Pregnancy 22 weeks

The 22nd week of obstetric pregnancy - more than half the way is covered. The baby is developing, the tummy is growing, and the future mom is in a happy anticipation of seeing you soon with her baby. In the normal course of pregnancy, a woman is not particularly bothered by anything now, except that the feeling of being awkward.

Feelings of the future mother in the 22nd week of pregnancy

The most important sensations of the future mummy are still more distinct movements of the fetus. A woman already feels very good when her future baby is awake and when she is sleeping. Aktivnichat baby begins most often in the evening or early in the morning. Sometimes you can even see how a small leg rests on the inside of the stomach.

The norm is to hear up to ten permutations per day.

At 22 obstetric weeks of pregnancy (the embryonic age is 1-2 weeks different), a pregnant woman often notices her clumsiness and clumsiness. Even those who were thin before the pregnancy feel how slowly they began to move, how movements are becoming more and more cautious.

The tummy at this time does not allow to bend low, turn quickly or perform any movements as quickly as before.

Pregnant women become uncomfortable to sleep in the position in which the woman is accustomed. To solve this problem, purchase a special pillow or arrange rollers, which are enclosed under the sides or tummy. Then it will be more convenient to rest, those parts of the body that constantly have to lie — the sides, for example, will not leak.

Very often at this time women are worried about swelling of the arms and legs. Shoes have to buy a larger size, the rings are no longer fit on the fingers. If the swelling is not strong, then you should not worry. But if the problem brings severe discomfort, then run to the doctor. Edema can be a signal of serious disturbances in the body. Most often, puffiness can be solved by adjusting the diet, controlling blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine.

What does a pregnant belly look like at this time? It all depends on the individual characteristics of the body of each woman. Someone's tummy is small and neat, while others already look and feel like penguins. But nevertheless, the tummy is already big enough for the pregnant woman to experience back pain and could not move as briskly as before.

Many people mark such an unpleasant thing as a constantly stuffy nose at this time. This is called pregnant rhinitis - a phenomenon that is frequent and harmless. The best option is not to use drops for the narrowing of blood vessels, but ordinary saline (or sea) water, which washes out mucus well and makes breathing easier.

The gastrointestinal tract also brings many unpleasant sensations, because the growing uterus ousted all organs up and those “rebelled”: the stomach responds with heartburn, the intestines are constipated.

Fetal development at 22 weeks gestation

Now the weight of the fetus will reach 500 grams, and the growth is approaching 30 cm. The embryo is already so developed that in case of premature birth it already has quite a lot of chances for survival. At least, in the conditions of modern medicine, many cases are known when doctors nursed such half-kilogram babies.

At the twenty-second obstetric week of pregnancy, the active development of the embryo continues. The spinal column is formed like the neurons of the brain. Neural connections are established.

It is noteworthy that the growth of the brain slows down slightly, but the development of fetal tactile sensations is highly developed. For example, now the future baby is already actively moving everything around him, his body, sucking on his fingers, playing with the umbilical cord and even trying to push in response to a touch on his stomach.

Note that now the baby has room for movement. The fetus can turn over and kick several times a day, sometimes very sensitive. But this is not so often during the day, because the baby sleeps for about 22 hours. And aktivnichat begins in the evening, at night or in the morning. Why? Yes, because during the day a woman walks, moves, and thus, as if, rocking a child.

Often the baby begins to aktivnichat when a woman eats. The embryo already reacts to the taste of the amniotic fluid, which it swallows, and which changes its taste depending on the products that the pregnant woman consumes. A child can kick a mom if she eats too spicy food, and with pleasure tastes “sweet” amniotic fluid.

The embryo on this period is already quite good to hear. The future mother should talk to the baby, sing songs to him. This allows you to strengthen the emotional connection after childbirth.

Remember that the fetus is now responding to light. For example, if a lamp is directed at the abdomen, the embryo will turn its face towards the light source.

What factors influence fetal development?

