How to treat rhinitis folk remedies?


Everyone knows the saying - if you do not cure a cold, it will pass in a week, and if you heal, in 7 days.
Some folk remedies for the treatment of rhinitis at home will help to quickly cure a rhinitis in 1-3 days without side effects, others will facilitate general well-being, relieve nasal congestion. It is better to combine several folk methods for a speedy recovery.

Consider traditional methods and remedies for the treatment of rhinitis at home from the most simple and helpful to more complex.

Nasal lavage is a popular treatment for rhinitis.

For the treatment of rhinitis, it is necessary to draw in liquid from the palm of one nostril, and pour it out of the other nostril or mouth. After the procedure, blow your nose, the nose is cleaned instantly, the water washes away the viruses in the nose. This folk remedy helps to cure a runny nose in one day, a maximum of 2 days. It is necessary to rinse with warm water and salt, preferably sea food (1 teaspoon salt for a glass of water). Increases the therapeutic properties of such washing by adding tincture of propolis, calendula or eucalyptus to water (0.5 tsp. Per glass of water). Washing the nose with a decoction of beets helps just as well. If for the prevention of rinsing the nose with water every day, then the chance to get a cold is reduced to zero
Chronic prolonged rhinitis can be cured at home by rinsing the nose with this solution: for 1 cup of water - 1 tsp. salt, 0.5 tsp. soda and 5 drops of iodine - these washes help to cure even sinusitis.

Laundry soap in the treatment of rhinitis folk remedies.
Liberally soap your finger with soap and smear your nose from the inside - do it three times a day.
If every day for prophylaxis during the influenza period while washing you wash your nose with soap and water, then the risk of getting rhinitis will drop to zero (HLS 2011, No. 21, p. 33)

Treatment of rhinitis with mustard at home.
Mustard is widely used in folk methods and recipes for the treatment of rhinitis: put mustard plaster on your feet and fix it with a cloth or pour dry mustard into your socks and walk for 1-2 days. Or foot baths: before going to bed, hold your feet in hot water with the addition of mustard. Well cleans the nose, improves overall health with a cold

Runny nose - treatment of rhinitis with the help of massage.
Massage, rubbing feet with alcohol, then woolen socks are put on, it is desirable after that to put a heating pad on your feet.

Onions and garlic from the common cold - popular folk remedies.

Treatment of rhinitis at home with onions.
Wrap the grated onions in a damp napkin, put them on the wings of the nose, cover with a dry cloth on top, lie down with this compress for 15 minutes, repeat the procedure 3-4 times a day. Runny nose with a bow can be cured very quickly - in one day. You can put in the nose gauze turundochki impregnated with onion juice. And you can dilute the onion juice with water in the ratio 1: 3 - 1: 6 and bury these drops in the nose.

A pair of onions, garlic or horseradish from a cold.
The following home treatment is often recommended: cut the onion, garlic or horseradish into small pieces, put in a tightly screwed jar and inhale the vapors as often as possible. This remedy for the treatment of rhinitis is widely used in traditional medicine. During the flu epidemic, this popular method will help to avoid the disease.
But a more intense way to cure a cold with garlic at home: take a large clove of garlic, cut off 3 plates from it. One plate to smear the skin under the nose. Then lie on your back, put a mug of garlic in each nostril, and every 10 breaths alternate two breathing options:
1. Hold your nose with your fingertips and breathe with your mouth - 10 times
2. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
The total duration of the procedure is 10 minutes. In the beginning there will be a strong sneezing, here it is necessary to take care of the pieces of garlic so as not to scatter in different directions - take them out of the nose or, on the contrary, pinch the nose and sneeze through the mouth.
If you start this treatment at the first signs of flu or acute respiratory infections, the development of the disease can be avoided (Bulletin of healthy lifestyles number 19, 2010 p.10)

Home treatment of rhinitis with garlic oil.
Heat half a cup of vegetable oil in a water bath for 30 minutes, adding a head of crushed garlic. Insist day. Lubricate the nostrils 2-3 times a day.

Beets - effective folk remedies for the common cold at home.

Honey with beet juice is a popular popular method of treating the common cold in children.
Take liquid honey, 1/3 tsp., Dissolve boiled water in a dessert spoon and mix with 1 tbsp. l beet juice. Bury in 7 drops every 2 hours in a heated form. Runny nose can be cured in one day. (Bulletin of the healthy lifestyle number 16, 2000, p.12)
You can cure a runny nose easier: mix beet juice with boiled water 1: 1 and bury in the nose 4-5 drops several times a day. (HLS 2010, №20, p.39-40)

Tampons of raw beets with a cold.
Very well cleaned nose. Grate fresh beets, put on a piece of bandage and roll into a tube, insert into the nostrils for 1-2 hours, do several times a day. Swabs with garlic are also made, but before the introduction of a garlic swab, it is desirable to lubricate the nasal mucosa with vaseline

Inhalation with nose of smoke is a remedy for the treatment of the common cold found in all folk health care providers.
To cure a cold, you need to inhale smoke from smoldering cotton wool or smoldering crackers. Inhale either one or the other nostril to tears. Runny nose runs the same day. (HSE # 10, 2007).
The man was tormented all year round with a constant runny nose. He took a rusk, burning it from one end, when it caught fire, immediately put out, smoke went, he inhaled it with one or the other nostril. Runny nose passed after the first session. Now he is 91 years old, after the treatment of nasal congestion has never been. (HLS # 18, p. 40, 2011).
Woman read in a healthy lifestyle about this case. Her mucus was coming out from the nose, day and night, blowing her nose every five minutes, not in shawls, but in diapers. And after reading the note, she immediately set about treating the cold with smoke. I did only one procedure and the mucus stopped coming out. 20 days have passed after the treatment - there is no rhinitis, the diaper has been thrown away, she uses handkerchiefs, and even then only occasionally. (HSE # 21, p. 7, 2011).

Motherwort tincture:
Rub the nose, smear around the nostrils, breathing will become easier.

