Candles for hemorrhoids - line Relief

The composition of this drug depends primarily on the form of release of the drug.

The composition of the candles (in one rectal suppository, 5 mg) Relif contains 5 mg of highly active active compound phenylephrine hydrochloride, as well as such auxiliary components as cocoa bean oil, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, shark liver oil, corn starch, and methyl parahydroxybenzoate.

The composition of the ointment intended for external and rectal use (100 g) contains 0.25 g of the active ingredient, and, in addition, the following auxiliary medicinal compounds: vaseline, white beeswax, oil obtained from shark liver, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, mineral oil anhydrous lanolin, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, corn oil, lanolin alcohol, paraffin, glycerol, thyme oil, water, and alpha tocopherol (vitamin E).

Release form

A drug like Relief is used from hemorrhoids. Currently, two separate manufacturers produce the main forms of this drug.

Rectal suppositories or hemorrhoids Relief (torpedo-shaped, with a subtle fishy smell, yellow in color and a waxy smooth surface) is made by the De Angeli Institute, located in Florence (the registration certificate belongs to ZAO “Bayer"(RF). As a rule, in one carton pack there are two blisters of PVC film containing 6 suppositories, each weighing 5 mg.

Cream or hemorrhoids ointment Relief (yellow) is manufactured in Illinois, USA by a pharmaceutical companySagmel Incorporation". In the form of tablets, this drug is not found. The ointment is packaged in tubes (28.4 mg), which are then placed together with an applicator in a carton.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Due to the content in the composition of the preparation of a unique component - oil, produced from the liver of a shark, candles Relief when hemorrhoids very effective. This natural compound in itself has exceptional properties that have on the human body. hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effects. In conjunction with phenylephrine hydrochloridewhich refers to a-adrenomimetikam,shark liver oilpart of the candle Relief, promotes healing of wounds that occur during hemorrhoidal damage.

It should be noted that not only rectal suppositories, but also Relief ointment copes with manifestations and painful consequences. hemorrhoids. The preparation in the form of a cream is used externally or, like candles, rectally. He is havingvasoconstrictor effect, and besideseliminates itching, reduces tissue swelling and exudation.

Often, patients faced withhemorrhoidsThe question arises, what is better ointment or candles Relief. Even specialists will not be able to answer this question unequivocally, since in each specific case the effectiveness of any form of the drug will be individual for a person.

Indications for use

This drug is used for the therapeutic treatment of such species. hemorrhoids, both external and internal. In addition, the medicine effectively fights against anal itching and heals cracks formed in the anus. It is worth noting that, in addition to the indications described in the instructions for this drug, Relief is often used as an ointment for the face.

Since the composition of the drug contains components such as corn oil, lanolin, beeswax and the most valuable shark oil Many women and men claim that they have already managed to test on themselves and evaluate the effectiveness of Relief for wrinkles.

According to proponents of the use of ointment from hemorrhoids For cosmetic purposes, the cream copes not only with wrinkles, but also with dark circles and bags under the eyes, smoothes and tones the skin. Representatives of official medicine and pharmacists are critical of such inappropriate use of the drug.

Varieties of drugs

Hemorrhoids today suffer more than half the world's population. Diseases are subject to both men and women. There are various methods of treating ailment. The choice depends on the stage of the disease. At the initial stage, it is enough to use ointment or candles. Doctors recommend treatment for hemorrhoids Relief. At more advanced stages, complex treatment is recommended, hemorrhoid tablets are used.


Relectal rectal suppositories have proven to be an excellent tool in the fight against hemorrhoids. They are widely used in proctology for the treatment of inflammation and injuries of the lower rectum, hemorrhoids with varying degrees of severity, proctitis, various microcracks, cracks and erosion in the lower rectum, itching, chronic constipation, eczema, the effects of injuries and postoperative anus pain . The course of treatment depends on the type of funds and the course of the disease. There are several options for this tool:

  1. Relief. Promotes cell tissue renewal, helps to cope with bleeding. It is prescribed for stage I or II of the disease. Relief is allowed to use for a long course, is used for chronic form of the disease.
  2. Relief Advance. It has a strong sedative effect, therefore it is prescribed to reduce pain. Also, the drug is prescribed for chronic disease,
  3. Relief Ultra. It has a strong effect. It is prescribed for strong inflammatory processes of hemorrhoids, accompanied by fever. It is used in combination with pills for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Reception is possible only by short courses in case of acute inflammation.

