Hepatoprotectors: a list of drugs with proven effectiveness

Nature is designed so that the human body works harmoniously, like a clock. But negative external factors (bad ecology, stress, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, low-quality foods) have a detrimental effect on health.

The liver is a particularly vulnerable organ responsive to adverse effects. To maintain it in working condition for people suffering from congenital or acquired diseases, such as hepatitis C, as well as those who can not get rid of bad habits (alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking), doctors recommend regularly taking hepatoprotectors for the liver.

When hepatoprotectors are a vital necessity

The reasons for taking hepatoprotective drugs may be the following diseases and phenomena:

  1. Liver disease, triggered by the abuse of alcohol. In this case, first, due to the regular use of alcohol-containing beverages, fatty degeneration of the organ develops, and the liver increases in size. The final phase of the process is the development of cirrhosis. Unfortunately, this disease is characterized by low-intensity symptoms. It is diagnosed, as a rule, not in the initial stages and is treated for a long time.
  2. Viral hepatitis of different forms (A, B, C, D, E). The disease develops due to lack of personal hygiene or as a result of direct contact with the blood of an infected person. The course of the disease may have a different form. The fulminant form is especially dangerous when the patient first develops cirrhosis and then necrosis, which is fatal.
  3. Medicinal hepatitis. The cause of the disease - uncontrolled long-term use of certain drugs. The speed of the disease can vary from several decades to several days. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.
  4. Fatty Disease The cause of the disease is the abuse of fatty and overly spicy foods. With fatty hepatosis, efficient cells of the organ quickly die. At the site of dead cells, scars are formed, contributing to the development and progression of cirrhosis. The best hepatoprotectors, which were created by the specialists of pharmaceutical laboratories, will help to cope with the disease.
  5. Pathological changes in the size of the liver due to poisoning by toxins or toxic substances. The body may grow in size as a result of malnutrition.
  6. After undergoing chemotherapy. Anticancer drugs adversely affect the lymphoid system, inhibiting the process of miotic cell division. Hepatoprotectors of the new generation help restore the health of the organ, they actively remove toxic substances from the liver.

Classification of modern drugs for the treatment of liver

Effective preparations for the liver, which doctors today recommend to patients, can be divided into the following groups:

  • Hepatoprotectors of plant origin.
  • Amino acids.
  • Drugs of animal origin.
  • Supplements and vitamins.
  • Homeopathic remedies.
  • Essential phospholipids.

Let us consider in more detail each of the groups.

Herbal remedies

Herbal hepatoprotectors are effective drugs that are able to bind free radicals, interrupting fat oxidation processes. They contribute to the stabilization of the liver cell membrane.

The main active ingredient of such medicines is milk thistle. In addition, the following plants may be included:

Any medicine based on herbal ingredients has powerful oxidative properties. It restores well the cell membrane and stimulates the growth of new cells.

Quite often for the treatment of liver diseases, patients are prescribed hypoprotectors, which include: artichoke and pumpkin seed oil. Such drugs can protect the liver from negative external and internal effects. They quickly improve the work of the body and restore the structure of cells, providing a beneficial effect on the state of the whole human body as a whole.

Please note: in the treatment of advanced forms of the disease, herbal preparations are ineffective. They are appointed only as adjuvants for complex therapy.

Amino Acids

Amino acid preparations are actively involved in the synthesis of phospholipids. Every modern tool with amino acids has a reducing effect. Drugs in this group are indicated for the treatment of chronic infectious hepatitis.

Please note: the effect of amino acid drugs is expressed only when administered intravenously. In the case of pre-oral medication, the medicine is poorly absorbed, which is why the effect of the medication is significantly reduced.

During the use of such agents, a pronounced anti-depressive effect is observed, due to the fact that the active ingredients of the drug actively break down fats and remove them from the liver, helping to cleanse the body. Drugs in this group are effective for the treatment of withdrawal syndrome, chronic viral hepatitis, hepatotoxic liver damage as a result of taking antibiotics and alcohol.

Hepatoprotectors of animal origin

Such hepatoprotectors in hepatitis C and in the treatment of other types of the disease are taken only on prescription.

Please note: animal products are used only for the treatment of diseases, and not for prevention. Medicines activate the blood circulation process in the liver tissue and slow down the formation of connective tissue. Modern hepatoprotectors of animal origin are used in complex therapy: fatty degeneration, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis.

Supplements and vitamins

Reception of dietary supplements and vitamins can be begun only after consultation of the attending physician. The list of hepatoprotectors, drugs with proven efficacy is not very wide. Therefore, choosing a tool yourself, you have a chance to run into a low-quality and ineffective product, which can only harm your health.

The mechanism of action of dietary supplements and vitamins is aimed at protecting cells and tissues from the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. However, it should be remembered that the treatment of acute hepatitis in some patients may cause a worsening of the course of the disease. Take them only under the supervision of a physician, due to the fact that an excessive concentration of vitamins can lead to an imbalance of substances in the human body. As a result, there may be a risk of developing pathologies such as: the formation of stones in the liver and renal pelvis, impaired microflora of the mucous membrane of the organs of the genitourinary system. Hair loss and dry skin can also be observed.