Treatment of rhinitis at home with oil.
Sealer oil: bury 2–3 drops in each nostril 2–3 times a day or lubricate the nose inside every hour. Two days later, rhinitis passes (HLS # 4, 2007).
You can also use and camphor oil for home treatment (HLS # 2, p. 41, 2012). It is especially advisable to use camphor oil for treatment if a runny nose is accompanied by a headache - lubricate the nose and temples at least 2 times a day (HLS # 3, p. 30, 2007).
Helps in the treatment and menthol oil.

Popular treatment of rhinitis Kalanchoe.
Aloe and Kalanchoe are wonderful folk remedies for treating rhinitis. It is necessary to bury in the nose, 3-4 times a day, Kalanchoe pinnate juice or aloe vera, 3-5 drops in each half of the nose. Instilling Kalanchoe juice sometimes causes severe sneezing, but rhinitis can be cured with this remedy in one day.
It is also possible to effectively cure a cold with the help of juice from a golden mustache - in just one day. Blend golden mustache juice 2-3 drops 3-4 times a day.

Viburnum juice with honey - folk remedies for home treatment of rhinitis.
The recipe is as follows: mix 1 cup of viburnum juice and 1 cup of honey, drink 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day. Keep in the fridge, drink warm. On the 3rd day, all the mucus is released (HLS # 23, 2000, p. 19).

Warming up with porridge with a prolonged runny nose in a child.
With a long-term headache in a child, sew a small bag of linen cloth, fill it with warm, boiled millet porridge and put the bag on the maxillary sinuses. Keep until cool.

Nasal warming is the most common folk remedy for the treatment of rhinitis. For warming the nose at home, two boiled chicken eggs wrapped in cloth, a bag of hot sand or salt are used.

Treatment of prolonged rhinitis with drops of propolis and oils.
It happens that a runny nose does not pass a few months. Then use the following prescription for treatment: you must take a 10% tincture of propolis, camphor oil, sunflower oil - all the components of 1 tsp., Drain into a dark vial, shake. Drip in each nostril 3-5 drops 3 times a day during the week. Then a break of 3 days. Then again drip week. Runny nose passes. Before you drip, stir the mixture (HLS # 10, 2007).

Chronic runny nose - rinsing the nose with salt water.
The man had chronic rhinitis, constantly buried various drops in his nose, but they helped for a short time, his nose was constantly laying, especially at night. He began to rinse his nose with salt water with a pear (1 tsp. Of salt per 1 cup of water). At first I did this procedure several times a day, then less often. Chronic rhinitis has been cured completely. (HLS # 13, 2010, p. 28-29).

Chronic rhinitis - healing drops.
The woman had a constant runny nose for a long time. No funds helped. Familiar advised a simple recipe: take 1 tsp. 10% propolis tincture, camphor oil. sunflower unrefined oil, drain everything into a vial of dark glass and shake. Instill 3-5 nozzles in each nostril 3 times a day for a week, then a 3-day break. After the second week of the course, the woman had a runny nose. (HLS # 9, 2007, p. 30).

Folk treatment of chronic rhinitis with herbs.
The healer e. F. Zaitseva gives a recipe for collection, which clears mucus from the lungs and nasopharynx.
We must take the grass of mother and stepmother, wild rosemary, thyme, plantain, linden flowers and black elderberry, Althea root and licorice in equal proportions. 2 tbsp. l the collection of these eight components pour 2 cups boiling water for 30 minutes, strain. Drink infusion 3-4 times a day for 15 minutes before meals for half a cup. The course of treatment of chronic rhinitis is 1.5 months. (HLS # 8, 2006, p. 24).

Treatment of chronic rhinitis with water.
The woman caught a cold, earned a runny nose, which did not end for a long time. And, in the end, turned into chronic. A neighbor suggested an unusual folk method of treating a cold: you should pour cold water on your left or right foot with your thumb. I decided to try. Lila daily for 3 minutes for each finger cold water. The effect is amazing! For the past 2 years, he has not remembered about a cold and about other colds (HLS # 23, 2012, p. 32).

Treatment of prolonged rhinitis with dew.
The man was tormented by a strong runny nose in winter and summer. Drops from the pharmacy, folk remedies did not help. Then he decided to walk barefoot in the morning dew. Went for a month. And chronic runny nose managed to cure. (HLS # 8, p. 38, 2013).

Folk remedies

For the treatment of rhinitis, even experts recommend using traditional recipes. How to treat rhinitis folk remedies? There are a lot of ways. It is important to remember that some drugs can cause allergic reactions, so you need to choose a method of treatment very carefully.

Consider the most effective recipes for the treatment of rhinitis at home.

  • How to treat rhinitis with beet juice: it is necessary to bury the beet juice several times a day during the week. For the treatment of vasomotor rhinitis you need tampons soaked in beet juice, for half an hour to insert into each nasal passage for seven days. If healing has not occurred, you need to take a break for several days and repeat the treatment.
  • Nose massage is performed by gently tapping the fingers on the wings of the nose and nose. With the help of a massage, mucus will quickly be released from the nose and nasopharynx, making it easier to breathe. The procedure is carried out every day several times until complete relief.
  • Massage of the frontal and maxillary sinuses: the index fingers need to press on the sinuses. Repeat pressing several times. You can apply the rubbing motion. The procedure improves blood circulation.
  • How to treat rhinitis with soap: three times a day, lubricate the nasal passages with soap. To do this, rub your finger over with plenty of soap and smear your nose from the inside.
  • Warming up the feet: before going to bed, you need to take hot foot baths with the addition of mustard and salt. After the procedure, rub the legs with alcohol and put on warm wool socks.
  • Treatment of rhinitis at home with onions: shredded onion gruel needs to be wrapped in a scarf and put on the wings of the nose. Compress better cover with a dry cloth on top and hold for 15 minutes. It is necessary to repeat the procedure 3-4 times a day. Onion juice can also be instilled into the nasal passages. This method is very effective and allows you to get rid of rhinitis in one day. To prepare the solution, one part of onion juice must be diluted in three parts of water so that during instillation you do not burn the nasal mucosa. You can put in the nose gauze or cotton swabs moistened in a solution of onion juice.

