wine, add 2 tbsp. spoon vinegar and boil over low heat for 10 minutes. Add 300 g of honey to the mixture and boil for another 4-5 minutes. Hot bottled, corked, cooled and stored in the refrigerator. Take in all diseases of the heart as a fortifying agent for 1 tbsp. spoon 4-5 times a day,

100 g dry powdered herb of Hypericum pour 2 I of water, bring to a boil and boil over low heat in a sealed container for 10 minutes. Insist 1 hour, strain, add 200 g of honey and mix well. Bottled and refrigerated in clogged form. Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day half an hour before meals with a weakening of the heart activity.

For heart diseases, a potato diet is very useful: during the day, the patient is given up to 1 kg of boiled unsalted potatoes in 5-6 doses. For taste, you can add yogurt to potatoes.

Water infusion of motherwort (15 grams of dry grass per 200 ml of boiling water). Infuse for 1 hour, strain. Drink a tablespoon 4-5 times a day with honey.

An alcohol tincture of motherwort (a pharmaceutical preparation) is drunk 30 drops 3-4 times a day for heart defects and weakness of the heart muscle.

In case of cardiac weakness, prepare a collection: grass of a horsetail - 10 g. Grass of a highlander bird - 15 g. Hawthorn flowers — 25 g. Pour 300 ml of boiling water with a tablespoon of the mixture and leave for 1 hour. Strain. Drink throughout the day in 5-6 receptions.

Infusion of dried roots of lovage: 40 g.lovage boil for 6-7 minutes in 1 liter of water. Insist 3 hours in a warm place, drain. Take 0.5 cups 3-4 times a day for edema of cardiac origin and to strengthen the muscles of the heart.

With a strong attack of heartbeat, lie down on the stomach, placing a heating pad with ice or a cold compress under the heart.

With heart defects and with a weak heart, peppermint is very useful. A teaspoon of dried leaves (or powder from the leaves) pour 300 ml of boiling water, cover and let stand for an hour. Strain. Take 1 glass 3 times a day on an empty stomach. The treatment is carried out for months, without any breaks.

Beet juice mixed with honey in a 2: 1 ratio is very useful to take in case of defects and to maintain the health of a sick heart.

A clean grape dock is also very useful in all cardiovascular diseases. Especially grape juice is useful in old age. Drink juice in the morning and evening one hour before meals according to the following scheme:

3 days - 50 ml in the morning and evening,

5 days - 100 ml each in the morning and evening,

5 days - 150 ml in the morning and evening,

5 days - 200 ml in the morning and evening,

5 days - 250 ml in the morning and evening,

Coriander grass juice is recommended to drink with a weak heart, hypertension and diseases of the digestive system. It is drunk 50 ml 2 times a day.

Herb rue fragrant, tops with valerian flowers and hawthorn leaves are taken in equal shares and brewed like tea. Drink for a long time.

Very useful for "cores" to breathe the scent of lilac, hawthorn, poplar and eucalyptus.

Treatment of neurosis, neurasthenia, hysteria

With the neurosis of the heart, neurasthenia, hysteria, along with well-known drugs, natural honey is very widely used. With neurasthenia C. Mladenov (1976) recommends taking floral honey on 100–120 g per day for 1–2 months. - in the morning and in the evening on 30 g, after lunch 40-60 g. Before going to bed, for half an hour, honey must be diluted in a glass of water at room temperature. After —2 weeks after the start of treatment, patients experience a good sound sleep, a feeling of cheerfulness, and increased efficiency.

Red wine treatment

Starting a story about how to normalize the cardiovascular system with the help of different varieties of red wine, we note a mandatory condition for the use of these recipes. In diseases of the cardiovascular system, traditional medicine does not recommend wine either during remission, or even more so at the time of exacerbations, since this can lead to a sharp deterioration. Nevertheless, folk recipes for maintaining the body affected by such illnesses exist and are quite popular. Apparently, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. The main thing - consult with your doctor.

To avoid sudden attacks of crushing chest pain, drink a healing drink based on grape wine.

Required: 250 grams of grape red wine, 10 g of astragalus and calendula flowers.

Cooking method. Bring red wine to the boil, without removing it from the stove, add the herb collection and boil for another 3 minutes: Then cool, strain. .

Mode of application. Take 1-2 tbsp. l 3 times a day for 20 minutes before a meal during the month.

Red wine compress

Required: 250 g of red wine, 2 tsp. mustard powder.

Cooking method. Mix mustard powder with warm red wine to form a homogeneous mixture.

Mode of application. Blot a soft piece of cloth in the mixture, squeeze it so that the liquid does not flow. Then apply a compress to the area of ​​the heart. After 15 minutes, remove the compress.

To normalize the blood supply to the heart, use the following recipe.

Required: 1/4 cup ungrafted red grape wine, 1 tsp. garlic juice, 1/3 cup of milk.

Cooking method. Add 10-20 drops of garlic juice to warm milk, mix well and add warm red wine.

Mode of application. Drink 1 tbsp. l 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals for 1 month.

With a sharp, chaotic heartbeat is recommended such a recipe.

1. Required: 1 cup of grape red wine, 1 st. l flowers of hawthorn, 200 ml of boiling water.

Cooking method. Flowers brew boiling water, like tea. Cool, strain, add hot wine.

Mode of application. Take 1/2 cup 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment is 3 weeks.

2. Required: 1/2 cup of non-fixed red grape wine, 1 tbsp. l spring adonis herbs (adonis).

Cooking method. Bring wine to a boil and brew grass in it. Insist 30 min. Then strain.

Mode of application. Take 2 tbsp. l 3 times a day 15 minutes after meals. The course of treatment is 3 weeks.

When the heartbeat changes randomly, the following recipe helps.

1. Required: 1 glass of an unfortified red grape wine, 1 tbsp. l motherwort grass.

Cooking method. Bring wine to a boil and, without removing it from the stove, brew the grass in it. Boil for another 10 minutes, then cool, strain.

Mode of application. Take 1/2 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes after meals. The course of treatment is 4 weeks.

2. Required: 2 a glass of non-fixed red grape wine, 17 g of dying grass, 1/2 l of water.

Cooking method. Fill the dried grass with water and boil until 1/3 of the liquid remains. Cool, strain and add hot wine.

Mode of application. Take 2 tbsp. l 2 times a day. In the morning - 30 minutes after eating, in the evening - 30 minutes before bedtime. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

With reduced pressure of blood and lymph in vessels, the composition of red wine and rhizomes of zamaniha well helps.

Required: 1 glass of an unfortified red grape wine, 1 tbsp. l rhizome zamanihi.

Cooking method. In the wine, add rhizomes and boil for at least 20 minutes. Then cool, strain through 2 layers of gauze.

Mode of application. Drink 1-2 tsp. 2-3 times a day one hour before meals. After 12-15 days you will feel a significant improvement in health.

To reduce the voltage of the heart muscle is useful such a recipe.

Required: 1/2 cup of non-fixed red grape wine, 1 tbsp. l ginseng powder or 15-25 drops of the finished extract.

Cooking method. Heat wine, but do not bring to a boil, then add ginseng and mix well.

Mode of application. 1-2 tsp. 3 times a day for 10 minutes before meals. Repeat the reception of funds within 21 days.

The following recipes will help to avoid arterial disease, which leads to the violation of their functions.

Required: 1 cup of a non-sticky red grape wine, 150 g of eggplants.

Cooking method. Grate eggplant, squeeze the juice and add a glass of wine. Preheat the mixture, not boiling. Then cool and strain.

Mode of application. Take 1 tbsp. l 2 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

With atherosclerosis, the healing properties of yellow clover and adonis in combination with red wine help.

Required: 1/2 cup of grape non-bonded red wine, 1 tbsp. l grass clover yellow and Adonis, 1 cup boiling water.

Cooking method. A mixture of herbs brew with boiling water and let it brew for 20 minutes. Then strain and add wine at room temperature.