Drugs effectively treat hemorrhoids, inflammation, cracks. For effective treatment of hemorrhoids with candles Relief is required to follow the appointment of a proctologist.

There is an analogue of candles Relief domestic production. This includes drugs that are manufactured by Nizhfarm. Analogues - Anuzole or Anestezol. Each drug is different in its composition. Does the remedy help in the treatment of the disease? As practice shows, Anuzol and Aneszol also have a positive effect. But what is better - Relief or equivalent - the doctor must decide.

Components of drugs

Relief is elongated rectal suppositories of light yellow color, the relief is smooth. They have a special smell. The main active ingredients are shark liver oil and phenylephrine hydrochloride. Relief also contains a number of additional substances that increase the medicinal properties of the drug:

  • propyl and methyl paraben,
  • lanolin and lanolin alcohol,
  • paraffin and white wax,
  • vitamin E,
  • glycerol,
  • highly purified water
  • benzoic acid,
  • corn oil, thyme, vaseline.

There are many nutrients in shark liver oil. They actively struggle with inflammatory processes, relieve pain, increase local immunity. Due to this effect, the oil saves from annoying itching, helps tighten wounds and cracks. Phenylephrine hydrochloride constricts blood vessels, which will help stop the bleeding, improves blood flow in the pelvic area and rectum.

Candles Relief Advance and Ultra differ slightly in substance in the composition, which affects their effect on the human body. Relief Advance contains benzocaine instead of phenylephrine, which gives a strong analgesic effect. The substance affects the work of nerve endings, which explains the relief from pain.

Candles for hemorrhoids Relief Ultra have distinctive features compared with the line of drugs. As part of the drug, instead of shark liver oil, hydrocortisone is used, and instead of phenylephrine, zinc sulfate monohydrate is used. The first substance has a good anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictor effect. It helps relieve swelling, pain and relieves itching. It is believed that the equivalent of candles Relief Ultra - hydrocortisone ointment. However, this is not quite true. Firstly, it has a not so rich composition. Secondly, it does not have a pronounced effect.

Zinc sulfate monohydrate promotes rapid healing of cracks and wounds. Due to these properties Relief Ultra treats diseases in the period of acute inflammation. The drug allows you to quickly eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

There is also cocoa bean oil in the suppositories. This component relieves inflammation and pain.

Proper use of drugs

Before entering rectal suppositories, read the instructions for use. It is necessary to follow the standards of personal hygiene. First wash your hands thoroughly. This procedure removes bacteria and infections that can get from the skin of the palms to the affected surface, which will lead to a deterioration of the condition. After the hands are washed, the external toilet of the crotch is carried out. It is especially necessary to wash the perianal area and perineum before inserting the candle.

To improve the effectiveness of the drug is recommended to carry out a cleansing enema. In this case, the active substances will have time to be absorbed into the tissue.

Rectal candles begin to melt even at room temperature, so a cool place should be chosen for storage. The best option is a fridge. Before entering the candle also be cooled.

To enter the tool inside, lie on your side or back. Pre-anus moistened with warm water or treated with vaseline. Such actions make it easier to introduce a suppository, minimize discomfort.

The candle is carefully removed from the box and injected with a rounded portion into the anus to a depth of 20-30 mm. Until the candle has melted, you should lie in the original position. The drug quickly melts and absorbs into the mucous membrane of the rectum. In some situations, the proctologist prescribes to enter half the suppository for 1 time. For this, a cooled candle is cut with a knife along (not across).

