Treatment of a udder bitch folk remedies

Hydradenitis (popularly, the disease "suckling udder" or "wolf udder") is an acute purulent inflammation of the sweat glands. The cause of the disease is staphylococcus. Most often this inflammation occurs under the arm, less often around the nipples, navel and in the perineum.

Causes of hydradenitis:
1) synthetic tight clothing
2) excessive sweating,
3) reduced immunity,
4) axillary trauma during shaving
5) allergic skin reaction to deodorants.
6) heredity
7) hormonal imbalance (or rather, increased sensitivity of skin cells to androgens)
8) smoking
9) overweight

How to treat hydradenitis at home?

Drugs against hydradenitis (udder bitch).
As soon as you feel painful discomfort, wipe problem areas with antiseptics - salicylic or boric alcohol, chlorhexidine, octenisept, alcoholic tincture of calendula, diluted with boiled water 1: 1.
After treatment of inflammation under the arm, apply ointment to the skin: ichthyol, Vishnevsky or levomekol. Ointment should not be pity: plentifully put it on a napkin with a slide and apply to an abscess. Secure the cloth with a bandage or plaster. If the inflammation is strong, then it is better to wear this bandage on an abscess for several days without removing it, only changing it. In mild cases - to impose overnight, daytime boils lubricate iodine or brilliant green. Water procedures excluded.
For 3-5 days of such treatment, the branch udder completely passes.

How to treat bitch udder under the arm of folk remedies?

Treatment of hydradenitis folk remedies is very effective. These tools allow you to pull out the pus and relieve inflammation in the armpit very quickly. Below are the reviews, how to cure hydradenitis (“suckle udder”) and avoid surgery. Recipes cured taken from the newspaper "Vestnik Healthy".

If the pharmacy is far away, and the disease has caught you in the field, then folk remedies for hydradenitis will help: attach plantain leaves, blackberries, lilacs, aloe, kalanchoe, cabbage to the inflamed area. Well helps baked onions or a compress with grated potatoes. Inside it is useful to take the infusion of calendula flowers. (Folk remedies from the newspaper "Vestnik of the Healthy Living" from the Healthy Living 2013, №13, pp. 12-13)

Treatment of hydradenitis (bitch udder) at home with a curd compress.
The woman appeared hydradenitis under the arm, she was offered surgery, but the disease was cured with folk remedies. An acquaintance of her grandmother helped her, who cured the boughs of her daughter with the same method.
Mix 1 part sour cream, 1 part butter and 1 part cottage cheese. Apply this mixture in the form of a compress to the inflammation under the arm and firmly fasten it. Mix every night to cook fresh. By morning, it dries out. Cones, which have already begun to break up, every day became less and less. The woman did compresses until the complete disappearance of painful seals. The operation is not needed. (Recall from the newspaper "Vestnik ZOZH" 2001, No. 3, pp. 18-19).

It helps to cure hydradenitis and simple cottage cheese, it must be stirred with hot water, so that the cottage cheese is warmed up, pressed and put on gauze to the boil under the arm. (Popular method from the newspaper "Vestnik of healthy lifestyles" 2007,? 4, p. 33).

Honey cake helped get rid of hydradenitis. Effective remedy against inflammation of sweat glands.
The woman jumped an abscess under the arm, intolerable pain began, she turned to the surgeon. The boil cut, she lost consciousness from the pain. After some time, the hydradenitis returned again, but the woman was afraid to go to the hospital. In addition, a friend suggested to her how to treat a suck of the udder with folk remedies.
1 tbsp. l Heat the honey in a water bath, mix with flour, knead the cake and apply to the boil under the arm in the form of a compress at night, covered with polyethylene. Every night, make a fresh cake. Hydradenitis was cured without surgery, the disease did not return. (Folk method from the newspaper "Vestnik HLS" 2003, № 3, p. 19)

Onion is an effective folk remedy for treating a bitch udder.

