How to quickly get rid of hemorrhoids?

Everyone knows that hemorrhoids are a disease of a sedentary lifestyle. This name often appears in jokes, and meanwhile, suffering from this disease is not a laughing matter at all. Hemorrhoids are not just pain and discomfort in the anus, it can occur in severe form with bleeding, vascular thrombosis and other complications. The desire to get rid of hemorrhoids, and preferably forever, for patients with varicose veins of the rectum often becomes an unsolvable problem.

Can I get rid of hemorrhoids forever?

Hemorrhoids are diseases of a chronic nature. This does not mean that lumps and pain bother the patient all the time, although it happens. In many cases, the disease is in remission, exacerbated by exposure to provoking factors.

Some experts are not optimistic about the complete cure of hemorrhoids. They believe that the weakness of the venous walls, which is the cause of their expansion, is an irreversible process. That is, once diagnosed and supposedly cured hemorrhoids, sooner or later all the same recurs. Doctors who adhere to this point of view suggest not to delay with conservative therapy and to act radically, because, in their opinion, there is no other way to get rid of hemorrhoids, as with the help of an operation.

Most proctologists are not so categorical. Many patients, once faced with manifestations of hemorrhoids, forget about it until the end of life. For example, this often occurs in women during pregnancy, when the disease is caused not by the existing varicosity, but by a whole set of factors inherent only in the pregnant state.

In non-admitted cases, it is advised not to rush into surgical methods and to cope with the disease by any other means, above all, a change in diet and lifestyle. Having started the treatment in time, it is really possible to achieve a stable, and ideally a life-long, remission.

Can hemorrhoids pass by himself?

Postponing the visit to the doctor in the hope that the hemorrhoids will "resolve" himself is the main mistake of many patients. The fact is that the manifestations of the disease become noticeable when pathological processes are already running.

At the earliest stages, hemorrhoids proceed without symptoms, and when external signs appear, the treatment should be started without delay. It is even worse with internal hemorrhoids - it is easy to start it up to difficult stages, since the disease develops inside and it is not always possible to detect it in time.

In the later stages, permanent hemorrhoidal lumps are formed, which are dilated veins whose walls are so weak that they cannot return to normal size on their own.

If, as a result of the elimination of provoking factors, diet, physical activity and adequate treatment, it is possible to normalize the blood flow in the rectum and restore vascular tone, the patient can count on long-term remission.

By the initial stages of the disease can be attributed to the period, while the venous nodes are not yet bulging into the intestinal passage with internal hemorrhoids and do not appear in the anal area with external. At this stage, the patient feels some discomfort, which is periodic in nature and appears in the presence of provocative conditions, for example, after prolonged sitting, lifting weights or strong straining in the toilet.

At this time, you can still talk about the possibility of complete relief from hemorrhoids. Changes in the anal veins are still reversible. The venous walls are not yet greatly stretched and thinned, the cavernous body is overfilled with blood and bulges at the time of increased stress, and with the restoration of normal blood flow, they return to normal.

If at this stage we take up the treatment of hemorrhoids, the further development of the disease can be stopped and its transition to more severe stages can be prevented. It is not enough to put candles and drink medicines prescribed by a doctor.

Without major lifestyle changes, treatment will not be effective. Proper nutrition, aimed at normalizing digestion and ensuring regular stool, stable body weight, physical mobility - the basic principles that the patient must adhere to the rest of his life.

Exacerbation treatment regimen

In the first hours of exacerbation of external hemorrhoids, the use of cold compresses and ice candles is effective. The cold causes a spasm of the vessels, which pushes the blood out of the nodes, which helps prevent thrombosis.

After reducing the swelling and painful sensations, cold lotions are replaced with warm sedentary baths - warming up promotes the resorption of blood clots. With the same purpose make compresses with anti-coagulant ointments. If these measures do not help, treatment with external and internal anti-inflammatory drugs for hemorrhoids is indicated.

In severe cases, thrombectomy is recommended - surgical removal of a thrombus.

Removal of outdoor units

In general, surgical removal of external hemorrhoids is not very common, since such an operation will be extremely traumatic because of the need to make deep incisions under the skin. Classical surgical treatment - hemorrhoidectomy (removal of external nodes) is performed under general anesthesia and is indicated for severe disease with a high risk of complications.

From minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of external nodes, cryodestruction is performed (freezing of the cones with liquid nitrogen), laser therapy and electrocoagulation.

Auxiliary methods of treatment - folk remedies at home

In addition to medical methods for the symptomatic treatment and prevention of recurrence of external hemorrhoids, the use of homeopathic and folk remedies is recommended. The first are presented in the form of local preparations, for example, Fleming ointment (in the composition - horse chestnut extract, marigold, witch hazel, menthol, zinc).

The tool has anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect. Drops and granules for oral administration homeopaths are prepared on the basis of aloe, witch hazel, thistle and other medicinal plants. In any case, a homeopathic treatment should be selected by a specialist.

Well help to get rid of the manifestations of external hemorrhoids folk recipes: homemade ointments based on clay, honey, propolis, mummy, decoctions and tinctures of herbs in the form of lotions and baths. Any means that help reduce inflammation, strengthen the blood vessels and stop bleeding are suitable. Here are some popular home medications taken by mouth:

  1. A highlander pochechuyny, infused during the night (1 tablespoon per 2 cups of boiling water), divided into 3 doses, drink per day. It acts against inflammation and bleeding.
  2. Brew tea from raspberry leaves, drink twice a day on a tablespoon. Proportions: a glass of hot water 2 tbsp. raw materials. The remedy fights inflammation.
  3. Infusion of rosehip strengthens the venous wall. Grind 1 tbsp. berries, pour half a glass of boiling water, after 10 hours add a spoonful of honey, drink during the day.

As an external agent, hemorrhoids ointments, home candles, compresses can be made:

  • pour cold water into a bowl, add an infusion or decoction of marigolds (onion peel, St. John's wort, chamomile, and lavushka), sit in the pelvis for 5 minutes - to stop the blood, alleviate the pain and bring the vessels to tone.
  • all the same, but with warm water - helps relieve pain, prevents the formation of blood clots,
  • gadgets from infusions of strawberry leaves, rowan berries, mountaineer moth - relieve itching and soreness,
  • freeze the infusion of medicinal herbs in the form of a suppository, insert into the anus with severe pain and discharge of blood,
  • cut a candle out of raw potatoes, enter into the anus, leave for the night - helps the healing of damaged vessels,
  • lubricate the bumps with ointment from equal proportions of butter, honey and aloe juice - relieves inflammation, regenerates tissues, has antiseptic properties,
  • make an ointment of ground garlic (200 g), honey (1 tsp) and milk (1/4 cup), heat to a thickening over low heat, then grind until uniform, insist for 2-3 hours, lubricate the nodes, overnight do gadgets.

Also, external hemorrhoids is an indication for hirudotherapy. Once a week it is necessary to treat with leeches: up to 4 pieces is placed on the bumps, after the session there is a long bleeding that does not need to be scared. Hirudotherapy in some cases helps to avoid surgery and get rid of hemorrhoids forever.

How to get rid of internal hemorrhoids?

As we have said, the internal hemorrhoids can develop for a long time unnoticed. In the early stages of the disease, the rectal veins due to the violation of the outflow of blood expand, but the nodules on them are still small and appear in conditions of increased intra-abdominal pressure (during difficult bowel movements, when lifting weights, etc.). At such moments, the patient may experience a feeling of incomplete emptying and the presence of a foreign body in the intestine.

With the development of the disease, its symptoms are progressing. Hemorrhoids increase in size and begin to bulge into the intestinal lumen. Constantly injured by feces, dilated veins begin to ache, bleed and cause internal discomfort.

3-4 stages of internal hemorrhoids are characterized by loss of venous cones: they are already so large that when going to the toilet they can fall out. After a bowel movement, the node may retract itself, but the patient has to manually reset the largest nodes.

Stage 1 disease can not only go unnoticed by the patient (if the symptoms are blurred), but also difficult to diagnose. Most often, a person is not approached by a doctor before hemorrhoids reach stage 2–3.

Tactics of treatment depends on the severity of the disease. If the nodes fall out, they become pinched, venous thrombosis, complications develop, most likely, the proctologist will suggest an operation. If you see a doctor, without waiting for such a condition, you can try to do with conservative means. A specialist will prescribe them depending on the stage of hemorrhoids and the disturbing symptoms.

