Rosemary Conley Diet

The hips diet was developed by the British nutritionist Rosemary Conley. In 1988, this woman published the book Diet for the Thighs and Buttocks, where she described not only the basic principles of nutrition, the menu and the list of recommended foods, but also supplemented this information with a set of suitable exercises. At one time, this book has sold two million copies and for a long time remained in the bestsellers. And today, on its basis, new power systems are being created. So what should be a diet for slimming thighs?

Basics of the diet for the thighs and buttocks

Diet for the hips is a diet with strict restriction of fat, which allows to reduce the caloric content of up to 1,200 conventional units per day. Plumb on a diet can be up to 0.5-1.35 kg per week. This is small, but not critical, because the main result of a hip slimming diet is a decrease in volumes in the target zone.

How do people lose weight on their legs and thighs? For most people, an abundance of fatty foods in the diet is typical, in which case the transition to a fast diet for the thighs with reduced fat will lead to significant weight loss in the first weeks. If you follow the diet for a long time, weight loss will not stop, but the intensity of weight loss will decrease. For this purpose, a training program has been developed, which will help to overcome the effect of the plateau. Therefore, if you want to get the maximum effect from the diet for the thighs and buttocks, it is worthwhile to combine the system with sports activities.

The system uses only simple recipes that, in spite of cooking without fat, allow you to create delicious dishes. The disadvantage is the fact that confessing a diet is difficult to eat at guests, restaurants or use convenience foods. But the advantages include the fact that all products are easy to find in supermarkets, and at a relatively low price, all the ingredients are interchangeable.

A diet for the legs and thighs will not make you suffer from a painful emptiness in the stomach, it is a rather rich protein diet. But since there are too few carbohydrates in this system, it would be wrong to recommend it to everyone without exception.

Can a thigh diet upset the balance of metabolism? At the time of the appearance of the diet, it was believed that a diet low in fat was the safest food for health. Today, it is known that fats rich in omega-3 and omega-6 acids are an indispensable component of nutrition and should be present, if not in an animal, then at least in the plant form. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the diet for a not very long time or to combine with the intake of fat-soluble vitamins.

Does a diet for legs and hips to lose weight in the problem area? Reviews of thinner note that the effect is really there, but along with the hips, the stomach, arms, and chest may decrease in volume.

Rules of harmony

If you choose a diet for weight loss legs, be prepared to shift the diet in favor of the predominance of protein.

The list of approved products on the diet for slimming the hips includes:

  • lean meat
  • white lean fish
  • all vegetables
  • bread,
  • low-calorie juices, tea, coffee,
  • 250 ml of skimmed milk per day,
  • low-fat yogurt, as well as cheese and cottage cheese as part of recipes of dishes,
  • unlimited amount of potatoes in a uniform, rice or pasta in case of hunger attacks,
  • small amount of alcohol.

The list of prohibited foods on the buttocks and thighs diet includes:

  • butter,
  • all dairy products of high and medium fat,
  • vegetable oils and interior fat,
  • seeds, nuts, unless you are a vegetarian,
  • fried foods
  • confectionery.

The diet for the buttocks and thighs lasts 14 days, during which you eat 5 times a day in regular portions. In addition, it is recommended to drink about 2 liters of fluid per day, preferring mineral water without gas and reducing the consumption of coffee and tea.

Sample diet menu for the buttocks and hips for the week

Using the recommendations presented in the book Rosemary Conley "Diet for the thighs and buttocks", you can create a fairly diverse menu, even with the limit of daily calories. We also offer a fast diet for the thighs, calculated on about 1200 kcal.

For breakfast, a quick diet for thighs recommends boiling one egg and preparing a salad of seasonal vegetables; you can choose any fruit. For second breakfast, you can eat any two fruits, for example, an apple and an orange. For lunch, a fast hip diet recommends a serving of lean meat stewed with vegetables. At lunch you can cook vegetable soup and eat it with a slice of black bread, with juice. Dinner includes hearty, boiled potatoes and a salad of seasonal vegetables.

Weight Loss Diets - Rosemary Conley Diet

Rosemary Conley Diet - Slimming Diets

The power supply system Rosemary Conley has helped many women put their body in order. This diet is characterized by high efficiency and allows you to eliminate excess kilos without causing harm to health. If you follow the dietary regime, you must reduce the amount of consumed fat to 30-35 grams per day. To consolidate the achieved results, this rate is allowed to increase to 45-50 grams per day. In the selection of products should be guided by this principle: 100 grams of food should contain no more than 12 grams of fat.

The Rosemary Conley slimming diet helps you, on average, get rid of one kilogram in seven days. It is important to remember that fat cannot be completely excluded from its menu. The diet should be as balanced as possible, otherwise the struggle with excess weight will not bring anything except health problems. This diet does not have a certain period of use, you can stick to it for a long time, but only with a varied and proper diet.

This diet is good because when it is observed there is no need for the daily exhausting counting of calories. But the amount of fat necessary to take into account.

Permitted Products:

  1. Fat-free meat, turkey, chicken (preferably breast without skin).
  2. Various vegetables, salads (without the use of fatty dressings), a variety of fruits with the exception of avocado.
  3. Bread is black, bran.
  4. Any porridge cooked in skim milk or water.
  5. Buckwheat and rice without seasoning and salt.
  6. Pasta - no eggs, fatty sauces or cheese.
  7. Low-fat dairy products.

Products to be excluded from the diet:

  1. Any fried foods, especially potatoes.
  2. Fat sauces, sour cream, mayonnaise.
  3. Sweet and carbonated drinks, chocolate, chips, pizza.
  4. A variety of pastries, ice cream.
  5. Dried, smoked, salted fish, sausages, sausages, sausages.
  6. Seeds and nuts.
  7. Fatty meat of any kind, skin or fat from poultry, meat.
  8. Egg yolk and a variety of egg products (egg cream, pancakes).

