What to do if there is a weak second strip in the pregnancy test

Some women rush to do a home pregnancy test and notice that the test strip looks too pale and fuzzy compared to the control one. But the instructions say that any quality second strip that appears on a pregnancy test, even a weak one, is considered a positive result. This can confuse those who also did an ovulation test, which indicates positive results only when the color intensity of the strip is similar or even darker than the control one.

A weak (pale) strip on a pregnancy test most often anyway indicates a positive result, it was just that the test was made too early, when there is not enough hCG in the urine for its clearer staining. But there are some other reasons that give a false positive result and are misleading.

Why can a weak second strip appear on a pregnancy test?

There are many possible causes of weak test strips:

Test positive (have a pregnancy)
Testing was too earlyThis is one of the most common reasons why women get inaccurate results from home pregnancy tests that react to the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine.
Error in calculating expected monthlyPregnancy tests are most reliable from the first days of your delay, although some of them can be used even 4-5 days earlier.

Many women mistakenly calculate the expected onset of menstruation and carry out a pregnancy test too soon. As a result, the second (test) strip will be poorly visible.

Schedule your basal body temperature (BTT) and recording the date of your menstrual cycle can help avoid confusion about when the delay really begins.

Urine dilutedAlthough most home pregnancy tests can be used at any time, it’s still ideal to do it early in the morning right after waking up, because the urine is more concentrated at this time, and there are higher chances that it contains more of the hormone hCG.
Pregnancy Test SensitivityHome pregnancy tests have different sensitivities, some of which can detect low levels of hCG (20 mIU / ml), while others require a hCG level of 100 mIU / ml to indicate the presence of pregnancy.
Expired shelf life of the pregnancy testCheck to see if the expiry date of your home pregnancy test is expiring and that the storage conditions have been respected. Expired or incorrectly stored test suites may not give accurate results.
Certain diseasesFor example, kidney disease, which lead to a violation of urine excretion (glomerular filtration), and at the same time, hCG. Its less concentration in the urine, as it was said, can give a pale second strip.
False positive result(no pregnancy)
Test results are read after the recommended time.

The weak second strip may be the so-called evaporation line.

Urine during drying can leave a strip (often uneven), which is called an evaporation line. It may resemble a positive result, although it is not. Therefore, according to the instructions, the pregnancy test should be checked only in the first 5-10 minutes. But still, the evaporation lines are colorless and look more like shadows or drips.

Biochemical pregnancy (fertilized egg fails to consolidate in the uterus)Sometimes there is a chemical reaction due to the presence of hCG in the body, which does not indicate a normal pregnancy. The term “biochemical pregnancy” is sometimes used to describe a very early miscarriage, which is often mistaken for a false test. It is assumed that this is a very common phenomenon, just women usually do not know about it.
MedicationSome drugs, including those containing hCG preparations to stimulate ovulation (Pregnil, Prophasi, etc.) and chlorpromazine, can give a false positive result for 10-14 days, which will manifest a weak strip on your pregnancy test.

Notes: If a weak strip appears on the pregnancy test, you can repeat it and try another brand with a higher level of sensitivity. It is better to consult a doctor if you doubt the test results, especially if there is a delay in menstruation. He will offer an alternative way to confirm the result - a blood test.

Does a weak strip indicate pregnancy?

Home pregnancy tests give positive results with increased levels of hCG hormones in the urine. However, the sensitivity of different brands may vary. More sensitive can detect even low levels of hCG urine in the first weeks of pregnancy. The most sensitive test today is capable of detecting 6.5 mIU / ml, but most of the products available on the market will begin to react only when the amount of 20-25 mIU / ml of this hormone.

If you have a weak second strip on a pregnancy test, look at the label on the package to find out the sensitivity level of the test. As a rule, more expensive kits are likely to be more sensitive with 20 mIU / ml hCG, whereas less sensitive kits can detect only hCG levels of 50 mIU / ml or even more. You can also do another pregnancy test in two to three days to get more accurate results.

If you get a weak test strip, and after a few days it will not be completely, then most likely you have an early miscarriage *. This is a common occurrence, occurring in 30% of pregnancies (according to some, even more, it's just hard to establish). one

* Many scientists still do not consider pregnancy a period prior to implantation of the embryo in the uterus. Therefore, the term "miscarriage" in this case is controversial.

How to avoid getting a weak second strip?