Mode of application. Take 1/2 cup at night for 1-2 weeks.

It is also recommended to decorate bark of horse chestnut and dandelion roots with the addition of red wine.

Required: 1 glass of non-fortified red wine, 2 tbsp. l horse chestnut bark, 1 tsp. dandelion roots medicinal, 2 cups boiling water.

Cooking method. Pour boiling water over the mixture and boil for 15–20 minutes. Then remove from heat and leave in a tightly sealed container for 24 hours. Strain and add wine at room temperature.

Mode of application. Drink 2 tbsp. l 2-3 times a day 15 minutes after meals.

You can use another proven tool.

1. Required: 1/2 cup unstretched red wine, 1 tsp.herbs jaundice, 1 tbsp. l motherwort grass, 1 liter of boiling water.

Cooking method. Collect herbs and brew with boiling water and let it brew for 3 hours, strain and add hot wine.

Mode of application. Drink 1/2 cup 2 times a day. In the morning - 15 minutes after waking up, in the evening - 20 minutes before falling asleep. The course of treatment is 3 weeks.

2. Required: 1/2 cup of non-fixed red wine, 1 tbsp. l valerian root, 1 cup boiling water.

Cooking method. Brew the grass with boiling water, like tea, strain through 1-2 layers of gauze and add warm wine.

Mode of application. Drink 1/2 cup 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes before eating.

A very good remedy is an infusion of valerian root, lemongrass extract and red wine.

Required: 1 glass of unfortified red wine, 1 tbsp. l valerian root, 20 drops of ready-made extract of Chinese magnolia vine, 2 cups boiling water.

Cooking method. Boil the valerian with boiling water, let it brew for 30 minutes, strain and add lemongrass extract. Then mix the infusion with red wine and heat over low heat for 10 minutes.

Mode of application. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day for an hour before meals. 3 weeks is enough for healing.

To strengthen the heart muscle the following mixture is useful.

Required: 1/2 cup of non-fixed red wine, 1 tbsp. l inflorescences of meadow clover, 2 tsp. Rowan berries, 2 cups boiling water.

Cooking method. Brew the medicinal mixture with boiling water, leave for 1 hour. Then knead the berries, add the hot wine and leave to stand for 30 minutes, then strain after 1-2 layers of gauze.

Mode of application. Take 1/2 cup 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 2 weeks, then take a break for 1 week, then repeat the course.

When dyspnea, it is recommended to take a drink, which includes astragalus, foxglove and loose red wine.

Required: 1 glass of wine, 1 tsp. leaves foxglove large-flowered, 1 tbsp. l Astragalus herbs, 1.5 cups boiling water.

Cooking method. Brew herbs with boiling water, let it brew for 24 hours, then strain and add warm wine.

Mode of application. Take 2 tbsp. l 4 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

To improve the work of the heart, use this recipe.

Required: 1/2 cup unstretched red wine, 1 tsp. Dandelion roots medicinal, 1 tbsp. l camomile flowers, 1 cup boiling water.

Cooking method. Drug collection brew with boiling water. Let it brew for 20 minutes, strain and add warm wine.

Mode of application. Take 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 3 weeks. After 1 course of treatment, stop for 2 weeks, then repeat the course.

Such a recipe will protect against heart failure.

Required: 1/2 cup unreserved red wine, 2 tsp. leaves of rhododendron, 1 tsp. valerian root, 1.5 cups boiling water.

Cooking method. Drug collection boil with boiling water and leave for 24 hours. Then strain and add the hot wine.

Mode of application. Drink 1/3 cup 2 times a day. The course of treatment is 4 weeks.

Congenital heart defect

Such defects most often occur either due to the occurrence of an anomaly in the vessels approaching the heart, or if the heart walls are not properly formed in embryonic development.

All congenital heart defects can be divided into 2 main groups:

defects associated with insufficiency in the pulmonary circulation,

the defects which are followed by overflow with blood of a small circle of blood circulation.

The most common developmental abnormalities are the following:

1. Pulmonary stenosis.

2. Non-atrial septum.

3. Defect of the interventricular septum.

4. Open botall duct.

5. Fallo triad and tetrad and some others.

Let us dwell on the most common ones.

Pulmonary stenosis.Stenosis of the mouth of the pulmonary artery leads to insufficient blood flow to the lungs, as a result of which the gas exchange in the body is sharply disturbed, and this causes all clinical manifestations of the disease. The skin of patients with pulmonary stenosis is usually cyanotic. In case of a physical disorder, this cyanosis increases. The nail phalanges of the fingers are especially cyanotic, and over time they take on the appearance of “drumsticks”.

Patients constantly complain of severe shortness of breath, their heart is enlarged due to the right ventricle, cardiac impulse is strengthened.

The course of the disease and the prognosis have always been difficult. Patients lagged behind in growth, mental and physical development, easily fell ill with infectious diseases (especially tuberculosis).

Treatment of patients only operational. During the operation, adherent valve leaflets are dissected, which further releases the passage of blood through the mouth of the pulmonary artery.

Non-dilatation of the interatrial septum. With this pathology does not close the hole between the atria. Only part of the blood enters it from the right atrium to the left, bypassing the pulmonary circulation. If the defect is very large, then the blueness of the skin can be observed, since part of the blood that does not pass through the small circle is not very saturated with oxygen.

If the atrial septal defect is combined with congenital contraction of the mitral valve (which is quite common), then an increase in the heart and paleness of the skin is observed in patients, and the heart hump gradually grows. Treatment is only operative.

The defect of the interventricular septum usually occurs at the base of the ventricles. Since the pressure that develops in the left ventricle is much greater than that in the right one, during the contraction of the heart (systole) the part of the blood from the left ventricle passes into the right one, which leads to its constant overflow and hypertrophy (increase). The left ventricle is also enlarged. As a result, the heart greatly increases in size (more to the right), acquiring a spherical shape.

Breastfeeding helps the heart

Children with congenital heart defects have one of two problems: too much blood can flow to their lungs, which causes heart overload and leads to heart failure. Or there may be insufficient blood flow to their lungs, which causes cyanosis (cyanosis). In both cases, children with congenital heart defects quickly tire during feeding and grow slowly. Many years ago, breastfeeding a child with congenital heart disease was forbidden, because it was mistakenly thought that breastfeeding would overwork such a child. As we have indicated in the section on premature babies, studies have shown the opposite. In fact, these children can consume less energy and breathe better when breastfeeding than when feeding from a bottle. Breast milk contains less salt than artificial formula, so it is more beneficial for children with a bad heart. The same recommendations that were given for breastfeeding a premature baby are also suitable for a child with congenital heart disease: short frequent feeding, more often with the use of supplementary feeding, and large doses of patience.

Take 1 l of honey, juice from 10 lemons and gruel from 10 heads of garlic. All components insist in a tightly closed container in a dark cool place for 1 week, stirring the contents occasionally. Take 4 teaspoons once a day for 20-30 minutes before meals. After taking each spoon, take a break for one minute. The mixture is an excellent remedy for angina accompanied by shortness of breath. This tool is often cured by decrepit people who cannot walk a few dozen steps without stopping for a rest.

To reduce cholesterol, it is recommended to take daily 15-20 g of gum (resin), taken from apricots, cherries, plums. At the same time you should take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day garlic oil or garlic powder 1/3 teaspoon.

In the initial post-infarction period, include garlic oil, fresh garlic, garlic wine in the diet.

To prevent the development of a heart attack, swallow a completely cleaned clove of garlic when there is pain in the heart. Means disposable, is used in the absence of nitroglycerin at hand.

