How to get rid of nausea in five minutes without a doctor at home

Nausea is a common symptom in a variety of conditions of the body - during pregnancy, flu, appendicitis, and even banal stress. Before trying to get rid of nausea, pay attention to other symptoms to see if you should seek medical help. In general, if nausea lasts longer than a day, accompanied by vomiting, fever and other symptoms, you should consult your doctor to find out the cause of nausea and start treatment. If you have a feeling of nausea, there are several ways to ease this feeling at home, such as drinking herbal teas, eating soft foods, and also doing acupressure.

Nausea relief points

Chinese medicine recommends to remove the unpleasant symptoms by the method of acupuncture - pressing on biologically active points. Massaging these points can relieve mild nausea - tips from the Chinese acupuncturist Dr. Liu Hongshen

Point 1 on the wrist

To find this point, you need to put the palm of your left hand on the inside of the right with your little finger touching the edge of the hand.

In the center of the line along which the index finger will touch the right hand, and this point will be located.

You can massage points on both hands.

Point 2 on the hand

This point is located on the wrist. To find it, you need to attach the left thumb between the thumb and index finger of the right hand.

In this case, the "strip" between the phalanges of the thumb of the left hand should fall on the skin fold between the fingers of the right hand.

In the place where the pad of the thumb touches the brush, and there is a point. Massaging a point on one hand, go to the other.

Point 3 on the middle finger

These are at once two points that are on the hand on the sides of the knuckles of the middle finger in the place where the phalanx of the finger fits in with the joint.

Press simultaneously from two sides.

ATTENTION! Massage of these points can relieve light nausea or dizziness caused by motion sickness or a sudden change in body position. In case of poisoning or diseases of the digestive system, they will not help and will not replace serious treatment!

Spice for nausea

Browse the spice box. Many everyday spices can help fight nausea. Try any of the following:

  • Cinnamon. Pour half a teaspoon of cinnamon into boiling water. Strain and drink sips.

Not recommended for pregnant women!

  • Caraway. Add a cup of any tea to 1 teaspoon cumin and a pinch of nutmeg.
  • Dill. Pour 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds into a cup of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. Drink in small sips. If desired, add honey for sweets.

Causes and symptoms

If the appearance of emetic urging is associated with serious pathologies, the elimination of nausea by habitual means will not help, and the symptom will occur systematically. It is necessary to cure the disease that caused this condition. If nausea is manifested against a background of high body temperature and the cause of it is not established, it is recommended to call an ambulance or consult a doctor.

The consistency and nature of vomit allows to establish the possible cause of their appearance:

  • vomiting red or brown color indicates internal bleeding in the stomach,
  • yellow, green or brownish color indicate the presence of cholecystitis or other diseases of the gallbladder,
  • the contents of the stomach with the smell of feces refers to the symptoms of liver damage,
  • vomiting with a musty odor - a sign of the absence of gastric motility,
  • if it has a stench of urine, it indicates a serious kidney disease.

Nausea may occur with hypertension, more often in the morning, the accompanying signs - dizziness and swelling on the face. After a bruise or head injury, a person may experience discomfort in the abdomen, having a neurological origin, as a result, nausea. Constant headaches negatively affect the nervous system, causing emetic urge.

Severe stress can cause nausea. Often gagging arises due to motion sickness in transport, which is associated with the work of the vestibular apparatus. Hypothyroidism, a disease caused by a deficiency of thyroid hormones and mild nausea, can be a provoking factor for nausea. Pregnancy is one of the most common causes of nausea that occurs in the first 12 weeks.

First aid during an attack

In some cases, strong emetic urge is aggravated by sudden movements or excessive physical activity, so you should sit down or take a horizontal position during an attack. But in the prone position, nausea may increase, which is associated with the work of the vestibular apparatus. Bed rest is indicated if the person has exacerbation of seasickness. Most nausea passes after sleep. To help a person in this state, you must do the following:

  1. Provide access to fresh air - open the window or balcony doors. The fan promotes the circulation of air masses in the room, facilitating the enrichment of the body with oxygen.
  2. Eliminate odors - when nausea is caused by poisoning, any strong odors (cooking or flavoring) can cause vomiting.
  3. If an attack of nausea is accompanied by fever, the patient should apply a cooling compress to the chest and back of the head.
  4. The patient needs to calm down - excitement and experiences can lead to a deterioration of health. Listening to relaxing music, watching a movie or another quiet activity will help to forget about the attack.

