Treatment of bedsores folk remedies

None of us is immune from severe illness of a loved one. It also happens that someone from a family member becomes bedridden and remains in this state for a long time. It is extremely suppressive and the victim, and all his family, whose lives are changing radically.

In addition to the help of doctors and moral support of loved ones, the bed patient needs daily sanitary and hygienic care. A particularly serious problem is pressure sores - damages that develop on the background of constant squeezing of the skin in those places where the patient's body touches the surface of the bed. Tissues devoid of normal blood flow undergo very rapid necrosis, which, without proper treatment, can damage large areas of skin and subcutaneous tissues and even spread the process of necrotization in depth, up to the destruction of the bones. Not excluded general sepsis. The patient experiences severe pain, his quality of life is significantly reduced.

There are many popular recipes for the control of bedsores. Some of them can compete with the effectiveness of drugs recommended by official medicine.

Blend of essential oils

The composition of the healing agent includes 5 drops of essential oils of tea tree, chamomile and myrrh (myrrh), 12 drops of lavender oil and 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil. The mixture is well shaken and stored in a cool dark place. For the treatment of bedsores on each wound, 2-6 drops of the drug are applied 2 times a day. Greased lesions covered with dry gauze.

Camphor alcohol

The composition for cleaning the surface of the body is prepared from camphor alcohol and children's hypoallergenic shampoo (in equal proportions). A mixture of daily rubbed skin. The procedure leaves a feeling of freshness and purity, which greatly facilitates the condition of patients.

Small damages well heals the ointment made from flowers of a calendula (marigold). To obtain it, 20 g of dry plant materials are ground in a coffee grinder and thoroughly mixed with 50 g of vaseline. Ointment is applied to ulcers 1-2 times a day.


Pure beeswax (30 g) is dissolved in sunflower oil (100 g), previously brought to a boil. After thorough mixing and cooling, the mixture is ready for use. Problem areas can be lubricated 2-3 times a day.

This is a good tool for preventing the appearance of pressure sores and accelerating the healing of injuries that have already appeared. The application requires caution: the ointment can not be used for the treatment of patients prone to allergies to bee products.


You need to peel 2 onions, chop them, mix with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and cook for 20 minutes in an enamel container. Then strain hot, squeezing thick. In the resulting oil, melt 1/4 of a wax (church) candle. The cooled ointment should be stored in the refrigerator, applied to the bedsores 2 times a day. The tool is considered one of the most effective.

Treatment of pressure sores with vegetable oil and beeswax

Long since people treated bedsores with folk remedies. Here is one of these tools. In addition to bedsores, this medicine well treats wounds and ulcers that do not heal for a long time, compaction in the mammary glands, ligaments, maybe even the muscles of the body.

Bring one hundred grams of vegetable oil to a boil. Put there a small piece of beeswax. The size of the wax should be like a drain. Then the composition must be prevented properly, let cool. As a result, you get an ointment, which you need to lubricate sore spots. Soon everything will heal.

Make a towel for bedsores

If you have bedsores, take an old linen towel and another faceted glass. In this glass, add one teaspoon of soda, pour boiling water and soak the linen cloth with the resulting solution: pour all the solution onto it. When the fabric has cooled down a little, squeeze it a little bit and put it to the place where you have bedsores. After some time, the towel will be pus. Therefore, repeat the procedure with a different towel. So you have to do it several times, after which the wound will become clean, will begin to heal.

The second way: you need to see how many glasses enter the enameled dish, then fold a towel that was previously cut into several pieces to the bottom of the dish and fill it with soda, then pour boiling water. The amount of soda should be one teaspoon to one glass of water. These tissues need to be applied to sore spots.

Grass mattress for the treatment of bedsores

One woman was sick for a long time, did not get out of bed. In order not to have bedsores, her daughter took one glass of sunflower oil and boiled, allowed to cool for a short time, and then there poured white from eggs, which had to be whipped. Such a mixture lubricated bedsores. She also stuffed a mattress on which her mother slept, with hay, and put a basin of water under the bed. But every day, change the water in the basin. If you do that, there will be no bedsores. Thus, this whole complex of treatment helped well with bedsores.

You can also collect grass, dry it and fill it with a mattress on which the person will lie, and there will not be any bedsores too ..

Ointment against boils and bedsores

Make an ointment for this recipe and lubricate it with pressure sores, wounds, burns, boils, frostbite.