Drug treatment

For internal hemorrhoids, the following groups of drugs are used:

  1. Venotonics - drugs that help restore the tone of the veins, strengthen their walls, increase elasticity. Such drugs as Detralex, Vazoket, Phlebodia with horse chestnut in composition are produced in the form of tablets and suppositories.
  2. Anti-inflammatory agents in the form of ointments and suppositories are needed to relieve symptoms of inflammation - swelling, pain. Use nonsteroidal drugs (candles with indomethacin) and hormonal (containing hydrocortisone).
  3. Drugs that improve blood microcirculation and prevent blood clots in hemorrhoids. Forms of release of thrombolytics for the treatment of hemorrhoids - suppositories and ointments (Heparin, Troxevasin).
  4. Painkillers are needed to relieve pain. It can be analgesics in pills, local anesthetics (candles with belladonna, with menthol).
  5. Antiseptic substances help to suppress the development of infection in the dilated veins - microclysters with calendula, chamomile, the introduction of ichthyol ointment.
  6. Healing medicines are used to accelerate the regeneration of damaged venous walls - suppositories with methyluracil, propolis, sea buckthorn oil.
  7. Hemostatic drugs eliminate bleeding. To do this, prescribe pills (Vikasol) and suppositories (thrombin).

Surgical methods

Surgery of internal hemorrhoids is developed quite well, including, minimally invasive technologies are widely used, which well help to get rid of the disease to the 3rd degree of severity:

  1. Hemorrhoidal sclerotherapy is a procedure during which an adhesive substance is injected into the venous expansion. As a result, the wall of the cone is sealed, the node disappears.
  2. Ligation - ligation of vessels feeding the node, the imposition of a latex ring. The blood ceases to flow into the knot, and it dies off within a week.
  3. Photo- and laser coagulation - an introduction to the rectum of the handpiece with a light emitter. Under the influence of short-term extreme heating of the site, its walls collapse and sclerotic.
  4. Cryotherapy - the destruction of the internal lumps by cooling. During the procedure, the tissues of the dilated vein die.

All these manipulations are performed under local anesthesia, they are not very painful, bloodless and do not require long-term rehabilitation, they can be carried out on an outpatient basis. They give a quick effect: eliminate knots, alleviate the symptoms of the disease, bring significant relief. However, they do not affect the cause of hemorrhoids - the weak walls of blood vessels, and therefore relapses are not excluded.

In advanced cases, internal hemorrhoids have to be destroyed by radical surgery. As a result of this intervention, the nodes are excised, and the vessels are hemmed in to strengthen them and prevent the recurrence of the disease. Removal of internal hemorrhoids is a difficult and traumatic operation, it is done under general anesthesia, it requires hospitalization, long-term recovery and deprives the patient of working capacity for 2 to 4 weeks. Of course, both patients and doctors try to avoid it, if possible, but, as a rule, proctologists prescribe such operations when they don’t see any other way out.

Traditional medicine against internal hemorrhoids

For internal bumps, all the same remedies are applicable that help with external hemorrhoids. Except for the fact that candles, tampons with ointments must be introduced into the rectum to a depth of about 5 cm. Let us give a few popular recipes, especially effective for internal hemorrhoids:

  1. Prepare the ointment - a piece of butter, a teaspoon of honey, the same amount of boric vaseline, a pinch of snuff or cigarette tobacco ground into dust. All mix until smooth, mass injected into the rectum deeper, you can directly with your finger, trying to find the nodes and smear them with ointment. Before the procedure, it is desirable to sit in a warm bath with potassium permanganate.
  2. Candles on the basis of tobacco well help with internal hemorrhoids. You can make them by gutting cigarettes and mixing tobacco with interior fat, lard, butter, propolis, beeswax. Mix well, grind, form suppositories and freeze them in the freezer. The resulting candles are inserted at night.
  3. Take a tablespoon of pig fat and wax, add half a teaspoon of propolis, put in a water bath. After melting the mixture, add a spoonful of honey, pour the powder from the ground yarrow (1 tbsp) and 3 crushed mumie tablets. Put in a refrigerator, cut off a piece of the suppository in the form of a suppository at night, and insert it into the anus as far as possible.
  4. Dropped nodes well moistened with infusion of 10 grams of crushed bay leaves in a glass of boiling water - make a tampon and apply to the cones.