The protective barrier of the embryo - the placenta - already seriously protects the future baby from harmful external influences. However, not from everything. Alcohol, nicotine, narcotic substances, antibiotics and some toxic chemicals (for example, arsenic, mercury, potassium cyanide) are dangerous. The placental barrier cannot fully protect the fetus from these substances, and their exposure is extremely dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and in every possible way avoid the harmful effects of the environment, not contact with chemicals.

What can be complications in the 22 week of pregnancy

At this time, the baby is already quite developed, and the placenta protects the fetus well. But under certain effects there are dangers to the embryo.

You can not self-medicate neither now nor throughout the entire period of pregnancy. Very many drugs, even the most innocent at first glance, can cause serious damage to the baby’s body.

In mothers-smokers, the fetus suffers from oxygen starvation, nicotine causes a spasm of blood vessels.

Needless to say how dangerous alcohol is for the unborn child. Ethanol, especially with the constant use of alcoholic beverages, can cause serious defects and abnormalities in the development of the child, it kills cells.

At the same time, alcohol, nicotine, and drugs are addictive in a baby who is still in the womb. And at birth even begins to experience "breaking" from the lack of these substances.

There are certain dangers for the future mother. For example, overweight during pregnancy is fraught with diabetes in the future. Calcium deficiency provokes varicose veins or hemorrhoids.

Changes in the body of a woman in the 22 week of pregnancy

The body of a pregnant woman changes insignificantly, all the forces of the body are aimed only at maintaining the normal development of the embryo, giving it all the necessary substances and preparing for future genera. In some cases, it is not so easily tolerated; for this reason, seizures of wolf hunger and dizziness occur. The fruit grows and develops every day, the mass of the baby increases, as does its growth.

Increases blood volume in the body of the expectant mother. In addition, it is worth noting that in this volume the number of the watery lobe, erythrocytes and leukocytes increases unevenly. At about 22 weeks of pregnancy, the number of blood cells in the plasma is the smallest. Lack of red blood cells, as well as hemoglobin, leads to anemia. It is very important to control this process and prevent anemia. To do this, a pregnant woman needs to eat as many foods that are rich in iron (meat, for example) or take medications recommended by the doctor.
The uterus does not cease to grow, it raises other organs higher and higher, which naturally causes new and not always pleasant sensations. For example, this process can provoke heartburn and other digestive problems.
Numerous women of the 22nd week of pregnancy experience difficulties with gums, for example, soreness and bleeding. After the birth of the child everything should return to normal, but now it is necessary to adhere to caution when brushing your teeth.

At this time, a pregnant woman can gain up to seven kilograms. 22 cm should be the height of the bottom of the uterus. At the same time growth should be noticeable. If there is no increase, then this is a cause for concern and additional examinations.

Ultrasound in the 22 week of pregnancy

Ultrasound examination is prescribed if the second mandatory ultrasound scan has not yet been completed.

Biometric parameters of the fetus, which examines the specialist:

  • Growth
  • Length from crown to tailbone
  • Thigh length
  • Arm length
  • Head size

Based on the results of ultrasound, it is concluded that the embryo corresponds to the gestation period.

In addition, the doctor will assess the quantity and quality of amniotic fluid and the thickness and matured placenta. During this period, the fetal protective sheath should have zero maturity and about 22 mm thick.


The best recommendations to a woman, of course, will be given by her observant gynecologist. But there are general tips to follow.

Now it should be remembered that you are not so frisky as before, and that your body may react unexpectedly to any external influences. So try not to walk alone, not to run after the bus leaving and not to push in lines. Take care of yourself from injuries.

Absolutely necessary good nutrition, lack of stress and as much fresh air as possible.

The diet should be monitored. It is clear that a pregnant woman now constantly wants to chew something. And many cease to limit themselves. Say, this child requires. But excess weight gain, unhealthy food without restrictions (fast food, salty, sweet) are dangerous. Therefore, you need to carefully review your diet. After all, you can constantly chew such foods that do not bring harm, but only vitamins and nutrients. For example, instead of buns and pastries, eat fruits - they are also sweet. Eat meat in boiled form, and certainly not fried and not smoked.

If you do not want to go constantly swelling - reduce salt intake.