Treatment of hydradenitis (branch of the udder) at home with onion ointment.
50 grams of laundry soap, grated on a fine grater, 50 grams of grated onions, 150 grams of melted pork fat. All together and slightly heated, rubbing, to get a homogeneous mass. Cool it down. Store in the refrigerator for no more than 10 days.
Apply ointment with a thickness of 2-3 cm to a small piece of gauze, attach it to the boil under the arm. Top polyethylene and plaster. Change 2 times a day, but if the pus comes out intensively, then change every 2 hours. Inflammation under the arm passes quickly, the suckling udder heals without a trace. (Home treatment from the newspaper "Vestnik ZOZH" 2004, № 2, p. 25-26)

Folk treatment of hydradenitis (udder bitch) bulb.
Baked onion is the simplest and most effective folk remedy for “bitch udder”, boils and any abscesses. Bake the onion, cut off the bottom, and, without cooling, attach it to the boil under the armpit. (Recipe from the newspaper "Vestnik HLS" 2006, № 2, p. 11)

How to treat bitches udder (hydradenitis) herbs. Feedback.

The woman jumped boil under his arm. Despite the treatment, the hydradenitis progressed, and there were more and more abscesses. The surgeon was far away, so the woman decided to treat the branches of the udder with herbal ointment.
First you need to prepare calendula oil: 1.5 cups of calendula flowers pour a glass of vegetable oil with a temperature of 80-100 degrees, mix. Insist in the dark for 40 days, drain.
Preparation of ointment. Fresh flowers of calendula 2 parts, yarrow - 2 parts, clover - 1 part, dandelion roots - 2 parts, horse sorrel roots - 1 part, tansy inflorescences - 1 part. All these herbs are washed and minced. Add 1 part of Vishnevsky ointment and 1 part of ichthyol ointment to herbal gruel. Dilute the whole mixture with calendula oil prepared in advance to form a uniform elastic mass.
When treating a bitch udder, a woman wiped the affected area with an alcohol solution (or herbal tincture, or cologne, or alcohol). Then she applied ointment for the whole day, and repeated the procedure in the evening. The result was visible already in a day: the boils under the arm increased, white heads appeared. For 3-4 days all the pus began to go out. (Recall from the newspaper "Vestnik ZOZH" 2006, №18, p. 31)

Folk treatment of hydradenitis wax compress.
The girl was in the hospital with a fracture of the spine, and in addition she started having hydradenitis. Neighbors in the chamber advised such a folk remedy: to take in equal shares rosin, beeswax and butter. Melt all in an enamel bowl and stir well, but do not boil. Get a homogeneous mass. When it cools down, fold the bandage in several layers, apply this ointment onto it and apply it to the boil under the arm, securing it with adhesive tape. As the pus pulls, change the compresses until everything goes away. (Recall from the newspaper "Vestnik ZOZH" 2006, №24, p. 33)

Cleansing the blood with hydradenitis.
In order to cure the disease "suckling udder", it is necessary to clean the blood with nettle - 1 tbsp. l dry grass pour 1 cup boiling water, insist and drink during the day. so do for 2-3 weeks. (Recipe from the newspaper "Vestnik HLS" 2006, №24, p. 4)

How to quickly cure the branch of the udder with a golden mustache.
The girl jumped boil under the arm. For the night she attached 2 leaves of the plant with a golden mustache. On the second night did the same. And yet, on the third night, nothing was already being treated, and after a week there was not a trace left of the hydradenitis. (Recall from the newspaper "Vestnik of healthy lifestyles" 2006, №4, p. 31).