To prepare the medicine, take a hundred grams of beeswax, half a liter of unrefined oil, cut off the lower part of the ten bulbs, along with the husks. Also, take a handful of sulfur spruce (even if the bark gets caught there - it's not scary).

Cook the composition in an enamel saucepan. Pour the oil into this dish, bring to a boil and then pour the wax and sulfur there. Boil everything over low heat for an hour. But after half an hour of such cooking, start throwing the lower parts of the bulbs that were cut one by one into the pan. And if you throw ten bulbs at once, the liquid can “run away” and foam. It may happen that there will be a lot of foam, then collect it with a spoon and, when it cools, put it in the pan again.

After boiling the composition for an hour, let the medicine cool slightly, then pour it into jars, while passing the decoction through three layers of gauze. In combination with air, the decoction will turn into a yellowish ointment. Lubricate the affected areas with it.

Treatment of pressure ulcers with onions

In this recipe, everything is very simple. Take two onions and chop it finely. Pour chopped onion into an enamel pan. Then pour there two tablespoons of vegetable oil and cook over low heat for twenty minutes.

After the onion acquires a golden color, select it from the pan and in the mixture that remains in the pan, melt the fourth part of the church candle.

The resulting composition is stored in a closed jar in the refrigerator. This ointment needs to lubricate sore spots twice a day.

Bedsores treatment tips

It is necessary in the mattress of cotton cloth to fall asleep unpeeled oats. It is better if this oats will be the last harvest.

Get medical oilcloth at the pharmacy. And put it on the mattress for the night. And in the afternoon let the patient lie without oilcloth on such a mattress. To heal already formed ulcers, you need to wash them with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. After this liquid dries, sprinkle the ulcers with streptocide powder and put a cotton swab over it. To prevent the tampon from moving, attach it with a plaster.

And bedsores and red spots on the body should be sprinkled with potato starch. It is necessary to rub it into the skin, then close the film over the top and put the person on his back.

Do this three times a day. In a month, the patient will have ulcers and bedsores. Let the person on the mattress throughout the illness. Sometimes change the oats in it.

Bedsores heals warm millet

For this recipe for bedsores, you need to buy millet, as much as possible, and steam it in a handful, then pour it into cotton fabric and such bags while they are still warm, put it under the bedsores. After four hours of such treatment, remove the bags.

Perform the procedure daily. A week later, ulcers and bedsores will pass. Warm millet well helps with such diseases.

Antidecubital Ointment Recipes

Recipe 1. Significantly relieves pain, reduces itching and eliminates unpleasant odor composition, collected from natural oils. Put 5 drops of myrrh’s essential oil (it is also called myrrh), chamomile essential oil and tea tree in a glass dish. In this mixture, add 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil and 12 drops of lavender essential oil. Shake well and place in a dark and cool place. Put 2-6 drops on the wound and cover with dry and clean gauze. Apply 2 times a day, after shaking.

Recipe 2. The following composition gives the skin a feeling of purity and freshness. It is necessary to take 100 grams of camphor alcohol and baby shampoo. Shake and wipe with this compound.

Recipe 3. Calendula flower ointment heals well. Take 20 g of dried flowers of calendula and chop in a coffee grinder, add 50 g of vaseline to the powder, mix well. Apply to the wound once or twice a day.

Recipe 4. The use of this ointment significantly speeds up the healing of wounds. Bring 100 g of sunflower oil to the boil and add 30 g of beeswax. Stir well, cool. This ointment lubricates problem areas.

Recipe 5. Very simple and effective recipe. Crush two medium onion heads, add two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Twenty minutes to cook the onions in an enamel pot, strain through a colander. In the remaining oil, melt 1/4 of the church candle. This ointment is necessary to lubricate the affected areas 2 times a day. Store the mixture in a closed jar in the refrigerator.

Lotions and poultices

Bags with steamed wheat help heal ulcers. Sew a lot of cotton bags. Put 1 handful of steamed wheat into these bags, and while the wheat is warm, you need to put them under the bedsores. After 4 hours, the bags should be removed. Do not be lazy, do it every day, and the result is sure to be positive.

Dries well, and disinfect soda lotions. 200 g of water must be boiled and pour 1 teaspoon of soda. Pour this solution onto a linen towel. Cool and warm to put on sore spots.