To achieve maximum efficiency, the introduction of candles Relief should be constant and carried out for a long time. For patients older than 12 years, the suppository is administered no more than 4 times a day. The remedy is used in the morning after sleep (the process should take no more than half an hour), in the evening before going to bed and after each act of defecation.

The dosage of the drug is determined by a specialist, depending on the severity of the disease and is constantly monitored by him. For children under 12 years of age, specialist advice is required.

Instructions for use of candles Relief Advance and Ultra is slightly different. Relief Advance is treated 4 times a day for 7-10 days. During this time, the exacerbation of the disease passes, and the dose is reduced to 2 candles per day, or the attending physician prescribes candles Relief. If no improvements were observed during the specified time, the specialist recommends the further use of the suppository Relief Advance. Admission rules correspond to the instructions for use candles Relief. Candles Relief Ultra are used similarly to Relief Advance. However, Ultra is distinguished by an extended list of side effects and contraindications, therefore when using the medicine Relief, the instruction must be strictly observed, constant supervision by a specialist is required. The course of reception is not more than a week.


For effective treatment of hemorrhoids, our readers advise Rectin.
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Side effects and contraindications

Relief and Relief Advance drugs are characterized by minimal side effects and are well tolerated by sick people. But medication can often cause such side effects as:

  • allergy (manifested as itching, redness, burning),
  • rash and swelling
  • tendency to hypercoagulation,
  • high blood pressure
  • symptoms of methemoglobinemia (dizziness, cyanosis of the lips, skin, nails, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath).

Candles Relief Ultra can lead to more serious disruptions. They arise because of non-compliance with the rules of drug use or its abuse. This is manifested by the following side effects:

  • endocrine disruption,
  • skin damage (dermatitis, atrophy),
  • malfunction of the heart, arrhythmia,
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (vomiting, nausea, diarrhea),
  • rebound effect
  • slowing down the regeneration of tissue cells,
  • strong allergies.

In case of violations, treatment should be suspended and consult a doctor.

Before the introduction of drugs should be familiar with contraindications. Candles will not help with:

  • malignancy in the rectum,
  • infected diseases of the anus and rectum,
  • granulocytopenia,
  • thromboembolic disease
  • tuberculosis,
  • diabetes mellitus
  • hypernatremia,
  • impaired cardiac conduction
  • complex course of hypertension,
  • liver and kidney failure
  • acute pancreatitis,
  • tachysystolic disturbances of the heartbeat,
  • thyrotoxicosis,
  • taking the funds of the MAO inhibitor group,
  • during childbearing and lactation,
  • idiosyncrasy drug substances.

Relief ointment

For the treatment of external hemorrhoids more often prescribed ointment. The cream Relief also includes phenylephrine, which helps eliminate edema, itching, discomfort, bleeding. Before use, read the instructions. The application is distinguished by its simplicity. Initially, personal hygiene procedures are performed (as in the case of entering candles). Next, the drug from the tube is squeezed onto the applicator (comes in a set with an ointment), which is injected into the anus, or the area around the anus is processed. After the treatment of diseased areas, the element is washed and closed with a special cap.

Apply ointment Relief for hemorrhoids is recommended in the morning and before bedtime after an act of defecation. Do not apply the cream more than 4 times a day.

In the line of drugs there is also an ointment for hemorrhoids Relief Advance. It treats signs of external and internal manifestations of the disease. The tool helps to get rid of pain, it is characterized as an anesthetic drug. The cream is prescribed to patients who have undergone proctological surgery or diagnostic manipulations.

Instructions for use Relief Advance cream is similar to applying Relief preparation. The dosage is prescribed by the attending physician.

Cream Relief and Relief Advance is prohibited to use:

  • with allergies to the components of the product,
  • with granulocytosolysis,
  • with thromboembolism.

Be sure to make an appointment with a specialist women during pregnancy and lactation, children under 12 years of age.

Relief ointment can cause such side effects as the manifestation of allergies in the form of redness, rash, severe skin itching. If the remedy for hemorrhoids does not have proper effect within a week, or the patient's condition worsens, an urgent help of a proctologist is required. In this case, an analogue is prescribed.