Tibetan black plaster from boils and inflammation under the arm.
This folk remedy allows you to quickly remove any boils, boils, "bitch udder." Here is the prescription:
Mix 50 grams of grated soap, 50 grams of rye flour, 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil and 1 tbsp. l honey Dilute all this with 150 grams of boiling water, boil for 2-3 minutes, add 1 church candle without a wick. Stir, ointment ready. Apply this ointment on a napkin and attach to the boil, secure with adhesive tape. Change the dressing with ointment daily. At first, pain is not excluded. Full recovery occurs in 2 weeks. (Folk method from the newspaper "Vestnik HLS" 2007, No. 7, p. 30, 2013, No. 1, p.27)

How to get rid of hydradenite train.
A 8-year-old girl began to have inflammation in her armpit, an abscess formed, red, painful the size of a walnut. The doctor prescribed an operation, but the biology teacher gave such a popular recipe for hydradenitis: make a strong infusion of the train, moisten a rag in a hot infusion and apply it to the boil. Applying a warm wet compress is necessary 6-8 times a day. For 2 days the child has managed to remove the bough udder completely. (Recall from the newspaper "Vestnik ZOZH" 2010, №7, p. 3)

Treatment of a bough of an udder flat cakes

These unique methods are among the most effective.

Recipe number 1. Mix a little flour with three egg yolks, then add a little smaltza and honey. As a result, the dough should turn out not very steep. Apply this cake on the affected place and change it every 9-12 hours.

Recipe number 2. To make a popular Tibetan patch, you need 50 grams of soap, the same amount of rye flour, 1 tablespoon of sugar and regular vegetable oil, and one cup of warm water. Mix all the ingredients and set on low heat. In the process of cooking, add a little wax from the church candle. When the mixture is slightly cooled, this cake can be applied to the painful boil overnight.

Recipe number 3. Take 2-3 tbsp. Fat sour cream and the required amount of rye flour. Mix until the formation of a dense cake and impose it on the affected place. You can make such a compress once a day before bedtime.

Treatment of a bough of an udder by herbs and vegetables

Recipe number 1. Leaves of cabbage and simple lilac are also effective in the treatment of the branch of the udder. They need to be applied to the painful skin of the inside to the boil. Do not forget to thoroughly clean and rinse them before use.

Recipe number 2. Remarkable compresses of plantain need to be done several times throughout the day, until the abscess itself breaks and the pus comes out. Plantain leaves are recommended to be applied alternately with the bulb to enhance the breakthrough process, after which the healing process will occur much faster. After the pus is drained, the wound must be treated with an ointment or a usual streptocidal solution. After the start of healing, do not stop putting plantain leaves.

Recipe number 3. A common solution of calendula can be easily cured sucko udder. To prepare such a miraculous solution, you need to mix a simple pharmaceutical tincture of this plant equally with water. Calendula tincture can be replaced with a yarrow solution or another 10% solution of calendula.

Recipe number 4. Incredibly effective folk methods are healing compresses from ordinary onions. It is necessary to bake a medium-sized onion in the oven, after which it should be carefully divided into small plates, which are then applied to the sore spot. You can put some cotton on top of the bow, and then fix this compress with polyethylene.

Recipe number 5. It involves mixing onions with a simple soap. To prepare such a compress, you need to rub the soap in the amount of 50 grams and mix with finely chopped onion. Then add a little pork fat and set on low heat for about 10 minutes. Then let the product cool slightly. mass can be stored in the refrigerator for 10 days. Apply a compress to the site of an abscess is necessary before bedtime.

Treatment of a bough of an udder herbal broth

Such an excellent herbal decoction is used inside. For its preparation it is necessary to take simple plantain leaves and eucalyptus leaves, calendula flowers, elderberry and sweet clover. All components are well grind and pour boiling water, after which the mixture should be brought to a boil, and then kept on the fire for about 5-7 minutes. Next, the resulting broth insist in a warm place for about two hours. The dosage is no more than a quarter cup three times a day. To taste you can add a little honey.

This herbal decoction can be applied externally, because it boasts an excellent antiseptic effect.


In the treatment and in order to avoid relapse, it is necessary to carry out the usual rehabilitation of possible infectious foci. It is recommended to cure cholecystitis, carious teeth, cystitis, inflammation of the appendages, otitis, paraproctitis and others. Since any pyogenic germs easily penetrate not only into various organs of the body, but also into the axillary glands, they are extremely dangerous.