Pay attention: according to experts, drugs of domestic production have the optimum dosage. In comparison with foreign dietary supplements and vitamin complexes, domestic analogues are characterized not only by a minimum of flavoring additives, but also by an acceptable cost.

Homeopathic remedies

In the list of hepatoprotectors, drugs that have already proven their effectiveness, homeopathic remedies of plant origin occupy an honorable place. The basis of their formulas are natural medicinal plants. In the pharmaceutical market of our country, mainly homeopathic remedies of German manufacture are presented.

They are able to provide strong support to the liver and effectively eliminate the symptoms of damage. The only disadvantage of this group is that they cannot be used in the case of individual intolerance to the components. That is, the funds of this group are practically not used for the treatment of liver diseases in patients suffering from allergic reactions.

Essential Phospholipids

Drugs of this group belong to the class of highly specialized lipids, which are esters. The active components of such drugs can have a positive effect on the process of blood clotting. They are also actively involved in the transport of fats, cholesterol and in the processes of regeneration of cell membranes.

Preparations of this group in medicine are used primarily in the treatment of fatty degeneration of the liver, hepatic coma, acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and necrosis.

Essential phospholipids are hepatoprotectors of the new generation, at the moment the list of such drugs is not very wide. Nevertheless, doctors have noticed that they significantly improve the functional index of the enzyme system of the liver, restoring metabolic processes and taking care of preserving the cell structure.

A significant drawback of this group of drugs is that they are contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity to the active ingredients of drugs. Essential hepatoprotectors for hepatitis C are by far the best remedy that alleviates the condition of patients.

Drugs new generation

We offer you hepatoprotectors - a list of new generation drugs. These funds are now actively used by leading clinics for the treatment of hepatitis and other liver diseases around the world:

  • Means in whose formula the components of plant origin dominate. These include: Hofitol, Silegon, Silibinin, Silymarin, Carsil Fote, Legalon, Pumpkin.
  • Amino acid-based drugs: Choludexan, Ademetonin, Exhol, Ursosan, Ursoliv.
  • Preparations based on components of animal origin: Hepatosan, Erbisol, Sirepar, Prohepar.
  • Supplements and vitamins for the liver: Dipana, Hepatrine, Ovesol, Hepatotransit, Liv 52, Milona 10.
  • Homeopathic medicines: Galstena, Hepel.
  • Essential phospholipids: Resalut, Gepagard, Essliver Forte, Essentiale Forte N, Essentiale N, Phosphoncial.

Medicines targeting young patients should be included in a special group. Not always the child's liver can correctly cope with their responsibilities. We offer you hepatoprotectors for children, a list of drugs with proven effectiveness:

  • Galsthen and Hepel (for newborns),
  • Essentiale, Duphalac (children from 3 years),
  • Antral, Gepabene and Methionine (children over 4 years old),
  • Ursosan, Karsil, Legalal (children from 5 to 12 years old),
  • Choleny (for children over 12 years old).

The branch of pharmacology does not stand still. Research institutes and specialized laboratories around the world work tirelessly to create new tools that help people overcome a terrible disease. However, do not rely on progress and self-medicate. You can achieve the desired result and return health only if the medicine is prescribed after you undergo a series of tests.

A detailed study of the nature of the disease and scrupulous following the prescriptions of the attending physician is a guarantee that you will be able to cope with the ailment, get rid of unpleasant symptoms and forget about problems related to the health of the liver.

Liver disease prevention

You do not want to be puzzled by the selection of drugs for the treatment of liver diseases? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules, the scrupulous observance of which will allow you to maintain your own health.

Rule number 1. Refusal of alcohol. Alcohol is the first enemy of the liver. A moderate use of alcohol, or a complete rejection of it will give you the opportunity to never be puzzled by the health problems of a vital organ.

Rule number 2. Protection against toxic substances. The vast majority of modern drugs of chemical origin are metabolized in the liver. In this case, the components of the funds have a detrimental effect on the health of the organ. Taking medicines uncontrollably, without a doctor's prescription, is absolutely not recommended.

Rule number 3. Protection against viruses. Hepatitis B, C, D groups are transmitted by direct contact with the blood or lymph of an infected patient. Viruses are resistant to the environment, so do not forget about personal hygiene. To protect against hepatitis B group can be a method of vaccination. However, not always vaccination can be a 100% guarantee of safety.

Rule number 4. Balanced diet. Junk food can provoke inflammatory diseases of the gallbladder and liver. Reducing the risk of occurrence and the development of dangerous diseases will help proper nutrition. In this case, you should minimize the consumption of fatty, fried and spicy foods.

Rule number 5. Timely prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Diseases of the organs of the cardiovascular system can provoke venous congestion in the liver. Therefore, you should monitor the state of heart health, blood pressure and its own weight.

Compliance with these simple rules will give you the opportunity to avoid the risk of liver disease.

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