What is better - candles or Relief ointment?

Any composition has its own advantages and disadvantages. The cream often treats the external type of the disease, since it is inappropriate to insert candles in this case. In the internal form of the disease is better to use Relief in the form of candles, as they provide a uniform absorption of nutrients.But Relief ointment and candles are analogues that have the same effect.

It is important to remember that hemorrhoids require prior consultation with a doctor to use candles, cream or pills for hemorrhoids. Any equivalent can not be used independently.

What is a candle Relief

Cracks, bleeding in the anus, inflammation of hemorrhoids, constipation, itching - these are common complaints with which patients refer to a proctologist. Therapeutic properties of candles Relief (Relief) help to eliminate discomfort sensations due to the healing effect, hemostatic, analgesic effect. An anti-hemorrhoid topical medication normalizes blood flow, reduces hemorrhoids, relieves unpleasant burning sensation.

The basic components of opaque rectal suppositories are two: shark liver oil, which gives the medicine a specific fishy smell and a pale yellow tinge, and the other phenylephrine hydrochloride. Active active ingredients provide an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, stop the bleeding, promote rapid healing of damage. In addition to the two basic, in the composition of suppositories Relif there are auxiliary components:

  • benzoic acid,
  • lanolin,
  • glycerol,
  • paraffin,
  • tocopherol acetate,
  • oils
  • corn starch.

What is the difference between Relief Relief Advance?

With all the similarities of these two drugs, there is one important difference that affects the choice of a particular drug. The composition of candles Relief Advance, in addition to the basic and auxiliary components, also contains benzocaine. The analgesic properties of this substance help to quickly deal with pain. When exacerbation of hemorrhoids, when the pain causes severe discomfort, or after surgery on the rectum is recommended to use suppositories Relief Advance.

How do candles Relief

The combined composition of the drug against hemorrhoids provides protection against infections, suppresses allergic reactions, has a wound-healing and vasoconstrictor effect. Candles with shark oil and phenylephrine stimulate local immunity, reduce swelling, normalizing the outflow of fluid in places of inflammation of hemorrhoids. The role of excipients - a mitigating effect, while they are not absorbed by the rectal mucosa.

Treatment of hemorrhoids Relief

The cause of the common disease is the pathology of the veins of the rectum. In the anal canal there is a violation of blood circulation, there are stagnation, the inflammatory process develops, which threatens with serious complications. To relieve the patient from painful sensations, in the treatment of external or combined hemorrhoids, a conservative method is used. The manufacturer of the medicine offers the most convenient form of the medicine for fighting the inflammation of the rectum - rectal suppositories Relief.

Relief candles - instructions for use

The summary attached to the preparation is a general recommendation regarding the dosage, administration, and duration of the course. After examination, the doctor may change the treatment regimen to suit the individual patient, but this will not affect the sequence of actions required to insert a rectal suppository into the anus. The optimal time of application of the drug: before going to sleep, after waking up and each act of defecation.

Mode of application

If you need to alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids or other diseases related to the perianal zone, it is recommended to use the following scheme of use of candles:

  1. Hygiene procedures - the preparatory stage, which involves emptying the bowel with an enema. After a bowel movement, you should clean the anus and the area around, rinsing with water or wiping with a damp cloth for intimate hygiene, then wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Introduction, as the main stage, involves opening the shell. Then you should lie on one side, press your knees to the stomach and with your free hand move your buttocks apart. Put a suppository with a rounded end to the anus, push your finger 2-3 cm.
  3. The final stage of the procedure will take several minutes, during which time it will be necessary to maintain a recumbent position to allow the candle to dissolve.

Helping to relieve pain, promote healing of wounds and regeneration of the rectal mucosa, rectal suppositories, like any other drug, will be provided with a correctly selected dose. Positive dynamics of recovery is directly related to the regular use of the drug, and the general recommendations regarding the daily dose - 4 suppositories. The dosage of the drug, the duration of the course can be influenced by the severity of the disease, but all changes must be agreed with the attending physician.