If the process of inflammation has arisen a second time, if an abscess has already begun to form, then for quick relief, it is advisable to use Vishnevsky ointment or ichthyol ointment. In rare cases, traditional methods do not help, then surgery can not be avoided. There is no need to delay the operation, otherwise the pus can spread throughout the body and serious complications can not be avoided.

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Causes and symptoms

The causative agents of the disease are staphylococci and streptococci entering the body. The disease begins to manifest itself by the appearance of redness (mainly under the shoulder joint and in the groin). The inflamed area is compacted and increases to the size of a pea and more. Due to the similarity of education with the dog's nipple, the disease is called the udder.

Redness in the armpit area or groin - the first sign of inflammation of the apocrine sweat glands

The main symptoms of the onset of the disease are:

  • feeling of fatigue and general malaise,
  • body temperature drops
  • redness in the armpits or groin,
  • palpation feels painful mounds and tubercles,
  • in the place of formation of nodular formations itching appears.

Note. The main method of determining the presence of the disease is a visual inspection. When the first symptoms of the disease appear, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Treatment methods

The fight against inflammation of the sweat glands is carried out by a conservative method - using antiseptic preparations and antibiotics. Since the inflammatory process is often accompanied by a weakening of the endocrine system and immunity, the following drugs are prescribed for rehabilitation:

  • tetracycline drugs,
  • macrolide drugs,
  • glucocorticoid drugs,
  • retinoid drugs.

Sometimes it happens that the disease manifests itself at the moment when the pharmacy or medical facility is not available to the patient. In this case, the treatment of hydradenitis armpit is carried out at home using folk remedies and methods.

Treatment of a udder bitch folk remedies

At the first symptoms of pathology, helping the patient at home is to warm the affected area. To do this, use a boiled egg or a bag of preheated salt in the oven.

At the first symptoms, the affected areas must be warmed up. At home, this can be done with boiled eggs or a bag of salt in the oven.

To prevent the spread of pathogens, the area around the redness is rubbed with an available antiseptic:

  • salicylic or boric alcohol,
  • solution of medical alcohol and boiled water (1: 1 ratio)
  • chlorhexidine.

After antiseptic treatment, the affected area is smeared with ichthyol ointment or Vishnevsky ointment.

On the treated skin, you must apply a bandage, fixing it with a plaster. The procedure is recommended twice a day.

Important! During the treatment of hydradenitis at home with antiseptic preparations it is strictly forbidden to wash the armpits due to the threat of various complications.

Medicinal plants for treatment

What is a bitch udder, the people have known for a long time, therefore, to eliminate it, they tried to use all sorts of plants and their components. Over time, it was noticed that inflammatory processes slow down if the leaves of the following plants are attached to the affected areas:

Mentioned plants relieve inflammation, pulling pus.

Effective folk remedy for the treatment of the udder is a baked onion in the oven. Vegetable cut into rings and applied to the place of the inflammatory process.

You can attach raw potatoes wrapped in cheesecloth to the site of infection.

Potatoes pre-grated and wrapped in cheesecloth - one of the methods to combat the initial stage of the disease

Diet during treatment

It has been observed that the use of an infusion of marigold flowers (calendula medicinal) has a positive effect on the patient. For the preparation of medicines for two cups of boiled water, add 2 tablespoons of calendula flowers, insist a couple of hours. It is necessary to accept before meal on a half-glass.

During treatment the following root vegetables will be helpful:

It is advisable to use them raw, as in this case, more nutrients that have anti-inflammatory effect are retained.

Eating raw root vegetables provides the body with the ability to fight inflammation.

Council During the course of the disease is recommended the use of products that strengthen the immune system of the body.


The inflammatory process occurs in areas of excessive sweating. Therefore, the main tool in the prevention of disease is the observance of personal hygiene. People who are predisposed to the disease on hot days need to take a shower more often or use wet wipes.