Gymnastics with hemorrhoids

In any form of hemorrhoids, a reasonable exercise is recommended, but exercises aimed at strengthening the entire small pelvis, activating blood flow in this area and enhancing venous tone are especially useful.

It is recommended to perform such exercises:

  1. The so-called Kegel gymnastics are alternately relaxing and retracting the anal sphincter, the muscles of the perineum in any position: sitting, standing, lying down.
  2. Moving on the floor on the buttocks - accelerates blood in the lower body.
  3. The swing of the press in any projections, but without undue stress of the abdominal wall.
  4. Running, walking at a distance of 4-5 km (cycling is not desirable).
  5. Running up the stairs.
  6. Deep squats with legs wide apart.
  7. Jumping on the spot.
  8. Headstand, on the shoulder blades, “bicycle” - contribute to the outflow of blood from the anal area, help with exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

Antihemorrhoic diet

Proper and regular nutrition - one of the foundations of the therapeutic process for hemorrhoids. Its main principles are:

  • exclude any dishes with an irritant effect (spicy, salty, smoked, fried, alcohol),
  • give up large amounts of protein foods (meat, eggs), as they contribute to the formation of hard stools,
  • limit starchy foods (potatoes, pasta, bread, rice) that cause stool retention,
  • increase the consumption of insoluble fiber (fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, bran),
  • drink at least 8 glasses of water per day,
  • introduce laxative foods into the diet (apples, prunes, beets, dried apricots),
  • drink sour milk drinks with "live" bacteria.

It should be noted that the emergence of massive bleeding, purulent discharge, unbearable pain require urgent treatment to the doctor, because they can talk about advanced complications, the treatment of which is important to carry out in a hospital.

In any case, you should not treat hemorrhoids on your own, consultation with a specialist is necessary to determine therapeutic tactics, and then to monitor the course of treatment.

Traditional treatments

Ways for effective treatment of hemorrhoids, the doctor selects individually for each patient.

For example, to avoid an outer handicap of pathology, ointments and compresses are necessary; for internal ailment I prescribe rectal suppositories.

Effective treatment can be prescribed only by a proctologist after an examination.

If proctologic disease is detected at early stages of development, it is possible to do without surgical intervention. For therapy, they use both systemic and local drugs.

These include:

  1. Venotonic drugs. More often on the basis of Diosmin (Detraleks, Phlebodia),
  2. Ointments and suppositories whose action is to remove inflammation and eliminate pain. For example, Ultraprokt, Relief, candles with sea buckthorn oil, Proktozan, Anuzol,
  3. Local drugs to stop bleeding. As an option, candles with adrenaline, Natalsid,
  4. Ointments and suppositories that prevent hemorrhoidal thrombosis. Effective are Gepatrombin G, Nigean,
  5. Drugs that contain corticosteroids to provide a strong anti-inflammatory effect. For example, Aurobin and Proktosedil.

Minimally invasive knot removal

If drugs do not give a positive effect, as well as in cases of bleeding and severe pain, rapid removal of hemorrhoids is required.

Minimally invasive interventions for hemorrhoidal disease:

  • Ligation of the dropped out hemorrhoidal rings with rings from latex. The procedure is that the leg of the disturbing node is clamped by a latex ring. Due to the violation of its blood supply, tissue necrosis and node rejection occur.
  • Method of hardening nodes. Sclerotherapy is relevant in the early stages of hemorrhoids. It is used to stop bleeding from the cavernous bodies. Under the control of the anoscope, a special substance is injected into the hemorrhoidal nodule. Sclerosant causes a process of atrophy. As a result of this procedure, the nodes become smaller in diameter and do not bleed.
  • Coagulation of the vascular leg of the node using infrared radiation. As a result of such an impact, blood supply to the blood vessels is disturbed and hemorrhoid rejection develops.

Surgical intervention

Operations are performed in the most advanced stages of the disease, when there is a risk of the threat of serious complications.

Surgery to remove hemorrhoids in the hospital:

  1. Milligan-Morgan haemorrhoidectomy. This excision of the nodes, starting with the outer rectum.
  2. Operation Longo. Perform using a special tool for excision of nodes - a stapler.
  3. Cryodestruction operation. Hemorrhoidal damage by low temperatures.

During pregnancy and after childbirth

A special place is occupied by women who want to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth. The fact is that they are banned almost all medicines. Often, girls self-medicate and harm the fetus or child during lactation.

