Vitamin B17 against cancer

Why did orthodox medicine declare war on the medicine with which many clinics successfully cured their patients?

The book by the American documentary writer Eduard Griffin, The World Without Cancer is dedicated to the story of one discovery, the main character of which is Vitamin B17 or laetril, or amygdalin *, a substance that rapidly destroys cancer cells. The author cites scientific evidence that cancer prevention is very simple and wondering: why did orthodox medicine declare war on the medicine with which many clinics successfully cured their patients?

* Amygdalin (lat. Amygdalus) is found in the seeds of bitter almonds, in the seeds of apricots, peaches, plums, cherries and other plants.

Vitamin B17 is found in the seeds of apple, peach, cherry, grape and apricot. It is found in some legumes and many herbs, as well as in bitter almonds. The hard core in the depth of the apricot is not there to throw it away. In fact, this dense wooden casing protects one of the most wonderful foods on earth. Dr. Ernst T. Krebs-Junior - a biochemist from San Francisco, put forward the theory that cancer, like scurvy * and pellagra *, is not caused by some mysterious bacterium, virus or toxin, but is a disease of vitamin deficiency caused by a lack of essential components in the diet. modern man. He identified this component as part of a family of nitrilocytes, which are found in abundance in nature in more than 1200 edible plants. In a particularly large amount, this component is found in the seeds of the fruit of the family Prunus Rosacea (bitter almonds, apricot, blackthorn, cherry, peach and plum), but it is also found in herbs, maize, sorghum, millet, cassava (tapioca), flax seed, apple seeds, and many other foods that have been removed from the human diet by modern civilization. The evidence provided by Dr. Krebs in support of his opinion is impressive. Several centuries ago, we ate rich wheat bread rich in vitamin B17, but now we prefer white bread that does not contain it. Once our grandmothers pounded seeds of plums, raisins, green grapes, apples, apricots and others in a mortar, and added crushed powder to their jam and canned products. Grandmother did not know why she was doing this, but the seeds of these fruits are the most powerful source of vitamin B17 in the world. Independent studies have shown that the Hanza tribe in the Himalayas never met cancer until their native diet was rich in millet and apricots. However, as soon as they were faced with a Western diet, they began to suffer from cancer. The meaning of these findings can not overwhelm. But if we were able to defeat scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) many years ago, why are we today powerless against cancer? The answer is simple - Western governments are bending under pressure from pharmaceutical multinationals, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American Medical Association. All of them very successfully carried out a joint campaign against vitamin B17, based on the fact that the vitamin contains “deadly” cyanide (hydrocyanic acid salt). B12 also contains significant amounts of cyanide, however, no one removed it from the stores. Dr. Krebs's laetril was obtained from apricot kernels and then synthesized into a crystal form based on its own unique processes. But suddenly the FDA bombarded the press with a story about an unhappy couple from San Francisco who were poisoned by eating raw apricot stones. Across America, this story was on the front pages. However, the journalists involved in this issue could not identify the unfortunate couple. But the deed was done. Since then, the use of vitamin B17 or apricot kernels has become strongly associated with suicide.

According to the Nutrition Almanac, 5 to 30 apricot kernels, eaten during the day, but in no case at one time, can be a good prophylactic dose.

* Scurvy - avitaminosis, accompanied by nervous disorders, loss of muscle strength, cyanosis of tissues, loss of teeth and hemorrhages in the organs of the body.

** Pellagra is a skin endemic disease. It is expressed by redness of the skin, diarrhea and nervous disorders.

*** Anemia - anemia. It is characterized by a decrease in hemoglobin in red blood cells.

Back in the 50s, Krebs proved that B17 is completely harmless to humans. Checking the vitamin in animals, he filled his syringe with megadose and injected himself into a vein. To this day he is in good health. Vitamin B is harmless to body tissues for the simple reason that each B17 molecule consists of one cyanide compound, one benzenehide and two glucose compounds (sugar), tightly packed together. In order for cyanide to become dangerous, first of all it is necessary to “open” the molecule and release it, which only an enzyme called beta-glucosidase is capable of. This enzyme is present in the body in minimal amounts, but almost 100 times more in cancer. Consequently, cyanide is released only in cancer areas of the body with astounding results that are detrimental to cancer cells, because benzenedehyde is also released at the same time. It is a deadly poison in its properties, but in combination with cyanide it becomes 100 times stronger. The effect of these substances on cancer cells exceeds all expectations. Cancer cells die.