After depilation should be applied antiseptic cosmetics. In the case of the appearance of redness, immediately burn it with iodine or a solution of brilliant green. The appearance of a bitch udder can also result:

  • use of tools for depilating an infected person,
  • too frequent use of antiperspirants (cosmetic leads to blockage of sweat glands and swelling),
  • people at risk are overweight.

Moderation in the use of antiperspirants - one of the main preventive methods of preventing inflammation

Despite the fact that there is a fairly large number of ways to treat suck udder folk remedies, the patient must be shown to a specialist. Only a comprehensive and scientifically based approach will help to recover from this unpleasant illness.

How to treat bitch udder - folk recipes

Help in the cure of the disease means of traditional medicine. They are effective, and besides, tested for centuries. But it is important to understand that they can only be used as an additional therapy. Before using any means of alternative medicine do not forget to consult your doctor.

1. Curd compress for the treatment of hydradenitis. Combine in equal quantities cottage cheese with sour cream and butter. Put the mixture on a linen cloth and apply to the affected area, secure with a plaster or bandage. The procedure is recommended to go before going to bed. Storage facility is not subject to, every day you need to do new.

2. The use of honey cakes. Heat up some honey, about two spoons and combine with flour. Knead the dough and form a cake. Apply it to an abscess for the night, top cover with compression paper. Secure with a bandage.

Cabbage will help in the treatment of disease. Take a cabbage leaf, rinse and repel a little. Attach the inner side to the painful area, secure with a bandage. Replace the sheet with fresh every seven hours.

3. The use of wax compresses. Combine beeswax with rosin and unsalted butter in equal proportions. Melt the ingredients and mix thoroughly. Put a small amount of the resulting mass on gauze, folded in three layers and attach to the affected area overnight.

4. Preparation of the means promoting clarification of blood. Brew 20 grams of dried chopped nettle grass with boiling water - 300 ml. Set aside for an hour in a warm room. Use half a glass of infusion three times a day.

5. Golden mustache in the treatment of hydradenitis. Take a few leaves of the plant, rinse and repel a little. Attach them to the boil and secure with a plaster. The procedure is carried out daily for the night.

6. A succession will help in the treatment of illness. Pour 30 grams of dried crushed plants in a saucepan, cover with water. Wait for the composition to boil and set aside for half an hour. After 30 minutes, moisten gauze in the product and apply to the affected area. Top cover with plastic, cotton cloth, perebintuyte. Replace the compress with a fresh one every three hours.

7. Application of broth. Combine 10 grams of dry crushed plantain leaves with the same number of eucalyptus leaves, elderberry flowers, calendula and sweet clover, mix. Pour the mixture into a saucepan, preferably enameled. Put the container on the stove, boil the composition. Place the product for several hours in a darkened room. Eat 50 milliliters of medication three times throughout the day. If you wish, you can add some honey.

8. Application of decoction of oak bark. Crush the dry bark of oak and pour 20 grams of raw materials into the saucepan. Fill the raw material with water, boil. Cool a little and use the tool to treat painful areas several times throughout the day.

9. Raspberry against bitch udder. Crush the raspberry branches, pour 50 grams of raw materials into the saucepan, pour cold water on it. Protom composition for half an hour.

Interpret the branches of the plant to soften them. Put the resulting mass on gauze, folded in four layers and apply to the boil for five hours, at least. The procedure is carried out at night.

Healing ointments for bitches udder

  • Grind with a small grater laundry soap. Then take one onion, peel and chop finely. Combine the ingredients and add melted lard to them. Stir the ingredients thoroughly, heat in a water bath, cool a little and place in the refrigerator. Lubricate the sore spot with the ointment every day. Store ointment can be for a week and only in the refrigerator.
  • Pour 30 grams of calendula flowers with warm vegetable oil, mix and set aside for a month in the cold. After the time has elapsed, mix in equal proportions fresh yarrow herb with calendula flowers, clover grass, dandelion rhizomes, tansy inflorescences and horse sorrel roots, chop the components. Pour the mixture with the prepared oil of calendula, add a little ichthyol ointment, mix the composition thoroughly. Wipe the affected area with alcohol or a tincture of herbs, put a little ointment on the linen napkin and apply to the boil. Cover with cellophane on top and secure with a plaster. With this compress you need to walk all day.