Healers of antiquity recommend: “Whoever starts blood to the heart and breathes, interpret more garlic with salt, put it in a large glass of wine and, mixing well, give it to drink. After that, put the patient on the stove with his back down and let him lie down for a while so that he sweats well, which will cause his blood to spread all over his body and that person will be healthy. ”

A slurry of 350 g of garlic and juice of 24 lemons is poured into a jar with a wide neck, put a jar for a day and tie it on top with a light, transparent cloth. Shake when taking. Take 1 teaspoon of this mixture, once a day, at bedtime, diluted in half a cup of cool infusion (1:16) of birch leaves. After 2 weeks, the person will feel that this tool can be attributed to the elixir of youth, which helps eliminate the feeling of fatigue. Using this wonderful tool will be awarded a wonderful, peaceful sleep. It is also useful for shortness of breath and angina, for rejuvenating the blood, especially in obese people with a lethargic, decrepit organism.

30 g of crushed on the grate of propolis pour 100 g of 96 percent alcohol, insist in a dark place for 1 week, always at room temperature (propolis loses its properties when cooled), periodically shaking the contents, strain. Store in a dark place.

200 g of gruel of garlic pour 100 g of 96 percent alcohol, insist in a dark cool place for 10 days, periodically shaking the contents, strain, squeeze out the residue, insist again for 4 days, then gently drain the settled tincture. To tincture add 50 g of honey and 10 g of propolis tincture, mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Take for diseases of the cardiovascular system 30 minutes before a meal, diluting the tincture in drops in a spoonful of warm water or milk, as follows: on the first day for breakfast - 1, for lunch -%, for dinner - 3.

Next day: in the morning - 4, in the afternoon - 5, in the evening - 6.

So add drop by drop to the fifth day of treatment - in the evening of this day take 15 drops.

On the morning of the sixth day, take 15 drops, then reduce the number of drops by 1 to the tenth day: in the evening it should be 1 drop.

On the eleventh day it is necessary to take 25 drops in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

From the twelfth to the sixteenth day, start taking the drops again in an incremental pattern, that is, in the morning of the twelfth day — 1, in the afternoon — 2, in the evening — 3.

On the thirteenth day, respectively, - 4, 5, 6 drops and so on up to 15 drops in the evening of the sixteenth day.

Repeat treatment after b months.

The heart: its reserves, problems and helpers

The heart is a muscular organ that does not have peace. It works day and night, in any weather, in any conditions. Seconds of rest for him are only moments of pause (diastole). The heart, of course, would not have coped with such a titanic work if it had not had helpers. And his assistants are the numerous contracting muscles of the body, which squeeze out blood and lymph from small vessels, overtake stagnant interstitial fluid. If you do without lyrics, then the heart muscle is a normal pump, pumping blood into large vessels. These vessels are more and more crushed, down to the smallest capillaries. It is in the capillaries that gas exchange occurs. Here, cells take nutrients and oxygen from the blood and give up slags and carbon dioxide. If you calculate the working time of the heart per day, it turns out that 12 hours it works and is in tension (systole), and 12 hours - resting (diastole).

It is difficult for our heart, and not always it maintains the crazy rhythm of modern life.What leads to the rapid deterioration of the heart muscle and the occurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular system? In science, there is such a thing as "risk factors". We will understand what it is.

Risk factors are causes that hinder the normal functioning of the heart. The main ones are overeating, alcohol consumption, smoking, love for "salty" and "sweet":

with unbalanced diet and excessive consumption of sugar, salt and fat, people already in 30-40 years suffer from diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis and hypertension,

with alcohol abuse (even if a person drinks only 50 ml of pure alcohol daily) a person will acquire hypertension in a few years,

during tobacco smoking, carbon monoxide, which is part of the smoke, binds to hemoglobin of the blood, displacing oxygen, as a result of which all organs and systems receive less of a certain amount of oxygen and suffer from it. To compensate for the loss, the heart has to intensify its work, and it wears out faster. In addition, nicotine destroys vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which is necessary for the work of all the cells of our body,

It is proved that people who abuse salt intake, are several times more likely to suffer from hypertension.

All of the above risk factors contribute to the rapid deterioration of the heart muscle and lead to the early occurrence of "heart" diseases.

350 years ago, the English naturalist W. Harvey (1578-1657) discovered a large and small circle of blood circulation. According to his teachings, the heart is the only organ pumping blood in the body of humans and animals. But medicine does not stand still. Modern scientists have shown that the heart has "doubles".

Consider in general terms the work of the main heart rhythm driver - the sinus node.

It is known that the heart muscle has automatism, that is, the ability to contract without external influences, spontaneously. This is explained by the fact that bioelectric pulses automatically arise in it. The muscle distinguishes the working muscles and areas where these impulses arise. The place of occurrence of impulses is the sinus node - the driver of the heart rate. It is located in the right atrium and "directs" the heart rhythm. By obeying the command of the sinus node, the heart muscle contracts with an average frequency of 60 beats per minute.

But sometimes, under certain circumstances, the area of ​​the heart tissue, in which the sinus node is located, receives less blood (and therefore oxygen and nutrients). With insufficient nutrition, the sinus node is hampered.

But in addition to one center of the first order - the sinus node, there are other areas in the muscle tissue of the heart that can send bioelectric impulses. These are automatic centers of the second and third order. And in case of a malfunction of the sinus node, they take over the functions of the drivers of the heart rhythm. The centers of the second and third order can not cope with the work as it does the sinus node, they are much weaker, especially since each of them sends impulses on their own. As a result, the heart rhythm is disturbed, and such phenomena as paroxysmal tachycardia and other arrhythmias occur.

In the complex work of the heart, his faithful assistant is the diaphragm, a tendon-muscular septum that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. The movements of the diaphragm regulate the flow of blood from the inferior and inferior vena cava into the right atrium.

Nature in all cases uses such a means to improve reliability, as duplication. If a person has two eyes or two ears that duplicate each other's work, then why does he have one heart or one liver? There can not be such that such important bodies are not something to insure! It turned out that such "insurance" exists. This "insurance" are the muscles. In the human body more than a thousand muscles, and each of them is a kind of small "heart". Muscles are our "peripheral hearts."

The idea of ​​"peripheral hearts" was put forward at the beginning of our century by the Russian scientist M. V. Yanovsky and was further developed in the 70s. A group of Russian cardiologists discovered an amazing phenomenon: it turned out that each muscle is a small micropump that helps the heart supply the smallest capillaries with blood. After the simplest calculations, scientists found that the strength of the heart muscle is only enough to “drive” the blood into thin threads of capillaries (a capillary 50 times thinner than a human hair, the total length of the capillary network of the human body reaches 100 thousand kilometers). And not one, not even the most powerful heart, is able to “pump over” the capillaries with blood without helpers. It turned out that the heart only pumps blood into the capillary network, and the function of "squeezing" the blood out of the capillaries is performed by skeletal muscles. And there are 10108 of them in the human body. Thus, apart from our main heart, there are 10,108 helper hearts in the human body.

So, the "doubles" in the heart is. These "doubles" act in concert and help the heart adjust the amount of blood flow to the needs of the body. This happens both at rest and during physical exertion.

According to statistics, up to 2% of all operated patients die in “light” heart operations. With "heavy" operations, the percentage increases to 50%. But why is this happening? Who is to blame for this? In the vast majority of heart surgery are successful. But the strength of the heart muscle, the degree of wear and tear of different people are different. And it does not always withstand the enormous load that falls on her after the operation. And we are to blame for this. When the heart doesn’t disturb us, we don’t remember about it, don’t think about the consequences when we abuse alcohol, when we poison our heart with tobacco and overload it with work after heavy meals. We do not think that the heart needs help, but not harm. And only when the first heart attacks or pains behind the sternum appear, we remember that we have a great worker - a heart that is tired and asks for help.

The theory of "thousands of hearts" teaches us that physical education and sport are necessary for our body, like air. Heart "doublers" and helpers should be trained. And the harder we do it, the more help the heart will receive from peripheral "hearts" - after all, the more they will be trained, the less burden will fall on the main motor of our body.