Prohibitions and contraindications during pregnancy

You can put it briefly, but it is clear: everything that is harmful is forbidden to a pregnant woman. If you are dear to the health of your unborn child, give up bad habits, reconsider your lifestyle. It is clear that sometimes it is difficult to do, but convince yourself that now you are first and foremost a mother, and a defenseless little creature depends on you.

Sex on the 22nd week of pregnancy

If the pregnancy is uneventful, then there are no special contraindications for intima. You can calmly enjoy the sensations that become sharper and brighter during pregnancy. It is only cautious about the choice of poses for sex during pregnancy. Beware of pressure on the stomach.

Sport and Physical Education

Exercise is not only not prohibited, but even welcomed at the 22nd week of pregnancy. Of course, in moderate doses, taking into account the "interesting" situation.

During this period, you can safely sign up for special courses for pregnant women, yoga, Pilates, water aerobics. Naturally, all exercises should be performed under the supervision of a competent instructor.

Vitamins and drugs at 22 weeks gestation

At this time, vitamins are taken when they are insufficiently supplied with food. At the same time, special complexes for pregnant women do not damage. What kind of vitamins should be taken, the doctor will tell.

Is it possible to treat teeth in the 22 week of pregnancy? Here the decision must also be made by the doctor. The placenta is already sufficiently shaped to prevent anesthetics from harming the fetus. However, sometimes for reinsurance, this medical procedure is not performed until the child is born, in order to eliminate the possible risk.

Tetracycline antibiotics are prohibited. Other medications should be used only as directed, but in no case should you prescribe them yourself.

It is interesting to know

To reduce pain in the back, you can use a special bandage and comfortable shoes. This will help to slightly reduce discomfort, especially during the day, if you are still working.

Can I drink coffee during pregnancy? Definitely, in such quantities as it was used before pregnancy, no. In large quantities, caffeine helps to flush out calcium from the body. And this element is very important for the baby and for the mother.

What happens on the 22nd week of pregnancy?

The size of the baby continues to grow, completing the formation of all the major organs and even systems, now his organs will grow and mature. In the future mother's body, changes also occur - it is on week 22 that a significant increase in the volume of circulating blood takes place, which means that the blood supply to not only the placenta and baby is improved, but also to all organs of the mother.

At 22 weeks of pregnancy, mothers usually do not suffer from toxicosis, while the tummy is still neat and does not interfere with everyday life. Thanks to good health, intimacy with the baby, the life of the mother plays with new colors - this is the best time to relax, communicate with loved ones, walks in nature.

The fetus at 22 weeks of pregnancy and its development

So the 22nd week of pregnancy has come - the development of the fetus enters a new phase, the formation of the main organs and systems is completed. Of course, the baby is still far from full maturity, its organs and systems still need to grow for a long time, but the basic structures are already fully assembled. At this stage of intrauterine development, the child is not able to do without a mother, so birth at 22 weeks of pregnancy usually ends in tragedy. Therefore, the future mom should be careful, take care of herself and follow all the recommendations to make a healthy baby.

At this stage, the fetal brain can reach a weight of 100g, and convolutions begin to form on its surface. All brain cells have already been formed, and further growth of the brain continues due to the formation of processes of neurons. Thus, various connections are formed between different parts of the brain and spinal cord.

The spine also finishes formation - more and more calcium is deposited in the bone structures, vertebrae and intervertebral discs are formed.

The heart of the baby increases significantly in size, it decreases with a frequency of 140-160 beats per minute. Sometimes the knock of a small heart can be heard by putting an ear to mother's tummy.

The crumbs begin to grow hairs and marigolds, eyebrows and eyelashes appear. Hair is still thin and transparent, but already quite noticeable. Marigold slightly away from the fingers.

Since the nervous system of a child actively matures, its physical activity becomes more focused. In earlier terms, the baby moved erratically with arms and legs, but now he is trying to grab the umbilical cord, the other hand or the legs with his fingers. In addition, if you attach the palm to the tummy, the baby can approach the palm of the palm, and when exposed to bright light, on the contrary, hide from it.

The movements of the baby in the 22 week of pregnancy

Usually, during the first pregnancy, Mommy begins to feel distinct movements of her baby by the 20th week of pregnancy. And by the 22nd week, the mother is already well distinguished movements of the baby from the work of the internal organs.