  1. Do the test in the morning. The first morning urine is the most reliable to check, because the hormone hCG is most concentrated in the morning after sleep, when you do not dilute it with water.
  2. Wait for the delay of menstruation. This is the best option - always wait for the time when menstruation should begin, because it is then that the implantation of a fertilized egg causes your body to produce more hCG. You will have more chances (80-90%) to see the exact result after the delay. To increase your chances even more, wait about a week after a failed menstruation, when the hormone is definitely enough, and you can get a really accurate result.
  3. Choose a home pregnancy test with a sensitivity of 15 mIU / ml or less. Of course, not all tests equally respond to the amount of hCG in the urine. It all depends on how many milli-international units per milliliter (mIU / ml or mIU / m) hCG can determine the test. Some tests state that they are able to detect a pregnancy very early (but only in 60% of cases), while others are best used after the support. A test that can detect only 15-20 mIU / ml of hCG will be more sensitive and may be able to detect pregnancy earlier than a test that is sensitive only to 30-50 mIU / ml. This means that early tests (more expensive) can detect pregnancy before a delay, but there is no guarantee and they can be wrong in almost half the cases. If you are ready to try one (or two), then buy more than one. However, you may be disappointed to see a negative result and at the same time actually be pregnant. After all, as already mentioned, their accuracy is 60%. 2

What to do if the test is a very weak strip?

If this is the case, then perhaps the test was simply made too early and you simply lack the amount of hCG in the urine. The result can also be negative, and what you see is just a line of evaporation. Wait a delay of menstruation or even a few days after, then repeat the test. If you can’t get a clear positive result even after that, take a blood test to determine the level of the same hormone in it.

Experience other women:

Taken from a foreign forum:

“I used my first pregnancy test four days before the expected menstruation and received a weak second strip. Therefore, I repeated it on the day when I was expecting my period, but I still received a false positive result. A few weeks later I went to the doctor who confirmed my pregnancy. I was informed that the test often has a false-negative result than a false-positive one, since it reacts to an increase in the level of hormones in your body. Therefore, I recommend to consult a doctor if you doubt the results of the pregnancy test. ”

How does a pregnancy test work

Regardless of the type, all tests are based on a single principle of action. The device contains a reagent that reacts to chorionic hormone (HCG) in the urine. If it is present in a biological fluid, the pregnancy has come.

HCG is a substance that begins to be produced by the shell of a developing embryo from the very first day of conception. Every day the substance accumulates and later makes up the required level, from which the test reacts to the hormone.

The result should look like 1 or 2 clear strips. Modern rapid tests determine the onset of conception as early as 10–12 days from the moment of fertilization.

Why a weak second strip in a pregnancy test - possible causes

The dubious result suggests that the research went wrong.

A similar reaction can speak of various states:

  1. The onset of pregnancy. Usually a fuzzy streak means fertilization has occurred. The brightness of the reaction depends on the concentration of chorionic gonadotropin in urine. Apparently, in this case, a sufficient amount of the hormone has not been developed.
  2. Conducting the test in early gestation. When the reagent interacts with low levels of hCG, a not very bright, pale band is visible. A similar result is observed if the woman did an analysis a few days before the menstruation.
  3. Poor quality rapid test. The purchase of a defective or spoiled device for determining pregnancy is not excluded. It is worth guarding if the stripes look blurry and dull. In the control area should not appear any spots or red strip. Do not forget to check the shelf life of the device.
  4. Insufficient sensitivity of the rapid test. Modern devices for the diagnosis of pregnancy are characterized by sensitivity to hCG 10-25 mIU / ml. If it is low, the method will show a dubious result at the initial stages of gestation.
  5. Excess content of biological fluid fell on the test. If a woman incorrectly uses the device without carefully reading the instructions, an erroneous reaction may occur.
  6. Disturbed menstrual cycle. With various hormonal shifts, sometimes an incorrect result is obtained.
  7. Condition after a perfect abortion or miscarriage. When after the removal of the ovum from the uterus less than 30 days have passed, the content of hCG in a woman is at a high level, and the strip is hardly visible on the device.
  8. Drug use to combat infertility containing chorionic gonadotropin.
  9. Fading pregnancy. When the embryo stops developing, the hormone stops being produced, and the device shows a white stripe.
  10. Ectopic (ectopic) pregnancy. If the embryo is attached outside the uterus, the chorionic gonadotropin does not flow completely into the urine. A woman notices a second muddy strip, even two weeks after the delay. With the onset of 8 weeks of gestation, signs of “acute abdomen” appear, which may threaten the patient's life.