For washing purulent wounds, herbalists use herbal tea: in a water bath it is necessary to soak 2 tablespoons of pharmaceutical chamomile and sage leaves in a half-liter of boiling water. Soar for 15 minutes. Cool to room temperature, strain, wipe.

An economical way to help with the healing of small defeat sites. Peeled potatoes grate on a small Turk. It needs 100 g. Add 1 teaspoon of honey. We impose this mixture on the napkin with a layer, not less than 1 cm. We fix the napkin with a plaster or a bandage and leave on the wound for 20 minutes. After the napkin has been removed, wipe off the rest of the mixture. Repeat the procedure preferably several times a day.

The bedsores are treacherous, they are rapidly progressing, if not to take urgent measures. So do not be lazy, use the proposed tips and recipes! And may the patients for whom you care, quickly restored!

Herbal decoction

In the case of the development of purulent processes, the wounds are disinfected with a decoction of chamomile and Sage (2 tablespoons) in 500 ml of water. The tool is prepared in a water bath for 15 minutes, cooled, filtered and used for washing the damaged areas.

Raw potatoes contain substances that promote wound healing. For cooking means to 100 g of pulp of the root, crushed on a fine grater, add 1 teaspoon of honey. The mixture is spread on a napkin with a layer of 1 cm and fixed on the problem area for 20 minutes.

In the fight against pressure sores, it is especially important to start treatment quickly and carry out regular procedures. The skin of the patient must be kept clean, try to keep it dry. It is necessary as often as possible to help him change his position.

A great help is the presence of an anti-decubitus mattress that supports air circulation and skin tone. The device can be made independently: for this purpose, a special cellular case is sewn from natural fabric and its branches are filled with millet or unpeeled oats.

The bedsores do not appear in all bedridden patients. At risk are patients with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, as well as people who, due to their health or old age, are not able to control natural administrations. They need extra care. When the very first signs of skin damage appear, urgent measures should be taken, since pressure sores are extremely active and quickly create problems that are very difficult to cope with.

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Treatment of pressure ulcers in bedridden patients with folk remedies at home

In order to understand the danger of treatment of pressure sores with folk remedies, it is necessary to understand what are bedsores wounds. These are injuries that occur on the skin and in deep-lying tissues (fatty tissue, muscles) in bedridden patients. That is, we are talking about the treatment of a person who already has any disease or injury that caused the immobilization.

Among the health problems that bind the patient to the bed are severe fractures, strokes, cancer, exhaustion, marked metabolic disturbances, etc. Each of these diseases inevitably affects the work of the whole organism, adversely affecting the functions of all organs, weakening the defense mechanisms.

In addition, in itself, the restriction of mobility leads to the development of adverse processes in the body. One of the reasons for this trend is a decrease in the level of biological microvibration of tissues. Studies that confirmed that microvibration is a resource as important for life as air, water, food, and heat were conducted by the famous physicist V.A. Fedorov with a group of doctors. In his book “The resources of the body. Immunity, health and longevity ”the scientist explains that microvibration energy is necessary for the body to support many vital processes. Microvibration of tissues results from the work (contraction) of muscle cells. Thus, there are fluctuations that are propagated by waves in the surrounding intercellular fluid medium, affecting everything that is in it: other cells and biochemical substances.

It's obvious that The forced restriction of mobility (decrease in muscle activity) due to illness and injury inevitably leads to a decrease in the level of microvibration energy. The longer a person is bedridden, the more pronounced the lack of a valuable resource. And, accordingly, the consequences associated with this situation are developing.

Processes in the body, for which the level of microvibration energy is particularly important

Consequences associated with the deficiency of microvibration of body tissues

Maintaining the speed and quality of metabolic processes in the intercellular space and the delivery of nutrients to the cells.

Cell nutrition suffers, which increases the risk of their death.

To ensure the movement of blood through the veins against gravity to the heart (micropumping activity).

Edema develops in the tissues, reinforcing the compression of blood vessels, which also contributes to cell death.

Maintenance of the function of organs responsible for the utilization (processing and elimination) of cells that died as a result of diseases and physiological processes of renewal: the lymphatic system, kidneys, and liver.

There is an accumulation of dead cells, including in the area of ​​the pressure wound, and the dead tissue is a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic microbes. Also accumulate slags and poisons resulting from the breakdown of cells and microbes that have a negative impact on the entire body.