The child is becoming more active every day, and now he is training his coordination. If the mother is in an uncomfortable position for the child or does not have enough oxygen, he begins to move more actively, and may even cause mommy pain.Try to change position - the crumb should calm down.

If the baby suddenly becomes too active, does not calm down when the situation changes, and vice versa - you do not feel his movements for more than a day, you need to urgently go to the clinic, this may indicate a violation of the course of pregnancy and fetal suffering from severe hypoxia.

Proper nutrition

The future mummy's tummy is not very big yet, the uterus may not yet squeeze the stomach and intestines as it will be in one or two weeks. However, a woman should accustom herself to a more light and fractional diet, then she will not be so tormented by heartburn. Heartburn arises from the fact that the pregnant uterus squeezes the stomach, and gastric juice enters the esophagus.

The most important thing in nutrition is to include in the diet all the necessary substances and the use of a sufficient amount of liquid. After all, a mother should not only eat well herself, she should provide her baby with all the plastic materials, it grows quickly, and for normal development it should not suffer from a lack of nutritious macro and microelements.

Mom should eat enough fiber (fruit and vegetable dishes, cereals), protein (fish, low-fat meat products, legumes), in the diet should be dairy products. It is better to abandon simple carbohydrates - sugar and sweets, and white bread to change to whole grain. Weight at 22 weeks of pregnancy should increase by no more than 6 kg from the original. If you notice that weight gain is too big - you should reconsider your eating plan, otherwise pathological weight gain will cause you to feel bad enough to give birth, there may be problems in childbirth.

Feelings Mom

22 week of pregnancy - the most beautiful time for the future mom. She can do her usual activities, while mommy is not always aware that she is pregnant. A significant increase in blood flow makes the mother easier to lift, and a whole breakthrough can happen in the sex life - because of the improved blood supply to the genitals, sex life becomes very bright, many women experience orgasm for the first time.

Many men are frightened of having sex with a pregnant wife, they are afraid to harm the baby. It is important to understand that the child is well protected, and with the observance of elementary caution it is almost impossible to cause harm.

During this period, the woman’s blood volume increases significantly, while the rate of red blood cell formation may not keep pace with the increase in fluid volume. Because of this, at this time a woman can often experience physiological anemia - to prevent it, you need to consume more foods containing iron. In addition, the fetus consumes a lot of calcium, because of which its level in the mother’s blood can decrease (this is often manifested by convulsions in the calf muscles), therefore calcium intake should also be increased.

An increase in the volume of fluid in the body can manifest as edema - many moms start to notice swelling at this time, the size of the leg can increase, and the rings on the fingers should not be worn at all - because of the edema, they squeeze the tissue, sometimes it is difficult to remove them.

Discharge at 22 weeks gestation scant mucous, without an unpleasant odor. You should be wary if brown or bloody discharges appear, cheesy and greenish discharges may indicate infections.

Pain in the 22nd week of pregnancy

The tummy grows, which means that the load on the spine is growing. If you are more worried about back pain, lumbar ache - it's time to think about wearing a special support band, it will remove excess weight from the vertebrae and help you get rid of pain.

Abdominal pain at 22 weeks gestation is dangerous - if they are accompanied by persistent tension of the uterus, brown discharge or blood clots, this may be a sign of the threat of termination, an urgent need to contact the clinic.

During this period, training contractions may appear - the muscles of the uterus tighten, then relax. Usually such cuts are painless, they go away after a change in body position, if mommy is like. Contractions at 22 weeks gestation, which became painful and prolonged, accompanied by bloody discharge, also serve as a sign of the onset of labor.

Required analyzes and studies at 22 weeks

The visits to the antenatal clinic in this trimester are carried out monthly. Before the visit to the doctor, you should pass a general urine test.

At the reception in the clinic, the doctor will make a measurement of the abdomen, measure blood pressure, weigh the future mom and listen to the baby's heartbeat with a special stethoscope. These measurements are very important to assess the development of the crumbs and the state of the mother's body.