Violation of instructions as the cause of the pale strip

If you ignore the rules, you can discover the dubious result of the research in the form of a fuzzy line on a rapid test.

The main violations of the rules:

  • analysis before the delay of menstruation. Many women rush to learn about the occurrence of pregnancy already in the first day of the absence of the expected menstrual period and get a transparent line in the rapid test. Premature action: the reaction does not have 100% accuracy at the specified time,
  • the use of not the morning portion of urine. Doctors say that urine, which is collected after waking up, contains a high level of human chorionic gonadotropin. Concentrated biological fluid will allow to avoid the doubtful result of the rapid test,
  • drink excess water or other drinks. Excessive fluid intake leads to the dilution of urine, which is why urine becomes weakly concentrated. It is not recommended to use diuretics for a similar reason.
  • hygiene procedures were not performed prior to testing. Wash the external genitals well and dry them with a towel
  • a device for diagnosing pregnancy was in the urine for more than 15 seconds. The inaccurate effect of urine on the reagent may lead to an erroneous reaction,
  • time is not respected. After the procedure, do not expect an instant reaction. We'll have to suffer a little and wait as much time as indicated in the instructions (3-5 minutes),
  • for the study used dirty and wet capacity. Prepare dry and clean dishes, where there will be urine.

Before using the test, experts recommend that you carefully read the instructions for use to avoid possible errors.

What to do if the second strip is pale

There are several options for what to do when receiving a dubious result of the procedure.

The most common and easiest way is to repeat the diagnosis.

However, the second time you need to take into account all the required rules and factors. Doctors do not advise doing the study on the same day. Wait a few days after the first test to increase the efficiency of the device. If studies re-show a bright or dull second line and raise doubts, try other methods.

Do not panic when you see the bright line in the rapid test. The exact answer to the question whether there is a pregnancy will be given only by a specialist of the medical institution.

How to get the most reliable result - the doctor advises

To make the procedure correct and the reaction on the rapid test was correct, try to follow the simple steps indicated in the instructions for use:

  • buy devices for the diagnosis of pregnancy exclusively in the pharmacy: the only way is confidence that the product was properly stored,
  • When purchasing a device, be sure to look at its expiration date to prevent erroneous testing,
  • pay attention to the integrity of the packaging: if it is broken, then the device should not be used,
  • Do not reapply a one-time test.
  • try to use for analysis the first portion of morning urine,
  • before the study, conduct a hygienic procedure of the external genital organs,
  • open the rapid test just before use.

The doctor tells about the first signs of pregnancy:


Carrying out pregnancy diagnostics with the help of rapid tests, a woman is not insured against receiving poorly visible strips. It is not surprising that when a dubious result appears, the question arises: Has the pregnancy occurred?

It is impossible to say for sure that a poorly visible line precisely means fertilization that has occurred. To make sure in the onset of conception, it is necessary to conduct additional research or consult a gynecologist.

Causes of a weak second band on the test

If the second band on the test is barely noticeable, then this may indicate both a false positive result (no pregnancy, but the test will determine it) and a false negative result (there is a pregnancy, but the test does not recognize it).

Possible reasons for the incorrect operation of the device are as follows:

A woman is pregnant, but she is conducting the test too early. In this case, the content of human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine does not reach the level necessary for the test to fully respond.

The test itself was of poor quality. A weak band on it may appear when the device is expired, defective, or stored incorrectly. Especially, a woman should be wary when both bands are blurred or weak. There may be spots on the dough or strip formation in the wrong place - all these are signs of damage to the device.

The sensitivity of the test has a low threshold. The result will be the more reliable, the higher the sensitivity of the test to HCG. Modern devices are able to capture the hormone in the urine, ranging from 10 mIU / ml. The most “unreliable” in this regard, it is inexpensive strip tests that have a sensitivity of 25 mIU / ml and with early diagnosis of pregnancy often give a dubious result.

Too much or too little urine fell on the test. If the test in the urine overexposure, it can lead to the fact that the reagent just blurred on the strip, and it will be fuzzy. When a woman fails to pass the urine test, this will make the hCG hormone insufficient for complete staining of the second band.

Unstable menstrual schedule. In the case when the monthly cycle of a woman is unsteady, she can conduct a study too early, which means that it will not be enough to get a clear result of hCG in the urine.