Rectal suppositories and ointments are allowed at certain times. Consent must give the attending obstetrician-gynecologist. Most often to relieve pain symptoms recommend baths with anti-inflammatory herbs.

After childbirth in most cases, the disease passes by itself! Less commonly, hemorrhoid removal is performed using minimally invasive techniques.

Preventive actions

In order to avoid hemorrhoidal disease, you need to eat right. It is better to limit the use of too spicy and salty foods. It is useful to use a sufficient amount of fluid and fiber with food. It is important to exclude alcoholic beverages.

Well affect the condition of the blood vessels light gymnastic exercises (daily). Compliance with hygiene rules helps prevent the development of pathological changes in the rectum. This is the use of soft toilet paper and rinsing with water after each act of defecation.

A timely visit to the doctor helps to avoid surgical interventions and makes life easier for the patient.


Complete deliverance: truth or myth

In most cases, anal varicose veins proceeds according to a chronic “scenario.” However, this fact does not mean that negative symptoms are constantly present in a person’s life. Usually ailment is characterized by a weakening of the pathological process, only occasionally making exacerbations of itself.

Usually ailment is characterized by a weakening of the pathological process, only occasionally making exacerbations of itself.

So is it possible to get rid of hemorrhoids forever? Some experts are convinced that this is impossible, since venous insufficiency - one of the causes of the disease - is in many ways irreversible. Therefore, even if the treatment is carried out, the illness will return again after some time.

There is another point of view. Some categories of patients who experienced symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease, after cure forever forgot about it. This is typical for women in a situation where the pathological process itself is formed under the influence of transient factors associated with pregnancy.

Will hemorrhoids disappear on their own?

Before thinking about how to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently, it is necessary to consider the staging of the pathological process. It depends on the severity of the disease depends on the likelihood of recovery or the duration of the remission period.

First of all, patients should understand that postponing a visit to a proctologist in the hope that the hemorrhoid will self-resolve will be a huge mistake. As symptoms increase, the chance of getting rid of the disease decreases.

First of all, patients should understand that postponing a visit to a proctologist in the hope that the hemorrhoid will self-resolve will be a huge mistake.

Traditionally, there are 4 degrees of proctological disease. The main differences are the size of hemorrhoid nodes, soreness, bleeding and muscle tone of the rectal canal. There is a difference in the possibility of full recovery.

  • Stage 1 hemorrhoids. At the beginning of the abnormal process, patients notice discomfort in the anorectal region, unexpressed pain during stool, itching near the rectal ring. When diagnosing hemorrhoidal nodules are still not very distinguishable, only redness and slight protuberances are visible. At stage 1, it is still possible to get rid of hemorrhoids once and for all if you undergo a course of therapy and follow all the recommendations of the doctor, since the abnormal changes are not too obvious.
  • Stage 2 hemorrhoids. The weakness of the venous walls is becoming more pronounced, changes in the muscular "pillow" supporting the hemorrhoid nodes are also obvious. Cones during bowel movements begin to leave the rectal canal, also an increase in negative symptoms is also evident. With intensive care and constant commitment to a healthy lifestyle, a cure is still possible.
  • Stage 3 hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoidal bumps are increasing, starting to leave the rectal canal more and more often, which is manifested by pain and severe itching. Frequent and bleeding. Independently, the nodules in the anus are not set down, you have to insert them with your fingers. At this stage, it is useless to get rid of the disease only with drugs. A more radical treatment is usually required.
  • Stage 4 hemorrhoids. The most severe degree of illness. Nodes are no longer reset, so urgent surgery is required to avoid complications.

Is it possible to cure hemorrhoids forever

Talking about the final recovery is problematic, because hemorrhoids, aggravated once, in the future, again progresses under the influence of pathogenic factors. The elasticity and permeability of the vascular walls pathologically decreases, it is difficult to correct using official and popular methods. With acute forms and timely response to the problem, you can quickly eliminate the pain syndrome and prevent its occurrence in remission. In case of bleeding, the course of the pathological process in hemorrhoids is considerably complicated.

Is it possible to get rid of hemorrhoids without surgery

Many patients, fearing surgery, with hemorrhoids choose conservative therapy. It is important to understand that medical treatment cannot permanently get rid of painful bumps and their extremely undesirable appearance, but it is quite possible to prolong the period of remission. To avoid another exacerbation, the proctologist recommends adhering to the principles of proper nutrition, abandon the passive lifestyle and move more, perform special exercises at home to strengthen the blood vessels.