Side Effects Relief

The use of candles will have to stop if the patient's body reacts with the appearance of the following undesirable symptoms:

  • burning, redness, i.e., an allergic reaction is observed,
  • hypercoagulation (increased blood clotting),
  • bradycardia, hypertension,
  • headache, dizziness,
  • cyanosis (blue) lips, skin,
  • impaired respiratory function.


In addition to individual intolerance of individual components in Relief, restrictions on the appointment of children under 12 years old, women during pregnancy and lactation, there is a whole list of reasons for which it is not recommended to use these rectal candles:

  • tumors in the rectal area,
  • thromboembolic disease
  • severe cases of diabetes,
  • tuberculosis,
  • heart, kidney failure,
  • acute pancreatitis.

Analogue candles Relief from hemorrhoids

The use of any drug to restore the mucous tissue of the anus, relieve symptoms of inflammation is permissible only after consulting a doctor! The cost of Relief candles as well as restrictions on their use compels patients to look for analogues. What other drugs help fight hemorrhoids, what are their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Candles Proktozan. The action of the drug is aimed at reducing pain, burning sensation, wound healing, which helps to quickly cope with the inflammation of hemorrhoids. The drug is effective in the treatment of acute, chronic forms of the disease, the disadvantages include the presence of chemical components, a wider list of contraindications.
  • Candles Hepatrombin G. Contains heparin anticoagulant, painkillers, hormonal components, so the drug is recommended for the prevention or treatment of blood clots in the area of ​​hemorrhoids. These rectal suppositories have anti-edema action, but more moderate compared with Relief.
  • Candles Posterized forte. The drug has a pronounced effect on local immunity, therefore, highly effective in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis, anal fissures. On pharmacological properties similar to Relief, but has no contraindications during pregnancy, lactation, while side effects with the right dosage are extremely rare.
  • Candles Natalsid. The basic component of rectal suppositories are brown algae. Possessing excellent anti-inflammatory properties, this drug has a hemostatic effect, promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues, and therefore is effective in the treatment of anal fissures and chronic hemorrhoids. An almost harmless remedy is often prescribed to women during pregnancy.
  • Candles Anuzol. The additional effect of the combined drug - antispasmodic, in addition, there is a good antiseptic, drying and analgesic effect. The disadvantage of this medication is a large list of side effects and contraindications, besides its composition is able to influence concentration.

Ointment Relief, instructions for use

The ointment can be used both externally and rectally. Before using the medication, the patient must perform hygienic procedures, then remove the protective cap from the applicator, attach it to the tube and squeeze out a little cream for lubrication.

Children over the age of 12 years, as well as adult patients are allowed to use the drug 4 times a day, including after each bowel movement and overnight.

The cream is applied rectally by means of an applicator or externally on the damaged areas of the anus. It is worth remembering that after each use of this drug, it is necessary to rinse the applicator and close it with a protective cap.


Do not use this drug in conjunction with antihypertensive drugs, andantidepressantsbecause contained in phenylephrine may reduce the impact of the first and provoke the occurrence hypertensive crisiswhen using the second.

Analogs Relif

Currently, among the analogues of candles for hemorrhoids can be identified such drugs asRelief Advance, Relief Ultra, and Hemorolon. The price of the drug analogues is usually slightly different from the original.

This medicine is not recommended for use in the treatment of children under 12 years of age. However, the attending physician may prescribe the drug after a comprehensive assessment of the patient's condition, as well as after studying and assessing the possible harm and the expected positive therapeutic effects on the condition of the child's body.

Relief during pregnancy and lactation

In accordance with the instructions, during of pregnancy and breastfeeding this drug is undesirable. However, the use of candles Relief during pregnancy is allowed in consultation with the doctor.

The same can be said about the use of ointment during pregnancy, as well as candles when breastfeeding. Although, as a general rule, it is not recommended to apply a cream or suppositories during lactation, the physician may consider it necessary to use this particular drug, having first evaluated the degree of perceived risk and positive effect.