Therapy of the udder bitch is a long and laborious process. But if you do everything right, then soon you will be able to overcome the disease. However, it is still easier to prevent the development of the bough udder. To do this, you need to take care of yourself, follow the rules of personal hygiene, abandon means to care for your body and spirits of dubious quality.

In addition, try to eat more fortified foods and play sports. But if, nevertheless, it was not possible to avoid the development of hydradenitis, when the first manifestations appear, immediately seek the help of a specialist.

Causes of hydradenitis

The reasons for which can develop a suck of the udder, many. Among the most important doctors distinguish:

  • Pathologies in the sweat glands, in particular, their wrong structure.
  • Increased sweating, especially associated with hormonal changes in the body.

  • Incorrectly chosen tool that is applied to the armpits.

Violation of the water balance of the epidermis, for example, as a result of:

  • allergies
  • propensity of the skin to excessive dryness,
  • taking hormonal drugs.

A sharp change in the climatic zone, in particular, when a person flew to rest in hot countries in the winter.

  • Unbearable physical work.
  • Ingrown hair, for example, when illiterate shaving the underarm area.
  • Ignoring the rules of hygiene, for example, a person does not take a shower every day or does not want to use soap during washing.
  • Wearing underwear that rubs the armpits or provokes the formation of diaper rash on this area of ​​the body.

What factors cause disease?

A number of factors have been identified by dermatologists after long-term studies of patients diagnosed with sucking udder, which provoke the onset and progression of this disease.

These include:

  • formation of cracks or wounds in the armpits due to improper shaving,
  • diaper rash, not passing more than 2 - 3 days in a row,
  • the wrong approach to hygiene, namely, a rare change of wearable clothing, not daily washing, etc.,
  • high thyroid hormone levels,
  • body weight, which is significantly higher than a person is supposed to have in view of his height,
  • infections, in particular, staphylococcus.

Features of a bough udder under the arm

In adults, a spike udder in 87% of cases is diagnosed under the arms. The manifestation of pathology in this area of ​​the body is not accidental, because:

  • Deodorants and other products that prevent perspiration are applied to the armpits every day.
  • here is the ideal environment for the development of bacteria
  • a person often gets rid of hair under his arms, including in aggressive ways.

Recognize the disease under the force in the initial stages, if you look closely at the axillary hollows.

Mostly people with evolving udder have noted:

  • persistent itching in this area
  • burning sensation, especially after applying deodorant,
  • swelling, which does not disappear, but on the contrary, grows in volumes,
  • soreness
  • purulent discharge from the resulting swelling.

Methods for diagnosing hydradenitis

To confirm that a person’s development of hydradenitis can be performed by a dermatologist who will examine the patient.

It includes:

  • Listening to patient complaints.

  • Inspection of problem areas of the body, for example, the axillary region.
  • Feeling of swelling.
  • Blood tests for key indicators, especially leukocytes and ESR.

Ways to treat a bough udder

The treatment of the udder is determined by the doctor depending on:

  • the amount of swelling on the body,
  • the presence of pus in them
  • the age of the patient
  • the time interval during which the disease progresses,
  • other features of the patient, for example, intolerance to any drug.

After the specialist has analyzed the nature of the disease, he has taken into account all the concomitant factors, then he prescribes a treatment that includes:

  1. Various ointments that provoke the opening of swelling and the release of accumulated pus.
  2. Taking antibiotics to fight off infections in the body.
  3. Special physiotherapy, aimed at restoring the skin and accelerating recovery.


