Male infertility myths and reality

When a young couple faces the problem of infertility,The main reason is considered to be female infertility. This stereotype is fully justified, according to statistics, the number of women who suffer from infertility is almost three times more than men. However, we should not forget that this ratio is very conditional, because it’s not a secret to anyone men are less likely to go to doctorsand, consequently, fewer cases of male infertility are reported. In practice, everything is somewhat different. According to Yury Benedychuk, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Deputy Chief Doctor of the Clinic of Genetics of Reproduction "Victoria" - in recent years the level of male infertility has increased fivefold. So, it is almost equal to the indices of female infertility. This disappointing trend is due to a number of reasons.

Among the main ones it should be noted:

  • sperm activity,
  • their lack of maturity and reduced production
  • injuries of the testicles (in particular - damage to the tissue of the testes).

The main myth of male infertility

The main myth that men have invented - if they have everything with potency, it means the problem of infertility in a woman. This position is often the main argument in contrast to the need to undergo a medical examination, but it is absolutely erroneous. Good potency and the ability of a man to fertilize are not directly related, explains Yuri Beneedychuk. It is important to pay attention to the problem in time and take all necessary measures, since the treatment of infertility is quite a long process and in some cases requires surgical intervention.

How to identify male infertility?

To establish the cause of male infertility, it is enough to undergo a medical examination and a spermogram. This analysis allows you to determine the number and activity of sperm.

If the active sperm count is less than 50%, this means that there is a risk of infertility. In this case, the patient is prescribed additional examinations.

Identify male infertility is much easier than female, in addition, it can be cured in almost all cases. The main problem is only in the timeliness of the survey men.

Speaking of male infertility, it is important to take into account external factors. Bad ecology - rather the result than the cause. This process is irreversible and does not depend on ourselves. But a healthy lifestyle - plays an equally important role. But often men do not take it seriously until they discover a specific problem.

Often the cause of male infertility are:

passive lifestyle

  • alcohol abuse
  • smoking
  • infectious diseases
  • long-term use of drugs
  • frequent stress.

Therefore, men should think about their habits before they decide to engage in procreation.

When potency is nothing to do with ...

What can a woman do when she finds out that her state of health allows her to conceive a baby, and the problem of infertility lies in a man? The first step to solving it is a confidential conversation with your loved one. Without reproaches and even more so charges "in weakness". Your main goal is to encourage him to go to an andrologist's appointment with you.

“But how is that? - while expressing his bewilderment spouse. “After all, I have everything in order with potency!” Here you have one more popular error about which you need to know! Of course, problems with conception in men with erectile dysfunction occur quite often and for quite understandable reason. But there are other conditions that negatively affect fertility. Here are some of the most significant causes of male infertility:

the presence of an infectious process

hormonal status disorders,

diseases of the reproductive system (cryptorchidism, cysts of the epididymis, varicocele, etc.),

immune and genetic disorders.

These and a number of other factors can disrupt the maturation of healthy, fertilizable sperm.

"Lazy zinger"

It is known that, once in the female genital tract, the sperm live in them for about 2-3 days. At the same time, only healthy and active sperm are capable of fulfilling the nature of the mission of fertilizing the egg, which is entrusted to them by nature.

Is it possible to bring "lazy zinger" to clean water? This will help spermogram - one of the main methods for the diagnosis of male infertility. This is a laboratory study in which the total number and motility of spermatozoa is determined, the morphology of spermatozoa is analyzed - their shape and size are evaluated, “individuals” are identified with changes in the structure of the head or tail, and their number is calculated.

In the sperm of a man suffering from infertility, there may be too few healthy sperm that can fertilize an egg.

"Food" for sperm

Treatment of male infertility, as a rule, complex. Depending on the causes identified, it may include various methods, including surgery.

Nowadays, modern complexes, created on the basis of biologically active components that contribute to the formation of high-grade, capable of fertilizing sperm cells, are causing a deserved interest. Such substances in particular include arginine, carnitine and taurine.

Arginine - A vital amino acid that is directly involved in the formation of new sperm.

Carnitine - is present in large quantities in the epididymis and improves the quality of sperm.

Taurine - contributes to the maintenance of vitality and high motor activity of sperm.

"Talent" to have a beneficial effect on the male reproductive system and the ability to fertilize are also endowed with many plants. Including those with whom you used to fight mercilessly in the country! A net example is nettle. Its roots, it turns out, are rich in biologically active substances capable of supporting the production of sperm rich in healthy sperm.

Sperm Plan from "Evalar": conception strategy

What else unites arginine, carnitine, taurine and nettle root extract? They are part of the modern complex SpermaPlant from the company "Evalar"!

What does the SpermPlant manual say about the drug, and how can it help your spouse? This tool contributes to the preservation of reproductive function in men due to the maintenance of normal:

qualitative and quantitative indicators of sperm,

its fertilizing ability.

The sperm plan is produced in the form of a powder in a sachet, which is dissolved in 200 ml of water. One day - one sachet! Agree, a very simple scheme!

Do not be surprised that a man is recommended to take the drug for three months. That is how long the cycle of maturation of sperm.

In general, about the tool SpermaPlant reviews are quite positive. Many people appreciate the quality, ease of reception and the attractive price of the drug at the pharmacy and tell us that it helped them to become happy parents. We sincerely wish you to know the joy of motherhood as soon as possible!

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