Training and hardening of the heart and its peripheral assistants must begin in childhood. Every day of every person must begin with physical exercises. Those two physical education lessons that children have in schools are very, very few. This is the twentieth part of the physical activity that the child's body must receive! If you look at schoolchildren at recess and ask yourself the question: “Why are they rushing like mad?” - then the answer will not take long. This happens only because the body requires movement and physical development, which we deprive of it. You can call the criminals of those parents who, by any means, try to get a certificate from the doctors that a child should not be engaged in physical exercise. Children need another — movement, movement, and movement! Not without reason, in schools of highly developed European countries, and in the USA, every school day at school begins with a physical education lesson. So why do overseas “uncles” worry about their children, and we do not? Or do we not understand that the health of children is the health of the nation?

The heart of a normal healthy person can work without wear for 90-100 years in normal mode. This is if he does not interfere. If we also start helping our heart, then 120-140 years is not the limit for him either.

I would like everyone who has read this book to think about the great work that our heart and its modest, little-known, helpers do every day.

Help with pain in the heart

Myocardial infarction, stenocardia

Ischemic heart disease (IHD) is a collective term that includes a number of conditions that develop when coronary circulation is insufficient, i.e. in violation of the blood supply of the working heart muscle.

Most often in the practice of ambulance one has to deal with various angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.

Under the influence of these and some other factors, firstly, the blood flow to the heart muscle decreases, and secondly, myocardial oxygen demand increases.

Clinic. In angina patients complain of paroxysmal pressing, compressive or burning pain in the heart, behind the sternum, which appear during physical exertion, emotional stress (less often, regardless of these factors). At rest, as well as after taking nitroglycerin and other nitrates, they decrease or pass. The pain may radiate to the left shoulder, scapula, arm to the hand, neck, lower jaw, teeth. In this case, patients may experience a sense of lack of air, weakness, fear of death.

Usually angina lasts up to 15-30 minutes. If the seizures are delayed, and their intensity and frequency of occurrence (including progressive angina during the last few days or weeks), or if angina has occurred in a patient who has not previously suffered from it (for the first time angina), this increases can be regarded as "preinfarction" condition.

It should be remembered that according to ECG data, it is impossible to exclude or confirm the diagnosis of angina. Angina is a pain in the heart, it may not cause any specific changes on the ECG. True, neuralgia, osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine and other diseases can also cause chest pain, which patients may regard as pain in the heart.

Anamnesis should be carefully collected and the patient should be carefully examined, but in case of difficulty with differential diagnosis, it is necessary to carry out tactical and therapeutic measures as in angina pectoris (according to the principle of overdiagnosis).

Acute myocardial infarction (MI) is necrosis of the heart muscle region. In a typical case, clinically develops as an attack of angina. However, pain is poorly relieved by nitrates, nitroglycerin does not eliminate the pain completely or eliminates for a short time, the pain lasts more than 30 minutes, sometimes drags on for several hours and days, it requires the introduction of strong painkillers. The patient is restless, pale, covered with cold sweat, afraid to die.

This is an anginal variant of acute myocardial infarction.

Other clinical options for myocardial infarction are possible.

1. The asthmatic variant is characterized by the development of an attack of cardiac asthma or pulmonary edema. More often in elderly patients.

2. The gastralgic (abdominal) variant begins with pain in the epigastrium and behind the sternum, nausea, and possibly vomiting. Sometimes the pain radiates to the lower abdomen, signs of dynamic intestinal obstruction may appear. It is especially difficult to recognize such a variant of myocardial infarction in patients with gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer in history. However, abdominal palpation in this case does not cause significant pain, the abdomen is soft, there are no symptoms of peritoneal irritation, which is not consistent with the patient's complaints of very strong pain.

Myocardial infarction and acute surgical diseases can occur at the same time.

3. The cerebral variant manifests itself as an acute violation of cerebral circulation. There may be a loss of consciousness, epileptiform convulsions, speech disorders, paresis and paralysis. This can be explained both by the simultaneous development of myocardial infarction and stroke (vascular spasm or blood clots entering the heart and brain vessels simultaneously) and by complications of myocardial infarction, for example, Morgagni – Adams – Stokes syndrome (arrhythmia), which caused brain hypoxia.

4. Arrhythmic variant - the first occurrence of various rhythm and conduction disturbances.

five.The painless (atypical) variant of myocardial infarction is manifested only by changes on the ECG, sometimes identified by chance.

When assessing the ECG, any abnormalities that have occurred for the first time should be alerted.

In addition, there are ECG changes characteristic of acute myocardial infarction:

• decrease in the amplitude of the R-wave, deepening of the Q-wave (Q> I / 4 R) and its broadening more than 1.5 mm or 0.03 s. The degree of these changes depends on the depth of necrosis. In the case of transmural damage (i.e. necrosis of the entire thickness of the heart muscle), the R-wave disappears completely and a QS complex is formed,

• blending of the (R) S-T segment above or below the isoline by more than 0.5 mm,

• formation of a negative T wave in those leads where it should be normally positive, and vice versa (inversion T).

Most often, the above-described ECG changes are found in those leads whose positive (active) electrode is located above the area of ​​necrosis.

• in leads I and aVL indicates damage to the anterior wall of the left ventricle,

• in leads III, aVF and (less often) II - zadnediafragmalny departments:

• in chest leads: V1 — V2 - anterior wall of the left ventricle, V2—V3 — interventricular septum, V4 — apex areas, V5 — V6 - lateral parts of the left ventricle.

The most difficult thing when registering an ECG in 12 leads is to recognize zadnebasal myocardial infarction, since in this zone the active electrodes are installed only in leads V7 — V9. With posterior basal myocardial infarction, an abnormally high R-wave and depression (reduction) of the S — T segment in leads V1 —V2 may occur.

If the symptoms characteristic of myocardial infarction did not occur for the first time in a patient, and are also present on cardiograms made several months ago (and in the same form), one should think about the presence of chronic post-infarction changes (for example, scar formation or aneurysm). In doubtful cases, as well as with changes bordering the norm, an ECG should be repeated 6-8 hours later (or later).

In the presence of acute myocardial infarction, ECG changes will increase. In the first hours there may be no changes at all, they will appear later, therefore, with characteristic clinical signs, it should be assumed that the patient has a myocardial infarction and behave accordingly.

Treatment of heart disease with beets

As an adjuvant can be used infusion of beets.

Recipe: 100 g of grated beets, grated, pour 0.5 liters of spring water, insist. Drink 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day.

Freshly undiluted beetroot juice also helps in healing the heart. It is enough to drink 100 grams of vitamin drink once a day, in the morning on an empty stomach. Juice squeezed, allowed to stand for 2 hours and you can drink.

Lemon. 0.5 kg of lemons together with the peel rubbed on a grater, heat the mixture over low heat, add 0.5 kg of honey. A means to take until recovery without interrupting treatment. It is advisable to carry out the reception in the morning before eating and in the evening before bedtime. Dosage - 1 tbsp. spoon.

Physical treatment

Some people who have encountered such a problem can share some experiences. They all agree that the best medicine for heart disease is movement.

Doctors often recommend more to be at rest, but with acquired vice it is also useful, for example, to climb stairs on foot every day, excluding the possibility of using an elevator. You can jog, starting with five minutes and gradually increased the running time to 30-40 minutes.

Treatment of heart disease with herbs

Oregano. Nowadays, many children are born with a heart defect. For such children, it is recommended to regularly bathe the child in the infusion of oregano, in the broth of spruce fir trees or basil grass. Recipes are easy to prepare. You need to take one tablespoon of raw materials and pour 0.5 liters of water. Boil over a low heat for a few minutes, insist and pour out in a bath with warm water. This procedure will improve the work of the heart. The baby will sleep better, will become more calm.

Yellowcone. The jaundice is spreading with heart disease. For the preparation of funds take 1 tbsp. l crushed upper parts of the plant, pour 200 ml of cold boiled water, stand for 15 minutes in a boiling water bath. After that, wrap and insist 45 minutes. Drink should be filtered broth 1 tbsp. l 4-5 times a day. You can drink a bit of sugar with sugar.