How to cure vasomotor rhinitis

Vasomotor rhinitis is usually associated with disorders in the nasal mucosa, changes in vascular tone. Both children and adults are susceptible to this disease. Most vasomotor rhinitis is observed in people with increased nervous excitability.

How to cure vasomotor rhinitis yourself? First you need to eliminate the possibility of allergies. When treating rhinitis, one should take into account the individual intolerance to certain traditional medicine remedies.

Here are a few recipes of alternative medicine and tell you how to cure vasomotor rhinitis at home:

  • Calendula: wash the nasal passages with calendula infusion twice a day with a syringe without a needle, 3-4 rinses at a time. Procedures carried out during the week. To prepare the solution, pour 1 tablespoon of calendula with a glass of boiling water. Let it brew for half an hour and strain the solution.
  • Salt baths: Irrigate the nasal mucosa with saline twice a day for a month with a syringe without a needle. The procedure is carried out every other day. To prepare the solution, stir half a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water. After washing the nasal passages, it is necessary to drip eucalyptus oil into each nasal passage.
  • Chamomile baths: you need to draw in each nasal passage alternately for 5-10 seconds an infusion of chamomile flowers. For the preparation of an infusion of a tablespoon of chamomile flowers pour a glass of boiled water, insist for 20 minutes. Treatment is carried out within a week.
  • Inhalation: it is necessary to breathe hot steamed boiled potatoes for 15 minutes. During inhalation, in order to avoid swelling of the mucous membranes and prevent the occurrence of the greenhouse effect, it is impossible to cover from above. The procedure is repeated 10 times at intervals of a day. Before inhalation, boiled potatoes should be slightly kneaded in hot water in which they are boiled.

Treatment of rhinitis ginger with lemon and honey

One of the most popular folk remedies in the treatment of rhinitis is ginger with honey and lemon, which not only attracts with a refreshing savory taste, but also brings to our body a loading dose of vitamins and beneficial substances that boost immunity. That is why this recipe for treating a cold and a cold at home is so popular. Ingredients for the remedy are not difficult to find, and preparation takes a few minutes. If you regularly take a ginger-honey mixture or drink a fragrant drink with lemon, a cold and a runny nose will forget the way to your home - checked and confirmed by thousands of people.

The high efficiency of ginger in combination with honey and lemon against the common cold and cold is explained by the healing action of each of the three components of this folk remedy:

Ginger contains a huge amount of vitamins, amino acids, phytoncides and other biologically active substances that have an immunity-strengthening, tonic, warming, anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic effect on the human body,

Honey is known for its richest vitamin and mineral composition - it is a real elixir of life. The treatment of rhinitis and colds at home with honey has been practiced for a long time and very successfully, so it hardly makes sense to prove once again the effectiveness and benefits of this wonderful product,

Lemon acts as the final chord in this popular recipe for a cold because it is the lemon of all the available foods that contains the highest concentration of vitamin C that is vital for a cold person. In addition, the lemon perfectly emphasizes the taste of this folk remedy for the common cold.

How to prepare a remedy for rhinitis of ginger and honey?

Fresh ginger root - 300 g

Bee Honey - 150 ml,

Lemon - 1 piece weighing 120-150 g

Clean ginger root from hard peel and rub on a fine grater. Wash the lemon, also clean, cut, remove all the bones, and chop the flesh with a blender or meat grinder, or simply chop finely with a knife. Fold the prepared ingredients into a clean glass jar with a screw cap, pour the honey, mix thoroughly and store in the refrigerator.

Fresh ginger root - about 2 cm,

Honey bee - 2 tsp,

Lemon - 1 slice,

Boiling water - 1 cup.

Peel ginger root and grate on a fine grater, you will get 2-3 teaspoons of ginger gruel. Put it in a mug, add a lemon, rub it well and fill it with boiling water. Cover the cup with a saucer and wait 25-30 minutes - during this time the drink will infuse and cool to 60-70 ° C. Now you can add honey there without fear of destroying all its healing components. Fragrant tea from cold and cold is ready!

You should turn to the first recipe without waiting for a cold and a cold: as soon as the cold season comes, prepare a jar of medication, put it in the fridge and take 1 teaspoon daily 20-30 minutes before meals. A mixture of honey, ginger and lemon can be given even to children over five years old in half a teaspoon, and if the delicacy seems to your child too specific in taste, immediately offer him a sip of sweet tea.

If you have already caught a cold, and a runny nose and a sore throat threaten to turn into a full-scale disease, go to the second prescription. Ginger-honey tea with lemon can be drunk 3-4 times a day: it perfectly tones, gives strength, relieves throat, eases nasal breathing even with a strong rhinitis and allows you to perspire properly.

When dry cough, it is recommended to combine treatment with both means, since ginger with honey acts as a mild expectorant. To enhance the healing effect, take the ginger-honey mixture sublingually, that is, hold it under the tongue and dissolve for a few minutes before swallowing.

Although this folk remedy for rhinitis and colds is completely natural and safe, it has several contraindications:

Allergies to ginger, citrus or bee products,

Severe forms of hypertension,

Gestation and lactation period

Gastritis and gastric ulcer,

Stones in the kidneys, liver, urinary or gallbladder.

Before starting treatment of rhinitis and colds with ginger and honey, you should consult with your doctor, because these products have a powerful tonic effect and can aggravate the course of some serious chronic diseases. As for young and relatively healthy people, only honey can bring them honey with ginger and lemon.

Video recipe for a delicious cold ginger drink

The most effective treatment of rhinitis

The radical remedy for prolonged, often recurrent and chronic rhinitis is a home procedure of washing the nose with sea salt, which came to us from the East, from the traditional culture of Indian yogis. In the homeland of the technique it is called "jala-neti." Rinsing the nose with a weak solution of sea salt is considered the most effective and popular treatment of rhinitis among knowledgeable people. It allows you not only to mechanically clean the maxillary sinuses from mucus and pus, but also to sanitize this area locally so that the inflammation stops. The chemical composition of natural sea salt is unique: it contains natural compounds that have a disinfecting and soothing effect on the nasal mucosa.