What can cure hemorrhoids

Before resorting to the aid of minimally invasive methods of treatment, patients decide to use rectal anti-inflammatory ointments and creams, additionally use painkillers inside to accelerate the positive dynamics of the underlying disease. To get rid of internal hemorrhoids permanently, you need to resort to the help of the following pharmacological groups:

  • systemic venotonics in the form of tablets: Detralex, Anavenol, Phlebodia 600,
  • thrombolytics: Heparin, Troxevasin,
  • painkillers: candles with belladonna, with menthol,
  • anticoagulants: Heparin ointment, Hepatrombin G,
  • vasoconstrictor ointment: Relief, Relief Advance,
  • hormonal agents with anti-edematous action: Ultraprokt, Procto-Glevenol,
  • Phytopreparations: Ginkor Forte, Asklesan A.

How to permanently get rid of hemorrhoids

Doctors recommend to resort to surgery. This is the most effective method, how to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently, to alleviate the general state of health and the once painful trips to the toilet. It is recommended to be guided by the instructions of the attending physician, the proctologist. An operation at the initial stage of external hemorrhoids is available, but with internal hemorrhoids, it is somewhat complicated. From here and a variety of the technician of radical methods of treatment.

From external hemorrhoids

The center of pathology in this case is localized at the entrance to the anus, it is palpable. An effective method of how to get rid of external hemorrhoids permanently, provides for the surgical excision of the painful node under local anesthesia. This is a hemorrhoidectomy, which is performed if there are serious indications with the risk of complications. Alternatively, they use such modern techniques as cryodestruction, laser therapy, electrocoagulation.

From internal hemorrhoids

The clinical picture is somewhat complicated by the localization of the center of pathology, so several effective methods for painless removal of the inflamed hemorrhoid are provided at once:

  1. Sclerotherapy involves sealing the hemorrhoids with an adhesive substance that is inserted into the anus.
  2. Ligation is accompanied by the imposition of a latex ring for ligation of vessels supplying the node.
  3. Laser coagulation provides short-term heating of the site, with the result that its walls fall off and sclerosed.
  4. Cryotherapy involves exposure to cold, causing the inflamed tissues of the dilated vein to die.

Yana, 37 years old To get rid of hemorrhoids, I used ice candles. It could not be eliminated forever, but the relief is almost instantaneous. The operation is difficult to decide, so I chose symptomatic therapy with folk remedies. The main thing is not to start the problem, pay attention to pain in time, control the chair.

Olga, 41 years old. I have such a piquant problem that is chronic, so it’s problematic to completely get rid of it. But to reduce the severity of relapses, I use Relief. Natural ointment, fast acting and without complications. She was appointed to me even during pregnancy. Already a child of 5 years, and I still use with the next attack.

Ivanna, 34 years old Against the inflamed bumps in the anus, I occasionally do a cold compress. Vessels are quickly narrowed and acute pain passes. In general, I try to prevent relapse, control my own food and try to eliminate constipation in time. You just need to learn how to live in hemorrhoids, and not to provoke acute relapses.

Is it possible to get rid of hemorrhoids once and for all?

Hemorrhoids are a chronic proctologic disease that occurs with periods of exacerbation and remission. During remission, especially in stages 1-2, the symptoms of the disease may not disturb the patients at all. But with the progression of hemorrhoids, patients feel the presence of hemorrhoids even during remission.

According to experts, it is still impossible to get rid of hemorrhoids once and for all, even if treatment was started at the earliest stages, since varicose changes in the cavernous vessels of the anorectal region are an irreversible process. Also, an independent cure of the disease cannot occur.

But one can reliably say that complex antihemorrhoidal therapy stops the progression of hemorrhoids, reduces the number of exacerbations, reduces the risk of complications and relieves patients from the painful symptoms of the disease.

The most effective method for the treatment of hemorrhoids today is the radical removal of hemorrhoids, which, subject to strict adherence to the recommendations of the attending doctor, allows you to forget about the disease for a long time, even until the end of life.

Conservative therapy

Consider the important principles of how to get rid of internal hemorrhoids?