Do Crop. You can also pour 200 ml boiling water 1 tbsp. l grass or dill seeds, wrap, an hour later, strain and take 1 tbsp. l 3-4 times a day at any time. Heart disease often causes tachycardia, a heart rhythm disorder. According to many patients, nettle helps out. If this plant is introduced into the diet, cook soups, borscht, make salads, adding it, the heart calms down. Nettle gives strength, fatigue disappears.

Willow One woman said that the heart disease treats willow. A full handful of willow branches falls asleep in a bucket and pours boiling water. Insists until the water temperature drops to the temperature of the human body. In this broth you need to keep your feet until the infusion is cooled to room temperature.

After that, you must go to bed. The procedure is repeated for three days, the same number of days to take a break and repeat the course again. It will take three weeks to remove the edema and keep the body in good condition.

Hop cones. Powder dried hop cones can relieve the unpleasant symptoms of heart failure. It is recommended to take it on 1/2 tsp. 3 times a day with water. The best reception time is 30 minutes before meals.

Carnation Tired heart palpitations are unpleasant phenomena, it brings discomfort, pain. However, such a cardiac disorder can be treated with a famous herbal clove. Broth is prepared as follows: 1 tbsp. l herbs are poured with one glass of boiling water, brought to a boil and cooked over low heat. The liquid should be reduced to half the volume. After preparation, the volume is supplemented with boiled water and drink 1 tsp. 3 times a day.

Golden mustache. A glass of crushed gold mustache plants, pour 0.5 liters of vodka, insist 2 weeks, shaking 2 times a day, and then take 0.5-1 tsp. 3 times a day.
Mokritsa. One or two handfuls of chopped grass woodlice pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. The infusion is ready after a two-hour infusion. Take a remedy for 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day.

Chicory. Wild chicory root insist in vodka at the rate of 0.5 liters of vodka and 100 g of crushed raw materials. Apply means 30-40 drops 3 times a day. Treatment continues for two months.

Primrose. If you are worried about heart pain, prepare a healing infusion of 4 cups boiling water and 3 tbsp. l dried primrose corolla. Insist in a warm place for 4 hours and drink 1 tbsp. l 4 times a day. The course is a month.

Collection of herbs. An excellent property has a remedy prepared on the basis of the grass of Lnjanki, snapdragon, prickly thistle, centaury and valerian root. It is taken as a tea. Take on a pinch of chopped herbs and brewed as regular tea.

Calendula tincture treatment

Recipe number 1. Alcoholic tincture of calendula regulates the activity of the heart, normalizes the aortic circulation. You can prepare the tincture of 1 liter of vodka and 20 g of crushed flowers of the plant. It is necessary to insist 10-15 days in a dark place. Take should be 30-40 drops 3 times a day. Bred in water. The use of tincture helps to eliminate headaches, improve sleep and increase efficiency.

Recipe number 2. Perfectly regulates the heart rate infusion of calendula. To cook it you need 2 tsp. flowers pour 2 cups boiling water. After an hour of infusion, strain and take 0.5 cups 4 times a day.

Broth Recipes

Recipe number 1. 1 tbsp. l flowers hawthorn, pour one cup of boiling water, simmer in a water bath for 15 minutes. Take half a glass of the drug 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Treatment is carried out until complete recovery.

Recipe number 2. 1 tsp herbs of adonis, pour a glass of boiling water, boil for three minutes.Remove from heat, insist to cool. After the broth is filtered take 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day.

Denture grass seed treatment

Datura herb has a wonderful healing effect. Sick people, applying tincture prepared from this plant, quickly feel the normalization of heart rate. It is necessary to use black, not red seeds of a dope, i.e. unripe fruits. Prepare the tincture as follows: take 100 g of seeds of dope, pour 0.5 liters of vodka and insist about 15 days in a dark place.

It is advisable to shake the dishes every day with tincture. Cut, taking 25 drops, diluted in half a glass of boiled water. It is best to take in the morning on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before a meal. The course must not be interrupted for a month. Repeat no earlier than six months. It is necessary to remember that the plant is poisonous, therefore it is recommended to observe the exact dosage of the agent. Those who have been treated with such a drug are advised to drink more water while taking the tincture.

Treatment of heart disease with infusions

Recipe number 1. 250 ml of boiling water pour into a dish with 1 tbsp. l shredded grass adonis. Insist 30 minutes, strain. Take sips all day. Every day the infusion is prepared new.

Recipe number 2. In 250 ml of boiling water insist 1 tbsp. l herbs May lily of the valley. Drink after filtration, the dosage should be strictly 15-30 ml. Reception to carry out 3-4 times a day.

Recipe number 3: pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, crushed 1-2 tbsp. l motherwort grass. Cool, strain and drink portions several times a day.

Recipe number 4. Only arnica flowers are suitable for this recipe. They need to grind and pour vodka, covering completely. Infuse the remedy for a week and drink 0.5-1 t. ​​L. after meal.

Recipe number 5. 0.5 liters of boiling water pour 1-2 tbsp. l Astragalus woolly flowering herbs. Infusion stand until cooled. Then filter and drink the pharynx several times a day.

Treatment of heart disease broths

Recipe number 1. In 0.5 liters of water boil 1-2 tbsp. l dry hawthorn fruit 15 minutes. Broth filter and drink all day. During the ripening season it is good for the heart to eat ripe berries daily.

Recipe number 2. Pour 0.5 liters of water into an enamel bowl, pour 1-2 tbsp there. l crushed roots lovage pharmacy. Cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Drink the entire volume during the day after filtration.

Recipe number 3. Grind 1 tbsp. l lovage roots and chicory, pour 1 liter of water, boil for 20 minutes over low heat. Then add 1 tbsp to the broth. l motherwort, astragalus, lemon balm, calendula and hawthorn herbs. Strain after the mixture has cooled. Take 3 times a day for 0.5 cups.

Recipe number 4. Chopped flowers of hawthorn, linden, black elderberry, leaves of coltsfoot mix well and pour 1-2 tbsp. l mixture of boiling water. Leave for an hour to cool, strain. Mix with 3 tbsp. l fresh golden mustache juice. Use the broth in the form of heat 1/3 cup 3 times a day.

Recipe number 5. Combine, thoroughly mixed with 150 g of honey and fresh butter, 100 g of gruel of fresh pumpkin seeds, toasted and powdered rice, 50 g of wicked sowing seeds ground into powder. Take 1 tsp. mix after lunch and after dinner.

Recipe number 6. Chopped 5 g of oak bark pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. After 20 minutes of infusion, strain. Mix with 0.5 liters of birch sap and vodka, 0.5 kg of honey, add fresh juice of one lemon. Ready medicine to take 1 tbsp. l 4 times a day. Healers are advised to drink 50 ml of herbal infusion. It is prepared from 1 tbsp. l Thyme herbs and 1 tbsp. l mistletoe leaves and 0.5 liters of boiling water.

Heart disease classification - symptoms

Heart diseases differ in their symptoms. Conventionally, they can be divided into three types.

1. The first include diseases of a neurogenic nature. Signs: rhythm disturbance (arrhythmia), palpitations, numbness of the extremities, chest tightness, throbbing, stabbing or breaking pain in the heart.Patients often suffer from shortness of breath, insomnia, dry cough. Attacks most often occur in older people after emotional or physical overwork. But the disease is "getting younger."

2. The following type of diseases are inherent in such symptoms: a feeling of heat in the body and the heart area, excessive sweating and dizziness. There may be reddening of the face, eyes and loss of consciousness, severe vomiting and nosebleeds. As a rule, this type of disease is subject to, above all, very unrestrained people, who often experience anger and excessive irritability.

3. The third type of disease develops due to malnutrition, overweight and sedentary lifestyle. Patients often experience heaviness in the heart area, suffer from edema, heart failure. Patients are often observed accumulation of sputum in the bronchi and heart cough, they are pursued by increased salivation and nausea. Often there is a breakdown and loss of performance.