Doctor's recommendations

What helps against nausea? There are several methods that effectively eliminate laryngeal discomfort. One of the ways to combat nausea is acupressure. There are 2 types of this massage:

  • It is necessary to influence the point on the wrist, located at a distance of 3 fingers from the transverse fold of the wrist. This point is responsible for gag reflexes, it should be massaged with soft but sure movements. You can also affect the outside of the arm,
  • put your hands in front of you and easily slap one wrist on the other, left or right.

Discomfort during an attack weakens when the muscles of the neck and back are relaxed. To do this, it is recommended to warm up:

  • lie down with your belly
  • stretch out on arms for 2-3 minutes, while the lower part of the body should remain in the same position,
  • head tilted back and forth, resting his chin on the chest.

Proper nutrition

When nausea attacks should be eaten in small portions, chewing slowly and well. It is necessary to drink in small sips and often. Vomiting in case of poisoning is often accompanied by diarrhea, which leads to weakening and dehydration of the body. When acute irritability of the stomach should not eat fatty, sweet and heavy meals. Temporarily abandon chips and crackers, fatty types of sausages, fast food.

To get rid of bitterness in the mouth, it is recommended to drink light broths, eat toast or jelly during nausea. If nausea is bothering weakly, you can eat a piece of boiled meat or fish. It is undesirable to combine hot and cold dishes, the temperature difference may adversely affect the work of the stomach. From liquids it is better to drink water or acidic colorless juices. If vomiting has already occurred, you need to drink water enriched with minerals. But a large amount of fluid in one session will harm the patient.

There are many traditional medicine remedies for nausea or vomiting, which are easily used at home:

  • fruits quince - acts as an antiemetic. Quince jam is rich in useful properties. But it contains a lot of sugar, which can harm the patient, if nausea is strong,
  • fresh potato juice - 1 tbsp. l medication will weaken the gagging urge. If you drink juice before a meal, it will awaken your appetite,
  • decoction of dill,
  • an infusion of citrus peel (lemons, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines) must be insisted on vodka or alcohol. Keep the infusion in a cool place, mixing a few drops with water. Take before eating,
  • Peppermint and leaf green tea is an excellent remedy for nausea. You can make a strong (2 spoons for 2 cups) infused decoction or just chew the leaves of these plants,
  • Menthol extract - a solution of this substance with water in proportions of 1: 5 relieves nausea and soothes the stomach. To get the desired action is enough a few drops,
  • fees of medicinal plants - one of such fees includes caraway flowers, rose hips and coriander. To them add oregano, roots of valerian and calamus. Another collection consists of flowers of chamomile, valerian root, dried flowers. To prepare the broth, pour a couple of tablespoons of the collection with boiling water, leaving it to stand. Drink before meals three times a day,
  • watch grass - 1 tbsp. l collection pour a glass of cold water and let it brew for 8-9 hours. This portion should be drunk in small volumes by the end of the day.

Drug treatment

Choosing a cure for nausea is not difficult, you first need to find out the cause of this condition. If nausea is caused by chronic or viral pharyngitis, you can take Validol. In case of slight emetic urges, the smell of ginger will help; it does not irritate sensitive receptors.

If the condition is associated with poisoning or inadequate nutrition, an antiemetic drug Activated carbon is used. When nausea occurs on the background of disorders of the vestibular apparatus, doctors prescribe neuroleptics (Tietilperazin). To relieve an attack, you can use Sulpiride or Zeercal.

A hangover is a condition that occurs after alcohol abuse and is characterized by several unpleasant symptoms:

  • intoxication,
  • headaches,
  • general weakness and loss of orientation.