Usually in the period of 21-23 weeks of pregnancy, repeated ultrasound screening is carried out. Ultrasound at 22 weeks gestation allows you to assess the general condition and development of the baby, the state of the baby (placenta), amniotic fluid. Often at the specified time it is possible to determine the sex of your baby, but due to its small size errors are possible.

Of course, twins pregnancy proceeds in a slightly different way. The tummy of a mother with twins at this time is usually well marked, she begins to get tired more, and back pain occurs. Kids are actively moving, which also can cause inconvenience to mom.

Mommy twins should carefully monitor their diet, eat a variety, but do not overeat. It is necessary to relax more, to walk in the fresh air, to devote more time to communication with the kids. Your children already distinguish sounds and distinguish mom's voice from others (although they hear the lower voice of daddy too), so try to sing and read more to your crumbs.

22 weeks of pregnancy how many months?

The 22nd week the second trimester of pregnancy continues - usually the most peaceful and cloudless period of carrying a baby. The 22nd week of pregnancy becomes the 2nd week of the 6th month, the baby continues to grow steadily, with which further growth and an increase in the abdomen are associated.

The stomach at the 22nd week of pregnancy has already increased significantly, now without special clothes - free and comfortable - not enough. But at least an interesting position cannot be hidden from outsiders because of a large enough belly, but the tum is not so big yet as to prevent the mom from bending down, tying the laces on her own, and sitting free and climbing. As the abdomen is constantly increasing, the skin begins to stretch, which can be accompanied by itching. Now the main thing is to sufficiently moisturize the skin with the help of special tools that will help avoid the appearance of stretch marks.

Uterus in the 22 week of pregnancy

The growth of the abdomen is accompanied by a constant increase in the uterus, in which the development and growth of the baby continues. The uterus at 22 weeks of gestation has considerable dimensions: it is approximately 2 cm above the navel and rests against the diaphragm, in connection with which a woman may notice some problems with inhalation and exhalation. At the same time, the uterus puts pressure on the stomach and intestines, which can lead to difficulty in digestion and problems with emptying.

By week 22, the expectant mother may also sometimes feel irregular light contractions, which are not accompanied by special painful sensations. They do not pose any threat: these are the so-called training fights of Breston-Higgins, by means of which the uterus at 22 weeks of gestation is “prepared” for the forthcoming birth. However, in any case, you should be sensitive to the fights: during the day they should not be more than 10-15 and they should not be accompanied by severe pain. If the uterus at 22 weeks of pregnancy is reduced regularly, and contractions are characterized by severe pain, you should immediately call a doctor: most likely we will talk about preterm labor.

At 22 weeks, it is advisable to visit an obstetrician-gynecologist, who will “produce” already familiar manipulations by measuring the abdominal circumference, blood pressure, and weighing. You will also need to determine the height of the bottom of the uterus and listen to the fetal heartbeat.

In addition, tests at 22 weeks gestation may include the selection of urine and blood for research - to determine the level of sugar in the mother's body, the presence of protein in the urine, the number of white blood cells and red blood cells. And it is also possible that at the 22nd week the next ultrasound examination will be performed for the woman.

Ultrasound at the 22nd week of pregnancy becomes the second scheduled ultrasound, during which the doctor examines the fetus for possible malformations, assesses the degree of development and functioning of the internal organs. At 22 weeks of pregnancy, the coccyge-parietal size is no longer decisive in terms of determining the norm in the development of the baby. Instead, during an ultrasound at the 22nd week of pregnancy, the doctor determines the parameters of individual parts of the baby’s body and their normal ratio.

In addition, the specialist also assesses the quantity and transparency of amniotic fluid, determines the presence or absence of multi- or low-flow water, determines the state of the placenta and umbilical cord.

Fetus at 22 weeks gestation

At 22 weeks of gestation, the fetus by weight reaches 430-500 g and has a growth of as much as 28 cm. Good news: if for any reason the pregnancy is terminated prematurely, the baby born during preterm labor is considered viable and may well be lost.

The baby’s brain is already practically formed: its intensive growth stops, the brain contains a full set of cells and the weight can reach 100 g. Against this background, fetal reflexes improve and become more and more complex: it not only sucks a finger, but it can also tilt its head to it leaning forward.