Piggy folk recipes

Before starting treatment of the cardiovascular system, the cause of the disease should be eliminated. Be sure to give your heart a rest, eliminate any stress and nervous tension. It is very important to adjust the nutrition, which will include all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the body.

Normalize and restore the work of the heart will help recipes from the piggy bank of traditional medicine. They are usually made up of natural harmless ingredients or herbs. Especially it is useful to take them in conjunction with the appointments of a cardiologist. Consider the universal and most effective in the treatment of various heart diseases folk recipes.

With a slow rhythm

Arrhythmia of the heart can be treated with herbs. In particular, with a slow rhythm (bradycardia), the yarrow is used. Per cup of boiling water (300 ml) take 20 g of grass. Place the composition on the fire and cook for at least 5 minutes. Insist. Take three times a day, one tablespoon.

Reduced heart rate is restored with the help of such a folk remedy. A pound of walnut kernels (chopped) take 200 grams of granulated sugar and sesame oil. Then grind in a meat grinder 6 lemons with peel and pour boiling water. Combine both of the composition and mix. Take the "drug" in dessert spoon preferably at least three times a day.

With an accelerated rhythm

To remove an attack of tachycardia (increased heart rate) can be valerian root. It will help both tincture and decoction of the plant. It is also useful to take a bath with valerian decoction.

Adjust the heart palpitations reception turnips. From her cook the broth. Two spoons of root vegetables poured a cup of boiling water. Bring to a boil and "torment" the potion with a quiet fire for about a quarter of an hour. Strained decoction taken throughout the day, breaking the amount into four doses.

With arrhythmia

With ischemic heart disease and arrhythmia in the people are struggling with the help of brood ordinary heather. 25 g of grass take one cup of boiling water. The composition is cooked on a quiet fire for about 8 minutes. Next, give the broth another day to brew in a warm place. Accepted as follows: daily add 60-70 ml of funds in a cup of warm tea.

A good prevention of strokes and other heart diseases will be the reception of such a healing decoction. They take fresh roots of elecampane, ginseng and three-leaved licorice in proportion: 1: 1: 5. Everything is thoroughly minced in a meat grinder and poured with clean water per 150 grams of vegetable mass - one liter of liquid. The composition is brought to a boil and roasted in a hot oven for another half hour. Then the broth is allowed to cool and add half a cup of honey. Everything is mixed and sent to storage in the refrigerator. Daily take three tablespoons of the mixture, breaking them into three doses.

Normalizes the heart rhythm peppermint. A teaspoon of the leaves of the plant is poured 200 ml of boiling water and allowed to infuse. This amount of mint infusion drink once a day every day.

In heart failure and problems with the work of the heart, tincture of rosemary leaves on wine will help. This will require half a cup of crushed plant materials and 750 ml of red wine. Insist the remedy for two days, and then drink a quarter of a glass a day.

Comprehensive treatment of heart disease

Composition 1. For pains in the heart, arrhythmias, angina, ischemia, increased heartbeat, shortness of breath, insomnia and dizziness in folk medicine is a wonderful remedy. It is cooked like this. Part I: First, mix half a liter of honey with half a liter of vodka. This mixture, while stirring, is heated to form a white foam on its surface. Next, give the composition to infuse in a warm place.

Part II: Boil water (1 liter) and throw herbs into it: dried crumbs, motherwort, birdworm, chamomile, and valerian root (crushed). Each component take a spoon. After this, the potion is infused and filtered. Both parts are mixed. Allow the composition to infuse for about a week in a dark place. Take medicine daily for dessert spoon (can be more). You can continue the treatment again after a short break. This "heart" folk therapy is recommended for a year.

Composition 2. For normalization of the cardiovascular system should be taken propolis. You can prepare such a remedy. 25 g of propolis pour 100 ml of alcohol. Insist in a warm, dark place for two weeks, occasionally shaking. In parallel with this, prepare garlic tincture. Garlic is crushed in a meat grinder (large head) and poured with alcohol 100 ml. When both means are infused, they are filtered and mixed. The medicine is taken before meals in 5 drops, diluted in a small amount of water (no more than half a cup), with the addition of honey.

Strengthening of blood vessels and heart muscle

  1. For any heart disease, you can take this fortifying vascular folk remedy. 25 chicken eggs are cooked. Then separate all the yolks, chop them and mix with a glass of olive oil. Mix and put the mass in the fridge. Every day before eating should eat a teaspoon of such a "medicine". The recommended course is a week. After a six-day break, the yolk medication is repeated.
  2. To improve heart function, eliminate pain, strengthen blood vessels and lower cholesterol, you need to take 5 drops of garlic juice on an empty stomach every day with one tablespoon of olive oil.
  3. With heart disease and during the period of rehabilitation after a heart attack, it is helpful to drink birch sap. It strengthens the heart muscle.
  4. Taking honey every day, three times a day, will strengthen the heart, improve blood circulation and prevent a heart attack.
  5. In case of congenital heart disease, folk healers recommend drinking red beet juice with the addition of honey. Recommended 2: 1 ratio.
  6. Strengthen the heart, relieve from atrial fibrillation and pain intake of carrot and beet juices. They drink up to 1 liter during the day. Ingredients ratio 7: 3. You can also make salads from fresh carrots and beets, and eat them three times a day with food. After two weeks of such nutrition, bouts of heart pain will decrease or stop altogether.
  7. In the fight against cardiovascular diseases will help this effective remedy. Take 50 grams of dry fruits of the sucker of narrow-leaved (They need to be crushed). 400 ml of boiling water is poured over the raw materials, mixed and placed on a low fire. Boil on the stove for about 10 minutes. Take off and insist. Wring out the plant mass. Take a decoction of 100-150 ml. It is recommended to take the tool before meals.
  8. For heart problems: frequent pain, arrhythmias and angina, you need to prepare such a "heart" tincture. Mix, taking on one part, the following spirit tinctures: May lily of the valley, arnica and glove grass. To the mixture add 2 parts tincture of hawthorn inflorescences. Take "balm" 35 drops three times a day.

Heart treatment with folk remedies

A heart - It is the most important organ, which, after rhythmic and correct contractions, provides blood pumping.The average heartbeat will be about 72 times, in just 1 minute. But there are quite a lot of various heart diseases that are treated with folk remedies.

How to improve the work of the heart folk remedies.

The most important thing is to completely eliminate any stress, depression, excessive stress, and even resentment, anger, anger, and other adverse emotions. Live only your positive life and rejoice more, even simple.

Try not to allow your sedentary life to live, but also not to allow unnecessary physical exertion. It is necessary to specifically control your diet, as well as weight. Do not allow other and other diseases, especially liver disease and diabetes mellitus.

The main heart diseases are arrhythmia, bradycardia, tachycardia, angina pectoris, stroke, ischemic disease, heart attack, myocarditis, heart neurosis, hypertrophy, atherosclerosis. This time we will focus on treating the heart of certain diseases.

Hypertrophy of the left ventricle of the heart treatment of folk remedies

Left ventricular hypertrophy (otherwise cardiomyopathy will be) - this is already a defeat of the heart itself, due to hypertension. After severe hypertension, an abnormal change in the septum gradually occurs, the vessels begin to lose the necessary elasticity.

Collection number 1. Acquire the crushed raw material of medicinal motherwort (3 parts), wild rosemary (2 parts) and medicinal dried cherries (also 2 parts) and kidney tea (only 1 part). Take 1 tbsp of described all folk herbs, pour out into boiling water (1.5 cups of kitchen) and boil over a reduced fire, about no more than 5 minutes. Immediately warm the dishes with a suitable warm thing for 4 hours, and then strain.

Drink before meals, 3 r per day, always half a regular glass. To obtain the best effect, rub the ordinary cranberries parallel to this treatment, add sugar and take 3 p, 1 tbsp.