Those who first decided to resort to the treatment of rhinitis using washes, you need to remember a few important rules:

Do not try to enhance the therapeutic effect of the procedure by adding more salt to the solution. In some uncompetent sources it is proposed to put almost a whole tablespoon of sea salt in a glass of water. So you only burn the mucous membrane and aggravate the runny nose. The teaching of yoga says that the water for washing the nose should not be more salty than human blood,

Always mix the solution very thoroughly and wait until the sea salt is completely dissolved, otherwise during the procedure hard nuggets will damage the nasal mucosa,

Do not use hot water to accelerate the dissolution of salt. The optimum temperature of the solution for washing the nose - 40-42 ° C Celsius,

During the procedure, do not suck in the solution, otherwise you will choke. Water should flow freely in one nostril and flow out of the other.

Recipes washing the nose with sea salt with a cold:

Adults - 1 teaspoon of sea salt per half liter of boiled water.

Children - the concentration is two times less.

For experienced patients with chronic sinusitis, add 2 drops of iodine and soda at the tip of the knife to the basic recipe.

Treatment of rhinitis with sea salt without rinsing - you need to moisten a clean linen napkin in a solution of sea salt (1 tablespoon per glass of water) and place it on your face for 15 minutes. This will reduce the flow of the nose, ease breathing and moisten the mucous membrane.

Video about washing the nose with sea salt:

Thuja oil at a cold

It is the thuja oil of all coniferous aromatic oils that is most often used for the treatment of rhinitis at home. It contains a lot of phytoncides, glycosides and tannins, therefore, thuja oil is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and fungicidal agent. But it does not constrict blood vessels, does not reduce the amount of mucus, does not relieve swelling, therefore, it is not worth using thuja oil against the common cold as an independent and sole therapeutic agent.

Meanwhile, both the thuja oil itself and the decoction of the needles of this tree are powerful immunomodulatory agents. Regularly digging into the nose these compounds, it is theoretically possible to increase the local immunity. But it is rather a preventive measure, rather than a radical method of treating a cold. And this is the second reason why it is not possible to consider an inanimate panacea for a cold and a cold.

And the third reason is that Tui butter is, first of all, butter. What happens if you drip an oily solution that is not breathing into your nose that is clogged with mucus? The work of ciliated epithelium, already complicated by the disease, will be disturbed. The mucus will stop evacuating from the nasal cavity. And this is fraught with the accumulation of mucus in the maxillary sinuses and the transition to a runny nose to sinusitis. It is advisable to drip thuja oil into the nose only with a dry rhinitis, when the mucous membrane is thinned and inflamed, and crusts are dried on it.

Recipes for the treatment of rhinitis with thuja oil:

Oil drops. It is recommended that adults and children should be instilled with 3-4 drops of thuja oil in each nasal passage for the night, after blowing nose and clearing the nose. This is a good alternative to moisturizing the mucous membranes with saline. We emphasize once again that it is possible to drip thuja oil into the nose only with a dry rhinitis.

Drops of coniferous broth. If the runny nose is very strong, and is accompanied by copious flow of mucus, coniferous broth is recommended instead of oil. For 1 tablespoon of pine needles you will need 500 ml of boiling water. Insist the decoction in a sealed container until it cools to room temperature, and then pour 3-4 drops into each nostril into a previously cleansed nose.

Contraindications and side effects. Coniferous aromatic oils, like any other, can cause severe allergies in young children. The baby's cheeks are covered with scarlet scab, swelling and itching. If your child is prone to allergies, it is better to choose another method of treating a cold in the home, for example, drops from seawater or washing with a weak salt solution.

Before starting to use Tui oil, both adult patients and young children are recommended to make a skin test for sensitivity: apply a drop of oil on the area under the nose and wait a day. If there are no negative symptoms, proceed to the treatment of rhinitis.

In the network, there are often recommendations from supposedly traditional healers to use thuja oil for steam inhalation. It is absolutely impossible to do this; even cases of pneumonia due to the use of thuja oil for inhalation with the help of ultrasonic inhalers and nebulizers are known.

Actually, ordinary steam inhalations with thuja oil are usually useless at runny nose because they do not cure a bacterial infection by heating and moistening, so microbes only multiply faster, and with a different type of runny nose (allergic, viral), thuja is not relevant at all.

How to buy the correct butter thuja? Since thuja oil is a popular remedy for colds and colds, there were drug manufacturers offering vaseline with the addition of a meager concentration of the therapeutic component for pure essential oil. On the box of the drug will be the inscription "homeopathic remedy" or "EDAS-801". The effectiveness of this remedy against the common cold seems doubtful, but it costs more than the usual aromatic oil of thuja.

Another way to relieve the pockets of lovers of natural cure for rhinitis is a homeopathic ointment containing only 0.5 tons of oil. It is assumed that with its help you can get rid of rhinitis, simply laying in the nose soaked cotton swabs. However, since the concentration of the essential oil in such an ointment is very low, it will not be able to provide any pronounced therapeutic effect.

Kalanchoe juice from a cold

Treatment of rhinitis Kalanchoe juice at home - one of the most popular, but at the same time controversial home techniques. Someone this tool helps to quickly get rid of a cold, for someone Kalanchoe does not have any effect at all, but there are people who have this rhinitis from this juice is only getting worse, and allergies are added to it.

The most unpleasant thing is that in advance it is impossible to predict the result of treatment of rhinitis with Kalanchoe juice. But we will try to objectively highlight all the pros and cons of this popular method and establish in which cases Kalanchoe can help get rid of a cold at home, and in which it is better not to use it. After all, the type and characteristics of the course of rhinitis will determine the effectiveness of the use of Kalanchoe.