Late onset of pregnancy. This reason is also associated with too early research. Sometimes it happens that ovulation is somewhat delayed. As a result, fertilization of the egg does not occur in the middle of the cycle, but closer to its end. Naturally, menstruation does not occur, but the chorionic gonadotropin in the urine is still not enough for the test to be able to "examine" it well.

Recently postponed abortion. If a woman has an abortion a few weeks ago, then chorionic gonadotropin continues to circulate in her body. Gradually, its level decreases, but a sharp decline cannot occur. Therefore, the test, carried out at 4-30 days after an abortion, will produce a weak second strip, although in fact there is no pregnancy.

Taking drugs with hCG. Some medicines contain chorionic gonadotropin, for example, tablets for the treatment of infertility (Pregnil, Profazi, Novarel and others). Even after the end of the therapeutic course, their components may linger for some time in the body and lead to the appearance of a weak second strip on the test.

Trophoblastic diseases, such as chorionepithelioma of the uterus, increase the level of hCG in the blood and urine, which can provoke the appearance of a pale band on the test, despite the absence of an embryo. Sometimes this result can be obtained with uterine myoma, an ovarian cyst, or a vesicle drift.

The presence of ectopic pregnancy. Often it is during ectopic pregnancy that the second band on the test appears weakly. The body produces chorionic gonadotropin, but in insufficient volume, so the device can not give an adequate response.

Fading pregnancy. In this case, the woman's embryo is preserved in the uterus, but it has stopped its development. Accordingly, the rate of hormone production fall, which can lead to the appearance of a weak strip on the test. A woman should be alerted by such signs as abdominal pain, the appearance of bleeding, lack of menstruation, fever.

Climax. Sometimes, during menopause, a woman’s hormonal gonadotropin level in the blood and urine rises due to hormonal disruption. This may cause the test result to be questionable.

Kidney disease. If a woman has pronounced disorders in the functioning of the kidneys, then this may lead to the fact that hCG with urine will not be excreted sufficiently. Therefore, the test in this case often responds to the presence of pregnancy with a weak second band.

Test manufacturers note that the presence of a weak band on a test should be considered a positive result.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to conduct a control study using a new pregnancy test. It is best to do this after a few days. If the second test produces a bright and clear band, the result can be considered positive with certainty. When the strip on the test is again weak or blurred, you should consult a specialist. Indeed, often such test results may indicate health problems.

How to get the most reliable result?

To test the results were as accurate as possible, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions for applying the test and strictly follow it.

Observance of simple rules of the procedure will help avoid the appearance of a pale second band on the test and unambiguously interpret the result:

It is best to conduct the test procedure no earlier than the first day of the delay of menstruation. Some doctors do advise to wait at least 5-7 days from the expected date of the beginning of the month. The sooner the pregnancy is diagnosed, the less chance that the result will be 100% reliable.

To perform the study it is necessary to take only fresh urine. Well, if you can perform the procedure in the morning, immediately after waking up. At this particular time, the concentration of chorionic gonadotropin in the urine will be maximum.

If the procedure is scheduled for the evening, then during the day you need to abandon the use of too large volumes of fluid. Also on the eve of the study, diuretics and any other drugs with a diuretic effect should be avoided.

The time of urine exposure to the test should not be less than 5-15 seconds (according to the instructions for use).

Before the procedure, you need to take care of the cleanliness of the container for collecting urine and external genital organs.

Evaluate the result should not be earlier than in 3-5 minutes. Until this time, the second strip (if it appears) may remain weak and dim.

How tests work

In fact, a device for determining pregnancy is an indicator that responds to the presence in the urine of a gonadotropic chorionic hormone characteristic of pregnancy. This substance is produced by fetal membranes already from the first day after implantation; within a week it already accumulates in the body in the amount to which the test strip reacts.

  • There are several types of pregnancy tests, but they have the same principle of action.
  • The most affordable are conventional strip strips.
  • There are also tablet and inkjet test systems, electronic devices for detecting conception.
  • The most accurate and reliable are jet diagnostic systems. They are easy to use and do not require a separate set of urine, the test is simply substituted under the stream, and then the test results are read.
  • In all tests, there is a special indicator that, when in contact with the urine, if there is a chorionic gonadotropic hormone in it, appears as a bright stripe, which means that the patient has become pregnant.
  • The hCG readings are doubled every 48 hours, starting from the day of implantation. Therefore, by the time the delay is detected, a certain level of this hormone accumulates in the blood, to which the test indicator responds.
  • If the content of hCG is low, then only one control strip appears on the strip test, but when its level rises to 15-25 mIU / ml, the second one also appears - the test strip.