  1. Systemic therapy. At the heart of hemorrhoids lies venous insufficiency, due to the loss of vascular wall tone.Therefore, systemic venotonics and angioprotectors are used to normalize blood circulation in the vessels of the anorectal region. The drugs of choice in this case may be Phlebodia 600, Detralex, Venarus and Troxevasin.
  2. Anti-inflammatory therapy. In inflammation of hemorrhoids, local drugs are prescribed, which include hormonal and non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs. The most effective candles for hemorrhoids are Relief Ultra, Procto-Glevenol, Proctosedil, Ultraprokt and others. Antihemorrhoidal ointments such as Procto-Glevenol, Aurobin, Proktozan, Fleming Ointment, Bezornil and others, which are inserted into the anus with the help of an applicator, can also be used.
  3. Anti thrombotic therapy. When hemorrhoids are often observed such a complication as thrombosis of hemorrhoids, which can be prevented, using suppositories and ointments with heparin - Hepatrombin G, Nigean, heparin ointment and others.
  4. Analgesic therapy. Since the inflammation of hemorrhoids is accompanied by severe pain, almost all patients are prescribed ointments and suppositories with local anesthetics, including Anuzol, Anestezol, Proktosedil, Ultraprokt, Relief Advance, Posterisan and others.
  5. Hemostatic therapy. Another permanent symptom of hemorrhoids is hemorrhoidal bleeding, therefore, in the treatment regimen, specialists include hemostatic ointment candles - Relief, Natalcid, candles with adrenaline, Proktozan and others.
  6. Healing therapy. Also, hemorrhoids often cause anal tears, the healing of which can be accelerated with the help of candles with sea buckthorn oil, methyluracil, propolis, etc.
  7. Fight against constipation. The most popular and effective drug for constipation are glycerin candles. It is also possible to use other laxatives, such as Dufolac, Bisokodil, Mikrolaks, Bisokodil.


Today, minimally invasive surgical techniques for the removal of internal hemorrhoids are very popular. Such popularity of this treatment is due to several advantages, including the following:

  • low trauma,
  • painlessness
  • bloodlessness
  • low risk of complications
  • quick recovery.

In case of internal hemorrhoids, various minimally invasive surgical techniques can be used, namely:

  • the introduction of sclerosant into hemorrhoids cones, as a result of which they fall down and disappear,
  • ligation of hemorrhoids with latex rings. With this procedure, the ring survives the neck of the node and stops its blood supply, as a result of this the node dies out for 10-14 days and goes out during the bowel movement,
  • destruction of hemorrhoids with liquid nitrogen,
  • ligation of the vessels that supply blood to the hemorrhoid,
  • coagulation of hemorrhoids with laser or infrared rays.

But, unfortunately, even this method of treatment of hemorrhoids has its drawbacks, including low efficacy in the later stages and the risk of recurrence of the disease.

When hemorrhoids stage 3-4 carry out a radical removal of nodes. Today, two types of radical operations are used - hemorrhoidectomy and Longo hemorrholopexy.

Hemorrhoidectomy involves the complete removal of hemorrhoids from the lumps of the rectal canal and its subsequent plasty. This method is the most effective, but the rehabilitation period after such an operation is very long and difficult. In addition, surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Hemorrholopexy or Longo's operation consists in removing a part of the mucous membrane of the rectal canal and stitching the edges of the surgical wound, which allows the hemorrhoids to be pulled inside the rectum. Also during the operation, the vessels that supply blood to the nodes are stitched.

Folk methods of getting rid of hemorrhoids

Get rid of hemorrhoids at home with the help of folk, of course, completely impossible. But traditional medicine can be used as a supplement to the main antihemorrhoidal treatment.

The most effective folk remedies for internal hemorrhoids are the following:

  • homemade candles made of honey and propolis. Honey and propolis are taken in equal proportions and mixed in a water bath until a homogeneous mass is formed. After that, the mixture is placed in the refrigerator for several hours, and when it hardens, small cylinders are formed. These candles are inserted into the anus in the morning and evening until the hemorrhoid symptoms subside,
  • microclysters. This procedure can be carried out with decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants, for example, chamomile, yarrow, oak bark, calendula, mountaineer, and also with vegetable oils (sea buckthorn, pumpkin, linseed, etc.), juice of herbs and vegetables,
  • ice candles. For the preparation of ice suppositories using ordinary water or decoction of medicinal plants. Such candles effectively relieve inflammation and relieve pain in the anus,
  • rectal liners of vegetables. Candles from potatoes and beets enjoy high popularity in patients with hemorrhoids. Making such suppositories is quite simple. For this, small cylinders are cut out of the vegetable, which are inserted into the rectum, smeared with vegetable oil.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids of the external localization?