Ensuring the effective operation of protective mechanisms due to the impact on the lymphatic system, which is the main stronghold of immunity.

General and local immunity is deteriorating, which significantly increases the risk of developing infectious processes.

Thus, the injuries and wounds that occur on the body of the bedridden patients as a result of pressure on the tissue and the action of other factors leading to the development of pressure sores have a number of features that make it necessary to pay close attention to their competent treatment:

  1. To the action of external factors (pressure, friction, excessive humidity), leading to their development, join internal factors that accelerate cell death. More information about the internal and external factors of the development of bedsores can be found here.
  2. Due to the lack of energy, microvibration and a decrease in the body’s ability to utilize dead cells is substantially slows down the process of cleansing the wound from the dead tissue, which means that healing proceeds much slower
  3. Bedsore wounds are at risk of developing an infection to a much greater degree than many other skin lesions. Due to the decline in local immunity and the accumulation of dead cells conditions are created for the development of pathogenic microbes in the wound and its suppuration. And because of the weakening of the overall immunity increases the likelihood of the spread of purulent process in the body, which can lead to inflammation of other organs and the development of blood infection (sepsis), which is the most common cause of death for patients with pressure ulcers.

Obviously, pressure sores represent a serious threat to a weakened body of a bedridden patient. That is why the use of untested and ineffective methods, which in most cases include the treatment of pressure sores in the home with folk remedies, can cause serious harm to the patient's health. The danger lies not only in the use of harmful methods, but also in the loss of time.

After all, if you start to treat the decubitus process in stage 1-2, when the damage is still insignificant and affect only the upper layers of the skin, you can use the proven local remedies, and follow the principles of effective treatment of bedsores in bed patients at home, you can cope with the problem quickly . With illiterate treatment, the process progresses, death and disintegration of muscle tissue occurs, and deep wounds up to the bone are formed (4th stage). At the same time, against the background of weakening general and local immunity, the infection almost inevitably joins, the most dangerous complications develop, significantly increasing the probability of the patient's death.

There are situations where the use of inefficient techniques is especially dangerous. For example, when caring for patients with injuries and serious diseases of the nervous system, as treating bedsores with folk remedies for such health problems means putting a person’s life at serious risk! Because even with minor external injuries in such patients, there are often extensive internal lesions of muscle tissue, areas of massive cell breakdown.

This is due to the fact that due to brain damage the nervous regulation of nutrition in the tissues is disturbed, significantly aggravating the effect of external factors. Those. such damage develops from the inside to the outside - the so-called endogenous bedsores. Therefore, care for patients with similar diseases (stroke, brain tumor, brain or spinal cord injury), as well as with metabolic disorders (diabetes, etc.), even at home should be carried out under constant medical supervision. And, of course, without using any untested methods and tools.

Also the most serious problems can lead to treatment with folk remedies for pressure sores in older people. What is the reason?

  • With age, a physiologically related decrease in the activity of metabolic processes is observed, due to which the restoration of damaged tissues occurs much more slowly.
  • The body of older people often suffers from a lack of microvibration energy, especially if the person is not an adherent of an active lifestyle. This has a negative effect on general and local immunity, on the body’s ability to utilize dead cells, and thus on the wound’s ability to cleanse dead tissue.
  • The presence of certain "age-related" diseases (hypertension, arthritis, arthrosis, atherosclerosis, angina, etc.), which adversely affect the work of all organs and systems.

Thus, even if minor sores are found in such patients (the initial stage), treatment with folk remedies can cause irreparable harm, since the progression of the pressure sore process and the addition of complications that threaten the gravest consequences occur much faster.

Folk remedies for bedsores

Among the folk remedies for the treatment of pressure sore wounds are useless, the danger of which is, above all, in the loss of time that could be spent on the use of effective proven techniques. And also frankly harmful, which can worsen the condition of the wound. What remedies for the treatment of pressure sores are the most popular among the people, how can we evaluate their effectiveness and harm from their use?

Sea buckthorn oil

On the Internet, it is often possible to find mention of the possibility of treating bedsores with sea buckthorn oil. Tips for its use are based on the presence of substances in the oil composition (carotenoids, vitamins, etc.), which accelerate the processes of skin recovery, have an antimicrobial effect.