Relief Reviews

In the online sources you can find various reviews of candles Relief and ointment of the same name from hemorrhoids. It can be said that many patients have tried on themselves the effectiveness of this medicine for hemorrhoids. Some speak positively of their experience in treating hemorrhoids with candles, but there are also those who have not felt the drug promised by the manufacturers.

Many women are interested in reviews about candles during pregnancy. True, not all future mothers take a risk and still use the drug. Although there are also good reviews on the use of rectal suppositories, as well as ointments during pregnancy.

In addition, Internet users are actively interested in reviews of ointment Relief from wrinkles. It should be noted that with an obvious negative attitude of manufacturers and doctors to use the drug as an ointment for the face, many continue to use it as a wrinkle cream and achieve, in their opinion, visible results, although no research has been done on this issue.

Relif price where to buy

The cost of this drug from hemorrhoids depends on the form of release of the drug. Since Relief is a fairly popular drug used for hemorrhoids, you can buy candles or cream in many pharmacies.

The average price of Relief ointment usually does not exceed 280 rubles per pack. However, it is worth remembering that the price of Relief ointment may vary depending on the region and significantly differ (usually in a big way) from the average cost of the preparation.

Absolutely the same can be said about rectal suppositories. In pharmacies you can find candles Relif priced at 300 rubles and above. Therefore, it is better to check with the pharmacists by phone how much candles and ointment cost.

The average price of candles Relief for hemorrhoids in Ukraine is 80-90 UAH.

3D images

Rectal suppositories1 supp.
active substance:
phenylephrine hydrochloride5 mg
Excipients: cocoa bean oil - 1770 mg, corn starch - 224.2 mg, methyl parahydroxybenzoate - 0.4 mg, propyl parahydroxybenzoate - 0.4 mg
Ointment for rectal and external use1 g
active substance:
phenylephrine hydrochloride2.5 mg (0.25%)
Excipients: mineral oil - 140 mg (14%), petrolatum - 749 mg (74.9%), methyl parahydroxybenzoate - 2 mg (0.2%), propyl parahydroxybenzoate - 1 mg (0.1%), anhydrous lanolin - 23.5 mg (2.35%), benzoic acid - 2 mg (0.2%), corn oil - 2 mg (0.2%), glycerol - 25 mg (2.5%), lanolin alcohol - 15 mg (1, 5%), paraffin - 5 mg (0.5%), purified water - 19 mg (1.9%), thyme oil of ordinary grass - 1 mg (0.1%), vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate) - 0.5 mg (0.05%), beeswax white - 12.5 mg (1.25%)

Ointment for rectal and external use

Before the introduction of the agent, it is required to remove the protective cap from the applicator and attach the latter to the tube, and then squeeze out a small amount of ointment to lubricate the applicator. On the affected areas inside or outside the anus, the ointment should be carefully applied through the applicator. It also treats the skin in the anus.

Relief ointment is recommended to be used in the morning, in the evening and after each bowel movement, but not more than 4 times a day. After the procedure, the applicator must be washed and enclosed in a protective cap.

Special instructions

Not recommended for use in children under the age of 12 years, during pregnancy and lactation without the consent of the doctor.

In case of bleeding, worsening of the condition or in the absence of effect, it is necessary to stop using the drug within 7 days and consult a doctor.

It should not be used in conjunction with antihypertensive drugs and MAO inhibitors.


Institute de Angeli S.R.L. 50066, Regello (Florence), Lok. Prulli, 103 / C, Italy (rectal suppositories).

Fama S.A., Avlon plant, 49th km of the national road Finy-Lamia, Avlona, ​​Attica, 19011 Greece (ointment for rectal and external use).

Registration certificate holder: Bayer, Russia.

Consumer claims organization: Bayer, 107113, Russia, Moscow, 3rd Rybinskaya st., 18, p. 2.

Tel: (495) 231-12-00, Fax: (495) 231-12-02.