The following properties of Kalanchoe may be useful for the treatment of rhinitis:

Bactericidal (destroys bacteria) and bacteriostatic (does not allow them to multiply). From this it follows that Kalanchoe juice is effective against bacterial rhinitis,

Anti-edematous (relieves nasal congestion) and anti-inflammatory (reduces mucus secretion),

Irritant (promotes sneezing and quick evacuation of nasal mucus).

Therapeutic effect of Kalanchoe with a cold:

Bactericidal effect. A large number of phytoncides are present in the composition of Kalanchoe, therefore, the juice of this plant can really stop a bacterial infection. But for this, it would have to be poured in literally with buckets so that a protective film was constantly present on the mucous membrane. And for the treatment of rhinitis at home it is recommended to drip only a few drops in each nasal passage 3-4 times a day. Is it possible to stop the infection in this way? Obviously, no. Another reason to doubt the effectiveness of Kalanchoe with rhinitis is a rarity of the bacterial cold. Most cases of rhinitis are viral or allergic in nature. Therefore, dripping into the nose Kalanchoe juice with flu, acute respiratory infections or hay fever does not make sense at all.

Anti-inflammatory effect. Here, everything looks much more encouraging - Kalanchoe juice really relieves swelling and quickly relieves inflammation. But to stop the inflammatory process in case of a cold before the time is dangerous, no matter how strange it may sound. Inflammation is a complex natural process initiated by a person’s immune system to defeat a disease. Muting this process artificially, we deprive the body of the ability to fight infection. Viruses or bacteria that cause a runny nose will not die from the juice of Kalanchoe, and immune cells (leukocytes and macrophages) will no longer be produced. So what then will kill the pathogen? Rhinitis runs the risk of becoming a serious illness. The indicator of the natural immune response is subfebrile body temperature. If a person has a temperature of about 37 ° C Celsius with a cold and a cold, it cannot be shot down, and it is not advisable to be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs include not only the well-known aspirin or analgin, but also Kalanchoe juice, so you shouldn’t drip it into your nose if the cold has just begun, and is accompanied by low-grade fever.

Kalanchoe against the flow of the nose. This is the effect of Kalanchoe most relevant in the treatment of rhinitis. The sap of the plant after contact with the nasal mucosa causes intense sverbenia and sneezing, and this helps to evacuate the mucus accumulated deep in the nasopharynx and in the maxillary sinuses. With a simple blow of your nose, it is impossible to clean your nose so effectively. But on the other hand, too intense sneezing can injure the mucous membranes and lead to their drying out as a result of the complete removal of mucus. Therefore, the treatment of rhinitis with the help of Kalanchoe juice should be careful and dosed: by adjusting the concentration and amount of medication, you should achieve the desired effect.

Lemon juice from the cold

Very effective at the first symptoms of the disease. It is necessary to mix lemon juice in half with water and pull it into the nose, immediately blowing back. You will have to do this several times, overcoming unpleasant sensations, and then immediately dissolve half a tablespoon of table salt in half a glass of warm boiled water, soak a cotton swab in this solution and introduce it alternately in each nostril. Lemon copes with microbes, and salt removes well the swelling of the nasal mucosa. If this unpleasant procedure is done several times during the day, a runny nose will pass very quickly. And, of course, in addition, you can breathe over grated onions or garlic in the old folk way. This is especially useful during a flu epidemic.

Editor's review: did so-so. The most important thing is to do it as soon as you feel your nose is laying. I just buried my nose with lemon juice and that's it. No cold. But for children this method is not suitable, it is very painful from the lemon in the nose.

Beets for the treatment of rhinitis

It is necessary to squeeze out some juice from a piece of beet, about 3 tablespoons add 1 teaspoon of natural honey. Stir well to dissolve honey. That's all, the drops are ready. Bury them in a few drops in each nostril 4 times a day. Runny nose quickly passes.But keep in mind: the tool is quite tart and potent. It is necessary to get used to this medicine. Drip a little bit, and if you feel that everything is normal, then increase the dose.

Garlic cure cold

Fill a jar, with a tight-fitting lid, finely chopped garlic. The essence of the treatment is to inhale therapeutic vapors. Putting a bubble to one nostril, close the second one with a finger and slowly inhale deeply, but be careful not to inadvertently inhale the contents. And so - in turn, gradually increasing the time of the procedure. At first, such sessions should be repeated 3-4 times during each hour, then the intensity can be reduced to 1-2 times per hour. As a rule, runny nose at the end of the day stops, the temperature drops. The next day, inhalation of garlic odor is repeated several times to prevent it. This recipe is good at the first sign of a cold.

Inhalation for the treatment of rhinitis

Rub the horseradish On a grater, put it in a jar and tightly close the lid. After 15 minutes open, breathe more fully in your mouth, hold your breath for 3 seconds and exhale through the nose. Repeat as many times as you can without effort. After such inhalations, no runny nose or sinusitis is not terrible for you.

Cold oil

We take 50 ml of vegetable oil, pour it into some glass dish that can be put in a water bath. Keep the oil in a boiling water bath for 40 minutes. During this time, the oil should lose all harmful substances. After 40 minutes, put the oil cool. And we take 4 slices garlic and quarter head Luke. Chop garlic and onions and pour this mixture with chilled vegetable oil. Let insist two hours. All useful qualities of onions and garlic will be transferred to the butter. Then just strain the oil and lubricate the mucous membranes in the nose. Do this as needed when the nose stops breathing. You will see the effect immediately. It will be easier to breathe, the congestion will pass, the snot will gradually stop flowing.

Editor's review: Thanks to this recipe, in 5 days the child cured a runny nose that had not passed a month in 5 days.