We offer you excerpts from the report of Dr. Krebs (Jr.), read in Los Angeles at the Annual Cancer Conference in 1989: “Cancer is the result of chronic metabolic disorders, which is already obvious today. It is not an infectious disease that is caused by bacteria or viruses. It is a disease that is metabolic in nature. This is a metabolic disorder. Most metabolic disorders are based on an imbalance of vitamins and minerals in our body. No metabolic disease in a person’s history has ever been cured or prevented by anything other than factors relevant to the body’s diet. In the past, we have had many devastating deadly diseases that have now become virtually unknown. They were prevented and neutralized. The source of these diseases is rooted in nutritional deficiency of the body. For example, scurvy destroyed humanity by the thousands. A disease that could destroy an entire polar expedition or knock 50 percent of the crusaders out of the army. This disease is completely corrected by vitamin C or ascorbic acid, which has made a full-fledged factor in the human diet and has quenched the scurvy epidemic. You are probably well acquainted with the fact that the UK regained dominion over all the seas, when it was empirically discovered that the addition of lemon or juice of other citrus fruits to the sailors ration removes the curse of scurvy from the entire fleet. Prior to incorporating vitamin C into seamen’s diet, it was often the case that three-fourths of the crew fell seriously ill by the end of the voyage and then those who did not die recovered mystically upon arrival at the beach: they had access to fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. we also had pernicious anemia, the mortality rate of which was up to 99%. And no medical technique could not cope with it. So far, researchers, Dr. Murphy, Shipple and Mino have not found the cause in food deficiency. They simply told the patients, "Go to the butcher shop, buy fresh liver and cook it, lightly beating the surface, eat in portions for three days." The patients who followed the advice were cured without exception. But despite this, these doctors were censored by medical institutions and accused of being engaged in medical charlatanry. When the biochemistry of the raw liver was studied, it was found that vitamin B12 and folic acid were the responsible factors in this process. So now vitamin B12 and folic acid have become part of our diet. The same medical institutions in 1974, were concerned that a simple food factor can prevent illness, the death rate from which is almost as high as that of anemia. But this is the scientific truth that the seeds of all the usual fruits (except citrus) contain vitamin B17 - the main anti-cancer vitamin. If we consume the proper amounts of vitamin A either in pure form or by means of food containing nitrilocytes, we are guaranteed to develop this disease as well as we were able to prevent scurvy with vitamin C and anemia with vitamin B12. Another disease that is metabolic in nature is pellagra. At one time in some parts of the world it spread in epidemic proportions. Sir William Osler, in his book Principles and Practice of Medicine, commented on pellagra: “I was in the hospital of Lenoir, North Carolina, where 75 percent of people died of the disease during one winter. It spread like an epidemic and convinced me that without a doubt it is a virus. ” But soon came the brilliant work of Dr. Goldberger - surgeon of the United States Health Service, who clearly proved that the cause of pellagra is a lack of fresh greens in the diet. Thus, another fatal chronic metabolic disorder has found a complete cure in a simple nutritional factor, which consists in a balanced diet. We found that cancer is no exception to this rule. All medical science has not yet invented such a drug that could make us become healthier or wiser, or raise our vitality, if this medicine is not present in our ordinary food. And when we eat inadequate food to our body, the body gets sick. If you do not get vitamin B17 through food, the best way is to take it in its pure form in the form of injections. If a cancer has arisen, then the most important thing is to provide the body with a maximum dose of vitamin B17 in a short period of time. All related medical skills are secondary. In addition, there are many auxiliary measures that prevent cancer, namely, drugs that improve blood, stabilize blood pressure and reduce pain. Previously, fruits contained vitamin B17, not only in the seeds, but also in their flesh. Today, only wild fruits contain B17. The fruit that we eat today is the sad result of many years of its cultivation for the sake of its size and appearance; its flesh no longer contains B17. To meet the body’s need for this vitamin, we must either eat the seeds of these fruits, or replenish our diet in the form of tablets. Currently, unfortunately, it is prohibited by the government, but we hope that we will soon see this vitamin available and will be able to prevent cancer in the same way that we prevent scurvy. We need the equivalent of about seven apricot seeds per day. This amount will prevent the possibility of cancer. In almost all cases of cancer, when B17 is taken in large doses, cancerous tumors contract.

To prevent cancer, start with a small amount of seeds: 1-2 per day and reach 7 - 10 pcs. Try not to eat refined sugar (sugar feeds cancer cells), caffeine (very bad for the liver and kidneys), and high-grade flour (easily turns into sugar in the body). Try to eat more unprocessed foods. The book by EJ Griffin contains detailed information about cancer research that was suspended and major scientists who were arrested when they began to speak out in support of the use of vitamin B17.

Impact mechanism

According to the studies of E. T. Krebs, oncological processes are triggered by metabolic disorders due to the lack of amygdalin in the body. In the diet of a modern person, the B17 content is minimal, so for treatment, you need to add a menu.

When ingested, an organic compound triggers the programmed death of infected cells, and also attacks cancerous tumors without affecting healthy tissues. Vitamin consists of salts of hydrocyanic acid, combined with benzoic aldehyde and glucose. The release of cyanide molecules, acting as a poison, occurs when interacting with β-glucosidase, the concentration of which is maximum in malignant tumors. In normal cells, the substance is contained in a minimal amount, therefore, subject to dosages, the process of destruction of healthy tissues and poisoning of the body does not occur. The likelihood of cancer recurring with regular use of B17 is reduced.

Beneficial features

The organic compound amygdalin is recommended to be used for the treatment and prevention of cancer. The substance has a complex effect on the body, having the following effects:

  • destruction of malignant neoplasms,
  • relief of pain,
  • increased natural immune defense
  • excretion of toxic compounds from the body
  • decrease in elevated blood pressure,
  • normalization of metabolic processes.
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Methods of use: optimal dosage

Cancer prevention and treatment with amygdalin is carried out by injecting the substance through an IV line, stabbing the buttock, or adding foods and supplements high in vitamin content to the diet. Independently make injections or injecting a vitamin into a vein is prohibited. The frequency of procedures and dosage of the solution is set by the attending physician. The most effective 2-stage program consisting of a short course of injections, and then oral supplementation.

The daily intake of amygdalin is 300 mg to 1 g. For prophylactic purposes, 10–12 capsules of vitamin B17 are recommended per day. In case of cancer, the dosage may be increased to 35 g per day. During the recovery period after cancer, the recommended dose is 16 capsules. Take vitamin B17 is necessary, divided into parts, so as not to provoke intoxication. Instead of a dietary supplement, you can use fruit seeds in the same dosage. For getting you need to break the fruit pit.

What products does it contain?

In oncology, it is recommended to include in the diet the following wholesome food containing B 17, which is presented in the table:

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