During the weight loss process, the daily need for products is as follows:

  • Vegetables - 300g.
  • Juices and fruits - 300g.
  • Proteinaceous products (fish, meat, poultry, cottage cheese) - 150g.
  • Carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, cereals, rice, buckwheat) - 150g.
  • Skimmed milk - 250g.

The final diet should be discussed with a nutritionist, then weight loss will be as effective as possible and will bring the most positive results. In the presence of various diseases, a medical consultation is recommended before starting a slimming hip diet.

Diet for legs and hips

Fat deposits often have a tendency to accumulate in the legs and thighs, which makes the female figure not as attractive as we would like. To eliminate this problem, there are many power systems, one of which is a rosemary conley weight loss diet for the hips and legs. This technique implies a high-quality balanced diet in combination with a number of physical exercises, allowing to achieve the most positive result.

Such a diet is intended mainly for women who want to eliminate excess fat in problem areas, but men can also use this method. Diet lasts for fourteen days, during which it will take about 5-6 pounds of excess weight. The diet is characterized by low calorie - daily intake is about 1250 kilocalories. At least five even meals should be served per day.

In drawing up the daily ration, it is necessary to focus on products of plant origin, while fatty and sweet food is excluded at the time of the diet. It is recommended to add as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible to the menu, preferably seasonal, then the probability that they are natural and not produced in greenhouse conditions increases. Watermelon is great for promoting the removal of excess water from the body. At the time of the diet is prohibited the use of fatty foods and alcoholic beverages.

Any instant food, pizza, chips, sweets, crackers are completely excluded. The recommended daily fluid intake is two liters. Preference is better to give non-carbonated quality mineral water, and the volume of tea and coffee to reduce. Also, do not forget about the need for physical exercise - running on the spot, squats, lifting legs to the side. Need to do more hiking in the fresh air. Exposure yourself to intense physical exertion should be only in the absence of medical contraindications.

Sample diet menu for slimming the hips and legs:

Breakfastcrayfish - vegetable salad, boiled egg. Second breakfastcrayfish - orange and apple. Safe, - vegetable soup, juice, some black bread. Lunch - meat stew with vegetables (veal or chicken). Dinner - salad with boiled potatoes.

Diet for belly and hips

It is on the hips and abdomen that women often accumulate excess fat, so diets that help eliminate this problem are extremely relevant in our time. The main objective of the Rosemary Conley slimming diet for the hips and abdomen is to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and eliminate excess weight. The technique involves a balanced combination of proper nutrition and regular exercise.

This diet provides for compliance with several principles:

  1. It is necessary to eliminate carbonated and alcoholic beverages from the daily diet.
  2. Preferably salt free food.
  3. The volume of water consumed should be one and a half liters per day.
  4. Instead of coffee, it is better to drink green or white tea without adding sugar.
  5. Food should be carried out on a fractional basis. Frequent meals, but in small portions.
  6. Excluded sweets, cakes, loaves, white bread.
  7. Adequate fiber intake is needed (vegetables, fruits, cereals).

Sample diet menu for slimming the hips and abdomen:

  • Breakfastcrayfish : a boiled chicken egg, toast or a small loaf.
  • Second breakfastcrayfish : a few medium-sized oranges (if desired, they are allowed to replace them with apples).
  • Lunch: steamed or boiled chicken breast without fat and skin - 250g (you can replace the boiled fish low-fat varieties), a small plate of vegetable salad.
  • Dinner: grilled veal - 250g. In the absence of the grill, it is allowed to fry the dish in a Teflon pan without using oil. For dessert, eat a big orange.

The set of measures to eliminate excess weight includes a number of physical exercises, which should begin after receiving medical advice. Classic exercises for the abdominal muscles and abdominal muscles will do.

Diet for hips and buttocks

The purpose of this method of nutrition is to eliminate excess fat from the buttocks and thighs. These areas of the body - one of the most problematic in terms of losing weight. The Rosemary Conley diet involves the almost complete elimination of fats from the diet (although a certain amount of them is necessary for the human body) and the transition to high-quality healthy food. The daily menu should not contain coffee, alcoholic beverages, a variety of fatty foods (fatty meats, butter, chocolate, flour products, sour cream).

Dried or raw fruit is welcome. Melons or watermelons are especially suitable. Also, the list of permitted products includes various seafood, lean meat, whole-grain bread, fruits, cereals, peas, vegetables, beans and rice. The daily rate of protein is about 25 grams.

Sample diet menu:

  1. A portion of salad (vegetable), grilled fish - 150g, boiled potatoes.
  2. A pair of grilled and well-done steaks with tomatoes, corn kernels.
  3. Unsweetable cereal - 60g, dietary yogurt.

In addition to nutrition, exercise can be applied (in the absence of contraindications). Suitable for brisk walking, swimming, jump rope, aerobics and dancing, squats and jumps.

Reviews Rosemary Conley Slimming Hips Diet

Catherine: most importantly - do not abuse the food at night and do not eat a lot of fried and baked goods. The system itself is good, for a month of such nutrition you can lose seven kilograms. Sweet, dairy and bananas also do not recommend eating during this power system.

Svetlana: ordinary diet, characterized by proper nutrition and sports exercises. The result should be in strict compliance with the recommendations. I, for the preparation of a balanced diet, also turned to a nutritionist.

Natalia: A friend gave advice, and I decided to try. I was satisfied with the results, I did not feel hunger, I felt pretty good.

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