Cold ointment

This ointment perfectly treats a runny nose. Take 0.5 st. honey and vegetable oil, 2 tablets of mummy and streptotsida, 2 tbsp. juice Kalanchoe (or aloe), 2 g of propolis and beeswax (half a matchbox). Heat oil, wax and honey, stirring constantly over low heat. When the wax melts, remove from heat. In a cup, pulverize streptocide tablets, propolis and mummy into powder, then pour it all with a warm mixture. Add aloe juice at the end. Mix everything well. Store ointment in the refrigerator. Lubricate the nose 2-3 times a day and chest for the night (if you are coughing), warming with a scarf. Immediately begins to breathe nose and cough does not torment at night.

Lily of the valley powder from a cold

Prepare a very simple remedy for the common cold of flowers. lilies of the valley. It is necessary to dry the flowers and lilies of the valley shoots, then finely pound. Place in a small glass jar, close the lid. Store in a dark place. Use as a snuff with a cold. Everything is very simple and effective from the common cold.

Honey with aloe juice will help cure a cold baby

In a dry teaspoon, take a third of honey and squeeze aloe juice drop by drop for each full year of the child (3 years - 3 drops, etc.). Gently stirring, holding over a fire until the liquid becomes homogeneous. The cooled medicine should be instilled into the child by 2-3 drops in each nostril several times a day. To drip only freshly prepared drug. This is a wonderful "childish" remedy for rhinitis.

Sprays for children

But you can make it even easier and get ready-made specialized solution, the use of such funds is much more convenient in everyday life, especially when treating children. For washing the nasal cavity in young children use solutions of sea water in the form of drops and sprays with different types of spraying. Sprays with continuous dispersed spraying provide a more uniform irrigation and, accordingly, cleansing the walls of the baby's nasal cavity. Now in the pharmacy you can buy sprays specially designed for children's soaps based on a solution of sea water with a careful spray. For example, Aqualore Baby spray with a mild shower spray system gently washes the baby's nose and is allowed for use even for infants from the first day of life.

Acupressure for the treatment of rhinitis. "How to cure a cold in five minutes"

There are few people who would consider a cold to be a serious illness, but it poisons life for almost everyone. To help the body cope with discomfort, to activate the internal forces to fight the cold, you can massage the following points on the face:

Point number 1. If you continue the line of eyebrows, then this point will be at the intersection with the line of the nose.

Point number 2. These symmetrical points are located on both sides of the face. Slightly noticeable hollows two centimeters from the outer edge of the eyebrow. Press them at the same time.

Point number 3. Two symmetrical points at the base of the nose, near the edge of the eye sockets. Massage simultaneously.

Point number 4. Symmetric points in a half centimeter from the wings of the nose.


These points need to massage with your fingertips for one minute. Press hard, but not until the appearance of pain. It does not matter whether clockwise or counterclockwise. It is important that there is a feeling of pressure on the point.


The main thing - the right blood flow!

Effective ointment for rhinitis

For the manufacture of ointments are needed: alcohol, milk, honey, juice Luke, vegetable oil and dark soap, rubbed on a coarse grater. All take 1 tablespoon, keep in a water bath, stirring until the soap is dissolved. Coil cotton on a match, dip it in the prepared ointment and smear it in each nostril 3 times a day for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Recommendations for the treatment of rhinitis

  1. Immediately, as soon as the runny nose begins, put mustard plasters on the heels and put on thick woolen socks. Keep them for two hours. Then take off and quickly walk around the room for a while. Then - in bed.
  2. Juice aloe or Kalanchoe 3-5 drops to dig into each nostril 4-5 times a day.
  3. In each nostril to put in the nostrils cotton swabs moistened with beet juice. Add honey to beet juice.
  4. To sniff one or the other nostril with a cotton swab dipped in liquid ammonia.
  5. Lubricate the heels with tincture of iodine, then put on woolen socks, pouring dry mustard in them.

If you have verified popular recipes for the treatment of rhinitis, leave comments below

What is a runny nose

Such an acute inflammation of the nasal mucosa is not an independent disease, it is an unpleasant symptom characteristic of colds and viral ailments. Equally progresses in adulthood and childhood, requires safe therapeutic interventions. You can successfully deal with excessive nasal congestion at home; for this, you should use the help of antibacterial and vasoconstrictor drops. An additional measure of response are the popular methods of treatment of rhinitis, which also require consultation otolaryngologist.

Folk remedy

Progressive rhinitis accompanied by severe swelling of the mucous membranes, itching and acute inflammation. Rapidly remove such unpleasant symptoms with the participation of decoctions of camomile, calendula, sage, oak bark and other natural ingredients. Before choosing traditional remedies for the treatment of rhinitis in adults, it is required to adhere to the following medical recommendations:

  1. Walking at home in warm socks, avoiding prolonged hypothermia.
  2. The selected therapeutic composition must be hypoallergenic, otherwise the process will intensify.
  3. For flushing the nose, it is advisable to use a sterile syringe filled with a healing solution.
  4. With a cold, inhalation, warming up the stuffy nose, washing the nasal passages are especially effective.
  5. Methods of official and alternative medicine can be successfully combined in one intensive care scheme, to eliminate drug interaction of components.

Herbs from the common cold

So that the treatment ultimately does not lead to chronic sinusitis, you need to consult with your doctor. Even the most effective remedy for the common cold of healing herbs can eliminate the disease only at the initial stage, and later on, the positive dynamic is less pronounced. Experts recommend using broths of thyme, lavender, chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort, sage and oregano. Here are effective recipes:

  1. Requires 1 tbsp. l Eucalyptus leaves pour 250 ml of olive or other vegetable oils, then roast on moderate heat for 5-7 minutes. Insist the composition for 3-4 hours, then strain and chilled instilled into each nostril 2-3 drops up to 5 times per day.
  2. It is required to combine 10 g of willow bark, pine buds, coltsfoot, oregano, forest mallow. Then 3 tbsp. l 300 ml of cold water should be poured over the finished raw material, left for an hour, then boiled for 5 minutes. Strain, cool, drip into each nostril, 3 drops three times a day.

