Kremlin diet: the pros and cons

Kremlin diet The Kremlin diet is one of the most famous in the world, used by most women. And although the reviews about her are quite contradictory, this does not prevent her from occupying a leading position among other diets.

Stroke food

Fish oil and Omega 3 acids. Impact on the heart Let's talk about the heart and such a "hit" as Omega-3 saturated acids, and more simply, fish oil. Are omega-3 acids so good for the heart muscle, as they say about it at every corner now?

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Arthritis of the fingers

Causes and methods for the treatment of arthritis of the fingers. Arthritic changes affect the metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints, and, most often, result from already existing diseases.

Chronic otitis

What is purulent otitis media? Otitis purulent refers to inflammatory diseases of the ear. Ailment can occur in any of the departments of this body: external, medium or internal.

Snot child

How to treat snot in a child Runny nose, nasal congestion - the problems that everyone faced. Snot can be transparent, yellow, green, thick and accompanied by temperature.