When a spike udder is diagnosed, doctors in 92% of cases prescribe a course of antibiotics. Among the most proven drugs for this disease are:

  • minocycline, which is supposed to take 3-4 times a day,
  • tetracycline, taken up to three times per day.

No one who is sure that he has such a pathology can make a decision on his own and buy the funds, since they can harm health if they are not supervised by a specialist.

At any stage of the disease, doctors must prescribe ointment. Such remedies lead to:

  • opening of swelling and arbitrary leakage of purulent fluid,
  • reducing pain, including when touching damaged skin with clothing,
  • restoration of the epidermis,
  • normalization of sweating.

In general, when diagnosed with udder bitches, ointments such as are recommended:

Any of them is supposed to be applied correctly to the swelling that appears. From the patient must:

  • Take small and sharp scissors and carefully, so as not to damage the skin, cut off all the hairs.

  • Wash hands and body areas where swelling is observed.
  • Carefully open the ointment, squeeze a small amount of the product out of the tube and apply it to the disturbing area.
  • Put sterile gauze on top of the applied ointment and tie it all up with a bandage.


Often, doctors decide that the patient needs physiotherapy procedures for faster recovery.

They are made by courses, which are set depending on:

  • stage of the udder bitch,
  • the presence of purulent fluid or its absence,
  • success of antibiotic and ointment therapy.

Basically, with hydradenitis, the patient is directed to:

  1. UV ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Magnetic therapy
  3. Heliotherapy

To eliminate negative options, it is necessary to discuss with the doctors in detail how these procedures are carried out, and most importantly, to focus on any operations or pathologies that have been in the past.

Folk remedies

In folk medicine, dozens of different ways are known how to help a person who has been diagnosed with a bitch udder.

Such methods can lead to a positive outcome, but provided that:

  • they were approved by the doctor, and most importantly, the specialist prescribed a scheme for such therapy,
  • disease in the initial stage
  • the patient does not have any specific features for which this treatment is impossible, for example, allergies.

Among the best folk remedies in the fight against the bough udder allocate:

  • Applying aloe. For the procedure, it is necessary to take an aloe leaf, cut it lengthwise, and then put it in a problem place.

  • Applying a leaf of fresh cabbage to swelling for 20-25 minutes.
  • Lubrication of the disturbing area with a mixture of one yolk, 5 grams of honey, 10 grams of lard and one tablespoon of flour.

Compress from soap and onions. To prepare the tool you need:

  • heat the pan and pour 5 milliliters of vegetable oil into it,
  • then put the rubbed soap (30 grams) and onions (45 grams),
  • fry all for 2.5 minutes, and then cool to 38 degrees.

Such a compress is applied to the swelling, a sterile dressing is made on top and everything is left overnight.

Preventive measures

Experts claim that it is possible to reduce the probability of occurrence of a bough's udder by 2 - 4 times, if you always follow the preventive measures:

  • take a shower every day
  • never use underarm deodorants if they have expired or they cause itching, burning and other problems,
  • Do not wear clothes that interfere with normal movement or rubs,
  • change your underwear every day,
  • use sharp blades for shaving, as well as ensure that the machine is always clean,
  • never use someone else's shaving machines
  • sleep in comfortable clothes and exclusively from cotton materials,
  • avoid overheating of the body,
  • before sports training, do not put deodorants in the armpits, that no sweat glands are clogged.

Also, in addition to the preventive measures listed above, you should not abuse the harmful food and alcohol.

For many reasons, a person may begin to develop hydradenitis or a suck of the udder. This pathology requires mandatory treatment to a dermatologist, examination, and in the subsequent treatment.

It can include not only a course of ointments or antibiotics, but physiotherapy, as well as folk remedies.

Blitz Tips:

  • if the swelling does not fall down more than two days, then urgently need to go to the doctor,
  • when a person has started treatment and began to notice deterioration, you should contact a dermatologist and make an appointment for a second appointment,
  • never resort to treatment, including folk methods, if they are not prescribed by a doctor.

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