Salt washings

To get rid of inflammation at home, traditional medicine provides not only herbal medicines, but also salt formulations for washing the stuffy nose. This is a quick treatment, which focuses on the strict observance of the dosage of salts, otherwise you can injure the already sensitive mucosa. Here are time-tested formulations:

  1. Dissolve 1 tbsp. l salt in 1 tbsp. warm water. Mix the composition to a state of uniformity, pour it into a special teapot or syringe, rinse the nasal passages up to 3-5 times per day.
  2. By the same principle, sea salt can be used, only for 1 tbsp. boiled water use 1 tsp. such minerals. As practice shows, the therapeutic effect when the number of procedures is observed comes much earlier.

Warming up

Inhalations dry the mucous membrane, promote productive sputum separation, relieve inflammation and signs of acute inflammation. For example, a session can be performed with eucalyptus oil or menthol composition, the main thing is that allergies should not occur. Here are the most effective folk remedies:

  1. Heat a 2 liter pot of water, after boiling add one of these essential oils: eucalyptus, sea buckthorn, thyme, tea tree, fir (3-4 drops). Quickly cover your head with a towel, and then breathe over the pan for 5-7 minutes.
  2. When performing steam inhalations, you can use sea or regular salt. Acting on the same principle, while reducing the duration of one session - no more than 5 minutes. After processing the nasal passages can not go out, it is important to avoid drafts.

Ointments and drops

As a popular anti-inflammatory drugs, you can use natural ointments with propolis in the absence of the patient's allergies or acute aversion to honey. If there are no medical contraindications, an adult and a child need to lubricate the mucous membrane with such folk compositions, after which it is forbidden to eat and drink for 1 hour. Here are two reliable recipes with natural honey that provide quick effects:

  1. Required to connect 0.5 st. honey and vegetable oil, add 2 g of propolis and beeswax, 2 pills mummy and streptotsida, 2 tbsp. l juice from the leaves of aloe. Then heat oil, wax and honey in a water bath, and at this time, grind the tablets and add the finished powder to the honey-oil composition. Stir, insist in the refrigerator, lubricate the nasal passages 2-3 times a day and always before bedtime.
  2. Combine a third of a teaspoon of honey with the same amount of aloe juice. Heat, mix, and then cool the medicine to instill 2-3 drops in each nostril up to 5 times a day. It is possible to treat a runny nose for several days if you are not allergic to honey.

Onions from the cold

Nasal passages can bury not only aloe, there are other folk remedies with a pronounced therapeutic effect. For example, rub onions (it is a reliable antiseptic), add a few drops of water, and with such a diluted concentrate you can bury the inflamed foci of pathology. Juice of onions can cure a runny nose, sore throat and other cold symptoms, ARVI, the main thing is not to burn the mucous during treatment. Here are effective remedies for the common cold every day:

  1. It is required to peel the onion, be sure to remove the transparent film and cut sticks from the pulp. Put them in the nostrils and breathe. You can be treated in this way for 2-3 days.
  2. It is necessary to chop the onion on a plate, cover with a towel and inhale its healing vapors for 5-7 minutes. The procedure can be carried out throughout the day.

This is another effective antiseptic that quickly clears the common cold. The use of such a folk remedy provides a stable therapeutic effect after the first session, however, doctors recommend continuing home therapy for 3-5 days. So, here are effective recipes for every day:

  1. Garlic juice that is pre-diluted with water is required to process blocked nasal passages before bedtime. A runny nose disappears almost immediately, but in order not to cause irritation, it is advisable to perform such a procedure only once a day.
  2. Requires 2 tbsp. l gruel of garlic pour 100 ml of water, mix and infuse for several hours. Then add 0.5 tsp. liquid honey, use the finished composition as drops for a stuffy nose.

As well as medicinal decoctions of herbs, iodine is able to quickly rid the patient of a progressive runny nose. This local antiseptic represents those folk remedies that relieve inflammation, dry the mucous membrane, relieve itching and nasal discharge. Here's how to prepare folk remedies with his direct participation:

  1. At night, in the absence of high temperature, it is required to spread iodine on the feet, to make a frequent iodine net. After putting on woolen socks and sleep. In the morning, symptoms of rhinitis noticeably subside.
  2. In boiling water you need to add a few drops of iodine and breathe 5-7 minutes over the pan. It is desirable to carry out the procedure at bedtime, and on the third day there will be no trace of the common cold.

Beet juice is an effective folk remedy, but for some patients this ingredient may be the main allergen. If the allergic reaction is completely absent, these are the recipes you can use for strong rhinitis:

  1. Need 1 tsp. honey natural dilute 3 tbsp. l beet juice. Stir the finished composition, use as drops for the nose in the morning and evening.
  2. With a massage or just before bedtime, you can use cotton swabs in the nasal passages, previously soaked in beet juice, from the head cold.

Folk recipes for children

In childhood, against the background of a weakened immune system, a runny nose can appear in a child almost every month, especially during a seasonal epidemic. With the help of herbs and physiotherapy, it is possible to normalize the general condition of a small patient. It is advisable to choose a gentle folk composition with quick action. Here are effective remedies for the common cold:

  1. It is recommended that the child perform a foot massage before bedtime, then put dry mustard in the sock. Do not take off until the morning, the condition of the sick child is greatly improved.
  2. It is necessary to heat the salt in the pan, put it in a bag (sock) and attach it to the maxillary sinuses. Keep the compress until complete cooling, it is desirable to conduct a session at bedtime.

Useful folk remedies for pregnant women

When carrying a fetus is required to selectively treat the treatment of rhinitis, since a number of official means are prohibited to use. Here are effective folk recipes used by all future moms:

  1. Brew chamomile in boiling water, then filtered, and used as nasal drops with anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. They squeeze aloe juice and with such a concentrate three times a day they bury the nasal passages laid in snot in the morning and evening.

Treatment of rhinitis Kalanchoe juice

For the treatment of rhinitis at home, the following types of Kalanchoe are used:

Folk healers strongly recommend to withstand before use cut Kalanchoe leaves for several hours in the refrigerator, wrapping them in a dark cloth. This allows you to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment of rhinitis, because in the dark and in the cold chemical reactions occur in the leaves that activate the necessary substances.