Nausea - an unpleasant manifestation of a hangover. It is possible to alleviate the condition with the help of fermented milk products or ascorbic acid. Mineral water, activated carbon and aspirin help cleanse the body. These remedies help relieve pain.

Conspiracy for nausea can help the patients. To perform the ritual, you need to clean the onion from layers so that only the core remains. Then it is necessary to sprinkle it with salt and throw it out the window, repeating: “As the nucleolus came out, so vomiting subsided. Amen". If the above remedies do not help, and nausea does not go away for more than 48 hours, you should consult a doctor.

Attacks of nausea occurred at all, to get rid of an unpleasant symptom, I want to eliminate vomiting soon. Unpleasant, painful manifestations occur mainly when:

  • Stress, anxiety.
  • Motion sickness, motion sickness.
  • Toxicosis, poisoning.

With nausea, vomiting, the risk of infectious diseases, gastric flu is considered. Symptoms that are not more than 2 days are a reason to immediately consult a doctor. Treatment at home, folk remedies are relevant for not long-term manifestation of the disease. Concomitant symptoms are an unfavorable sign, require medical intervention, professional advice.

Simple and affordable tools

When a symptom arises due to stress, fuss helps half an hour-hour of calm. Against nausea it is enough to retire, find a quiet place, spend time lying down, sit on a soft sofa, carpet. Put a pillow under your head, lie down comfortably on your back, on your side. Sleep will help to remove the problem, a short break will ensure the restoration of strength, the removal of the problem.

Fresh air, deep breathing will help get rid of nausea, vomiting, arising from overwork, stress. Unpleasant sensations subside, helps a series of deep breaths at the open window in front of which you can sit down. Close your eyes, think about the pleasant, leave negative thoughts. Winning trouble because of the long work in front of the computer, with electronic devices will allow weaning for half an hour, continue to work later. A useful remedy is a deep breath through the nose, exhale through the mouth, slowly, with breath holding.

Coolness helps - you can remove nausea by applying a cold compress to the back of the head and forehead. Increased temperature from vomiting, high initial temperature will decrease, it will become easier. When the cause - anxiety, stress, get distracted, enjoy pleasant things, routine. A close person at a party, pleasant communication contribute to relaxation. Exercise is not the way, there will be vomiting, the problem will be aggravated. Gastrointestinal tract can not be strained. Moderate activity helps, doing light exercises is recommended.

Sharp odors are excluded. Smell is associated with digestion, there are common reflexes. The smell will get worse. For vomiting, nausea, eliminate perfumes, tobacco, leave the place with strong odors.

Physical effects

To ease the state during the attack allows acupuncture, acupressure, self-massage. The technique is known from ancient China, suppresses pain signals on the nerves, helps to suppress the symptom. Folding the big, index fingers with the letter C, it is necessary to firmly squeeze the space between the pair of tendons at the base of the wrist, helps from vomiting, from feeling that it feels sick. It is necessary to press 30-60 seconds strongly, the feeling will decrease.

The phenomenon is observed often tormented by seasickness? Buy a wrist bracelet for acupressure, wear it, wear it on trips, use it to overcome the ailment. Corresponding points to the projections provide a constant acupressure, helping to cope with the attacks.

The list of exercises, yoga will help to cope with the situation. Squeezing, discomfort in the neck, back can cause an unpleasant symptom. It is recommended to normalize the condition, taking the pose face down with crossed legs, sitting on the floor, cross-legged. The inclination will allow you to take a position in a 45-degree angle with respect to the body to the legs, extend your arms forward by touching the furniture in front of the floor.

You can remove an unpleasant phenomenon by sitting on a chair, putting your hands on your hips, relaxing your shoulders. Tilting your head to one shoulder, exhale, repeat - to the other shoulder. 2-4 repetitions relieve manifestation. The third option is to lie down on the floor against the wall, stretch your legs upward along it, leaning against your buttocks, breathe slowly. Pose helps fight nausea, fully relaxing the body.

What products help?