For external hemorrhoids, hemorrhoidal nodules are formed from the subcutaneous veins of the anal region, located below the dentate line of the rectal canal.

This type of hemorrhoids is characterized by pain from the first stages of the disease, since even small hemorrhoidal bumps are constantly injured by feces or underwear. Also it should be noted that with external hemorrhoids anorectal thrombosis often develops.

The principles of treatment of external hemorrhoids are no different from the canons of therapy for the internal localization of hemorrhoids. Recall them to you.

Folk hemorrhoid treatment methods

Treatment of external hemorrhoids folk remedies is the use of baths, lotions, applications, compresses and homemade ointments. These procedures increase the effectiveness of the main anti-hemorrhoidal therapy and accelerate recovery. But you need to understand that the use of any folk remedy must be consistent with the attending doctor.

Consider some popular methods of dealing with external hemorrhoids.

  1. Baths. For the trays most often use decoctions of chamomile, onion peel, oak bark, St. John's wort, nettle, calendula, pochchuynoy grass and other medicinal plants. To carry out the bath, one of the broths at room temperature is poured into the basin, diluted with water and set in it, so that the liquid covers the anus. This procedure can last from 5 to 15 minutes.
  2. Compresses on the anus. For a compress, you must take a piece of gauze, soak it with a decoction of the medicinal plant, a solution of mummy or vegetable oil, and place it on the anus, cover with wax paper on top. Compress withstand an average of 40 minutes
  3. Homemade ointment. The basis of ointments, homemade, take honey, lard, butter. You can also add aloe juice, propolis, mummy, plant extract, etc. to the ointment. The ointment is prepared mainly in a water bath, and the finished medicine is stored in a refrigerator. Apply this medicine several times throughout the day, lubricating the outer cones and skin of the anal area with it.

How to eat to get rid of hemorrhoids?

Proper and balanced nutrition is an integral part of the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids.

Patients with hemorrhoids need to follow the following principles of nutrition:

  • eat fractional small portions 5-6 times a day,
  • drink enough pure water - 1.5-2.5 liters per day,
  • to prefer sparing cooking methods - boiling, baking or steaming,
  • exclude from the menu foods that may irritate the large intestine - spicy seasonings, pickles, smoked meats, as well as fatty and fried foods,
  • reduce the proportion of protein products of animal origin in the diet, because they contribute to constipation,
  • limit the use of potatoes, pasta, white bread, rice and sweets, as these products also have a negative effect on the intestinal function,
  • consume a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, as well as dairy products.

Place of gymnastics in the fight against hemorrhoids

An important role in the appearance of hemorrhoids is played by weakness of the pelvic muscles, so regular gymnastics and physical therapy will help strengthen the pelvic floor and rectal muscle corset, and as a result, normalize blood circulation in the vessels of the anorectal region.

There are many gymnastic exercises, but positive reviews from patients and specialists show that the following are the most effective for hemorrhoids:

  • Kegel gymnastics. The essence of these exercises in tension and relaxation of the muscles of the anal ring, which can be done while standing, sitting, lying,
  • exercise "bike"
  • exercise "birch"
  • moving along the floor on the buttocks,
  • exercise "vertical and horizontal scissors",
  • raising the pelvis up lying on the floor
  • exercise "cat" and others.

These exercises can be performed only after the relief of acute symptoms of internal or external hemorrhoids. To choose the most effective gymnastic complex for hemorrhoids will help specialist - physiotherapy physician.

As you can see, the treatment of hemorrhoids is quite time-consuming, lengthy and costly process, especially if the disease was detected in the later stages. Therefore, timely access to a proctologist will save not only your time and energy, but also money.

In the end, I want to emphasize that self-treatment for hemorrhoids is not acceptable, since it is not only ineffective, but sometimes even harmful to health. And remember that before using any traditional drug or folk remedy, it is extremely important to consult a proctologist, because only a specialist knows how to completely get rid of hemorrhoids and not remember about it anymore.

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