In order to quickly get rid of a cold in the home, it is usually enough to drip 2-3 drops of freshly squeezed juice from Kalanchoe leaves, diluted with boiled water in two, for a few days in each nostril. For children, the concentration of the solution is chosen individually: if the baby sneezes heavily, and the mucous membranes of the nose become swollen and scarlet, the juice is diluted with water more strongly.

Terms of use Kalanchoe with a cold:

Do not drip into the nose Kalanchoe at elevated body temperature.

Do not use this method to treat vasomotor, allergic, and viral rhinitis.

Begin treatment of rhinitis with Kalanchoe juice not earlier than on the fourth day of illness.

Stop using Kalanchoe at the first sign of an allergy.

Before treatment, perform a skin test for sensitivity.

Do not drip Kalanchoe juice into your nose for more than five days in a row.

Use this remedy only for the treatment of a rhinitis of a bacterial nature, that is, if the mucus in the nose is not clear and fluid, but thick and yellow-green.

In exceptional cases, this home method can lead to serious undesirable consequences:

Thinning and drying of the nasal mucosa up to atrophic rhinitis,

Allergic reactions (urticaria, bronchospasm, angioedema),

Transition of a cold to a chronic form due to an inflammatory process too early,

Aggravation of cold, lowering the focus of the disease below or spread to the ears (otitis).

How to quickly cure a cold in one day at home?

Very often, people are wondering how to quickly cure a cold, and even more so in one day? There is a very simple and effective method of treatment of rhinitis at home - onion drops in the nose. You can prepare them in just a couple of minutes, this tool helps almost everyone and has no contraindications. What is the secret of the healing effect of onions? This vegetable owes its specific aroma to sulfur, a rare mineral found in onions in very high concentrations. And the eyes are stinging from onions precisely because volatile sulfuric gas is emitted from its pulp when cut into the air, which mixes with tears and transforms into sulfuric acid, which corrodes the eyes.

But sulfur has a beneficial effect - it acts as a local antibiotic. It is enhanced by natural phytoncides, which are a part of onions, and organic acids, which constrict blood vessels. Therefore, fresh onion juice really helps to get rid of a cold in just one day, if you begin treatment immediately, at the first sign of indisposition.

To make onion drops in the nose, take a small onion, peel it, cut it into 4 pieces and squeeze the juice out of it with the help of a garlic press. The resulting juice strain through sterile gauze and dilute with boiled water in equal proportions. Store the finished drops in a glass jar in the refrigerator, and bury them in the nose is best, kneeling and resting your head on the floor so that the solution does not flow out of the nostrils. During the day, repeat this procedure 4-5 five times.

Attention! This mixture is extremely burning, and if you do not dilute it with water, there is a risk of burning the nasal mucosa!

What is best to drink with a cold?

During a cold, accompanied by a bad cold, our body loses a lot of water, including sweat and mucus. But the water is extremely necessary for a person during the period of illness, because it is in it that the products of the metabolism of bacteria and viruses dissolve, and then they are brought out. Therefore, when you have a cold, you need to provide the patient with plenty of drink. The ideal option is healing teas, one of which we want to talk about in more detail.

To make tea from the cold and cold, you will need:

Grated ginger root - 1 tablespoon,

Ground cinnamon - 1 tsp,

Cranberries, grated without sugar - 2 teaspoons,

Fold the ingredients in the teapot and wrap it for 20 minutes so that the fragrant tea is infused. You can drink it with the whole family 3-4 times a day for half an hour before a meal, and to sweeten it is enough to put a teaspoon of honey into it after the tea has cooled to 60-70 ° C. The last tea should be held no later than 3 hours before bedtime, because this medicinal tea has a strong tonic effect (prevents sleep) and a slight diuretic effect, which also does not contribute to a relaxing rest.

Video recipes for the best cold and rhinitis teas:

Other folk remedies for the treatment of rhinitis

The easiest way to treat a cold. A runny nose often overwhelms us and gives us a lot of trouble. But you can prevent trouble with the help of popular treatment. Take a piece of dark brown laundry soap, wet it and lather a wet finger, which you need to lubricate the entire inner surface of the left and right nostrils, reaching as deep as possible. So you need to do three times a day. And it is better if you repeat this procedure whenever you feel that your nose is dry out of the medicine.

Effective treatment of rhinitis with kerosene (externally). Kerosene has a very large effect and is an effective warming agent for the common cold. Sometimes one night of such a procedure is enough to cure a cold. Naturally, they do not drink kerosene. You probably know that at night dry mustard is poured into socks or you must put on mustard patches. But the effect will be stunning if you use kerosene instead of mustard. Before going to bed, grease with kerosene on your feet and apply a cloth, also moistened with kerosene. Wear woolen socks on top. In the morning you will feel much better.

Drink currant compote. Black currant is good in treating the common cold and flu. Make currant compote and drink, but no more than four glasses a day. If it is winter, then you can easily cook a decoction of pre-prepared currant twigs. The fruits themselves are not required, but if there is, then, of course, add. Take a handful of twigs and cover with a liter of boiling water. Boil for five minutes, then simmer them for four hours. Drink before bedtime two glasses of broth in a warm form. Add sugar for taste. Such treatment during the illness must be done twice.

Treatment of rhinitis with eucalyptus. A very powerful remedy for the common cold is a decoction of eucalyptus leaves and Althea. Eucalyptus has a strong disinfectant and astringent effect, and the alachaeus has an enveloping effect, being an anti-inflammatory agent. To prepare the broth in a glass of boiling water, take 20 grams of Althea leaves and 10 grams of eucalyptus leaves. It is advisable to boil them for 5-10 minutes. After straining, you can begin to take the decoction. Rinse the nose 5–6 times a day, 2–3 times per call.

Education: A diploma in medicine and treatment was obtained at the NI Pirogov University (2005 and 2006). Advanced training at the Department of Phytotherapy at the Moscow University of Peoples' Friendship (2008).

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