However, you must understand that the effectiveness of this tool in the treatment of pressure wounds is very small. In a situation where it is necessary to quickly and effectively prevent the progression of the process, the use of such tools only leads to a loss of time. In addition, sea buckthorn oil can cause skin irritation and provoke allergic reactions. There are no studies that would confirm the efficacy and safety of sea buckthorn oil in the treatment of pressure sores.

Today, there are many proven medical products that can achieve the same effects that are expected from the use of sea buckthorn oil, but much faster. Depending on the stage of the process, the doctor will prescribe modern and effective stimulants of reparative (restorative) processes, ointments containing antibiotics and antifungal components, anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is acceptable to use medicines that contain sea buckthorn oil - it is a component of some wound healing and anti-inflammatory ointments and sprays. However, the use of these drugs must be coordinated with the doctor, as the local treatment of pressure wounds depends on the stage of the process, and only a doctor can select the right treatment.

Treatment of bedsores with propolis

Among the popular methods found mention of the possibility of treatment of pressure sores wounds with propolis. It is believed that this beekeeping product may have a wound-healing effect due to the high content of vitamins and trace elements, and alcohol tincture is recommended for skin disinfection in the area of ​​injury formation.

To date, there have been no clinical trials that would prove the safety and efficacy of this tool. But even if we assume that the active substances of propolis can have some positive effect on the healing process, the effectiveness of its use in the treatment of such dangerous injuries as pressure sores is very low. Hoping that the products based on propolis will help, leads to a loss of time, which results in the progression of the pressure sore process and the increased risk of infection.

Separately, it must be said that the use of propolis alcohol tincture for treating the skin and edges of wounds leads to drying of the skin, reducing their protective properties, and is irritating. It is also necessary to remember that bee products very often provoke allergic reactions, which will adversely affect the patient's condition.

Shampoo vodka from bedsores

When discussing issues of care for bed patients on some sites on the Internet you can find a mention of such a tool as vodka with anti-sore shampoo. Of these ingredients, it is proposed to prepare a mixture for treating the patient's body. It is considered that the washing components of the shampoo will help to maintain the purity of the skin, and the alcohol in the composition of the vodka will destroy the germs.

Most likely, such a remedy for decubitus like vodka and shampoo appeared at a time when high-quality skin care products were not available to people: people simply took and used the components that were at hand. However, today pharmacies offer the broadest selection of products for skin cleansing in bedridden patients. These are solutions, gels, napkins, etc., which allow both to clean the skin and prevent the development of dangerous microbes. They are developed taking into account modern data on the features of care for seriously ill patients, their effectiveness and safety is confirmed by clinical trials.

In addition, such folk remedies for pressure sores like vodka with shampoo are not only ineffective in solving problems, but also unsafe. Obviously, any shampoo is not designed to cleanse the skin, it must be washed off with water: remaining on the skin, it causes irritation. In addition, it may contain various substances and fragrances, which can also cause irritation of the sensitive skin of a bed patient, especially in the area of ​​pressure wounds.

Alcohol in the composition of vodka has a strong drying effect on the skin, reducing the protective properties of the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin), which increases the risk of damage. Most modern means for making toilet in heavy patients do not contain alcohol: their cleansing and disinfecting effect is due to the inclusion in their composition of special antiseptic components that do not have a drying and irritating effect. In the absence of special tools for the daily toilet of the patient's body, you can use saline (1 h / l of salt per 1 liter of water).

Is it possible to smear bedsores Zelenko?

How can you treat the area of ​​the beginning of a pressure sore or the edge of an existing wound? For these purposes it is not recommended to use such means as brilliant green or potassium permanganate, as they have a "tanning" effect, damaging the cells of the upper layer of the skin, which leads to its additional damage.

It is also impossible to use such means as iodine and drugs that include chlorine: they violate the permeability of the skin cells of the skin, which adversely affects the metabolic process and contributes to cell death. Professor MD Dibirov (Department of Surgical Diseases and Clinical Angiology, Moscow State Medical University named after AI Evdokimov) advises to use normal saline for the toilet of the wound. You can buy it at any pharmacy or prepare it yourself, dissolving 1 h / l of salt in 1 liter of water.

Phoning is an effective remedy for bedsores

So are there really effective and safe folk methods that would help to cope with such a serious problem as bedsores? Yes, and this method can safely be considered vibroacoustic therapy! If the word “folk” implies popularity among the population in using the product at home, then the Vitafon devices certainly fall into this category. After all, more than 25-year history of the existence of this development data devices got more than 2 million families, and this is truly national coverage!