The cause is poisoning, pregnancy, fatigue. Always helps a special diet, which must be followed, the conditions of food intake. In order not to feel sick, you can not take food quickly, you need to eat, drink in small portions, slowly. The stomach cannot be overloaded, after overeating the symptoms occur more often.

It is necessary to take food, drink liquid even with vomiting, the process dehydrates the body, deprives of nutrients. Thirst, hunger reinforce the phenomenon, feeling unwell. Food is excluded with severe nausea, finding a way to calm the body, a person eats again. The advantage is given to light products. It is impossible to lie down immediately after eating, wait until one o'clock, otherwise the work of the stomach will slow down, the condition will worsen.

Food from vomiting

Potatoes, crackers, crackers, rice, vermicelli can be eaten and with an upset stomach, the products will help to cope with the problem. Boiled chicken, fish are recommended, they can be eaten. You can't eat much. Light soups, jelly, fruit ice restore water balance.You can not eat fast food, spicy, fatty, smoked. Sausages, semi-finished products are excluded. After fatty foods, the symptom is more pronounced.

Nausea can occur when mixing cold, hot - it is important to avoid this. Wanting to eliminate the feeling, to return a healthy state of health, eliminate the hot, eat warm, odorless. Salt is topical, acid is not.

Healthy drinks

It is recommended to treat with drinks, maintaining the water balance is important. Help tubules with severe nausea is invaluable. Small amounts of juice, water, used regularly, will help to maintain good health. Clean, quality drinks are recommended. Actually drinking green tea can help a sports drink with glucose, salt. Lemon squeezed into water, mint in the form of a decoction, tea helps to cope well with vomiting. Water without additives is also relevant. A caffeinated drink, coffee, and alcohol do not reflect well on the patient's condition.

Natural remedies

It helps to relieve vomiting very well and bring down the nausea of ​​ginger. There are numerous recipes with fresh, dried root, home treatment allows for various options. The plant helps to reduce secretion, get rid of excess acid, normalize gastric work. The intestines are stimulated, the elimination of toxins is faster in both an adult and a child. Ginger tea from fresh brewed root is used, added honey gives a pleasant taste.

Herbs help - it is permissible to drink mint tea, without medicines for severe nausea, candy with mint will save. Means with lemon help, in case of poisoning, weakness, to relieve an attack, bread with milk helps to reduce symptoms. A slice of bread is soaked in milk. You can't drink milk alone, it won't help against vomiting, the symptom will increase.

Suppress the phenomenon will help a slice of lemon - frozen, cold. The problem of overeating, from pills is solved easily, just suck a slice. Folk tips will help to cure the condition without pills, to help an adult, child.

Medication for vomiting

Not knowing what to do to vomit, resort to over-the-counter medicines. Symptoms that help reduce the symptom, helping with constant nausea, are sold in pharmacies. Special medicine, medicine with different names, offered in stores, consists of fructose, phosphoric acid.

Bismuth subsalicylate allows you to drown out the phenomenon after eating, to kill him in other situations. It is necessary to remove from the use of drugs that cause the symptom - painkillers, means indicating the manifestation in the list of side effects.

When to call a doctor?

Traditional medicine does not always save, the help of a doctor is relevant. When food does not help, the idea to give healthy food to eat, home-based methods do not work, contact your doctor. This can not be avoided if vomiting is abundant, repeated several times a day. Delay urination up to 8 hours, abdominal pain, fever - dangerous symptoms, it is better not to look for new ways to overcome painful health, you need a doctor.

It is necessary to eliminate, exclude dangerous assumptions, help the doctor in the content in the vomiting of blood, thick brown mass. Not knowing what to do to stop the symptom of nausea, which does not allow food or water in the stomach to linger, consult a doctor. Numbness of the neck is a dangerous sign.

Immediate assistance to the child - urination delay for 3-4 hours, a sign of dehydration. Vomiting, fever, pain - an urgent call to the doctor. Competent assistance, accurate diagnosis save lives, eliminate the most serious consequences. The phenomenon is associated with gastrointestinal disorders, dangerous diseases. Ulcers, injuries cause a symptom attributed to fatigue, nerves.