Sometimes such testing shows a weak strip that girls sometimes perceive as a strip test failure. But this is quite understandable explanation.

Truthfulness of results

Sometimes test systems give erroneous results, which depends on the observance of conditions and periods of storage, the rules for conducting research, etc. It is better to give preference to tests of reputable manufacturers, and not to suspiciously cheap strip strips. The second strip on the pregnancy test may turn out to be weak precisely if the instructions are not followed. The most informative is the first morning urine, which you need to dial into a sterile dish or just substitute the device under the stream of urine.

Interestingly, tests with a high threshold of sensitivity determine the most reliably. These include products under the brand name Frautest, Home Test Express, BB, etc. It is necessary to look on the package for sensitivity indicators of 10-15 mIU / ml. It is these tests that will be the most sensitive, will be able to detect HCG even before the delay and will not show a weak second strip. From the point of view of convenience, the most simple jet express systems are considered. Such tests are highly accurate, and the probability of an unreliable result is virtually absent.

As the weak strip can look

It makes no sense to conduct testing after a couple of days after proximity, because the implantation will take the egg to be no less than 5-7 days, and then it will take time for the hCG to reach normal levels. In case of a premature examination, it may come out that a second strip appears white or very weak. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct such studies after the delay.

Each pregnancy test has two sectors - indicator and control. When the necessary volume of urine gets to the control sector, a reaction occurs and a bright line appears. This is a confirmation that the test is working and of high quality, and the research passes correctly. Indicator sector performs the main function - determines the absence or presence of an interesting position.

If there is no pregnancy, then only one strip appears, but if a girl is soon to be a mother, then a 2nd strip appears, which normally should be as clear as the control one. If the second strip is light or blurry, then it cannot be regarded as a sign of conception. It will take retesting after a couple of days. A barely noticeable second strip of grayish tint indicates an improper reaction of the device to the urine being tested, so this test is faulty and cannot be used for research.

Do pregnancy - how to understand

Usually, the first suspicions of conception occur in girls after a delay. And if conception is not the first, the patient may suspect the impending motherhood even earlier. To clarify the situation and are home express systems. The use of such a pregnancy test usually does not cause any difficulties, because it is simple and understandable for any girl. But after only five minutes after the girl had done the test, she would receive an exact answer regarding her position. But if a pale strip appeared on the pregnancy test, the girl faces difficulties in accurately assessing the result.

The study results are influenced by many factors, so you need to try to exclude them in order to accurately understand whether there is a pregnancy or not. If the second strip is barely visible on the pregnancy test, it cannot be considered as a positive or negative result. The instructions clearly spelled out that the line should be clear and sharp. In other cases, the rapid test should be considered invalid and low-quality, and the diagnosis itself is unreliable. If in the study of pregnancy a weak second strip showed up, this may indicate that the content of hCG is too small, a violation of the rules for conducting a study, etc.

What can mean a weak strip

The appearance of a fuzzy strip on a pregnancy test can be caused by various factors:

  1. Poor product. If the test system has an expired shelf life or was originally produced with a marriage, then the pale second bar is quite possible.
  2. Diagnosis was too early. The annotation to each test clearly states that it is recommended to conduct research no earlier than after the detection of a delay. It is on these days of the cycle that the gonadotropic chorionic hormone will be released in sufficient quantity to detect. Hypersensitive test systems are able to recognize the presence of hCG already one and a half weeks after fertilization, but at the same time the pregnancy test will show a pale strip.
  3. Implantation was unsuccessful. The strip does not manifest itself in full force if the fertilized egg is not firmly adhered to the endometrial layer, or was completely rejected. Under these conditions, the content of hCG will be too low for a given period of gestation. Therefore, a fuzzy second strip appears, it is pale and smeared. If gestation is interrupted, then re-diagnosis will give a negative result.
  4. Incorrect interpretation of results. Sometimes girls literally rave about the idea of ​​getting pregnant and manage to look through two stripes in an absolutely negative test. Indeed, on closer examination of the indicator sector, a weak strip can be discerned on the pregnancy test, it is barely distinguishable, but it is still visible. This situation does not mean the presence of pregnancy, but only indicates the place of the likely manifestation of the second band.
  5. Hormone-producing tumor formation. These can be benign or oncological tumors of the ovaries or uterine body, liver and other organs that produce female sex hormones, which leads to the appearance on the rapid test of two stripes.
  6. Late maturation of the egg. If the ovulatory period falls at a later time, and not at the middle of the cycle, then the hCG level will gain longer, and during testing two lines will appear, only the second strip is pale.