Synonyms of nosological groups

Heading ICD-10ICD-10 synonyms of diseases
I84 HemorrhoidsPainful hemorrhoids
Internal hemorrhoids
Inflammation of hemorrhoids
External hemorrhoids
Exacerbation of hemorrhoids
Acute hemorrhoidal attack
Chronic bleeding hemorrhoids
K60 Fissure and fistula of the anus and rectumAnal fissure
Acute anal fissure
Chronic paraproctitis
Perianal crack
Superficial anal fissure
Fistula rectum
Watch bump
Rectal fissure
Anal fissures
Anus Cracks
Rectum Fissures
Chronic anal fissures
Chronic Periproctitis
L29.0 Anal itchAnal eczema
Anal itching
Anogenital itching
Dermatitis and eczema in the anus
Dermatitis of the perianal area
Anal itch
Anogenital itching
Anorectal Itching
Itching of the genitals and anus
Itching in the anus
Perianal dermatitis
Eczema of the anal area

Prices in Moscow pharmacies

Drug nameSeriesValid untilPrice for 1 unit.Price per pack., Rub.Pharmacies
Relif ®
rectal suppositories 5 mg, 12 pcs.
409.00 To the pharmacy 0404.00 To the pharmacy 370.00 To the pharmacy 330.85 To the pharmacy Relif ®
ointment for rectal and external use 2.5mg / g, 1 pc. 379.00 To the pharmacy 333.14 To the pharmacy

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Drug interactions

  • antihypertensive drugs - the effect of these drugs is weakened due to the presence of phenylephrine in Relief,
  • antidepressant inhibitors of monoamine oxidase (MAO) - the threat of a hypertensive crisis is aggravated.

Analogs Relif are: Proktozan, Proktozan Neo, Anuzol, Betiol, Ihtiol, Procto-Glevenol, etc.

Relief: prices in online pharmacies

Relief Pro 1 mg + 20 mg / g rectal cream 10 g 1 pc.

RELIF 28.4g ointment

RELIF PRO 10g rectal cream

Relief 5 mg rectal suppositories 12 pcs.

Relief 2.5 mg / g ointment for rectal and topical use 28.4 g 1 pc.

Relief pro rectal cream 10 g with an applicator

RELIF 12 pcs. suppositories Institut de Angeli

Relief supp. rekt 5mg n12

Relief ointment ointment d / rekt. and outdoor. approx. 28.4g

Relief Advance 206 mg rectal suppositories 12 pcs.

Relief Pro Rectal Cream 10g

RELIFE ADVANCE 12 pcs. suppositories Institut de Angeli

Relief Advance 20% ointment for rectal and topical use 28.4 g 1 pc.

Relief advance supp. rekt n12

Contex Condoms Relief n12 Assorted 2-Point-Rib

RELIF ADVANCE 28.4g ointment

Relief suppositories rectal No. 12

Relief Ultra Rectal Suppositories 12 pcs.

RELIFE ULTRA 12 pcs. suppositories

Relief ultra supp. rekt n12

Relief Pro 1 mg + 40 mg rectal suppositories 12 pcs.

Relief rectal ointment 28.4 g

RELIF PRO 12 pcs. rectal suppositories

Relief about supp. rekt №12

Relief candles rec. 2.2g №12

Relief Advance Rectal Ointment 28.4 g

Relief advance suppositories rectal No. 12

Relief rectal ointment 28.4g

Relief ultra rectal suppositories №12

Relief Advance supr.dr. №12

Relief Advance rectal ointment 28.4g

Relief Pro Suppositories n12

Relief Ultra supp. rekt 2.2g №12

Rel missile supp. rekt №12

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An educated person is less susceptible to brain diseases. Intellectual activity contributes to the formation of additional tissue, compensating for the diseased.

The average life expectancy of left-handers is less than right-handers.

The highest body temperature was recorded in Willie Jones (USA), who was admitted to hospital with a temperature of 46.5 ° C.

Each person may face a situation where he loses a tooth. This may be a routine procedure performed by a dentist, or a consequence of injury. In each and.

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