The sweat glands of the baby begin to develop at an active pace, the size of the heart increases, and calcium continues to be deposited in the bone tissue. At the same time, the fetal spine is now fully formed - it has all the vertebrae, intervertebral discs.

Also on the body of the baby already appeared the first fluff hair, which is also called lanugo. Their purpose is to keep the original lubricant, which covers the entire body of the baby and protects it from abrasions and the aquatic environment. By birth, lanugo will disappear from the skin of the crumbs, and the generic lubricant will facilitate its passage through the birth canal at the moment of birth.

And now, while there is still enough time left before the birth, the baby is already moving and moving in mummy's tummy. And such his activity mommy just can not but rejoice.

It is these sensations in the 22 week of pregnancy - the sensations of stirring from within a new life - that become for the woman one of the happiest moments in life. And the movement of the baby is now quite tangible: he pushes the tummy, rests on the walls of the uterus with arms and legs.

Moreover, the fetus is not only “warming up” in this way, but also, quite possibly, gives the mother a certain signal: for example, turn down too loud music. After all, at this time, the baby is already very sensitive to loud sounds or bright light, and quite tangibly informs about its dissatisfaction to active movements. In addition, the frequent movements of the fetus may indicate that the baby does not receive enough oxygen, and, moving, tries to make the heart beat faster and faster to distill the blood saturated with oxygen in the body.

However, it should not be very anxious to track the movement of the baby, it is enough to record the activity of the crumbs in the morning and evening hours. In addition, the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness of the fetus does not always coincide with the schedule of the mother - sometimes he, for example, becomes too active at rest or wakes up mommy in the early morning.

If the movement of the fetus is not observed within a day or more, it is imperative that you seek medical advice from a doctor.

I read that from the 20th week of pregnancy you can hear the child's heart beating just by putting your ear to the stomach. I have 22 weeks of pregnancy, and neither the husband nor the mother-in-law can hear the fetal heartbeat. Is baby okay?

Indeed, since the 20th week of pregnancy there is a chance to hear the heartbeat of the fetus, putting his head to the stomach. However, for a clear distinction of the heart, many factors are important - in what position the child is in, how much amniotic fluid is in the uterus and much more. In the later periods it is much easier to hear the knock of the heart. Do not be discouraged if you are unable to listen to the heart at 22 weeks - this does not mean anything bad.

I have already had a term of five and a half months, I seem to be picking up weight normally, I don’t drink much water, but my legs and arms began to swell. What do edemas say at the 22nd week of pregnancy?

By the 22nd week of pregnancy, your body is trying hard to store water, because the volume of blood for the mother and her baby should be double. During this period, many moms have edema, and this often scares them. If your edema is not too pronounced, is not accompanied by poor results of urine tests and an increase in pressure, then they are absolutely normal for a given period of pregnancy.


TrimesterWeeks of pregnancy I 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 II 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 III 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42

Baby on the 22nd week of pregnancy

At 22 weeks with an increase of about and weight, your Baby behaves quite humanly:

  • Tiny's reactions to contact with mom and dad (as well as with an older brother or sister) through the abdominal wall become very noticeable. Of course, he likes stroking his tummy, tender touches to him. And he will react to teasing or unpleasant remarks just like you: offended and turned away,
  • your Kid can determine the source of the sound: does it belong to my mother's body (internal) or is it outside (external),
  • Your Kid is physiologically ready for sound training: he already distinguishes the voices of the closest people, distinguishes them from others. You can create for him a music library from calm and beautiful melodies, because the organ of hearing of the baby lends itself to a special development and is already ready for it.
  • Mom on the 22nd week of pregnancy

    We continue to explore the development of the baby before birth.

    The organ of hearing picks up the vibrations early enough, but the brain is able to turn them into familiar sounds no earlier than the second half of life before birth. And from now on, hearing becomes one of the main suppliers of signals from the external environment to the brain of the Kid.