Collection number 2. Here you will need to mix quality flowers of useful hawthorn (25 grams), medicinal herb of a highlander bird (15 grams), grass of horsetail (only 10 grams). This composition is filled with boiling water (300 g) and infused no more than 1 hour. When gently strain, immediately divide everything into about 5 equal doses and take for the whole day.

Blueberry. Select 1 tbsp. l of some blueberry sprouts and boil these berries for exactly 10 minutes, using just 1 cup of plain water. Immediately after straining, start taking 3 p per day, 1 tbsp.

Adonis. Boil for about 3 minutes, 1 teaspoon of real adonis herb, on a reduced fire. And after that, remove the container in a warm place, cover well and do not touch for 20 minutes. Then just strain everything and immediately start taking this high-quality tincture 3 r per day.

Hypericum To do this, we need exactly 100 grams of this healing dry grass, be sure to stand on a minimum fire for only 10 minutes, while the tank itself must be closed. The total volume of boiling water is 2 liters. After 1 hour, gently strain and mix with high-quality natural honey (200 g).

After the maximum stirring, immediately pour into suitable bottles and place in the refrigerator. Like many medicines, ours is also taken 3 times a day, with a dose of 1/3 of an ordinary kitchen cup, always before meals (about 20 minutes).

Atherosclerosis of the aorta of the heart is treated with folk remedies.

Atherosclerosis - this is the occurrence of a lesion of the arteries, in the form of the internal deposition of adverse cholesterol plaques. Because of this, the lumen becomes minimal and the vessel begins to clog.

Aorta - This is the most important and even the main arterial vessel. If aortic atherosclerosis occurs, then a general circulatory disorder occurs.

Garlic. Garden garlic should be used either baked or raw garlic. The structure of this garlic can infect many bacteria and enhance immunity favorably. And this will improve blood flow, because the pressure on the vessel walls becomes minimally small.But with a variety of diseases of the stomach, it is better not to take garlic.

Thyme (there is another name - this thyme). Remarkably displays cholesterol. The structure of thyme is saturated with favorable essential oils, essential acids and substances. For quality treatment, always use healing flowers, with the addition of twigs. All substances will be of high quality for 2 years (dry).

Needles. Suitable cedar, any spruce or pine. In the needles of this tree contains everything that helps prevent the narrowing of blood vessels. Cooked tincture, or high-quality decoction (the recipe to look at the package) should be taken up to 120 calendar days.

Parsley. This seasoning, which is known to all, consists of oils and other beneficial substances, which can gradually clean many vessels from adverse deposits. Welcome raw look or brew like tea.

Dandelion. For treatment we will use only its root, which must be dried and crushed to the maximum. Take the powder before meals, 0.5 tsp. It is recommended to add some water so that everything is in the form of porridge.

  • Proper diet.
  • Start controlling your own cholesterol.
  • Avoid any baking, white bread and sugar.
  • Nutrition is carried out in small doses, but up to 6 p per day.
  • Food should be easily digestible.
  • Eat more cottage cheese and other dairy products.
  • Complete rejection of any animal fat (replace with vegetable).
  • Useful vegetables that contain fiber.
  • Garden apples are perfect.
  • Those fruits that have a fibrous structure.

Bradycardia of the heart treatment of folk remedies

Bradycardia - this violation of the correct rhythm of the heart itself is less than 50 beats per minute. The following recipes will be sent to the treatment of bradycardia.

Unique composition. Select 500 ripe kernels of this nut, chop well, add sesame oil (250 g) and the same amount of sugar. Cut into 4 parts, 4 true lemons, cover with clean boiling water (1 l). Add all the contents to the mixture of nuts. The norm is 1 tbsp three times a day, be sure to eat.

Addition to our composition, is the reception of real pollen and milk of the mother liquor, fish oil, seaweed, linseed oil or olive oil.

Yarrow It is recommended to purchase from proven herbalists, or plucked from the steppe. Separate exactly 15 grams of this herb and carefully pour a glass of boiling water over it. When everything is boiling for 15 minutes with minimal heat, do not touch 1 hour. Measure will be 1 tablespoon 3 r per day until you get maximum recovery.

Garlic and lemon. Soak 10 lemons, 1 min in boiling water and immediately squeeze out the necessary juice. And 10 heads of garden garlic, chop into porridge. Mix with lemon juice, add 1 liter of natural honey. This composition is placed in a suitable place with coolness, where there is no light (just not the refrigerator). The duration will be a whole decade, with constant shaking the can.

The correct course is 4 tsp, only 1 r per day, before any food, in the form of resorption. The very first spoon is absorbed for at least 1 minute, and the next spoon at intervals of 1 minute. The treatment should last 90 calendar days, with a repeated course in a year.

Wine. His grade should be red (preferably Cahors). Using enamelware, boil 500 ml of natural wine, avoiding heavy fire, as well as for 10 minutes. Add dill powder (50 g) and boil again on low heat for another 10 minutes. When the wine cools down by itself, it is recommended to pour it into suitable jars.

Without straining, place everything in the kitchen fridge. Take 1 tbsp. 3 p per day, always 30 minutes before meals. Receiving means should be within room temperature. A course of 14 calendar days, then a ten-day break and again produce this treatment. The most detailed information on the treatment of bradycardia.

Folk remedies for angina of the heart.

Angina pectoris - This is a lack of proper blood circulation, accompanied with particular pain in the heart area itself.The pain can be observed in the jaw, shoulder or neck. The duration of the pain is different for each individual, but usually it is from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Aloe. The age of this plant must be at least 3 years. Using about 5 sheets of aloe, you need to get from them all the juice. Add to all the juice from 2 lemons and about 500 grams of honey. Capacity closes and retracts into the fridge. Norma is considered 1 tbsp, about an hour before meals. Treatment can last for a year.

Triple composition. Mix with each other 1 kg of honey, 10 lemons, previously passed through a kitchen meat grinder and porridge from 10 heads of homemade garlic. The composition is infused an entire calendar week, and taken on 1 tsp. 4 p per day, resolving the remedy. The ideal course of treatment is about 2 months.

Rosehip and hawthorn. Many must be able and know how to treat angina of the heart with folk remedies. Crush the fruit in natural powder, combine 10 tbsp. l of hawthorn powder and 5 tbsp of rosehip powder.

Mixed powder pour boiling water (2 liters) and warming the pot, clean in a suitable warm place for a period of 1 day. Do not forget to strain the resulting infusion. Drink 200 ml, before meals, 3 r per day. This tool will also be effective after a heart attack.

Rowan. We only need 200 bark, ground into a fine powder. Take 500 ml of water and start boiling for only 30 minutes using a small fire. After 2 hours, strain immediately and do not forget to drink 1 tbsp, three times a day and always before meals.

Elecampane. Exactly 30 grams of elecampane (chopped root) is infused for 14 calendar days in 500 ml of real vodka. Admission is 40 drops of 3 p per day.

Coronary heart disease treatment folk remedies

Hawthorn (method number 1). The volume of its dried fruit should consist of 1 tbsp. a spoon. Pour everything into a thermos, pour clean boiling water and do not touch for 2 hours, then strain well. Hawthorn is drunk 3 times a day, always 2 tbsp, before any food (per hour).

Hawthorn (method number 2). Brew it instead of ordinary tea, so that the color of tea leaves will be loose tea. Many prefer to add honey or sugar. It is an ideal and heart-strengthening drink.

Collection number 3. Medicinal buckwheat flowers (2 tablespoons), combined with the beneficial leaves of mistletoe white. Fill everything with clean boiling water (1 tbsp), warm and leave overnight. Strained liqueur is drunk 3 r a day, in a dose of 2 st.l.

Collection №4. Insist 2 hours in 250 ml of boiling water the following herbs: grass horsetail (20 grams), flowers of healing hawthorn (50 grams), bird mountaineer (30 grams). When filtering, squeeze herbs well, apply ordinary clean gauze. Completely drink everything in a day, evenly 1 sip.