Why do many seek to use folk remedies? Because their use does not imply visits to the hospital or pharmacy. “Vitafon” devices also meet this criterion: they can be used for physiotherapy procedures at home, without visiting a clinic and hospital. Our “home doctor” is the name of their owners.

At the same time, unlike the overwhelming majority of folk remedies, the efficiency and safety of the “Vitafon” apparatus is confirmed by a multitude of studies conducted in the largest clinics of Russia and abroad, as well as by all the necessary documents. In addition, the healing effect of their use in the complex treatment of various diseases is proved by the huge amount of positive feedback from doctors and patients.

The essence of vibroacoustic therapy is to saturate the body with the healing energy of microvibration, which (as mentioned above) is necessary for the full functioning of all organs and systems, maintaining immunity, processing and removing dead cells, cleaning the body from poisons and slags. When it comes to bedridden patients whose body suffers from a deep shortage of this resource due to the lack of movement, the Vitafon apparatus is, in fact, the only way to saturate tissue with microvibration energy.

Why vibroacoustic therapy is an effective method for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores?

  • Normalization of the venous valves helps to reduce swelling, squeezing the tissue, thereby improving blood flow and cell nutrition
  • Thanks to the activation of metabolic processes in the intercellular space, the nutrition of the cells is improved, which contributes to the prevention of pressure sores and promotes the healing of existing wounds.
  • The work of the organs responsible for the utilization (elimination) of dead cells improves, thanks to which the process of cleansing wounds from dead tissue sites is activated, which contributes to their speedy healing and prevents the development of infection
  • Saturation of the body with microvibration energy improves the functioning of the lymphatic system, on which the immune system depends, and therefore reduces the risk of developing infectious complications

For the prevention and treatment of pressure sores, it is recommended to use Vitafon-2 and Vitafon-5 devices, as well as a vibroacoustic mattress (as part of Vitafon-2), which makes it possible to provide all organs and tissues, including the liver and kidneys, responsible for the elimination of the dead. cells and poisons from the body. Phoning allows not only to prevent the occurrence of damage, to prevent the progression of the pressure sore process, to stimulate the healing process and significantly reduce the risk of complications. The use of the Vitafon apparatus helps to normalize all body functions by helping to treat the underlying disease that caused the immobilization of the patient.

More details on how to use Vitafon apparatus in the treatment of pressure sores can be found in the articles “Phoning - an effective remedy for bedsores in the home” and “Methods of treatment of bedsores with the Vitafon”.


Summing up, we can say that in a situation when the difficult situation of a lying patient is complicated by the development of lesions on the skin, it is not necessary to experiment with ineffective and untested means. Pressure wounds cause the patient severe physical and mental suffering, cause additional blood loss, enter the gate for infection, and also poison the body with tissue breakdown products. Illiterate treatment will not only aggravate tissue damage, but also adversely affect the course of the underlying disease and the state of health of the patient as a whole.

Therefore, with such a problem as bedsores in bedridden patients, before starting to treat with folk remedies, it is necessary to understand how dangerous it is to perceive certain folk methods as a panacea that will help with any degree of the decubitus process. Even proven medical devices are assigned according to the stage of wound development, and are aimed at solving specific problems.

It is absolutely unacceptable to resort to folk remedies in the treatment of patients with deep wounds and ulcers (3-4 stages). Because in these situations there are extensive areas of necrosis - dead cells, which are not recommended to try to cope at home, even with the help of effective medical techniques. Patients with such bedsores are treated in the surgical department of the hospital.


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You can ask questions (below) on the topic of the article and we will try to answer them professionally!

How to treat bedsores in bedridden patients and the elderly at home

Pressure ulcers are dead tissue that is formed due to circulatory disorders. Often, the elderly suffer from this phenomenon, but the pathological process can also occur in a child who has been on bed rest for a long time due to illness. Pressure ulcers can affect different parts of the body, but the sacrum, tail bone, heels, back, buttocks are more vulnerable to them. They are capable of provoking such dangerous complications or diseases as gangrene, sepsis, erysipelas. How to treat bedsores at home?