Other reasons

Ectopic pregnancy. If the girl has a clear delay, and on the test the control strip appears brighter than the indicator one, then there is every reason to suspect an ectopic pregnancy in the patient. Such a condition is very dangerous, and therefore requires compulsory treatment.

In vitro fertilization. With such a procedure, the girl is usually prescribed hormone drugs, which are quite capable of influencing the test results, and in the first gestational weeks on the positive test one strip will be weak, which is quite normal.

Fading pregnancy. With such a pathology, a characteristic drop in the level of hCG occurs, which is manifested in the test by a dull feature. If during testing with a weekly interval, the second line remains just as weak, then the suspicion of fetal fading is confirmed.

In any case, if the rapid test showed two lines, one of which is dimmer and more smeared than the other, then this result should be regarded as false, and after 2-3 days to re-test.

The second band appeared during menstruation

There are cases when the girl was already delighted with two lines on the rapid test, began to build grandiose plans for the baby, and then begin the monthly. Such clinical cases require mandatory medical participation. Most often, this picture is observed in the rejection of the ovum, which had an anomaly or deformity of a genetic nature. Moreover, the girl herself may not even be aware of such processes, thinking that just the next menstrual periods have begun, especially if she is not obsessed with pregnancy and does not use rapid tests every cycle.

Although sometimes the appearance of the second turbid strip indicates the development of any pathology or pregnancy complications. For example, this is likely with detachment of the ovum or the threat of interruption, ectopic conception, etc. All these pathological conditions are accompanied by a characteristic decrease in hCG, which is why the second line on the rapid test appears much weaker.

In addition, the cause of menstruation with a positive pregnancy test result may be hormonal disruptions, one-time fertilization of two female germ cells or progesterone deficiency hormone. Progesterone ensures the safety of the pregnant state, and if it is produced in insufficient quantities, then bleeding may occur. Especially often they occur on those days of the cycle, when the girl had to go through periods before conception.

What to do with a weak and fuzzy line on the test

If the testing gave a positive result with a weakly pronounced second strip, then you should not consider it as confirmation of pregnancy. Only the doctor will be able to give the most accurate result regarding pregnancy, because when using home express systems, there is always the risk of receiving erroneous, inaccurate data, although manufacturers assure that their products are 100 percent accurate. Therefore, when a second blurred and dim strip develops, it is necessary to be examined by a gynecologist. Usually, to clarify the pathological picture, the doctor prescribes certain diagnostic procedures.

  • Repeated test. After the first test, it is recommended to undergo home diagnostics again after a few days (3-4).
  • Ultrasound diagnostics. It allows you to detect the ovum inside the uterine body through a transvaginal study. This is possible already on the 6th day of delay. If the ultrasound is carried out through the abdominal wall, then conception can only be detected at 7-8 weeks of gestation.
  • Blood test for chorionic gonadotropin. In the blood, this hormone is detected much earlier than in urine, so a blood test helps to confirm conception at the earliest dates.
  • Gynecological examination on the chair. With this examination, the doctor will be able to confirm the pregnancy, starting from 4 weeks.

If the fact of conception is not confirmed, then the girl will be sent to specialists of another profile.

How to do a test to avoid mistakes

In order not to face such a problem as the appearance of a second dull strip on the test, girls are advised to follow the instructions for conducting the study. First, testing should be carried out with the morning, the very first portion of urine, because it is in it that the maximum concentration of hCG is observed. Such a test will be the most informative and reliable. If there is a need for a study at a different time of the day, then you should at least not drink a lot of liquid so as not to dilute urine.

Use the newly collected urine for research. It is impossible to freeze or simply cool the urine before the diagnosis. Dip the strip strip strictly to the level indicated on it, hold the test in the urine for no more than 20 seconds, and evaluate the results 5-10 minutes after the test. To collect the biomaterial it is necessary to use sterile containers. The test result should be considered positive only when two clear and bright stripes appear.

Many girls probably wondered whether it was possible to reuse a pregnancy test. Absolutely not. The indicator field of the tests used has already entered into a reaction with urine, so repeated research will not cause any reaction. And if the tests used and show the presence of pregnancy, then consider such results as reliable can not. It is better to use the new test.

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