Collection number 5. Chamomile flowers (100 g), hawthorn flowers (100 g), heather grass (50 g), wheatgrass roots (50 g), motherwort grass (100 g), birch leaves (50 g), horse chestnut flowers (50 g) are joined , are mixed and passed through a mortar. Take 1 tsp. Of a unique collection and add to a glass filled with boiling water. Healers recommend warming a glass with a towel. Literally after 30 minutes, the collection is filtered and drunk 2 p per day.

Strengthen the heart of folk remedies.

Selenium. This natural trace element will ensure the proper functioning of the heart. Selenium protects against oxidative damage. Eat rich in selenium and you will definitely strengthen your own heart.

Omega - 3. Its acids are effective at the atherosclerosis itself, it destroys the arisen blood clots, does not allow the walls to oxidize, gives it the necessary stability. Omega - 3 lowers blood pressure, strengthens any immunity, improves heart function, treats osteoporosis, psoriasis, depression, eczema, arthrosis, sugar diabetes and even Alzheimer's disease itself.

Omega daily allowance - 3.

Any of the above means contains the daily rate of omega-3.

  • Canned tuna (120 gr).
  • Salmon (70 grams).
  • Rapeseed oil (1 tbsp.).
  • Canned sardines (90 g).
  • Flax seeds (1.5 tsp).
  • Walnut without roasting, fresh (10 pieces).

Omega - 3 is located in oily fish, which lives exclusively in the seas, in flax oil, as well as soybean oil, and in some useful plants.

Gingko biloba. The drug of plant origin, not replaceable in the treatment of heart disease. Also, this drug is used by many men who have obvious problems with impotence. Popular with moisturizing the skin, hair loss, improves eyesight, copes with pressure and cancer, normalizes blood circulation.

Folk remedies for the heart and blood vessels.

Garlic. The plant prevents blood clots, heart attack and cold. The structure of garlic allows blood thinning, and this has been proven by renowned science professor Bloch. Blood clots (plaques) will not be able to stick and wall cleaning will occur. Eating up to 2 heads of garlic per day, constantly absorbs blood.

Ginger. It relieves many vessels from cholesterol itself, strengthens the heart. Ginger root should be brewed as an ordinary tea and regularly drunk. But the most effect will cause brewing 1 tbsp of ginger in a liter thermos in boiling water. Take ginger throughout the day.

Strengthening of blood vessels and muscles of the heart.

Cook 25 eggs of homemade eggs, get rid of the protein, and chop the yolks, add olive oil (1 tbsp) and put it in the fridge. Before each meal, take only 1 tsp mixture in the amount of 7 calendar days. Rest as much and be sure to try to repeat the course.

The heart muscle is remarkably strengthened by birch sap, fish (especially tuna, sardine, salmon, trout or mackerel). Eat more walnuts, raisins, field honey, ginger. Ban yourself all fat, most spicy, smoked, and salty.

Heart neurosis symptoms and treatment of folk remedies

Heart neurosis - This is a failure of the body, after the next nervous breakdown. It is caused by stress, bad habits, some infectious diseases, or after the violation of their own hormone.

Symptoms of neurosis of the heart.

  • Dizziness of varying intensity.
  • Pain in the heart region.
  • Failure of the correct heart rhythm.
  • Feeling unwell, feeling of weakness.
  • Lack of proper air.
  • Regular depression.
  • Sleep problems (insomnia).
  • Excessively sweating.
  • Nausea, and some vomiting.
  • In his limbs feeling cold.
  • Irritability, change of mood.
  • Absent-mindedness
  • Headache .
  • Diarrhea or even constipation.
  • Many have a cough.

Treatment of heart neurosis folk remedies.

The thousandth This herb has a positive effect on any heart, with the full strengthening of its entire nervous system. Dried grass (also chopped) in a volume of 2 tbsp. Is filled with clean boiling water in a thermos and does not move until the morning. On waking, strain a healing drug and drink like ordinary tea.

Knotweed It takes 3 tablespoons knotweed, pour a liter of boiling water, wait 2 hours with the lid closed. Reception begins after the normal straining of 1 glass, not less than 4 p per day. To optimize the whole flavor, simply add linden honey.

Oak leaves. Until the summer is over, use oak leaves, dry them and boil for about 5 minutes, about 2 large handfuls of these leaves. Next, the leaves together with the water are poured into a bath, where it is necessary to lie, in a relaxed state for 20 minutes.

Birch tree. Also dry the leaves of birch, boil in 2 liters of water for 15 minutes, 4 large handfuls of leaves of birch. Also, pour all the contents into the bathtub, where you will stay for 20 minutes. For the whole week make 4 treatment courses.

Hop cones. Take 2 large handfuls of cones, boil in 2 liters of water. Pour the cones with water into your bath, which is filled with warm water and try to relax for up to 20 minutes.

Adonis. Fill with good vodka (250 ml), 25 grams of adonis herb and place in the dark, up to 14 calendar days. Try not to forget to constantly shake the remedy. Strain and start taking 10 drops, four times a day, before meals.


For any suspicion of any disease of your heart, do not immediately contact a trusted doctor. Any natural remedy is always taken only with the personal consent of the doctor.

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Effective herbal decoctions and infusions

Rosemary. Dry shoots and leaves of the plant (50g) mixed with 1 liter of red dry wine. The drink should be infused for 30 days without contact with light, at a temperature of 18-210 ° C. Use the tincture 3 times a day, 40-45 ml for 45 days. The break between treatment courses is 3 months.

Lily of the valley. This is one of the frequently used plants for heart defects of different etiologies. Fresh flowers are collected in a container with a closing neck and pour alcohol. Infusion is left for 15 days. After which the flowers are removed using gauze or sieve. The resulting solution is consumed in 18-22 drops four times a day at regular intervals.

Mint leaves. Dried or fresh mint herbs (1-2 tablespoons) pour 250-350 ml of boiling water and leave for 30-45 minutes. It is necessary to drink broth before meal in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. The calming effect of this plant can reduce the load on the heart.

Juice treatment

Grapes . Fresh juice is consumed twice a day according to the following procedure:
the first stage - 50 ml,
second stage - 100 ml,
the third stage - 150 ml,
the fourth stage - 200 ml,
the last stage - 250 ml.
The duration of each step is 5 days.

Beet . Prepare a new batch of juice is necessary for 1.5 hours before admission. Enough to drink 50-75 ml of beet juice. To improve taste and efficiency, it can be diluted with water and honey can be added to taste.

Other methods

Garlic. Add chopped garlic cloves and flower honey (1: 1 ratio) into a closing container. Leave for a week, occasionally stirring. Infusion should take place in a dark place with a temperature not higher than 210 C. Dosage - 25-40 ml in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening 45 minutes before meals.

Lemon. Mix unpeeled lemons (4 pcs.) Minced with minced meat (350-500 gr). Drink 25-30 ml twice a day.

The use of any popular method should be accompanied by the supervision of the attending physician, and only with his consent.

Nutrition and diet for heart problems

With frequent heart pains, arrhythmias and nocturnal heartbeats, you should include such products in your diet and use them for 12 days daily: 4 tbsp. spoons of buckwheat or field honey, 400 g of squash caviar, 10 walnuts, 250 g of raisins varieties of raisins or shigan. These products will very quickly help strengthen the blood vessels and heart muscles, restore heart function.

Improve heart function fish. It should be consumed as often as possible (preferably 5 times a week). Most of all for the "heart" diet fit: salmon, trout, tuna, mackerel and sardines.

Strengthen the heart and clean the blood vessels from cholesterol ginger. To do this, with the root of the tea is prepared and consumed daily. This drink prevents excessive blood clotting by thinning it. Prevents thrombosis and stroke. A tablespoon of ginger root is steamed in a thermos with one liter of boiling water. Insist and drink throughout the day.

Keep your heart safe. His health is entirely dependent on lifestyle and certain physiological factors. Do not overweight. Choose for yourself only healthy food. Move more. Watch for tonometer readings and normalize cholesterol levels. Love yourself, the world and people! It will make you kinder, happier and healthier.

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