Each person sooner or later experiences an unpleasant feeling of nausea, which may bother a couple of minutes or hours. But how to get rid of nausea quickly and effectively? Doctors say that it is much easier to prevent this phenomenon than to try to cope with it. Regardless of whether temporary or prolonged nausea is concerned, you can eliminate it with the same methods.

Action tips on how to quickly get rid of nausea

To quickly remove a strong attack of nausea, use the following recommendations:

  • It is necessary to stop any activity, especially if hard physical work was done.
  • Try to increase the flow of oxygen, it is useful to get out into the fresh air (outside or on the balcony) or just wave in front of a magazine.
  • Take the most comfortable position.
  • From the neck, remove the chain or scarf so that nothing causes irritation and does not interfere with the free passage of oxygen through the respiratory tract.
  • Take a cotton wool and moisten it with a small amount of ammonia (there should be a low concentration). Hold the cotton under the nose and hold for a couple of seconds, nausea will soon pass.
  • There are cases when a car, bus or other transport provokes a strong feeling of nausea. You need to drink a special medication that affects the brain. Only one tablet removes even the most severe bouts of nausea.

How to get rid of nausea during gastritis?

Gastritis is one of the common diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by severe bouts of nausea (especially with low acidity). In some cases, if this disease appears, nausea is a permanent symptom. How to get rid of it? Here are some tips to help you:

  • You need to follow a special diet - to refuse junk food (fatty roast beef, spicy and salty foods). You should also avoid cold food and hot tea (it can cause nausea). You can only eat warm meals, thereby minimizing the likelihood of nausea.
  • It is recommended to use drugs that have an enveloping effect on the walls of the stomach, protect them from the aggressive action of gastric juice. These drugs include phospholumgel, Almagel.
  • To remove a strong attack of nausea will help oatmeal, cooked in water. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to use milk.
  • Simple parsley, which needs to be chewed for a few minutes, also helps. You can also use another remedy - mix parsley leaves (chopped) with a small amount of honey. The resulting mixture is consumed 2 times a day.
  • To remove a strong attack, use potato juice (fresh). It consists of a large amount of starch, so that the potato has an enveloping effect. Take 2 times a day for 0.5 cup, adding honey (1 tbsp. Spoon).


If nausea is moderate, no special treatment is necessary. In almost all cases, it completely disappears after the onset of complex traditional treatment of pancreatitis (antispasmodics, diet, painkillers, drugs that reduce the gastric production of acid, inhibitors of pancreatic enzymes). How to get rid of nausea with a strong urge? To treatment, add a drug that has an antiemetic effect, blocking the attack.

During pregnancy

You can get rid of the nausea that appears during pregnancy by listening to the following tips:

  • Need to drink plenty of water. If a shortage of fluid is experienced, the development of dehydration of the whole organism is possible, as for the stomach. This he provokes nausea. It is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day, and herbal tea is also beneficial, preferably without sugar.
  • Eat protein foods, it can prevent nausea.
  • A variety of pungent odors can provoke an attack, and as soon as the cause is eliminated, nausea will disappear.
  • Lead an active lifestyle - take walks in the fresh air in the morning and before bedtime, in the evening. This has a positive effect on the state of the whole organism.
  • A warm bath will help you to relax, to relax, which will also help to avoid the frequent urge to nausea.
  • To relieve an attack, it is not recommended to suck on a lollipop or chew gum. Candy will help relieve nausea for some time, but it contributes to the beginning of intensive production of gastric juice, contributing to an increase in the attack.
  • During pregnancy, the body needs proper rest, a fruitful sleep, which will positively affect the general state of health and reduce the incidence of nausea.

During menstruation

How to cope with nausea during menstruation? First of all, review your diet - you can not overeat, you should eat only light foods, refuse from carbonated drinks, tea and strong coffee. Eliminate alcohol and smoking. At the time you need to limit physical activity. Benefit will bring short walks in the fresh air, help simple water, which must be drunk in large quantities. Do not forget about a good rest.