    Acoustic background in the uterus is quite powerful, approximately 60 decibels. It includes the beats of the heart of the mother, the rumbling in the stomach, the movement of blood in the vessels. Approximately in the same background you are, when you are surrounded by a noisy multi-voiced company. However, despite this noise, the sound world in which the Kid lives for the time being creates a sense of security in him.

    How does your baby manage to hear the sounds of the outside world? And what sounds can he hear? Of course, those that drown out the noise of your body. Before reaching the organ of hearing of the Kid, the sound wave must break through the layer of muscles on the abdomen, the wall of the uterus and the amniotic fluid. All sounds of the outside world seem deaf to a child before birth, because his hearing is most susceptible to low tones. This means that papin’s voice the Kid will listen with pleasure and quickly find out.

    How does the baby hear your own voice? When you speak, powerful sound waves spread through your bones and, passing through the spine and pelvis, are transmitted to the Kid. Moreover, the pelvis serves as a kind of sound signal amplifier: with the sounds of a female voice in the range from 2500 to 3000 Hertz, its arches begin to resonate at the same frequency. This means that your child not only hears your voice, but also. feels his vibration!

    So, at the hearing of the Kid, we can carefully influence its development as a whole.

    Analyzes and studies during pregnancy

    Visiting a doctor observing pregnancy: 1 time per month. Weighing, measuring blood pressure, measuring the height of the bottom of the uterus, listening to the heartbeat of the fetus.

    General urine analysis - before each visit to the doctor. Indicates the quality of the kidneys.

    Visiting specialists: general practitioner, oculist, otolaryngologist, dentist.

    ECG (electrocardiogram).

    Hormone testing - by testimony.

    Here is your baby at 22 weeks

    The baby still has enough free space for the mother in the tummy, and he actively uses it, constantly rotates, kicks. The pregnant woman feels these "heats" as movements and shocks.

    Most of the day the fetus sleeps, the period of its rest should be about 22 hours, and, according to the law of meanness, it begins to be awake when mom goes to bed.

    Taste receptors react to the food taken by the mother - sweet foods lead to more ingestion of the amniotic fluid more actively, to acidic foods (if monitored by ultrasound) - the baby frowns.

    What happens in your body at week 22?

    Weight gain and tummy increase continue. The uterus is enlarged and located 2-3 cm above the navel.

    The allowable weight gain for the week is 300-500 g., The excess of these indicators may indicate edema. The danger of fluid retention in the body - swelling of the placenta and the deterioration of its blood supply, and, consequently, the deterioration of the nutrition of the fetus.

    Hormonal background and increased need for trace elements, can lead to bleeding gums, to combat this nuisance is to choose a toothpaste, brush, and also use vitamin and mineral complexes.

    Often, a woman is accompanied by constant nasal congestion. The condition can be alleviated by washing the nose with a solution of sea salt.

    Weakness and dizziness due to physiological decrease in hemoglobin.

    Your feelings on week 22

    Usual and acceptable in week 22 are heartburn, back pain, and swelling of the lower extremities. But the pulling or cramping pain in the lower abdomen, should alert the pregnant woman, especially if they are permanent, obsessive. Increasing the tone of the uterus in combination with pulling back pain and bloody discharge - alarming bell! Seek help immediately.

    Starting at week 22, Brexton-Higgins training fights may occur, they are irregular, do not cause painful sensations, and are not accompanied by bleeding.

    Discharge from the genital tract

    The nature of the discharge at this stage of pregnancy is light, moderate, with an unobtrusive sourish odor. A change in the color of the secretions toward yellow or green indicates an accession of the infection, which must be treated without fail - an untreated infection from the vagina can rise into the uterine cavity and infect the baby.

    There should be no bloody discharge from the genital tract. If even insignificant spotting is detected, the help of a gynecologist is required.

    Bleeding can mucous, after intercourse, especially if there is erosion. But it is only possible to establish such a source when viewed from a woman with the help of mirrors. If there are no injuries to the mucous membrane, placental abruption may be the cause of the bleeding - bright discharge indicates a recent detachment, dark brown - a long-standing case.

    Significant fluid discharge may indicate leakage, amniotic fluid. To diagnose conduct special tests and produce ultrasound.

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