Treatment of bedsores with ointment

In the initial stages of lesions, the use of ointments may be contraindicated, since they can provoke the formation of wet necrosis. However, with already existing necrotic lesions or oozing wounds with purulent discharge, antibacterial ointments are indispensable. The doctor may prescribe such drugs in the form of ointments, such as:

  • "Levosin" - has antimicrobial, wound healing, local anesthetic action.
  • "Iruksol" - has an antibacterial, wound-healing effect.
  • "Levomekol" - provides antibacterial action, improves tissue regeneration.

Cream for diaper rash

Inflammatory skin lesions in the form of diaper rashes affect the inguinal, gluteal and axillary folds, the area under the mammary glands. If they do not pass after cleansing of the skin and air baths, the cream for diaper rash in adults is applied: “Bepanten” or “Drapolene”. At the stage of healing can be used cream from bedsores for bed patients with silver content "Argosulfan".


In the treatment of pressure sores can be used as drugs for external treatment, and medicines for oral administration. They contribute to the speedy healing of wounds, improving the effect of the use of ointments. The most popular means of this category is Actovegin:

  1. It is produced not only in the form of a gel, cream and ointment, but also in the form of tablets.
  2. Their reception ensures the acceleration of metabolism and tissue regeneration.

Folk remedies for bedsores

Along with the prescribed ointments and gels, the affected areas can be treated with traditional medicine. However, they should be used only as an auxiliary method and in consultation with the doctor. Independently diagnose on a photo on the Internet is unacceptable. In the national treatment of pressure sores at home, available recipes are used:

  • Herbal infusion for washing wounds, applications, wiping the skin: 2 tablespoons of a mixture of herbs (celandine, sage, birch leaves, St. John's wort) pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 1 hour.
  • Healing remedy for bedsores, vodka with shampoo, is prepared as follows: mix 1 teaspoon of vodka and shampoo, add 1 tablet of dipyrone and streptocide, powdered. Lubricate the wound 2-3 times a day.
  • A remedy for the prevention of bedsores - calendula flowers ointment. Crush the flowers of medicinal calendula and mix them with petroleum jelly in a ratio of 1: 5. Apply to the skin 2 times a day.
  • Means to accelerate the healing of bedsores - lotions with sea buckthorn oil, rosehip oil and tea tree, Kalanchoe leaves.

Features of the treatment of pressure sores

Drug therapy and the use of folk treatment of pressure sores at home give good results, but it is not always possible to use certain drugs and prescriptions. Many remedies perfectly solve the problem of bedsores if applied correctly, but in some cases they cannot be treated with certain areas of the skin.

On the tailbone

To prevent the development of a necrotic process, the patient must be placed on an anti-decubitus mattress or turned over every 2-3 hours to normalize the blood supply. As wound healing agents it is allowed to use:

  • sea ​​buckthorn oil,
  • ointment "Levosin", "Solcoseryl".

The treatment of ulcers or necrotic lesions on the heels is carried out using dressings with Derinat, Actovegin wound-healing preparations. Before applying them, it is recommended to clean the skin with boiled water with baby soap and then rinse with saline.

Closed bandages with diaper rash do not overlap. It is very important to have regular air baths so that the skin dries out properly. Diaper rash in men and women is treated with:

  • baby powder
  • decoctions of chamomile, Hypericum and oak bark,
  • zinc ointment.

On the buttocks

It is impossible to use iodine or brilliant green for smearing lesions, since they irritate the skin very much, and this prevents the healing of wounds. Treatment of bedsores is carried out using:

  • antibacterial ointments,
  • camphor alcohol,
  • dressings with wound healing agents.

Video: how to handle and smear bedsores

Andrew, 39 years old My mother after a hip fracture and long-term treatment had deep bedsores. Treat doctor folk remedies are not allowed. They prescribed overturning, cleaned wounds from pus, applied dressings with “Levomekol.” I managed to get rid of ulcers. Now for the prevention of using a special mattress, wiping with a solution of alcohol, massage.

Svetlana, 45 years old For the treatment of bedsores used linen sheets, special wound dressings “Hitopran”, spray “Bepanten”, ointment with silver. When the wounds began to heal, they were smeared with fir oil. They realized it in time, so they cured quickly; we did not have to turn to surgeons.

Olga, 56 years did not know for a long time how to cure a pressure ulcer from her husband. On the advice of a friend tried to make anti-decubitus ointment of alcohol, mixed with egg white. From the very first week of use, an improvement appeared, and after a couple of weeks everything went away.

Watch the video: Preventing Pressure Ulcers (December 2019).