Medication can help eliminate nausea during menstruation. Consult a doctor to find out the reasons that caused nausea. Antispasmodics are almost always used. In some cases, it is possible to use contraceptives that help restore the correct hormonal balance, thereby removing even severe bouts of nausea.

After taking alcohol

To remove a hangover (morning syndrome after evening drinking a lot of alcohol), you need to drink tomato or cucumber pickle, cabbage marinade helps. In severe cases, it is necessary to take potassium supplements. With a slight indisposition, hot chicken broth, tea with lemon, kefir or ryazhenka will bring benefit. If these methods have not brought relief, take medications.

In transport during the trip

How to quickly cope with nausea, manifested during a long trip? To solve this question you can help these methods:

  • Sit as comfortably as possible and try to rest. A dream can help.
  • Try to breathe deeply, because fresh air entering the lungs will clean them perfectly, reduce anxiety and improve the condition of the stomach. If you can not walk, open the window.
  • In some cases, distraction from the problem helps a lot.
  • Perform acupressure. For example, a slight pressure on the wrist area will help relieve an attack of nausea. Two fingers should be pressed on the tendon located on the inside of the wrist and press for a couple of minutes. Relief is coming soon.
  • To prevent vomiting, use special bracelets to help with seasickness.
  • Drink a sweet drink or water without gas (only at room temperature). Any dairy products, hot or cold drinks are strictly prohibited, they can cause vomiting.
  • Eat something starchy. Such food normalizes gastric contractions and significantly reduces the onset of nausea.

How can you get rid of nausea at home?

If the attack of nausea worries in the morning, you should not immediately take specific means. It is recommended to eat something (for example, a sour apple or a few crackers). Open window and fresh air helps to relieve an attack. If nausea is provoked by some disease, folk remedies will bring benefit - a balanced diet, ginger or parsley. Remove the attack caused by a hangover, be able to warm green tea, pickle, a shock dose of vitamin C or antipokhmelnye drugs.

Drinks against nausea

An effective remedy against strong attacks of nausea is a drink made from ginger. It not only perfectly removes this unpleasant symptom, but also brings the body into a tone, helps with colds and even hangovers. Learn the step-by-step recipe below and learn how to prepare it, so you always know what to do when there is a nausea attack.

  • lemon peel,
  • fresh ginger root,
  • cup of sugar
  • a cup of water.

  1. We take ginger root, peel, chop into thin circles.
  2. Pour water into the saucepan (exactly 2 liters), pour sugar into it, knead until it is completely dissolved. Put the pot on medium heat.
  3. Put the crushed lemon zest and prepared ginger into the water.
  4. Bring the mixture to a boil, boil for a couple of minutes on minimal heat.
  5. Pour the mixture into a glass jar, pre-filtered through a fine sieve.
  6. Capacity tightly close the lid and leave until cool.
  7. The finished medicine should be stored in the refrigerator.
  8. To relieve nausea, you need to add a few teaspoons of the mixture to warm tea.

Folk remedies

To cope even with a strong attack of nausea, such folk remedies will help:

  • Mint tea. To prepare it, we take a few leaves of the plant and fill it with boiling water (1 cup). Cover the container with a lid and leave for 10 minutes. Cool the finished tea and drink in small sips.
  • Pour water into a glass and add lemon juice (0.5 lemon). We drink in small sips.
  • Ginger tea. Pour a couple of pieces of ginger root with boiling water and leave for about 5 minutes. We drink tea cooled down in small sips. Chopped ginger is useful to add to green tea.
  • Decoction dill. Pour a teaspoon of seeds with boiling water (200 g), close the container, wrap in a towel and leave for a few hours. The tool is filtered and taken with strong attacks of nausea every 30 minutes in a tablespoon.
  • Mix soda (1/3 tsp.) And lemon juice (1/4 lemon), take the resulting paste inside.

OTC Products

There are no special drugs designed to eliminate nausea. Therefore, the choice of means depends on the reasons that provoked the attack and the individual characteristics of the organism. In case of poisoning or indigestion, it is necessary to normalize the digestion, and to relieve unpleasant symptoms, you can use Motilium, Smektu.

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